44 Arcadia Temple

    The small raid group was gathered together on Glory island.  In attendance were the members of Inferno with the addition of Mina, Milat, and Shae. A few last-minute changes meant that Semmi would accompany the fire team.  There had been some fire gear mixed in with the loot from the Gladis hub, Jun Li had decided that Semmi would give them some much-needed scout abilities.

    Mina squeezed Nix's hand, she had argued with Jun Li over not being part of the Acolyte team.  In the end, it was decided that her Vilas would be more effective in the temple courtyard helping to hold back the reinforcements.  "I can send a few Vila to protect you."

    Nix shook his head, "I want you to use them to protect yourself."  He was wearing turtle under armor underneath his Salamander suit.  He had found an Aquatic ring that had the same qualities as his aquatic gear, thanks once again to the crafters of the Gladis Hub.

    The small group joined hands and instantly ported to Mermaid City.  This was not part of the raiding levels, but if you were to look carefully, the Arcadic Temple was on the 8th floor.  Nix immediately summoned Soup and Ducky.  He patted Soup's head gently.  As agreed, Mina led the way through a mostly abandoned city.  They ran into a few aquatic sub-species, but nothing that wished to pick a fight with them.  They pulled up just before they entered a dense seaweed forest.

    The weeds and sea plants extended twenty feet from the bottom. In the distance, you could see a pyramid-shaped structure surrounded by vast open space.

    Nix whistled softly and glanced at Shae who probably would have been drooling had they not been underwater.  "That's way bigger than I imagined."

    "It's wonderful Nix, please work hard for me."  Shae had changed slightly since undergoing her nemesis metamorphosis.  Her long red hair floated around her in the water, she wore the body-hugging salamander suit and held a flaming staff.

    Sharl, Semmi, Pon, Shae, and Nix moved away from the rest, they would move in fast and get into the temple ahead of the pursuit.  It would be vital that the main group managed to block the entrance until they had completed the mission.

    Sharl, Semmi, and Pon all latched on to Soup's shell.  Even pulling three people, the Sea Turtle was much faster than them.  Shae and Ducky would lead the way with Nix bringing up the rear guard.

    Jun Li made sure everyone was ready, then she gave Shae the thumbs up. Instantly Shae flashed into the Seaweed forest, the small group trailing behind.  Jun Li gave them a five-count and then nodded for Mina to lead the way in.

    The entry into the Arcadia Temple was a huge archway that was closed up by white silver doors.  The advance group was halfway across the courtyard when they were first spotted.  There wasn't a normal guard on the grounds since this was deep into Aquarion territory.

    Nix followed his group closely, he estimated the distance to the pursuit and decided that Aquarion 's would arrive before the raid's main body.  Both his hands glowed with green flames.

    [Meteor Storm]

    A targeting array formed on the ground covering a space that was 50x50 meters, Nix centered it on the Aquarion guards and the continued toward the door.

    Mina noticed the guards heading to cut them off, "we may have to fight our way to the door!"  A moment later green flames rained down on the courtyard, everything it touched screamed in mortal agony, although the flames only did normal damage, it seemed to have a hidden pain modifier attached to it.

    Jun Li was rear guard for the main body, she shook her head at the emerald meteor storm.  One spell halted the group of five guards in their tracks and enabled them to make it to the doorway.  The massive doors had been opened by the advanced team.  "Stealth fighters leave the group and pick TOAs, (Targets of Opportunity) tanks in the doorway, healers to the back."

    Mina set loose her Vilas in the area in front.  "Keep an eye on the time, this raid becomes unwinnable in fifteen minutes."


    Shae pushed through the door and didn't bother to even look at the Acolytes, above the altar was a shimmering blue light that hovered peacefully.  The red-head darted through it without looking back.

    Three Acolytes came at them just after they entered. Nix immediately targeted the nearest.

    [Befuddle: My Target]

    Ducky weaved her hands gently, the Aquarion responded by stopping in her tracks while slowly swaying back and forth.  Six strands shot from his Nix's hands and wrapped around the second, completely immobilizing him.  The green flames bit into the Acolytes cloth armor, only a strand wrapped around his throat kept him from screaming.

    Pon targeted the third Acolyte.

    [Wall of Flames]

    The flames forced the Aquarion Acolyte back, Sharl ignored the wall and leaped through it with her spear thrust outward, she swept her spear at the Acolytes feet, knocking her to the ground before she skewered her through the abdomen.

    Nix held the strands in place and assisted Sharl by targeting her opponent.

    [Comet Strike]

    Three balls of green flame burst from his hand, the first two missed but the third took the downed opponent in the chest hurting her badly.

