39 Darsis Artifac

    Nix watched the four mages, his face was expressionless.  "You four are new to the Daybreakers right?  How did you hear about Shae?"

    Severon shrugged, "does it matter?  We'll take her back to where she belongs."

    Both Sharl and Jun Li paled suddenly.  The former Salamander leader armed herself with a sword.  "You think you can take her with just the four of you?"

    Nix sensed the sudden building of power from the four mages, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up at the sign of imminent danger.

    Sharl also sensed their increase in power.  "You've let yourself be bribed into using your bank levels?"

    Severon only laughed as his strength suddenly skyrocketed, his level shooting up from fifty all the way to seventy-nine.  "You have something that brings you to a special world right?  Take us voluntarily and we won't have to remove it from your corpse."

    Nix was carrying one of the bracelets in his inventory and the other he was wearing.  Deep Blue would definitely drop if he were to be killed here.  He felt his anger starting to bubble up.  "You want to steal from me and hurt my friends?"

    [Aura Ignition]

    Flames exploded outward from Nix, his aura burning like a sun while a dozen thick fire tentacles dangled in the air.  The entire group stepped back as waves of sun-like heat pulsed from him, instantly all the tentacles latched on to each of the water mages, screams of misery and the stench of burnt flesh permeated the air.

    Pon's eyes widened at the water mages dangling several feet off the ground, Daybreakers or not, he would burn them to ash.

    [Bale Fire]

    Three separate balls of white flame shot towards each of the mages.

    Ronnie and Chael opened fire, the rest of the range fighters aided them.  Within a minute, the four high-level water mages were slain.

    Nix collapsed to his hands and knees, his aura finally burning out.  Ronnie helped him to his feet, while he pulled new clothes from his inventory.

    Sharl searched the bodies of the mages who were killed.  She hadn't hesitated to attack them either.  "Nix... I didn't realize their motives."

    Jun Li was still speechless from seeing Nix's true strength,  she lay a hand on Sharl's shoulder, both of them waiting for him to speak.

    He smiled his thanks to Ronnie and looked toward his friends.  "The temptation that a Fire Lord brings is too much for a guild.  I would not hold you responsible Sharl."

    Sharl's pretty face showed her relief, a moment later her hud lit up and she received a message from Guild Leader of the Daybreaker Advanced levels.  She closed it after a few seconds and left the guild.  "I will not betray my friends."

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    Pon, Wind, and Ronnie left the guild immediately.

    Nix shook his head, "I'm sorry that it came to this.  I know how much the guild meant to you guys."

    Wind shrugged it off like it was nothing, "it's not the name itself, but the people in it.  I will stay with my friends."

    The remaining Daybreakers in the group deguilded and once again everyone joined hands in a circle.  Nix activated Deep Blue and chose the Sea-World.

    The Aquarions were all waiting when the group ported in.  Mina had sensed Nix's urgency in getting her people out, so she hadn't said anything.  She was speechless when she found out what happened.

    A few minutes later Nix stood in the surf, greeting Soup who he hadn't seen much of in the past few days.  Ducky was sitting comfortably on his shell, a happy smile on her water face.  "I'm glad to see that you two are getting along so well."

    Everyone seemed tired, so it was decided that they'd discuss the recent events and their upcoming plans in the morning after everyone was able to rest.

    "Party on the marina in one hour Nix.  Try not to miss it."  Semmi gave him a big smile while she pulled Jun Li toward their houseboat.

    "Wouldn't miss it."  Nix felt a strong hand grab his hand. he turned to see Sharl's serious face.

    "I'm sorry Nix."  Even though she had been played by her own guild, they couldn't have realized how difficult getting Shae would have been.  Even had the water mages been able to kill everyone, once they entered the Sea-World there were hundreds of Aquarions to deal with.  It would have been a slaughter.

    Nix guilded her and the rest of the former Daybreakers that had joined them.  "There's nothing to be sorry for Sharl. Welcome to Inferno."

    Sharl stared at the marina.  "I don't have a houseboat."

