83 Unbreakable walls

    Sulane rode her Manta over the south wall of Glory city.  She was stunned at how big the city had grown and how strong its defense was.  One guild would have no chance of staging any sort of coup.  She brought up her wall defense menu.

    [Allied Command: South Wall Defense]



    Jun Li







    [Lock in this Defense?]

    "Yes." Sulane liked the class breakdown, three healers, three tanks and three dps.  After locking down the South wall defense, the wall couldn't be breached until all of them were dead or had retreated from the wall.

    She turned her manta back toward the north wall.  She had elected to put the elite from Resolute there, the rest of her guild was entrenched in makeshift bunkers outside of the walls.  Their job was to slow down progress and create havoc with the invading force. More then anything, she wanted to see what her new allies were made of. She had tried to inspect the Temple defense but Shae ran her off.

    /Allied Commander: Sulane: The hoard is gathering, be ready!  The first few waves will be the hardest.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Let's use the Inferno chat for local comm so we stay off the allied channel.

    /Inferno: Sharl: Shields Up!

    [Allied Shield Wall x3]

    All damage is now routed through the shield wall.

    Pon inhaled deeply and then let it out, his mana pool was almost double what it normally was.  Given the existence of the Fire Palace and now the Scorched Earth Temple, on Glory Island, Fire Mages ruled.  "Time to burn **."

    All nine of them jumped when the cannon to the left of them fired, a second and a half later the right one caused the same reaction.  There were smiles all around at their own reaction.  They fired every three seconds, which meant every 1.5 seconds since they were alternating.  They watched the hoard slam into the entrenched guilds, their allies did a surprisingly good job of limiting the numbers that were able to pass by.

    Nearly a hundred from the Terran faction made it through the lines, the firing cannons shortened their range and continued to weed them down as they sprinted toward the wall carrying long ladders and ropes.

    A flying creature unstealthed right above the battlefield.

    [Carpet Bomb]

    The entire area was blanketed with small explosions.  Fey dipped her wings and then banked back toward the temple.

    Sharl squinted at the Drake.  "Was Nix flying?'

    Pon shook his head.  "It was just Fey.  Bastard's using his companion to sop up some extra kills.  Shameless."

    Wind laughed at the old man's posturing, "now's your chance."

    Pon stood behind Banzi and raised his hands, they instantly burst into flames.

    [Volcanic Tribute]

    A wide swath of land the size of a soccer field burst into flames, screams of agony and the smell of burnt flesh filled the air.  The old man laughed maniacally and shouted at the charging crowd. "Welcome to Glory Island Shitheads!"

    Four ladders started to go up at once, a moment later they burst into flames.  A gold armored knight managed to scamper up the ladder and make it to the wall.


    A white flash of flame took the knight through his visored helm, he fell lifelessly to the ground below.

    Wind frowned at the fire mage.  "Hey... don't be so selfish, we want to get a few hits in."

    Semmi nodded in agreement before stealthing, Wind smiled at the spot where she had been standing and followed suit.

    "Damn stealth classes," Pon muttered under his breath.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: First wave and we only experienced light contact.

    /Inferno: Sharl: Really light.

    Over the next half hour, three more waves of fighters charged the South Wall, only to be wiped out by Allied defense. Finally, on the fifth wave, a dozen Terrans made it on the wall.

    "COME ON!"  Sharl met the charge of a group of four heavily armored Assailants, Banzi moved with her while Jun Li hung back with the clerics.

    [Fire Field]

    Pon has cast Fire Field, all nearby enemies receive a fire counter that deals light damage every thirty seconds.

    The entire area around them burst into flames, the low-level AE didn't bother the armored fighters but it exposed a stealthed fighter moving toward the healers.

    [Natures Sanctuary]

    Wylie has cast Natures Sanctuary and all nearby allies are healed for half of their existing health.

    [Divine Armor]

    Tess has cast Divine Armor on Sharl. Divine armor continually heals ten percent of target health every 30 seconds for three minutes.

    "Bree!" Jun Li moved to intercept the swordsman, her silver blade flashing out to parry his.

    "You bitch!  That's my blade."  Bree ignored the target and attacked with multiple slashes, driving Jun Li back a step.

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    /Inferno: Pon: Should we help her?


    Semmi has landed a critical strike on  Bree.


    Wind has landed a critical strike on Bree.

