78 Prelude to Glory

    Ronnie knelt on the altar, her Wind companion sat peacefully on her shoulder without moving.  Wilo seemed to be worried and clung to a strand of the ranger's hair.  "Go hang out with Nix until I finish this please."

    Wilo frowned, her grip on Ronnie's hair loosened and she flew easily to Nix.  "I shall be watching closely."  The wind elemental had recently been promoted to Lord rank, no one, including Shae was sure how strong she was.

    Nix grabbed Sharl's hand and led her away.  "There's going to be a big cloud of dust and a release of power.  He quickly ducked down behind one of the pillars with Sharl and Wilo.

    The Earth Pearl expanded to include Ronnie, it had changed since last time Nix had witnessed the procedure.  This time the swirling mass inside was a mixture of earth and fire.  Ronnie pounded on the insides of the sphere, her voice muted slightly.

    Several minutes later a cloud of dust and cinders were sent in all directions as the Earth Pearl released the remanents of its power. A lone figure lay curled up in the middle of the altar.

    Sharl was the first to arrive at her side, she took one glance at her sister and swore.  "Holy ** Ronnie."

    /Inferno: Nix: Get Chael down here to the Scorched Earth Temple to undergo the conversion.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: That won't work Nix, it has a twenty-four-hour recharge.

    /Inferno: Nix: Good thing we have two then.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Damn it, that's right.  Chael get down to the temple if you are still going through with it.

    /Inferno: Chael: I am, be right there.

    /Inferno: Nix: Both Fajii and Ronnie are now Scorched Earth Mages.

    /Inferno: Semmi: I'm coming down to check it out.  Wait for me.

    /Inferno: Wind: Me too.

    /Inferno: Pon: Same.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: I can spare a few minutes.

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    While Nix waited for the rest, he pulled Fajii to one side. "You've chosen a path?"

    Fajii nodded, "the paths are the same, Crowd Control, Defender and Assault."

    Scorched Earth Mage

    [Three available Paths: Crowd Control, Defender, Assault]

    Nix stared at the Aquarion Alchemist, no one would guess she was a water creature by looking at her.  "Which one?"

    Fajii smiled gently, although her looks had changed dramatically she was still the same.  "I want to defend my friends."

    "The choice suits you.  Once this battle is over, I'll start bringing you hunting so you can get used to the talent tree."

    'Thank you, Nix."

    Ronnie and Sharl approached them together.  The changes in Ronnie were similar to Fajii.  Ronnie had already been dark, but now her black hair was streaked with red and her dark brown eyes had verticle irises.  Her small perfect ears were pointed, a fact that seemed to anger Wilo quite a bit.  Her small voice squeaking in protest as she hovered close to her companion.

    The group from Inferno arrived a few minutes later.  They gathered around Ronnie to check out the Scorched Earth Talent Tree.

    [Crowd Control-1st Tier]

    Scorched Earth Mire I: Area Effect

    Your opponents are mired in molten rock and unable to move.  Mire can affect

    up to five enemies.   Target takes Fire and Earth Damage for the 45-second duration. Cooldown=1minute

    Scorched Dust Bowl I: Single Target

    Your target is surrounded by a cloud of cinder dust and unable to see. There is a chance that the blindness will become permanent. 60-second duration. No Cooldown.

    Ground Quake I: Area Effect DoT [Damage over Time]

    A sudden quake takes your enemies by surprise.  Fire and Ash spew from the ground and damage all enemies within 25 meters of you.  Target takes 1000 Fire and 1500 Earth damage every 30 seconds.  3-minute duration. Cooldown= 2 minutes.

    Silent Earth I: Single Target

    Your target has breathed in a large amount of dust and fire is unable to speak or cast spells. An additional Scorched Earth poison counter is added to the target. 90-second duration. No Cool Down.

    Scorched Earth Battlefield I: Mass DoT [Damage over Time]

    The Scorched Earth Mage sacrifices the rest of their mana and half of their current hit points to call a Scorched Earth Quake to their position.  All Enemies in their vicinity take damage every 30 seconds until the amount of damage equals the mana spent for casting.

    [Defender:1st Tier]

    Flaming Rock Wall I: Mass Buff

    Your allies receive a flaming rock shield and will take no damage until the shield is destroyed.  Anyone who attacks the shield receives a Scorched Earth poison counter for each attack, no limit. The amount of damage a shield can take is equal to the allies' hit points. Duration based on damage taken. Cool Down=5-minutes.

