36 Assault on Trifelez part two

    "Salt-Water Crocs, gotta love em."  Nix counted thirty in all and quickly unsummoned his Water Nymphs, they'd be useless in this fight.  The crocodiles were scattered all over the cobblestone courtyard, there was even one lounging in the small fountain at the center.

    Mina was studying the mini-map and the layout of the Courtyard.  "No matter how you look at it, she could be a tough fight.  We can win, but those crocs are going to kill some Vilas."

    Nix nodded in agreement, "I'd just as soon not lose them at this point. Leave the two healers to me, and we'll put our Vilas on the Matriarch."

    He summoned Shadow and jumped on its back.  Without another word, he flashed toward the two healers that were standing guard. He targeted the Matriarch quickly and sent his Vila in.

    [Command: Attack my Target]

    Mina sent her Vilas in also, when Nix moved above the healers eight flame strands shot out before Nix pulled back and started pulling them away.

    Milat was stealthed beside Mina, his mission in this fight was to protect her in case things went badly. He stared in disbelief as the human struggled to get two Aquarian healers off the ground.  The healers were screaming in agony while the flame strands dug deep into their flesh.  Slowly they rose off the ground, only managing about fifteen feet; but Nix quickly turned his Manta and flew over the buildings they had gone around earlier.

    With the healers gone, the fight was one-sided, the Vila tore the Matriarch apart, however several of them were seriously wounded by the crocs during this time.

    As soon as the Matriarch fell, Mina ran back the way they had come.  "Help Nix with the healers!"

    Nix was on his Manta firing off shots with his rifle, both his arms had been injured carrying the healers.  When he noticed Mina running toward him with her Vila,  he stopped firing and let them finish the job.  His own Vila remained in the courtyard.  He grimaced when he checked the menu.  Eight of his Vila were wounded to the point where they couldn't be summoned for a day.

    An Aquarion healer named Saji healed his arms, while Mina started scolding him. "That was a bit wreckless Nix!  You need to be more careful and let others take some risks."

    A few minutes later they returned to the Courtyard.  Mina hadn't lost any Vila, but four of hers were down for a day also.  Nix grabbed a torch from the bonfire that appeared after the death of the Matriarch and handed it to Milat.  He pointed to the top of the signal tower.  "Light it please."

    The group watched as Milat took a manta to the top and quickly lit the signal fire there.  He hadn't even returned before the galloping of horses were heard coming toward them.

    Colonial System Message:  You have managed to light the signal fire.  Captain Firebrand and his Stormriders will reinforce the City militia for the next two weeks.

    The street was suddenly crowded with endless black horses carrying heavily armored men. The woman leading them wore intricately designed, red cloth armor, one of her hands glowing with fire.

    The Knights stopped a few yards away, the leader's smile quickly faded when she noticed their race.  "Aquarions?  Kill them all!"   Both of her hands rose over her head and flashed with a brilliant light before sending a raging fireball at them.

    Nix grabbed Mina and pushed her to one side before crossing his arms in front of his face.

    [Burning Aura]

    The fireball slammed into Nix, sending him skidding across the courtyard.  A moment later he rose from the ground, with the flames around him his raging, the burning man walked back toward the group.  Yellow orbs that burned like the sun stared at the Captain.  "I am the ranking Knight here, you will stand down!" A dozen flame strands shot out of his body in all directions, waving in the air like mad tentacles.

    Mina couldn't help but shrink back, the heat coming off him was melting the stones under his bare feet.

    The Knight Captain's face went deathly pale, she quickly extinguished her flames and ordered her troops to stand down.  "Forgive me, sir, I didn't realize that a Commander had been sent here."

    Nix scowled at her, he hadn't put on his Salamander bodysuit, so his gear had been turned to ashes again.  It hadn't occurred to him to check his own rank until he saw them riding up.  He was awarded the 'Knight of Colonial' title when he had solved the Aquarion mystery.  It read, [Knight of Colonial, Commander]. "These Aquarions are members of a Rebel Faction called the Souza Accord, they have allied themselves with us and will be treated appropriately."

    "Of course sir.  My apologies Commander."