    Jun Li leaped in and removed Bree's head with a casual swipe of the silver sword.  "This is my sword now bitch!"

    /Inferno: Wind: Bree is a guy right?

    /Inferno: Semmi: Aye, a very pretty one.

    /Inferno: Nix: Bree is there?  Do you need help?

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Why would we need help?

    Sharl slammed her shield upwards into the chin of one of the attacks, her spear flashed instantly and opened up his throat, spraying her nearby teammates with blood.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Oh god... that's not coming out.

    /Inferno: Tess: Kinda gross hun.

    The tank laughed and used her shield again to stun an opponent before running him through with her spear.  She kicked him off the wall a moment later.

    "That's my son's sword you have there Inferno bitch!"  A handsome middle-aged man in leather armor walked carefree down the wall toward them.

    /Inferno: Semmi:  Bugger... It's Calyph.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: We are going to need that help Nix.  He'll wipe us all.

    The slender man stood ramrod straight, every movement seemed impossibly graceful.  "I gave that sword to my son, whom you should never have touched."

    /Inferno: Jun Li: I'll hold him off as long as I can.  Finish the rest of this group!

    Jun Li circled Calyph warily, suddenly jumping in with her sword.  He casually went to block it with his blade but was forced to leap back and defend her shield strike.

    "Very nice feint.  You have potential."  Caliph smiled at Jun Li, "hand me the sword and come with me.  I will be your master!"

    "Sure..."  Jun Li leaped forward again, attacking quickly both high and low before landing a kick that spun the man slightly.

    "Who taught you the sword young lady?"  Calyph stopped retreating and moved forward, his blade flashing faster than the eye could follow.  A moment later Jun Li screamed and the silver sword fell onto the wall along with her hand.

    [Go no further]

    Gypsy has cast root and bound Calyph in place.

    Banzi grabbed Jun Li and pulled her back toward the group, she grabbed the silver sword before he did so.

    Jun Li pried her own fingers loose from the sword and switched it to her left hand.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: We're in trouble here Nix, this guy can take us all.

    /Inferno: Nix: Don't worry, help is coming.

    [Disclaimer: In Colonial, the non-fatal loss of limbs cannot be healed by normal means.  You can be fully healed, but the missing limb won't be returned unless you are rezzed or restored by game events.]

    The root wore off and Calyph advanced on the group. All three clerics tried in vain to reroot him.

    "Should you really be picking on the younger generation?"  A slurred voice spoke from behind Calyph.  An old man in bare feet and greasy gray hair stared at the immaculate swordsman.

    "Whoever you are, you'd be best served by not interfering with me."  Calyph's smooth voice held all the arrogance of a Swordmaster.

    "I was looking for the master who sometimes helps me resolve issues like this one.  Have you seen Baiter?"  The speaker held a half-empty bottle of wine in one hand and a sword in the other.

    "I haven't seen any Master Baiter, please die without speaking further."  Calyph moved forward and flashed his blade quickly, he immediately jumped backward in retreat, a deep gash opened on his cheek.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Oh god... Did that old man just make a masturbation joke?

    /Inferno: Nix:  I'm sure she did.

    /Inferno: Pon: The f*ck you say?  She?

    Chiba finished off the bottle and tossed it to one side.  "Come then, pretend master."  She flashed toward the shocked swordsman and attacked.

    Calyph stopped the first two slashes but was run through the chest when he tried to retreat. He collapsed to his knees in shock.  "Who are you?"

    Chiba shrugged and picked up the blade Calyph had dropped.  "You blocked two of my attacks, so in your honor, I will keep this blade."

    /Inferno: Jun Li:  I didn't even see the attack.

    Chiba turned back toward the group as Calyph's critically hit body vanished.  She stared at Wind for a moment.  "Are you Pon?  Nix said you would take good care of me."  The old woman licked her lips suggestively.

    Wind shook his head and pointed to the Fire Mage.  "He's Pon."

    Chiba wrinkled her nose, "the old ugly guy?"

    Both of Pon's hands glowed with fire.  "You're an old ugly guy!"

    Chiba sighed unhappily.  "Fine, after we finish this mission I'll shag you properly.  It's obvious you've never had a woman as hot as me."

    Wind turned away to hide his laughter, he wasn't along.  "Please take good care of Pon."

    Jun Li put the silver sword away and hoisted her shield in her hand.  "Looks like I'm all defense now, let's get ready for the next wave!"
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