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    Nix leaned comfortably against the rail.  Jun Li, Sharl, Pon, Semmi, Wind, and Tess were all gathered in a circle as they discussed the ransom prices for crew and officers of the ships. He wasn't giving them his full attention because he was looking at the new guild options for Tier 4 Sea-Farer factions.

    "Hmm. So that's interesting and very nice."  Nix realized that most of the new options were cosmetic, but there was one addition he liked.  NPCs could be invited into the guild.

    Filamina has joined Inferno.

    Hyai has joined Inferno.

    Kyla has joined Inferno.

    Shae has joined Inferno.

    Fajii has joined Inferno.

    Delphi has joined Inferno.

    /Guildchat: Nix: Welcome to Inferno.

    [Create a Raid Channel?]

    "Yes."  Nix decided that communication with the inhabitants of Glory Island would be important to future growth.  However, he also realized that people doing missions should use a different channel. He assigned Mina as a 'Recruitment Officer' so she could add the Aquarion Assault teams to the roster.

    [Please name new raid Channel.]

    "Inferno"  Nix closed the guild menu and turned his attention back to the group in front of him.

    /Inferno: Nix: From this point forward, this will be our mission and vital information channel.  Guildchat will be used for all non-essential communication.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Our Aquarion allies will need access to both.

    /Inferno: Nix: I already included them.

    /Guildchat: Jun Li: You still want me to open up recruitment for three dozen people?

    /Guildchat: Nix: Yes, today's additions were already part of our community, them joining didn't increase our capability.

    /Guildchat: Tyrant: The Temple Acolytes are holding the two prisoners for us.

    /Guildchat: Nix: Great thanks.  We'll have a chat with them later.

    Jun Li shook her head at the numbers.  "Initial count was seventeen ships, right?  Four were able to retreat, six were sunk, seven more were disabled."

    Semmi nodded, "repairs on the disabled ships have already started.  We are just a bit under-manned when it comes to repairs."

    Sharl was standing closest to Nix, she noticed that his thoughts were wandering.  "Everything okay Nix?"

    He nodded and addressed Mina who was talking with a few members of her team.  "How are Aquarions at ship repair?"

    Mina smiled at him, "I can direct repairs, there are a few others who can do the same."

    "Start repairs on the six ships that were sunk. With those, you can start your own fleet."  Nix had given the matter a bit of thought.    The American Pacific fleet had been completely destroyed at Pearl Harbor.  What many didn't know was that with one exception, those ships were returned to service before the end of the war.

    Jun Li had caught the tail-end of the conversation, "you want to return those ships to service?"

    Nix nodded, "after repairs are made, we should be able to do it with a little help from Ronnie."

    Sharl looked skeptical, "this I gotta see."

    /Guildchat: Nix: What's the lunch special at the Kindled Spirit today?

    /Guildchat: Hyai: Kraken stew or fresh Cod.

    /Guildchat: Semmi: Lunchbreak?

    /Guildchat: Nix: Yep, we'll go in shifts.  Things busy Hyai?

    /Guildchat: Hyai: Very busy.  The ferry arrived a while ago, this time it was nearly full.

    An hour later Nix was having lunch with Ronnie, Banzi and Wind.  He had chosen the Kraken special since there was no room in the main room, the four of them were eating in Nix's room.

    Wind glanced around the luxury suite in appreciation.  "Nice place Nix."

    Ronnie was playing with Wilo while she shared her cod with the tiny elemental.  "She's read for promotion Nix, when are we going to do that?"

    "Tonight after the two of you bring the ships up."  Nix leaned back in his chair, there was something very satisfying in eating a creature that had eaten you.

    Wilo walked across the table, refusing to look at Nix's plate.  She was scared to death of even trying the Kraken.  Wind put out his hand and she stepped nimbly on it.  "You're going to batten down the hatches and then have Wilo expand air into the hull?"

    Nix nodded, he knew that the quite scout had a sharp intellect.  "All the hatches but one. If she can displace enough water, and if the repairs hold.  Then that should be enough to bring them up."

    Wind considered the plan, "lets use manpower too.  We can put a few dozen hands on the hulls and ease them up slowly."

    "I hadn't thought of that, good idea. I'll leave that to Mina and her people, they're the strongest in the water."

    Ronnie finished off the last of her lunch, her dark eyes staring at Nix.  "Are you really giving them those ships?"

    "Yes. As we strengthen ourselves, we also need to look to our allies strength."

    Ronnie flashed him a smile.  "You've changed a lot since we first met Nix."

    He returned her smile, "you mean when I carried you through those Elite Turtles?"

    She nodded in agreement, "my arrows just bounced off those things."


    The Alabaster was the first ship they attempted to bring up.  Mina thought it fitting that this would be the first ship to be part of the Souza Accord's new fleet.  The hull repairs were completed and the Aquarions were in place ready to guide the ship to the surface.  Ronnie and Nix had swum inside the hull.