    Ronnie threw an arm around her sister's shoulders.  "Live with me sis, just until you get your own."

    Nix considered issuing the same invitation but held back since she already had an offer.  "I need to run a quick errand to Cyphix."

    A few minutes later he was walking toward the Kindled Spirit, a movement from one of the side street caught his attention in the darkness.  A woman stood there, she was flanked by a half-dozen beastmasters.

    "Good evening Trip-Seven."  She nonchalantly pointed something at him, "four stones would have made this artifact reusable, instead of the one-time use that it is now."

    Nix summoned his Vilas immediately.

    [Command: Defend Me]

    A flash of light emerged from the blonde woman's hand.

    [Your binding point has been changed to the Gladis Hub: Lifestyle Village.]

    Nix turned and fled on foot.  He sprinted down an alley and moved toward the Town gate.  He didn't trust the Wolfmen not to attack the people of Cyphix so he wanted to lead them away.  He quickly summoned his Black Manta and took to the air.

    All of the beastmasters were range fighters.  Shots rang out and his Manta veered drastically toward the rooftops.  Nix leaped to a nearby roof and ran in the opposite direction.

    The beastmasters continued to chase Shadow, Nix cursed them when they finally brought the black manta down.  He attempted to activate Deep Blue.

    [Deep Blue has been disabled for the next 24 hours and may not be activated at this time.]

    "F*cking **..."  He moved toward the town gate while looking at the debuff he had been hit with. He ducked down behind a chimney and opened his inventory.  He heard the clawing of wolfmen as they attempted to claw their way up to his location.

    Darsi walked down the middle of the street, she had bought range fighters with her, there were now more than a hundred wolfmen hunting him.  His beasts had been overwhelmed by sheer numbers, there was no way he'd escape.  "There he is!"    She spotted him running through the front gate.  He only made it a dozen yards before he was brought down by the wolfmen.

    Nix tried to ignite his aura but it was grayed out from being used against the water mages.


    Inmate 777, welcome to the LifeStyle village.  Please follow me to your room, where you will be briefed on your duties as a Tailor here.

    Nix looked up from where he lay on the respawning platform.  He stood and looked around the enormous complex he was in.  There appeared to be restaurants, assorted clubs and even something that might be a gym.  He felt exactly like he had stepped onto the campus of a huge corporation.  He scowled at the familiar ball of light as it moved away.

    The ball of light led him down the sidewalk.  It was evening time and most of the streetlights were off.  He checked his inventory while he walked, it was completely empty except for the default Tailor items.  It was at this time when he noticed that he was wearing an orange jumpsuit with the numbers 777 across the right breast pocket.

    "Where are we going?"

    The ball of light didn't slow down, but it did answer.  "We are going to your dormitory where you will be briefed by your Floor Director, Dalton Moore."

    Nix followed him into a four-story dormitory and up two flights of stairs.  He tried to activate his hud, but most of the choices had been grayed out.  Finally, the ball of light stopped outside a door with his picture on it.

    A voice from behind him spoke.  "I will take him from here."  A smaller man approached him but didn't say anything until the ball of light disappeared.  "Use your hand to activate the door, only you can open it."

    Nix ignored the man and checked out his stats.


    Level 50

    Strength 65

    Endurance 63

    Intelligence 25

    Dexterity 25

    Perception 25

    Cold Resistance 100 [Ice Blessing]

    Fire Resistance 100 [Burning Aura]

    Flame Strands  24

    Weapon Skills:


    Support Skills:


    [Spirit Animal 2/4]

    1: Soup [Elite Black Sea Turtle]

    2: Ducky [Water Nymph, Special]


    Hunter 100

    Leather Making 100

    Tailor  100

    Nix clenched his teeth in anger. All of his weapon and support skills had been erased.  He still possessed his Flame Strand skill, but it had been removed from the support list.

    "If you would open the door Trip-Seven."

    Nix was tempted to wipe the hallway with the little man but decided to get information first.  He swiped his hand over the sensor and stepped inside.
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