79 Prepping Glory Bay

    Mina stood on the deck of the Phoenix, she had her hand looped through the arm of her closest human friend.  It was a sign of changing times when humans and Aquarions lived in peace.  Her pale face was emotionless but inside she was unhappy.  Nix stopped by to wish them well, but today he wouldn't be fighting alongside the Souza Accord.

    "I'm sorry for being difficult about this Nix.  I feel disappointed that you won't be part of the sea battle. "

    "We can't take the risk that I could be finished off during the first stage of this event."  Nix didn't want to miss the Phoenix's coming out party either.  The Phoenix had already made a reputation for herself at Espana, today they would continue that by becoming the terror of Glory Bay.

    The Aquarion smiled unexpectedly.  "Did you know that a few of the Aquarion males are showing an interest in Fajii?"

    Nix frowned at the statement, "they are just figuring out how great she is now?"

    Mina nodded, "that doesn't make you happy?"

    "It's nothing to do with me." Nix closed his eyes, the noise of the docks was oddly comforting in the calm before the storm.  "If Fajii is happy, that's what matters."

    Mina smiled gently, "I think so too."

    "Today, if anyone receives a critical injury they will be transported to a holding area."

    "If I survive the sea battle, then I will find you on the battlefield." Mina placed a hand on his head. "You must be safe until we get there."

    "I see..." Nix didn't fully understand Aquarion intimacy, but he had seen Aquarions touch each others head like this often.  It was a sign of trust. "Once you are there I can cut loose?"

    Mina nodded, "yes of course.  The Souza Accord will be sure to protect you."

    Nix felt like laughing, the normally even-keeled Aquarion was being a touch dramatic.  "Today is great training.  Did you use the Reverence stone?"

    "Yes, I am stronger than a Matriarch now."

    "I won't worry about you so much then." Nix knew he didn't have to worry about her.  With the enhanced Vila, not many humans would be a threat, unless they were able to gang up on her.

    Mina watched as he walked down the gangplank, her expression complicated.  The Aquarion's thought of Nix as one of their own.  Without a doubt, he was the key to destroying the artifact in Mermaid City.

    "Don't worry Nix!  We'll take good care of the Phoenix."

    Nix turned at the voice that called from the ship.  Captain Delphi was waving at him from the helm.  "I expect no less than a dozen kills today, Captain."

    Delphi grinned, "as you say, sir.  It's a fine day to hunt."

    [Whisper: Nix to Hyai] You guys get to safety yet?

    [Whisper: Hyai to Nix] Safe and sound on your houseboat hun.  Good luck.

    [Whisper: Nix to Hyai] There's a nice galley on board, feel free to make use of it.

    [Whisper: Hyai to Nix]  No worries, I'll feed you when you get back.

    /Guildchat: Nix: All non-combatants make your way to the Sea-World now.

    [Sulane has invited you to the Allied Command channel.]

    /Allied Command: Nix: Thanks for the invite.

    /Allied Command: Sulane: Going to assign you protection today Nix.  Keeping you alive gives us the win.

    /Allied Command: Nix: I have a Fire Nemesis and a Scorched Earth Mage protecting me already.

    /Allied Command: Wylie: And an entire Company of Colonial Knights.

    /Allied Command: Sulane: Fine, it looks like you are well-protected.  Do you plan on fighting?

    /Allied Command: Nix: Yep.

    Nix walked casually to the temple.  He still had plenty of time before he would see action.  Most of the guild was not taking part in the sea battle, that would be the ships and the crew for the most part.  Allies were gathering on key parts of the island.  The Sea Farer fleet was spread out around Glory Bay.

    [Whisper: Nix to Jun Li] What's the plan?

    [Whisiper: Jun Li to Nix] Still debating.  Looks like the Terrans have placed their fodder in the front and their stronger ships to the rear.

    [Whisper: Nix to Jun Li] They probably have more fodder than the Sea Farers do.

    [Whisper: Jun Li to Nix] I'm tempted to match them up with our stronger ships, try and eliminate the garbage and create a two to one mismatch when we face their Dreadnoughts.

    [Whisper: Nix to Jun Li] Will our weaker ships really be able to contribute much?  And what if our stronger ships are damaged taking down their weaker ones.

    [Whisper: Jun Li to Nix] All good points, Semmi mentioned them also.  What do you think?

    [Whisper: Nix to Jun Li] I think we are overmatched in the Sea Battle.  The most effective tactic might be one they aren't expecting.

