82 A few moments of Calm

    Nix looked at the crafting queue he had set up for the Lamia Acolytes.  Their robes just didn't have the necessary protection. The top acolyte was a Lamia named Sori, she was barely understandable, all of her words seemed to be drowned out by hissing.  He examined the Leviathan leather before deciding to use it.

    Leviathan Leather: Legendary

    Description: Anything made with this

    material gains + 5 endurance and +5 speed

    for every five minutes of continuous battle.

    All incoming damage is reduced by 20 percent.

    [Sori Dah] [Enhancement: Leviathan Leather]  [Thread: Ceramic twine] [Needle: Brimstone Hook] [Primary Material: Leviathan] [Secondary Material: Kraken Leather]

    Nix decided that since the acolytes had a high fire tolerance, it was better to add Kraken strength to their armor.  Last time he combined two legendary materials, he made primal armor.  Every attempt to create the recipe would cost 12 million credits.

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    [There are two legendary items in this crafting attempt, do you wish to continue?]


    He received the success message after one try.

    [Primal Gear has been created. Please name the creation.]

    "Scorched Earth Defender." Nix decided that mass-produced armor didn't need an awe-inspiring name."

    Scorched Earth Defender [Sori Dah]

    Armor: Primal

    Description: This armor is made for

    long drawn out battles, with the passing

    minutes the wearer gets stronger and faster.

    +50 Strength [Base Start: +5 every 5 minutes]

    +50 AC [Armor Class]

    +10 Speed [Base Start: +5 every 5 minutes]

    He handed the armor to the Lamia acolyte.

    Sori shed her robe in front of him and quickly put on the new armor. From the waist up she appeared nearly normal, her skin shimmered with a snake-like quality and her nipples appeared nearly black.  At her waist she became completely serpent, she was about five feet tall with a few feet of tail sticking out from behind her.  "SSSThankssss," her raspy voice caused Nix to shudder slightly, he was definitely not a snake fan.

    Nix turned to face Fajii, somehow the verticle irises on her seemed warmer.  "Line them up, we are in business."

    Shae had been talking to Severence, she approached quickly and interrupted him.  "Mind if I inspect Nix?  I sense the Beast Slayer title has increased your abilities again."

    Nix smiled at her, "be my guest."


    Level 50   [Locked: Actual Level 95]

    Strength 90

    Endurance 93

    Intelligence 55

    Dexterity 55

    Perception 55

    Mana 18900/18900

    Cold Resistance 120 [Ice Blessing]

    Fire Resistance 120 [Burning Aura]

    Emerald Flame Strands  90 [Flame Snare] [Fire Root]

    Fire Seed [Emerald]

    Weapon Skills:

    Primary: Path of the Fire Lord [Salamander]

    Secondary: Spellsword

    Support Skills:


    Primary Path Skills


    Meteor Storm


    Comet Strike

    Secondary Path Skills

    Flame Blade

    Flight of the Gryphon

    [Spirit Animal 3/4]

    1: Soup [Royal Sea Turtle]

    2: Ducky [Siren]

    3: Fey [Fire Drake]


    Hunter 100

    Leather Making 100

    Tailor  100

    Beast Slayer [Legendary Creature 3/6]

    Description: You have slain three legendary

    beasts in single combat.  +20 to all Stats.

    [Kraken's Strength] Your enemy's

    first attack will be reflected back upon them.

    [Lamia's Curse]

    Your attacks add one stackable poison counter.

    [Leviathan Speed]

    During drawn-out battles, your attack speed increases

    by +5 every five minutes.

    "Hmm... very nice Nix."  Shae leaned forward and kissed his forehead.  "I'm looking forward to this."

    Nix grinned, "I'll protect you properly."

    Shae laughed at his words before moving back to Severance.

    Nix turned back toward the long line of acolytes.  "Okay, let's get this moving."  He set up the queue for mass production, all he needed to do was continually change the names to custom it to each acolyte.