    Semmi appeared an instant later and slashed her daggers across the Acolytes throat, finishing her off.   "I'll go find the other Acolytes!"  She faded from view, her voice trailing after her.

    Sharl turned back toward the other two, shaking her head in amazement.  The one Nix held in his green flame strands was nearly dead already.  She slashed it once across the back and stepped back when it crumbled to the floor.

    Pon targeted the third one with his strongest spell.


    A white flash of brilliant flame knocked the befuddled Aquarion to the ground.  Nix quickly targeted her again with his version of the spell.


    The green flame flashed at the Aquarion, a moment later she disenigrated into nothing.  Nix fell to his knees, his head spinning.

    Pon helped him to his feet.  "Oh... Shae said that you shouldn't use Balefire yet, the Salamander version uses all your remaining mana.  It's meant for last resorts."

    Nix frowned at he old mage, "you did that on purpose."

    Pon nodded, "can't have a young runt showing me up!"  The old mage cackled and then moved behind Sharl.

    Sharl didn't hide the smile on her face.  "Read the spell description noob, it says that right?"

    "Damn it...  Aren't we on the same team?"

    Sharl nodded, "sure."

    Pon grinned wickedly at him.  "Yep."


    Shae paused when she arrived in the elemental world, she immediately felt the weakening effects of being in a Water Lord's Elemental domain.


    Shae frowned at the voice, such arrogance in front of an Elemental Nemesis was mind-boggling.  "Enough of the posturing old fool.  Show yourself and we'll talk this over properly."

    An old-looking man appeared in front of her.  His ocean blue eyes throbbed with the power of a Water Lord.  "A Nemesis comes to my temple?  Why?"

    Two swords made of flame appeared in Shae's hands, her flaming aura lit up around her driving the Water Lord back a step.  "I'm taking this temple for my own. Leave now and you will escape with your life."

    The old man laughed at the sight of her.  "You think too much of yourself.  If this was neutral ground you'd stand a chance."  A shield made of shimmering blue water appeared on one arm while he pulled a blue trident out of the water surrounding them.


    Nix held the fourth Acolyte with all of his strands while Pon, Semmi, and Sharl fought the fifth one.  Ducky had the last of them befuddled off to one side.  Since all of Nix's mana was gone, there wasn't much he could do.  He hadn't brought mana potions and so was relegated to strictly crowd control.  He cursed the laughing fire mage in his head.

    Sharl finished off the fourth Acolyte and targeted Ducky's mob.  This would give Nix's strands more time to weaken the last Acolyte.

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    Pon assisted Sharl and hit her target with his Balefire spell, he felt a bit guilty when he glanced at his frowning guild leader.  He tossed him a mana potion after the fifth Acolyte died.

    Nix opened the bottle and downed it without even looking.  Instantly he felt the warm presence of his fire mana flowing through him again. "Thanks, Pon."

    The old mage nodded, "don't use it all at one time noob."


    "This is what you get when you invade my world, little salamander."  The old man looked exhausted, but his smile was triumphant.  The Nemesis knelt on the ground with a spear thrust through her side.

    "Stupid tricks..."  Shae's eyes blazed with red flames, she had the old man beaten to a standstill when they sprang the trap on her.  There were two Water Lords in this domain.

    A blue-haired woman laughed from behind her.  "I'm his mate, so of course my strength is his."

    Shae spit some of her flaming blood on the ground in disgust, she stared at the old man who was still laughing.  "All you've done is cause her death.  Do you think I have no one?"

    [Summon: Spirit Bond]

    A moment later a yellow-eyed human appeared beside her.  Right away his intelligent eyes read the situation.  "You okay Shae?"

    Shae nodded toward the female elemental as she painfully removed the spear from her side.  "Stall her."

    [Aura Ignition]

    A green flame pulse outward from him, causing both Water Lords to scream in pain.  A dozen green tentacles waved madly around him.  All of them instantly wrapped around the female.

    The old Water Lord had scoffed when his opponent summoned a human.  He wasn't sure how he could enter the elemental world, but he had done so.  The green flames coming off him were horrifyingly painful.  His mate screamed loud enough to shake the water world.  He flashed toward her without a second thought, unbelievably he had forgotten Shae's presence for a split second.

    Shae thrust both swords through his chest, impaling him as he sped past her.  He collapsed on the ground just before he got to Nix.  He watched powerlessly while the Nemesis walked past him and beheaded his mate.

    Nix released his aura, not bothering to watch as Shae killed the remaining Water Lord.  "We need to go now Shae."

    Shae nodded and took the Temple Deed that had appeared over his corpse.  "I can always count on you Nix."
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