    Nix turned back toward the Aquarions, his flames abruptly burning out. "We should exit the instance, Junie will be expecting these reinforcements."

    Min watched him with a small smile on her face.  "Of course.  Are you planning on putting clothes on first?"

    Nix looked down and sighed heavily.  "Right..."


    "F*ck they are strong!"  Ronnie fired arrow after arrow from her Manta into the wolfmen swarming below.  Chael and Gypsy had been killed when they had moved too close to a building that had a pack of them hiding in it.

    Pon pulled up beside her, both of his hands glowing with a white flame.


    Two of the beasts were instantly incinerated, the others screamed in agony as they fled from the fire mage.  He slumped slightly on his manta, nearly falling off.  "Let's head back, the gate is clear."

    The group had set up a small HQ in a back alley in the middle of town.  The surviving militia were guarding both entrances to the alley.  Jun Li was studying a map of the town.  "If Nix doesn't get here with those Knights, we are going to have to retreat back to camp."

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    Semmi frowned at group just returning.  "Looks like we lost Gypsy and Chael, with Tess being down, we are out two healers."

    Since all the Broyan portals were still closed, dying meant spending a few hours flying back on manta.  Everyone had been briefed to return to camp in the event of their death.

    Colonial System Message: The city of Zier is under siege by a foreign power, the Knights of Colonial have responded.

    Jun Li closed her hud quickly and summoned her manta.  "F*ck yeah Nix! Everyone rally, we're heading toward the castle."

    A moment later the sound of thunder shook the city as the Knights of Colonial galloped down the cobblestone streets.  Five thousand of them charging toward the castle, Nix and his band of Aquarions following them from the sky.

    There were a dozen beastmen wearing their wolf-masks in the courtyard.  The heavily armored Knights slammed into them, Nix and his group bypassed the open fighting and landed at the entrance.

    Two beastmen moved to intercept, the area suddenly filled with swarming wolves.  Nix summoned his Vila and set two of them to protect Mina while the rest defended against the wolfmen.

    [Command: Protect Filamina]

    [Command: Defend Area]

    Nix put all eight strands on one of the beastmasters, while an Aquarion tank smashed the other against the stone wall of the castle.  A sickening thump could be heard as the beastmaster slumped to the ground.

    "Nix!" Ronnie's shout could be heard from the air as the small raid force was once again reunited.  She jumped down from her manta and landed near him.  Jun Li and the rest had landed in the courtyard and quickly ran up the steps.

    The castle was nearly empty as the group ran through the hallways toward the throne room.  Nix skidded to a halt when he saw a woman flanked by two beastmasters.

    He stared at her from the doorway.  She was wearing an orange jumpsuit that he was very familiar with.  The room went quiet while they watched each other.  "You're the jeweler, making the beastmaster artifacts."

    She had pale blond hair, tied in a ponytail.  Her blue eyes held no malice toward him, she looked like a college girl. "Artificer, actually.  It's nice to meet you finally, Trip-Seven."

    Artificer wasn't one of the choices he was given during character generation, perhaps the choices were based on the current needs of the Gladis Hub.  "My name is Nix."

    [Command: Attack my Target]

    Nix pulled his rifle and opened fire on her, he scored a few hits before she managed to port out, her face smiling while it faded away. Immediately he put eight strands on the closest beastmaster.

    [Command: Defend Me]

    It was over within a minute, they quickly overwhelmed the remaining forces and then looted their bracers.

    Ronnie approached him after the last invader fell.  "Who was she Nix?"

    Nix pursed his lips as he considered the question.  "We use to members of the same lifestyle group."

    Jun Li and Semmi joined them, both of their faces were unreadable.  The former Salamander Guild leader knew they were dealing with a very powerful group.  "Thanks for the reinforcements Nix."

    Nix gave her a smile and then turned toward the King, he was the only other person in the room.  "We are missing something, but what is it?"

    The king stared at them and then shook his head.  "I can't think."  He speech was slurred and nearly unrecognizable.

    Semmi moved closer and examined him. "He's drugged.  Let's get a healer over here."
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