64 Important Meetings

    The black-cloaked figure turned down the dark alley and sprinted along the city wall, both of the warehouses he had targeted were already in flames.  He slowed to a walk and checked his backtrail, suddenly the sound of footsteps echoed in the quiet evening, he had been found.

    "He's up ahead Vera, close on him!"  The one who spoke was holding her side while she ran, a bad fall from the rooftop had injured her.

    "Damn it Tula, be more careful!"

    Vera stopped at the wall, their prey was slowly scaling it.  She pulled her pistol and pointed it at the arsonist.  "Bastard ass!  Making me run all this way."  She was tempted to shoot him, but she had strict orders to bring him in.  A quick death would mean his escape to his binding point.

    "My side hurts!"  Tula finally caught up to her twin sister.  That's when she saw the man on the wall.  "Got you at last dumbass!"

    "Do you?"  The dark figure showed no sign of fear, he smiled when they approached the bottom of the rope.

    [Fire Trap]

    A shaped charge exploded and tore through the legs of the twins putting them both down.  Tula had been hunched over holding her side, so the trap had killed her.  Vera was not so lucky, one of her legs was gone from the knee down and the other was burnt beyond use.

    "F*ck..." Vera picked up the pistol she had dropped and pointed it toward the wall but the man had disappeared.  She looked down at her legs before cursing loudly and pointing the pistol at herself.

    A half-hour later Nix returned to the house in the Sea World.  He had emptied one of the spare rooms and brought in shelves and a large workbench. Trap making was part of the hunting craft.  Nix hadn't paid much attention to it in the past, but recently he discovered that it was quite handy. He changed his clothes and returned to Glory Island.

    Glory had undergone extensive changes.  A stone wall completely enclosed most of the city, only the dock area had been left unwalled, but there was a heavily guarded gated entrance. The dock shops and Inns had become thriving businesses but slowly a main street was developing as new shops continued to open.  Semmi had some experience with city planning, so she was taking care of everything.

    He walked over to the Kindled Spirit and tiptoed up the stairs to his room.  It was 0300 and just about everyone was sleeping.  After undressing he slid into bed, magically the person who had been there when he left was now two people.  Apparently Sila had made a late-night visit and had been welcomed by Hyai.  Nix felt that it was worth noting that both of Sila's wrists were still tied to the bedpost.

    "Damn it... The hell did I miss?"  He moved closer to his favorite innkeeper and closed his tired eyes.

    Nix smiled in his sleep a few hours later, feeling a soft hand encircle his shaft before it was enclosed in the warm wetness of a mouth.

    Propping his head upon the pillow he watched while Hyai's head slowly bobbed up and down.  "Is this how the Kindled Spirit keeps its guests returning?"

    Hyai let him slide out of her mouth before moving up to straddle his waist.  "Complaining?"  She was still holding him in her hand, with a soft moan she slid onto him.


    A while later Nix woke up for the second time. He noticed the time and gently shook Hyai awake.  "It's morning hun, maybe you can get the help to open some mornings?"

    Hyai opened one eye, she often woke up next to Nix so it came as no surprise.  "Hmm... I like opening the Inn for breakfast."  She turned her face into his neck, kissing his skin.  "You smell like smoke again Nix."

    He kept his face expressionless.  "Do I?"

    Hyai shrugged, "I love the smell of smoke."

    Nix nodded. "Me too."

    She rolled out of bed and headed toward the dresser.  "Are you still taking me to Jenza today?"

    Yep, sometime before dinner."  Nix watched as she casually opened a drawer in his dresser and took out a change of work clothes.  She kept a lot of stuff in his room for moments like this.  He watched with interest as the curvy innkeeper dressed.  Hyai wasn't beautiful in the traditional sense, it was her warmth that was attractive.

    "Going to want something to eat Nix?"  She finished putting on her uniform, well aware that her companion was watching her.