    Nix arrived at the temple a few minutes later.  Shae was wearing her red dress and leaning against the altar. Fajii was nowhere to be seen.  "You don't seem dressed for a fight Shae."

    Shae shrugged and grabbed his hand, "we are a few hours from the battle still and it only takes me a few moments to get ready."  Without asking she pulled him into the elemental world and sealed it off.

    "What's going on?"  Nix let himself be pulled along, although in truth there wasn't much he could have done to prevent it anyways.

    "We need to cultivate the brown flame for a while, it will heighten both of our powers." Shae eased out of her dress and placed it carefully on the ground.

    "Um... we have time for this?"  Nix started taking off the armor he had already put on.

    Shae's long hair flowed down her bareback.  She eased down into shallow water.  "Of course."

    Nix noticed a large egg nestled neatly on a nest of brimstone.  "That the Lamia egg?"

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    Shae nodded and pulled him down beside her.  "We'll talk about that when this battle is done."


    Mina stood on the deck of the Phoenix.  This time she was by herself.  Her assault team was gathered together near the starboard bow while she took a few minutes to consider her plans. There were nearly four hundred Aquarions gathered beneath the surface of the bay.  She would stay with the Phoenix, but her people would swarm enemy ships under the Command of Milat.

    Colonial System Message: The battle of Glory Bay will start in one hour.  All ships must leave the neutral zone at this time.

    Time til Start. 59:59

    Sea Farer Fleet Report: 23 fleets, 169 ships [100 percent]

    Terran Fleet Report: 30 fleets,  214 ships [100 percent]

    /Allied Sea Command: Jun Li: All ship captains, I've already sent you each a missive on what I expect from you at the start of this mission.

    Mina joined her team and waited as the Phoenix slowly crept up through the ships.  Jun Li had decided to risk her best ships by sending them into a mismatch.  The Phoenix would break away and use her superior speed and handling to strafe the enemy.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Do you still have that silver sword Nix?

    /Inferno: Nix: Yep.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Mid-Tier Salamander says they will abstain from this event if you return it immediately.

    /Inferno: Pon: F*ck Mid-Tier Salamander.

    /Inferno: Sharl: F*ck those bastards.

    /Inferno: Nix: You heard them... I may even use it today.

    /Inferno: Milat: There's a group of sea turtles moving toward our fleet.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Is this your doing Nix?  The battle hasn't even started yet?

    /Inferno: Nix: No... Use caution.

    Mina ran to the rail and watched as the sea turtles moved quickly through the water, they seemed to be heading toward shore.

    /Inferno: Mina: They are under us!

    /Allied Sea Command: Jun Li: Do not do anything that will get us disqualified!  If they are pulling a fast one, let them bear the penalty.

    Mina crossed the ship, she couldn't see the sea turtles any longer, but given their speed, she could guess where they were.  "What are they..."

    A thundering explosion instantly disintegrated dozens of ships as water and bits of wood were thrown high into the air.  The concussive blast sent Mina sliding across the deck of the Phoenix.

    /Allied Sea Command: Jun Li: That was an attack?  Stay in formation!

    Mina picked herself up and walked back toward the far rail.  The entire middle portion of their fleet was on fire.  She wrinkled her nose at the fire and smoke billowing into the air.  She turned toward her people, "prepare to investigate, do no enter the neutral zone no matter what."

    Many of the ships were destroyed immediately, a few on the outskirts received minor damage. Jun Li was frantically trying to reach the event coordinators.  The fires were eventually put out, and the huge gap in the middle was filled again.


    [Whisper: Jun Li to Nix] We've stepped in it this time Nix.  The attack was by an independent party, so no penalty can be levied.

    [Whisper: Nix to Jun Li]  That's complete **.

    [Whisper: Jun Li to Nix] That's not the worst part.  Since the event hasn't started, the loss of ships and personnel cannot be recouped.

    [Whisper: Nix to Jun Li] We lose anyone?

    [Whisper: Jun Li to Nix] No, I decided to move our forces to the front of the formation.

    [Whisper: Nix to Jun Li] No worries Junie.  Do your best and we'll bleed them when they come onshore.

    Time til Start. 10:03

    Sea Farer Fleet Report: 21 fleets, 144 ships [85.2 percent]

    Terran Fleet Report: 30 fleets,  214 ships [100 percent]
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