35 Assault on Trifelez part one

    A day went by and the storms in Trifelez started to subside, the skies were still filled with dark clouds but the leadership of the raid group agreed that it was in their best interest to attack. It was late afternoon and the group had just eaten and were now discussing the plans for the evening raid.

    "We should try and use the Aquarions more in this raid."  Nix had been studying the map and had a good understanding of the target.  "We really can't plan anything until Wind and Semmi gets back."

    Jun Li checked her hud, "they are an hour overdue."

    "I'll give them another hour." Nix turned at a commotion near the tent entrance, both Wind and Semmi came in with big smiles on their faces.

    Jun Li didn't return their smiles.  "Where have you two been?"

    Semmi stepped forward and started talking. "We've been doing required quests for the 'Defending Trifelez' Instance."

    The first thing that went through Nix's mind was 'what the hell is an instance?'

    Apparently, Jun Li already knew. "What is it  and how does that benefit us?"

    Semmi zoomed in on the map of Zier, the capital city of Trifelez.  "This instance is set up as part of a staged Aquarion Assault in which the object is to fight through to the signal tower located in the city.  This summons five thousand knights to fight under your banner."

    Mina listened to the conversation, she was only slightly less confused than Nix. "It's like  Mermaid City?  Where the fighters are copies?"

    "Very similar." Jun Li frowned at her best friend.  "How does getting five thousand knights in the instance help us?"

    Semmi grinned and closed the map.  "After the instance is won, the knights exit and reinforce the barracks for a brief amount of time.  There will be World Events like bandit raids or monster stampedes that take place after the Aquarion Assault."

    Nix understood the basic gist.  "How many are required to do the raid?"

    Wind brought up the Instance Quest.

    Defend Trifelez

    Description: Zier has come under

    Aquarion assault.  Signal the Knights

    of Colonial to your cause.

    15 person Raid.

    Jun Li glanced at Nix, although inexperienced, he often assumed the role of leadership. "Getting those knights before we take on the Wolf-masks will really help our cause.  What do you think?"

    "I'll head into the instance with Mina and her people. My fire strands are way more effective against water creatures."

    Wind brought up the map again and downloaded his new information.  "We were able to do a quick scouting of the city itself.  They must have spoken to their fallen comrades, the gates are locked up tight and every beastmaster has his animals summoned."

    Semmi pointed to the west gate, "they did make a mistake though.  This gate has four melee-based beastmasters.  We could quickly overwhelm them from the air and open the path for the Knights."

    Jun Li nodded in agreement, "What about the city guard and the regular army?"

    Semmi shook her head, "the city guard have all been killed.  Yesterday they hung every officer in the army with the exception of one captain who was able to escape into the woods with her platoon."

    "How did they get the jump on these cities?"  Nix had never even heard of coordination on this level.

    "Impressive planning for sure."  Jun Li checked the time on her hud, "it's 1900, start the instance in an hour and we'll start hitting them shortly after that."


    Nearly an hour later Nix, Mina, and thirteen of Aquarions stood at the entrance of the 'Defend Trifelez' instance.  The group was very caster heavy with four healers, five caster dps, one melee dps, and three tanks.

    Nix faced the members of the Souza Accord, "No map is available, so we'll have to go in blind.  Be ready to fight."

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    Mina summoned two of her Vila, "tanks in front.  Let's head in."

    Nix summoned four Vila and followed them.

    They were jumped as soon as they entered.  Four Aquarions hit them hard, the tanks just managed to get their shields up.

    "Leave the two near ones to me!" Nix raised his hands and eight strands flashed toward the two nearest Aquarions.  Both Aquarions were casters, they screamed soundlessly as the flaming strands dug into their flesh.

    [Command: Protect Filamina]

    He set his Vila to guard while the raid force quickly dispatched the two other attackers.    Nix glanced at Mina just as a presence appeared behind her and stabbed her with a dagger.  He drew his rifle and opened fire while their Vilas brought the stealth fighter down.

    Nix knelt next to her, Aquarions ranged from a very light blue all the way to a nearly snow-white color.  The Rebel faction leader was somewhere in between. "You okay Min?"

    Mina sat quietly while the healers looked after her.  It didn't escape her notice that Nix usually called her Min instead of Mina like everyone else.  "Was that a human?"

    Nix shook his head,  "Aquarion."  He could tell from the startled glances that something was up.  "Not many Aquarions have stealth?"