    "Yes please, but not for a few hours.  Junie and I are heading to Neptia for a meeting this afternoon, so maybe I'll grab brunch after I get up."

    "Okay hun, I'll put something aside for you."  Hyai waved and left the room quietly.

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    /Guildchat: Jun Li: Hey Nix, let's meet up at your houseboat before we head to Neptia.

    /Guildchat: Nix: Sure, was just heading there anyway.

    Nix gated to the Sea-World.  The warm sun of late-morning was very pleasant.  He took the outside ladder up to the third level of his houseboat, the fact that he had the biggest boat in their marina still made him smile.  A familiar face brought him up short.

    "Hello, Nix!"  Fajii smiled sweetly at him and stood up in the hot tub.  Without any hesitation, she embraced him tightly.  "I really missed you!"

    "Same here."  He didn't mind the fact that she was wet. "Has Shae finally set you loose?"

    Fajii shook her head.  "Only for a few hours, until my training is complete, she has to monitor me constantly."

    "Er... I'm scared to ask."  Nix stared at her, there was something slightly different.

    Fajii nodded and held out her hand, the smallest flame appeared in her hand.  It was a warm yellow flame.

    "Oh god..."  Nix put his hand over it to test it, it was pleasant to his touch.  "An Aquarion Fire Mage?  Is that even possible?"

    "Shae said that my people are strong mages, it's just that normally we have a complete intolerance to any kind of fire."

    "This sounds very dangerous Fajii.  I don't like it at all."

    "Shae said she will explain everything and asks that you come to visit us tomorrow in her world."  Fajii hugged him again and placed her head on his shoulder for a long moment before finally stepping away.  "Now that I've delivered the message I must return."  She waved at him and quickly left.

    Nix watched her walk away.  He understood the constant monitoring, Fajii would be killed by flame poisoning if left by herself before her own fire seed was fully developed.

    "Permission to come aboard?" Semmi stood next to his gangplank, her normal bright smile was in place, Jun Li was with her.

    "Why start asking now?" Nix leaned over the rail, "come on up."

    "Was that Fajii I saw leaving?" Semmi liked to tease Nix, they shared an easy sibling-like relationship.

    Nix didn't answer, instead he took a seat and waited for them to come up.

    Jun Li took the seat across from him while Semmi chose to lean against the rail. "Salamander was hit again last night, this time it was two warehouses that were burned to the ground."

    Nix didn't hide his smile. "Good, let's find the guy and give him something nice."

    Semmi nodded in agreement, "Like what though?"

    "I was thinking we'd give him you."

    Semmi laughed at the comment. "What if it's a woman?"

    "Then we'll give her Junie."

    Jun Li turned slightly red. "What's that supposed to mean Jackass?"

    Semmi winked at him. "I think it means women find you attractive."

    "The f*ck!  A man would be more than happy with me!"

    Nix gave her a defeated look. " Fine Junie, we'll give him you once we establish his identity."

    "Yep," Semmi agreed with a quick nod.

    Jun Li scowled at her two friends. "That makes six different Salamander targets."

    "Seven," Semmi corrected. "The guild hall was torched twice."

    "Right, seven then." Jun Li had been reading a first hand account of the incident written by Tula. "Seems like they nearly caught him this time."

    Semmi fixed a stray lock of blonde hair. "The forums love this guy. Shank has been **ting on everyone since he took over leadership of Salamander."

    Nix gave them both an unreadable smile. "If he's smart, he will lay low for a while."

    Jun Li open her hud and transferred a document to Nix. "This is the contract that I wrote up for the establishment of an Independent City State that will be allied with the Kingdoms of Broyan."

    Semmi clapped her hands in excitement. "Do you think they'll sign?"

    Both Nix and Jun Li nodded. Safarza was the only Broyan Kingdom against it, but thankfully under the rules of the Broyan alliance, only 4 out of 5 votes were required.

    Nix stood up and stretched his arms overhead. "Let's get on with it, we'll take the Phoenix."
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