51 Fire and Air

    Nix leaned back in his chair and rubbed his stomach.  "How can Kraken taste so good?"

    Pon nodded in agreement, he had also eaten his fill.  "We should have just fed you to it right away.  Saved us some trouble."

    Semmi laughed from the other side of Pon.  "New tactic when facing Krakens.  I like it."

    Nix left the Kindled Spirit with Sharl and Ronnie a few minutes later.  The ferry would return to Broyan at 1800hrs.  "Not bad for a first haul, the captain said there were nearly 100 passengers."

    Sharl glanced at the dock shops, they were still crowded with customers.  "Those Hub crafters have already filled their shops with their product."

    "Once word gets out, the ferry will be full every day."  Nix led the sisters to the Temple, there were near twice as many acolytes as the day before.

    They entered the temple, the only acolyte dressed in white greeted them near the altar.  "How may I help you today?"

    The acolyte was a young fire mage with long wavy hair.  She seemed too thin to stand up in a strong wind.

    "I'm going in to talk with Shae, my companions will wait here."

    The acolyte shook her head.  "I'm sorry sir that isn't..."

    Nix interrupted the woman by wrapping a half-dozen emerald strands around her.  Her eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned softly.

    Ronnie stepped forward, "don't hurt her Nix."

    Sharl grabbed her sister before she did something stupid.  "That woman isn't in pain Ronnie."

    "Tsk, tsk."  Shae stepped onto the altar and floated slowly to the white marble floors.  "Playing with my Head Acolyte Nix?"

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    Nix released her, trying not to smile when she collapsed in a shuddering groan. "I wanted to come to see you.  She was blocking my path."

    Shae frowned and spoke in a soft voice, without a doubt all of her acolytes heard her words.  "Never stop Nix from seeing me.  He is the Lord of this temple, and I will deal harshly with anyone who thinks otherwise."

    "Not too harshly Shae."  Nix smiled and helped the acolyte off the ground, she leaned on him for a moment before straightening up.

    "I'm Dervi," she bowed slightly.  "Excuse my earlier actions."

    "Hmmm, there is something different about you Nix."  Shae studied him for a moment.  "Show me please."

    Nix nodded, Shae had incredible perception.

    Beast Slayer [Legendary Creature 1/6]

    Description: You have slain one of the legendary

    beasts in single combat.  +5 to all Stats. Your enemy's

    first attack will be reflected back upon them.

    "Basically he ate me and I ignited him from the inside.  Then it wandered into an active minefield."

    Shae raised an eyebrow at him, "Emerald flames inside of a legendary Water Beast, it must have gone crazy with pain."

    "It did seem to forget all about the mines."    Nix smiled at her, "I'm here because it dropped something very interesting."

    Ronnie stepped forward, the wisp was hiding in her hair.

    Shae pursed her lips, "oh I see... An air spirit.  Come out please."

    Regardless of being shy, the Air Spirit immediately presented itself in front of Shae.  It hovered and bowed low.  "Greetings benevolent Nemesis, I am Wilo."  The tiniest voice you could imagine squeaked forth from the wisp.

    "You are closer to Lord rank than I would have imagined."  Shae extended a finger, a moment later a tiny ball of flame floated toward the wisp.

    Wilo swirled her hands together and the ball expanded dramatically before flying across the temple and slamming against the far wall.

    Shael smiled, "Air and Fire are very compatible little Wilo. (pronounced willow) If you wish to reside on this isle, however, you must make a vow,  nothing that would conflict with your companion relationship.

    Wilo nodded and bent down again.  "I will defend this temple and your territory to the best of my ability whenever you have need of me."

    Shae bowed slightly in return. "Very well done, in return I shall lend you the use of my elemental world when it comes time for you to advance.  I will also defend you while you are in my territory."


    After visiting the Temple, Nix returned to his shop to make product for the next few days.  His shopkeeper Nova notified him that the day had been a resounding success.  He focused more on formal wear since the suits and the dresses had been very popular.  It was late in the evening by the time he activated Deep Blue.

    Most of Inferno were socializing in the marina, Nix took a few minutes to play with Ducky and Soup in the waves.  He played with the other turtles and a few of the dolphins as well.  Once tamed, they seemed to always possess goodwill toward the Beast Master.