    Scorched Earth Shield I: Single Target

    Your ally receives a personal shield and will take no damage until the shield is destroyed. The amount of damage a shield can take is equal to twice the allies hit points.  This effect may be stacked with Rock Wall.  Scorched Earth Shield is immune to Fire and Earth Damage. Only one Scorched Earth Shield may be placed by each Scorched Earth Mage.  Duration based on damage. Cool Down=5-minutes.

    Charred Rock Blade I: Mass: Buff

    Your allies' weapon is modified to do Scorched Earth damage.  This effect stacks with whatever type of damage the weapon normally does. A Scorched Earth poison counter is applied for each successful attack, no limit. Duration: Persistent,

    Scorched Earth Mother I: Single Target

    The power of nature returns your ally to life. Ally receives Flaming Rock Wall and Scorched Earth Shield upon revival. No Cool Down.

    [Assault: 1st Tier]

    Molten Rock Slam I: Single Target

    A molten boulder slams into your target. This strike adds a Scorched Earth poison counter and stuns the target for 7 seconds. At the end of the duration, a second Scorched Earth poison counter is applied. The effect may not be avoided or countered. Duration: 7-seconds. Cool Down-45 seconds.

    Flaming Ground Spear I: Single Target

    A deadly shard of flaming rock shoots upward from the ground and strikes your target.  This strike adds a Fire poison counter, an Earth poison counter, and a Scorched Earth Poison counter.  Counters stack up to ten times. Duration: Instant.  Cool Down: 3 Seconds.

    Earthen Fire Bullets I: Multiple Targets up to 5.

    Hundreds of flaming rock bullets pelt your target. Rock Pelt also damages gear and equipment. This attack adds a Fire poison counter, an Earth poison counter, and a Scorched Earth Poison counter. Duration: Instant. Cool Down: 15 seconds.

    Scorched Earth Rock Golem I: Summoned Pet

    The Scorched Earth Rock Golem is a front line tank.  He has the ability to completely shield one target until he is destroyed. If Rock Golem is used as an attacker, he does half the damage of the owner. When the Golem is destroyed the pet owner receives Flaming Rock Wall and Scorched Earth Shield.

    Scorched Earth Golem Bomb

    The pet owner sacrifices his pet and all of his mana to damage all enemies within 20 meters.  This damage is equal to the amount of mana spent.  The bomb adds a Fire poison counter, an Earth poison counter, and a Scorched Earth Poison counter to everyone it damaged.

    Scorched Earth Coating: Self-Only weapon buff.

    Adds a Scorched Earth coating onto your current weapon.  Damage is changed to Scorched Earth damage and increased by 60 percent.

    Semmi stared at the talent trees.  "Holy crap... That's a big upgrade.

    Ronnie pursed her lips as she made her choice.  "Going to go for the  Assault tree.  Stand back and bask in my awesomeness."

    Pon shook his head, "even the rez is better.  Back to life with Flaming Rock wall and Scorched Earth Shield?  That's the best BR I've ever heard of.

    "What's BR?" Nix ignored the grimace on the old mages face.

    Pon scowled at him.  "It's battle rez noob."

    Jun Li handed Fajii the duplicate Earth Pearl so she could switch it out.  "You still doing it Chael?"

    Chael nodded.  Nansu looked visibly upset, she kept looking at the physical changes the Scorched Earth mage path made in Fajii and Ronnie.  She like her blonde haired boyfriend as he was.  "It's fine Nan, I'll still be me."

    Nansu sighed heavily, she was going to be sitting the fight out since she was a non-combatant by choice.  "Sorry, Chael.  I'm just being silly, I want you to be stronger.  Go ahead."

    Chael nodded and knelt on the Scorched Earth altar.

    Nix followed Wind and Pon out of the archway.  "The Earth Pearl can still make regular Earth mages, it needs to be placed in the altar setting to create a Scorched Earth mage."

    Wind was still surprised that the two range dps in the guild both elected to change their paths.  "How did Ronnie go before the 24-hour time limit on the original Earth Pearl?"

    Nix shrugged, "It reset when the Temple was upgraded to Scorched Earth. We are using the duplicate to convert Chael."

    Pon glanced at his two friends.  "Make sure both of you get the Charred Rock Blade buff for this battle. It basically doubles your damage output."

    "Right," Nix replied.

    "Yep." Wind agreed.

    Colonial System Message: All players participating in the Major Faction Event will now have their levels adjusted up or down to reach the mandatory level 50 requirement for this mission.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Looks like we caught a huge break.

    /Inferno: Semmi: That's great news for us.

    /Inferno: Nix: I like it.
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