    Wind ran down the length of the wall that surrounded Glory City.  The lean scout stopped at the southern wall.  He ran his long fingers through his dark hair and frowned at the fire mage as he landed his manta next to him.  "Aren't you the poor cousin?"

    Pon's wrinkled face scowled at him.  "The hell does that mean?"

    "Just saying... A big bad fire mage rides a water creature?"  Wind had grown close with both Pon and Nix in recent weeks.  "The other fire mage in Inferno rides a ... well... let's just call it a badass Fire Drake, with stealth, fire breath, and great grammar."

    Pon sighed heavily, the scout had hit a sore spot.  Nix's mount was about as cool as a fire mage could hope for.  "I'm so jealous of that young punk."

    Sharl and Chael joined them a moment later.  Sharl had her fire spear in one hand and a large kite shield in the other.  "You guys get some of Fajii's buffs?"

    Pon nodded, "we went there first."

    "This a private party?"  Semmi smiled at her friends.  They had all been assigned the south wall.  It was likely that this would bear the brunt of the attack; Gypsy, Tess, Banzi and Jun Li accompanied her.

    Sharl grinned when she saw the clerics.  "You brought healers and more tanks!"

    "We were just pointing out how much Pon admires and respects Nix."  Wind said it with a straight face, ignoring the Fire Mage's sudden intake of air.

    Banzi nodded, "he has a beautiful Salamander that protects him too."

    "You think Shae is beautiful?"  A voice spoke from behind him, a green armored knight with silver-colored hair approached the group.

    Banzi was tempted to reply but decided not too.  He had been spending a lot of time with the Knight Captain.  "You're on the wall with us Wylie?"

    Wylie smiled, the effect of which froze all the males in the group.  The Colonial Knight barely ever smiled.  "I was only teasing Banz."  She patted his arm casually but the rest of them understood the message.  They were an item.

    Wind shook his head in disbelief.  Banzi was is best friend but not someone who was good with females.  Somehow the giant tank had stumbled through and found a girlfriend.  He stole a glance at Jun Li and Semmi.  Both of them were attractive in their own way, Sharl seemed unattainable somehow. Maybe he should take a page out of Nix's book and start hanging out with Aquarions.  "Where are the Aquarions setting up?"

    Jun Li was studying the landscape in front of the South wall.  They'd come with ladders and try to scale.  No other way to do it quickly. "Mina and her assault team went to the Temple to help Nix, the rest of the Aquarions are guarding the harbor side in case we see an attack from that direction."

    Wind shook his head, "right... because Nix needs more protection."

    Semmi grinned, she had lobbied to join the Temple defense, "200 hundred Lamia acolytes, Severence, Shae, Fajii, the Aquarions, and Ronnie are all there now."

    Pon scowled, that little bastard always had a backup. "Don't forget the Fire Palace acolytes as well."

    Jun Li pulled out her sword and swished it through the air. She smiled at the hiss the blade made when it cut through the air.  The Inferno group was placed in-between two cannons that would alternate firing. Their job was to plug the 100-meter gap between them.  "As long as Nix stays alive, we will win the event."

    Semmi stared at her friend, "Junie... Isn't that the blade Nix stole from the Caliph's son?"

    Jun Li nodded, "yep, he handed it to me when I went to see him."  As soon as she touched the blade, she wanted it for her own, Nix could be very accommodating with his friends.  "We decided we'd keep it and Salamander could f*ck themselves sideways."

    [14:52 Faction Event Update]

    The Terran Fleet has won the sea portion of this event.  All hands prepare for invasion.

    Semmi placed a hand on her friend's shoulder.  "The cheapshot at the beginning and the leviathan tipped the scales, Junie, even so, we hung on for almost two hours."

    Sharl moved toward the wall.  "I'll take the center if no one cares."  The tall dark woman smiled at her friends, without a doubt she was the top tank at Inferno.

    Jun Li nodded in agreement, "I'll go left of you."
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