    Mina was helped to her feet by one of the healers.  "Aquarions don't have any stealth capabilities."

    Nix looked at the dead Aquarion and removed a bracer.  They only had one melee dps in the party.  A tall Aquarion male  named Milat, "you want this bracer?"

    Shadow Bracer [Aquarion]

    Description: This bracer

    provides the user with

    the ability to detect and use


    Milat nodded and took the bracer with a calm smile before slipping it on.  "Thank you, Nix."

    Nix summoned the rest of his Vila along with Water Nymphs. "Perhaps this gear is specific to the instance.  That should have been a useless drop since Aquarions wouldn't normally be doing this raid."

    Mina didn't bother to hide her excitement.  "We could really benefit if we pick up a few more of them."

    He checked the menu on his Water Nymphs, they had a scout option, so used the map to give them assignments.

    [Command: Scout Checkpoints]

    Mina and Nix continued to study the instance map.  Slowly red dots were being filled in as the Water Nymphs continued their assignments.

    Mina pointed out the six dots on the map that were much lighter than the rest.  "These are stealthed fighters?"

    Nix shrugged in reply. "One way to find out.  Milat, why don't you check him out.  Be sure to stay out of his aggro range, remember he can see you also if he has the bracer."

    "Be careful," Mina warned. "We'll advance to the first group of red dots, so rendezvous with us there.

    They were sizing up the next group of Aquarions when Milat came back, he had affirmed that the lighter red dots meant they were stealthed.  Both Nix and Mina were in agreement, they needed to get those stealth bracers.

    Nix had noticed one of the Water Nymphs looking at him. She seemed less shy than the rest.  He nudged Mina who was standing beside him.  "Hey, what's a good name for a Water Nymph?"

    Her pale eyes studied him for a moment, "you are very odd Nix."

    Nix clicked his fingers together.  "Ducky...I haven't seen any ducks in Colonial."

    "Waterfowl are found mostly in the north at this time of the year."  A smile crept on her alien face.  "It's not a bad name though."

    "It's decided then." He placed a hand on the Water Nymphs head.  It was cool and wet to the touch but it had more substance then he would have thought.  "Keep those other girls in line Ducky."

    Mina watched the Water Nymph for a moment, it showed none of the nervousness that was characteristic of her kind. "Can I see your stats Nix?"

    "Sure, but don't tell anyone."


    Level 50

    Strength 65

    Endurance 63

    Intelligence 25

    Dexterity 25

    Perception 25

    Cold Resistance 100 [Ice Blessing]

    Fire Resistance 100 [Burning Aura]

    Weapon Skills:

    Rifle 100

    Whip 100

    Support Skill:

    Flame Strands 0 [22]

    Swimming 2 [100]

    Sea-Beast Master 8 [Lvl 1]

    [Level 2 Stable has 24/25 Beasts]

    [Spirit Animal 2/4]

    1: Soup [Elite Black Sea Turtle]

    2: Ducky [Water Nymph, Special]


    Hunter 100

    Leather Making 100

    Tailor  100

    She nodded to herself. "In the future, be careful when you name Water Creatures."

    He shrugged and patted the Water Nymph on the head again.  "Welcome to the family Ducky."

    Mina laughed, a few of the Aquarions that were standing close by joined in.

    "Time to try them out."  There were three Aquarions in the next group, Nix looked at the options menu for the Water Nymphs and saw the 'Befuddle' skill.  He chose the nearest one.

    [Command: Befuddle My Target]

    The Nymphs approached him at the same time, stopping just outside their range.  A moment later the Aquarion started to sway gently back and forth like he had fallen asleep with his eyes open.  Nix nodded in satisfaction and then put eight flame strands on the second Aquarion.  It collapsed to the ground immediately, a quivering, smoldering mass.

    The third Aquarion drew her sword and flashed toward him, Mina's Vila intercepted her and brought her down quickly.  She then turned half of them on the befuddled Aquarion and the other half on Nix's.

    He jumped back when the flame strands broke and opened fire with his rifle.  He only managed to fire twice before the Aquarion fell to the ground.

    Over the next hour, they eliminated the Aquarion groups one by one, to include all six stealthed Aquarions.  They approached the final courtyard where the signal fire needed to be lit.  It was guarded by three Aquarions.

    Nix whistled softly.  "That's a Matriarch, right?"

    Mina nodded, "and two healers."
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