54 Trial of Strength conclusion

    Nix patted Fey's head gently, "Shae's going to love you."  Nix waited for a short while before Ducky exited.  Evidently she had passed, she had evolved into a higher tiered water elemental.  He approached her and checked out her new stats.

    Ducky: Siren

    Description: A siren has the ability

    to command up to three subordinates.


    [Appear Human]

    [Advanced Befuddle]


    Ducky's transparent form solidified and within a few seconds took on the form of a young woman. Her eyes were completely blue, with no pupils or white visible. Her long hair was pale blue and hung down her back covering her shapely bottom.  She held her arms out and spun slowly. "Do you like this Master?"

    Nix nodded, her flawless pale skin and blue nipples were very interesting. "Just call me Nix. Is speech a new ability now?"

    Ducky shook her head. "It comes with the human form. I can only wear it for a short time, It drains my energy."

    "What's charm do?"

    "I can persuade enemies to temporarily fight for our cause." Ducky 's face was starting to show some strain.

    "Very well done, please change back at your leisure."

    Ducky sighed in relief and changed back to her water form.  A moment later Soup exited the trial. His appearance had also evolved drastically. He had doubled in size, his shell surface looked like it had been coated with green armored scales.  His overall color had changed to green.

    Soup: Royal Sea Turtle

    Description: High resistance to all

    types of damage. Immune to

    control effects.

    [Sonic Blast]

    [Shield Ally]

    [Battering Ram]

    Nix rubbed the turtles head fondly. "Looking good Soup, now let's continue." He moved with his three companions back to the center platform. Slowly he was lifted to the tenth floor.

    [Your companions have been bound and cannot fight]

    Nix shrugged when all three companions vanished. He glanced curiously at the robed man standing alone.  A moment later Mina appeared also, she smiled at him.

    "Two of you making it this far at the same time, it is uncommon."  The man spoke with a deep voice that sounded like a foghorn.  "It's is fitting that you fight each other for the final victory."

    Mina shook her head, "I could never bring myself to harm him."

    Nix stared at the man, "I concede. It's her win."

    The man nodded in approval. "Staunch allies I see." He moved forward and handed them each a small ring.

    Allied Spirit

    Ring: [Trial of Strength]

    Description: Call Filamina

    To your side in times of need.

    Allied Spirit

    Ring: [Trial of Strength]

    Description: Call Nix

    To your side in times of need.

    "I cannot reward a victory here, but perhaps this is more important."

    "We are looking for clues to a person named Dunham."  Nix figured since the cove had an instance, then Dunham probably would have completed it also.

    "Dunham?  Miki Dunham?"  The dark-haired man seemed to think about the name for a few moments.  "You should check Phelinomia, a small island called Lapu."    He vanished suddenly without saying anything further.


    A few minutes later Mina and Nix exited the Trial.  Their group was waiting patiently for them to finish.

    "Let's get out of this heat."  Nix could tell that the Aquarions were suffering so they quickly exited and made the long swim out.  Captain Delphi was waiting with the Phoenix when they surfaced.

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    That captain greeted the assault team and welcomed them aboard.  "I sent the Galleons back with just enough men to sail them."

    "Great thinking captain."  Nix glanced up at the sails that had been damaged during the last fight.  "Take those sails down and I'll do a proper repair."

    Ronnie walked up while Nix was sitting on the deck working.  "Little Wilo is ready to advance to Lord class."

    Nix smiled at the tiny wisp sitting on her shoulder.  "Want to help me Wilo?"

    When the wisp nodded, he targeted her and used her wind abilities as an enhancement.  "Not sure if this will even work."

    Phoenix Sail

    Epic Enhancement:[Strong Wind]

    Description: A beautiful white sail

    emblazoned with the image of a majestic

    Phoenix.  + 50 to Sail Speed.  + 15 to turn radius.

    Delphi whistled when she saw the new sail, "she's already the fastest ship I've ever sailed."

    Nix laughed and accepted a hand up.  Then he walked over to the rail and used a small fire strand to burn four notches in the smooth wood.  "We should start keeping track."

    Ronnie was still watching the sail when the crew took it away.  "Okay Nix, let's talk compensation."

    [Summon Fey]

    The entire group jumped back when the Fire Drake happily flapped its wings.  It was only slightly bigger than a warhorse.  Nix jumped nimbly on its back, using a few fire strands to hold himself in place since they were harmless to Fey.  "I'll meet you at the Inn Wylie!"

