77 Earth and Fire

    Nix stopped by the Kindled Spirit on his way to Guild Hall.  As expected Hyai was still there.  She was sitting at the bar with Sila, enjoying a pint. "I want you to stay on my houseboat until this blows over."

    Hyai nodded and glanced at Sila. "You sitting this one out?"

    Sila nodded, "My dps is crap right now, I am really considering a transition to another path."

    "Let's talk about it after the event Sila, there are some options available." Sila had leveled up since joining Inferno, but she wasn't strong enough to do much in this fight. "I'll feel better if you keep Hyai company for the duration."

    Hyai smiled and handed him a boxed dinner.  "Make sure to eat something Nix.  Oh, try and keep my Inn from being razed to the ground."

    "I'll do my best.  Don't wait too long before heading over to the Sea-World." Nix headed out the door with a quick wave.  He was very curious about the event.  Would there be some sort of compensation if all of Glory were destroyed?

    "Hey, Nix."  Wind's voice broke into his thoughts.  The scout was heading toward the Guild Hall, Pon was with him.

    Pon's face showed his excitement.  "Let's take bets on who dies the most!"

    "Hmm... that will be you obviously." The quiet Wind seemed to have been replaced with a more chatty version of the scout.

    Nix nodded in agreement, "yep, it will definitely be you old man."

    "F*ck you two clowns.  I'm going to be standing on top of a mountain of Terran bodies when this is over."  Pon radiated heat when he became angry.  He was practically glowing when he began scolding the two younger men.

    The long table in Guildhall was already crowded when the trio arrived.  In the past Inferno had used the Sea-World for these meetings and the hall had gone mostly unused.  There was an empty spot next to Jun Li waiting for Nix so he slid in while everyone was talking.  Semmi was using her hud to copy down the requirements on a big wall screen in the front of the room.

    After a few minutes, she was finished and turned to face everyone.  She smiled at Nix, "shall I do the honors boss?"  When Nix nodded she continue and the screen lit up with information.  "Please read and then we'll discuss."

    Major Faction Event: Keep the hostage from being rescued.

    Event Start 1300 hours tomorrow.

    Event Completion: 1700 hours tomorrow.

    Event Location: Glory Island and surrounding area.

    Sea Farer Faction

    Hosting Guild: Inferno:

    [Participating in Sea Farer Faction]




    Tea Leaf

    Silent Night

    Midnight Tea Party

    Baker's Dozen



    Holy Infantry


    Red Riders

    Bitchin Betty


    Iron Palm

    Street Cleaners

    Tabula Rasa Lives


    Ghost Battalion


    Red Dawg



    One Trick Pony

    Terran Faction

    Hosting Guild: Salamander [Upper Tier]

    [Participating in Terran Faction]

    Salamander [Mid-Tier]



    High Speed

    Quick Strike

    Taiga Su

    Defective Thoughts

    Angel Blade



    Kings X

    Lion Heart


    Zero Chance

    Baca Noire

    Lava Junky

    Storm Riders

    Fire Dome

    Crazed Killers




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    Moza Forte

    Blind Side




    Arctic Blast



    [Faction Event Description]

    Sea Farer Command Intercepted a Top-Secret missive that alluded to the movement of a top Terran official in Espana Bay.  Under direct orders, Inferno was deployed to ascertain the accuracy of the intel.  During their mission, they inadvertently came in contact with the Terran VIP and proceeded to capture him.  Against overwhelming odds, Inferno escaped with the prisoner and are now keeping him at their home base on Glory Island.


    Assist Inferno in holding Shidai Oruk.  You may bring ships to defend the seas around Glory Island. If you manage to hold off the Terran attack fleet for two hours, the mission will be successful.

    In the event that the sea battle is lost, fall back and help defend Glory with your land troops. Hold the opposing forces until 1700 hours so Sea Farer HQ has time to evac Shidai Oruk back to Sea Farer HQ.


    Destroy the fleet surrounding Glory Island and set foot on its shores.  You must accomplish this before 1500 hours. If you manage this you will advance to the second part of the mission.

    Attack Glory Island with your land troops.  Defeat their forces and kill the Alliance Commander.  If you fail to accomplish this before 1700 hours, you will fail this objective.

    [Mission Details]

    During the Sea Battle, victory or defeat is decided if either side loses more than eighty percent of their vessels. No landfall is allowed until the defending fleet has been defeated.

    During the land battle, victory or defeat is decided if either side has lost more than eighty percent of its land army.  Additionally, the Terran force must kill the Alliance Commander before 1700 hours.

    [Mission Restraints]

    All ships, buildings, and personnel participating in the mission may take part until they are in critical condition.  Upon reaching critical condition all assets will be moved to a holding area.  When the mission is over, all assets will be returned to their previous location unharmed and in good condition.