    He rinsed off in his houseboats shower and then walked up the stairs to his bed.  A familiar face through the sliding doors caused him to put off sleep for a bit.  Nix changed into a swimsuit and opened the door to the third deck.

    Surprisingly, the Aquarion in his hot-tub was not Fajii, but rather Mina.  She smiled at him when he opened the door.  "Fajii said she will be around later."

    "Min..."  Nix slid into the hot-tub and closed his eyes, he had been thinking about his Aquarion friend all day.

    Her pale eyes stared at him and she moved closer until their hips were touching. She put an arm through his and leaned her head on his shoulder.  "I was very scared today Nix."

    "Same here, unlike me you won't automatically get rezzed if something happens."

    She nodded, "I know.  I couldn't leave you laying there though."

    Nix grinned when she moved closer.  "You here to exchange pointers?"

    Mina laughed at the thought and shook her head.  "Your hair is much too dark, and there are no webbings on your fingers."

    "So, I'm hideous?"

    "Just a bit."  She kissed his cheek as if experimenting.  "Did I do that right?"

    Nix nodded,  "Yep.  Did Fajii show you how?"

    "She did." A small smile curved her lips. "You are very important Nix, I hope to be standing next to you when we destroy the Artifact."

    "I insist on it."  Nix leaned his head back and closed his eyes.  A moment later he felt a hand stroke his head gently.  He opened one eye, "this kind of thing leads to exchanging pointers Min."

    Mina shrugged and ignored his words. "What did you feel when I was grabbed by the Kraken?"

    Nix thought for a moment, it was an old feeling and very unpleasant.  "Panic... Like someone grabbed my heart and squeezed."

    Min nodded in agreement, "I felt the same when it grabbed you.  I was very angry when they pulled me from the water."

    "We will have to be more careful."

    "You're very brave Nix."

    Mina stayed a while longer, they talked quietly about moving forward in the Mermaid Trials.  Everything they were currently doing seemed to be in preparation for that.


    Nix woke the next morning to someone sitting on his bed.  He opened an eye to see the smiling face of Ronnie.  "Hey... Bit early I think."

    Ronnie shook his legs, making the entire bed shake.  "Come on Nix!  Me and Wilo want to hunt!"

    He rolled out of bed and quickly dressed, "let's hunt in Safarza, maybe we'll find a lead for the Onion Quest."

    "Yep, Wind thought the same thing."  Ronnie was using a piece of her hair to tease Wilo, the sound of tiny laughter brought a smile to Nix's face.

    Wind was waiting on the beach, King Lubo was sitting on his shoulder. "Jun Li downloaded the information she received from the island, we'll be able to access it and search for clues."

    An hour later the three of them were riding Manta toward Safaraza.  It was only a short flight and no one was in a hurry to get started.

    Nix pointed at the beach on the south side of Safarza, several Saltwater Crocs were sunning themselves in the morning sun.  "Let's do some hunting and test out Ronnie's wisp."

    As soon as they landed, his hud vibrated, he opened it to see Jun Li's pretty face. "Hey, Nix."

    Wind and Ronnie walked away to give them room to talk, neither wanted to hear about guild business.

    Ronnie couldn't keep the smile off her face when she saw King Lubo.  "You brought the little guy today?"

    Wind nodded, while the tiny lizard stared at the wisp.  The two of them seemed to be involved in a staring contest.

    Wilo hovered in the air, moving closer to the tiny creature.  Suddenly she shook her tiny fist at Lubo and started scolding it.

    [Fear the King]

    Wilo screeched loudly and buried herself in Ronnie's hair causing her to frown at Wind.  "Hey... keep that gecko in line!"

    A nearby laugh told them that Nix had seen the interaction.  "Now she knows... Don't f*ck with the King."

    The shaking wisp refused to untangle herself from Ronnie's thick hair.  Ronnie scowled at the two men who were not even bothering to hide their amusement.  "I think she piddled on my neck."

    Wind turned inland, staring at the high rocks.  "Someone's coming Nix."  Immediately he stealthed and moved away.
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