    The group stared as Nix flew away.  Ronnie seemed the most surprised.  "When did he get a dragon?"

    "Why are you separating from your group?"  Fey spoke softly as she effortlessly glided through the air.  She was much faster than any Manta Nix had ever seen.

    "You're a Fire Creature, you have to meet Shae before anything else happens."

    "Shae?  Who is Shae?"

    "Shae is a Salamander Nemesis."

    "Your mate is a Nemesis?"

    "Shae is my friend, not my mate."  Nix wanted to rap the drake between the ears, but since they were several hundred feet in the air, he refrained himself.

    As they got closer to the island Fey sped up.  "Such power, I can feel the flames from here!"

    "Don't embarrass me in front of Shae, or I'll eat you."  Nix had Fey land in the Temple courtyard.

    "Goodness... You gave your mate a Palace?  Are you trying to make her Overlord of Colonial?"

    Nix clicked the drake on the back of one ear.  "Follow me."

    As soon as they approached the altar, Shae exited.  She was equipped in armor and had a flaming sword in each hand.  She frowned at the drake that was trailing Nix.  "What's this little fire lizard doing in my domain?"

    Nix felt Shae extended her aura over the pair of them, he was left unharmed but the drake had fallen to its knees.

    "Great Nemesis!  I've sworn companionship to your mate, I have no ill intentions here."

    Shae raised an eyebrow at Nix, "you want this little thing?"

    Nix nodded, "anything we can do about the constant chatter?"

    Shae clucked her tongue at it, "I can remove its head."

    Nix considered the idea for a moment, "let me think about it."

    She moved closer and kissed his forehead.  "I'm glad your back, follow me and bring the drake."

    Nix grabbed her offered hand and entered through the altar flame.  A moment later he stepped onto the soft grass of her world.  Fey immediately dived into the nearest pool.

    Shae undressed with a wave of her hand and she slowly made her way into the scalding water.  "How did your quest go?"

    [Aura Ignition]

    Nix waded in behind her and took a seat next to her.  "A clue has pointed us to Phelinomia."

    Fey watched from a few pools away.  "Stupid Nix... Not mates?  Then what do you call that?"  The drake cocked its head to one side when the flames turned brown.  "No way..."

    The drake extended itself in the pool and relaxed.  The elemental fire of this place was extraordinary.  "This is better than sleeping in a volcano."


    Semmi was waiting at the dock when Delphi returned with the Phoenix.  Juni had increased the dock size to include four more berths.  This was the max Glory could hold until they were upgraded to 2nd level City Guild.  She noticed a silver-haired woman walking with Ronnie and Wind.  "I'm Semmi. Are you the Knight-Captain?"

    Wylie smiled and bowed slightly.  "Captain Wylie at your service."

    "We were going to place your barracks next to the temple, but opted for the North shore."  Semmi could sense that she was a healer.  "What sort of training do your men have??"

    Wylie frowned at the question, "they are quite green actually.  This is my first command."

    Semmi clapped her hands together as if pleased.  "Ever heard of Mariners?"

    Wylie nodded, "a force trained specifically for fighting at sea."

    "Let me show you to your barracks first, then we'll head to the Inn to discuss specialized training.'  Semmi turned and started walking away.  Wylie paused for a moment to wave goodbye to her group and then hurried behind her.


    "You could just stop all this exploring and spend your days here."  Shae lay half over him at the edge of the pool.

    Nix laughed at the serious look on her face.  "That sounds like a good retirement plan."

    "Nix... this is very odd you know?  I'm a new Nemesis, it should be decades before I even begin to cultivate a brown flame."

    "Are you able to cultivate it already?"

    "Just the most rudimentary flame, but the timeline is about fifty years too soon."

    Nix stepped out of the pool and started getting dressed.  "Does this present any problems for you?"

    Shae shook her head, "It isn't harmful to me if that's what you mean."  She smiled when he bent down for a kiss.  "Fey can stay here until you need her, my domain will strengthen her over time."

    "Sounds good."  Nix waved to Fey and then vanished into the warm air.

    Fey waited until she was sure he had left.  "Why doesn't he know he's a salamander?"

    Shae scowled at her, "he's human, not a salamander."

    Fey bowed to Shae, she definitely wasn't interested in upsetting someone so powerful.  She closed her eyes and remembered something she had heard once.  Salamanders are the only creatures who can possess fire seeds.  "Why aren't your eyes yellow?  I thought that was a salamander trait."

    Shae eased herself into the water, "silly lizard.  We are born with yellow eyes, but that changes when we get older."
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