    Sea Farer Flagship: Phoenix [Non-Transferable]

    Sea Farer Naval Commander: Nix [Transferable]

    Sea Farer Troop Commander: Jun Li [Transferable]

    Sea Farer Alliance Commander: Nix [Non-Transferable]


    The First Tier of awards will be based on whether or not your faction won the Sea battle.

    The Second Tier of awards will be based on whether or not your faction won the land battle.

    The Third Tier of awards will be based on your role during the mission as well as individual contributions.

    [Whisper: Nix to Sulane] You've seen the Mission write-up in the forums?

    [Whisper: Suland to Nix] Yes, it seems pretty straight forward.

    [Whisper: Nix to Sulane] Your choice, command either the sea or land battle.

    [Whisper: Sulane to Nix] I'll opt for the land battle if you don't mind.

    Mission Event Message: Do you wish to assign Sulane as the Troop Commander in place of Jun Li?

    "Yes." Nix opened the menu and moved Jun Li to Naval Commander.

    Jun Li was watching him work.  "It's a good choice to bring Sulane in as the troop commander.  She's a tactical genius."

    Semmi was studying the screen, "more than likely our sea forces will lose.  We must hold as close to the deadline as possible."

    Jun Li breathed a sigh of relief, her first choice would have been sea battle commander.  "Every minute we hold is a minute less they get to fight our land forces."

    Pon laughed at Nix's expression.  "You got a big target on your back now smart ass."

    "I'll be standing next to Shae, so let them come."

    Semmi started listing the individual fleets belonging to the guilds.  "I'll get a list of commanders and send them to you Junie."

    Wind was sitting back listening to his friends make plans, he continued to study the events closer.  "The mission criteria means that our NPC friends are safe right?  No permanent death?"

    Jun Li nodded, "I'm taking it that way.  Even an instant death strike should only result in a critical hit and them being moved to the holding area."

    The group spent the next few hours coordinating sea and land forces.  Sulane joined them in the Guild Hall with one of her vice commanders.

    Suddenly the entire building shook, chairs and tables tossed about like a storm was raging inside.  It continued for nearly a minute before it stopped.

    Colonial System Message: A Temple of Scorched Earth has been completed on Glory Island.  All members of Inferno receive +100 to Earth-based damage and + 50 to FIre-based damage. All Inferno Earth Mages and Fire Mages receive a mana boost of 30 percent. These buffs stack with existing Temple structures.

    Sulane read the notification, her lips pursed together tightly.  "You've constructed a Scorched Earth Temple?"

    Nix shrugged, "it's just a small upgrade to the Earth Temple we built."

    The shock was written plainly on the Resolute Guild leader's face.  "How did you manage to construct an Earth Temple?"

    "We killed the Earth Temple Guardian and claimed the Temple deed."  Nix gave her a vague smile, he didn't know Resolute well enough to share more details.  "If you'll excuse me, I have a few things to take care of."


    Nix trotted toward the Fire Palace, the smell of smoke and fire was much heavier than it had been earlier.  He took the stairs down and stopped on the first platform when the Scorched Earth Temple came into view.  The light brown stone was now much darker and cracked in many places.  Those cracks oozed liquid rock and gave the temple a sinister look.  The smell of sulfur and brimstone made Nix think of Shae's elemental world.  He felt his strength surge and immediately checked his buffs.  The combination of the two temples had essentially increased his mana by sixty percent and + 100 to Fire Damage.  It couldn't have come at a better time.

    He felt a comfortable surge of warm air push against his face when he passed through the archway entrance.  There was the barest hint of earth mustiness in the air, it reminded him of his parent's vegetable cellar.  He spotted Fajii right away, she had changed once again.  "Did you become a Scorched Earth Mage?"

    Fajii nodded at him.  "As the Temple's Earth Mage, I change with it."

    Nix stared at his Aquarion friend.  Her light brown skin might have grown slightly darker, there were dozens of red streaks in her hair that hadn't been there earlier.  The biggest change was in her eyes.  The light brown eyes now had verticle irises, like the Lamia Queen.  "How do you feel Fajii?"

    Fajii smiled the same friendly smile she always did.  "I guess I'm quite ugly now."  She held up her hand, the webbings were still there, but her Aquarion ears were replaced with a more human-looking ear that came to a sharp point.

    "Still the same Fajii to me.  Your eyes have changed by the way. "  Nix wasn't carrying a mirror so he couldn't show her.  "I like them."

    "I'm next!"  Ronnie had entered through the arch with her sister Sharl.  "The conversion is quick, I'll need a few hours to get used to the new abilities."

    Sharl had come with Ronnie to dissuade her, but when she saw Fajii she decided against it.  She could feel the power radiating off of the Scorched Earth Mage, besides class changes in Colonial were quite common.  "Let's do this so you have time to study the paths and choose one."

    Fajii waited until Ronnie approached, then she led her to the altar with the Earth Stone.  "Kneel on the altar and activate the Earth Pearl."
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