    Ronnie glanced at him, "So... Wilo just pushes out all the air she can.  Why are you here then?"

    "I'm going to heat the air, causing it to expand further."  Nix had left one of the lower hatches open so that the water could escape.

    Wilo hovered in the middle of the hull and started pushing air outward.

    [Aura Ignition]

    Nix focused on his own flame, causing the air to immediately become super-heated.  The water level slowly dropped in the main hull, when it had dropped to waist high, the entire ship shifted and started to raise up.

    Mina and the Aquarions guided the ship upward, slowly it rose to the surface.  After a few minutes, the Alabaster sat on low on water.  Nix sloshed through the knee-deep water in the base of the hull.  "Get the pumps down here and lets clear this hull!"

    More Aquarions started showing up as Inferno worked hard through the late afternoon.  By dinner time, they had completed the operation.

    /Guildchat: Jun Li: That's all of them, great job Nix!

    /Guildchat: Nix: Well done guys.

    /Guildchat: Filamina: I'll be assigning assault teams to each of those ships, they will need captains and crews.

    /Guildchat: Semmi: That's my thing Mina, I've been interviewing captains for weeks.  I'll give you the list and you can choose.

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    /Guildchat: Filamina: Thank you Semmi.

    Mina climbed on deck, taking a look at the broken mast and shredded sails.  "I wonder if my tailor friend can repair these sails... maybe even make them better?"

    Nix laughed at her expression, somehow coy didn't fit the Aquarion face very well.  "Of course I will do my best Min, this going to be your flagship?"

    Mina shook her head, "I'm not leaving your side,  my team and I are staying on the Phoenix with you."

    /Guildchat: Nix: Want to take a trip with me, Junie?

    /Guildchat: Jun Li: We heading to Lohai?

    /Guidchat; Wind: Me and Banzi are coming too.

    /Guildchat: Nix: Meet at the Phelinomia platform in an hour.

    A few minutes later Nix was walking on the temple grounds, as soon as he entered the temple Acolyte Dervi approached him.

    The thin fire mage bowed deeply, her jet-black hair nearly touching the ground.  "Temple Lord Nix, welcome back."

    Nix smiled at the reception.  "Bring me the two prisoners, also a few healers."

    A few minutes later Dervi returned with two the two prisoners and a handful of Acolytes.  Two of them were obviously healers that walked the path of air. The Head Acolyte motioned toward the two healers.  "These two are Boola and Chakali."

    Nix nodded pleasantly at the two acolyte healers.  They were both males who shaved their heads.  "Keep these two prisoners alive please."

    Boola and Chakali glanced at the two men in irons, both of them were a bit scuffed up but neither had taken any damage.

    Two emerald strands shot out from Nix's hands, encircling the necks of the two prisoners.  They immediately started screaming.  A sound like sizzling bacon filled the air, the two men had fallen to their knees.

    The Acolytes watched wordlessly while Nix burned them.  His yellow eyes showing no concern for their blood-curdling screams.  Suddenly one of the prisoners died and Nix dropped his strands.


    Boola has been slain.

    Chakali has been slain.

    Since they were standing next to each other, they were both caught in Nix's balefire.  Both acolytes respawned a moment later next to the platform.

    Nix ignored the dizziness from using all his mana, wordlessly he drank a mana potion. He shook his head while looking at the single prisoner, the other having died and respawned safely at his binding point.  "So... these are the healers of Shae's temple?"

    /Guildchat: Nix: Tess and Rose, please come to the Temple at once.

    /Guildchat: Tess: Right away Nix!

    /Guildchat: Rose: On my way.

    The two men had recovered and were standing next to Dervi.  Nix gestured toward the temple door.  "Find another place to practice healing. Leave now and never come back."

    Dervi's face turned pale as the healers walked toward the door.  "Those are the only two healers in the temple my lord."

    "Acolytes in the only Fire Palace in Colonial aren't allowed to fail. You serve a Nemesis, not some common Fire Lord."

    Dervi shuddered when he turned his yellow eyes on her, she bowed deeply again. "As you say my lord!"

    The surviving prisoner was still on his knees gasping for breath.  "What are you doing? This kind of thing isn't allowed!"

    Nix turned his gaze toward the man.  He was from the Nottingham guild. "My guild is comprised of NPCs whose death is permanent, please bear with me while I ask you a few questions."

    "Questions?"  The man's voice was hysterical, the emerald flames were worse than anything he had ever felt.  "You haven't asked anything yet!"

    "Right...first I have to put you in the right mindset."  Nix smiled pleasantly, "call it motivational."

    "Y-Your crazy."  The man looked like he wanted to cry, he stayed on the floor not daring to stand.

    "Crazy?"  Nix shook his head, "it would be better for you if I was."
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