85 Victory

    Nix drank a mana potion to steady himself, the Ashobel were carrying their Chieftain toward the walls, they'd only moved a few steps before his wounds caused him to disappear.  "Shit..."

    [Temple Champion Challenge Complete]

    [You have received the First Blood Medal]

    Mina moved beside him, but the leaderless Ashobel decided to flee rather than fight.  She called the rest of her Vila to her, only twelve of them still survived.  She assigned six to defend Ronnie and Fajii, the rest followed her.  She pointed to the Water Lords.  "Summoning circle Nix!"

    A dozen emerald strands shot out and wrapped themselves around two of the Water Lords. He yanked backward with all his strength, the surprised Water Lords flew towards them.

    [Flight of the Gyphon]

    Nix dropped the strands from one of the lords, they met in the air as his emerald blade sliced neatly through his waist.  Blood splattered the ground, his upper and lower body going in different directions.

    [Water Clense]

    Berik has broken free of your control

    [Water Spear]

    Berik has flung the might of the seas at you.

    Nix felt the other six strands he held collapse, he leaped to one side just as several water spears impaled the marble tile he had been standing on.

    Fey unstealthed in mid-dive and slammed into the Water Lord, her sharp teeth clamped down on one shoulder, the weight of the Fire Drake pinning him down.

    [Summons; Ducky]

    The Siren appeared next to him a moment later.

    Berik has been Charmed.

    Nix leaped at the charmed Water Lord and removed his head with a quick slash.  Relying on Ducky to keep a high-level Water Creature charmed was too risky, better to take the opportunity to attack.  "Help Fajii and Ronnie!"

    Severance was locked in a vicious air battle with a Water Lord, her fire colored blood dripped onto the floor.

    [Meteor Storm]

    Nix has cast Meteor Storm, all enemies within 30 meters will take damage for the next three minutes.

    [Comet Strike]

    You have struck a critical blow on Verazi

    The Water Lord fighting Severance grimaced and retreated away from the fight.  Her watery eyes found Nix.  "You dare attack me little Salamander?"

    [Flight of the Gryphon]

    Nix leaped toward Verazi, the distance was too far.  He quickly sent a half dozen emerald strands around her neck and arms, dragging her to the ground while she screamed in agony.

    "Watch out!"

    Nix heard Mina's warning and turned as a water spear blurred toward his chest.  Two strong arms pushed him to one side, the spear taking her through the neck.  She collapsed onto the ground, her pale lips opened and closed a few times before pinkish blood oozed out of them. "Mina!"

    She vanished just before Nix reached her.  He stood there for a moment, staring at the bloody tiles where she had been.  His vision started to blur, his flame aura darkening.

    Shae tore the culprit in half with her bare hands an instant later, both Water Lords she had faced were at the summit of their class.  She scanned the area, Severance finished off the last one.  A power spike drew her attention to Nix, her eyes widening in horror.  "Nix!"

    She closed the distance instantly but didn't touch him.  His emerald aura had flecks of deep brown.  "Nix!  Push the brown flames away!  She's fine, our friends will be rezzed after the fight!"

    For a moment the brown flames threatened to spread, but slowly they faded until Nix's aura returned to normal and flamed out.  He collapsed to his knees afterward, gasping desperately for air.

    Severance watched him from a few meters away.  This was the younger version of herself, deep blue hair and an ageless face.  "You are too weak to wield the brown flame Nix, even your mate can't do that yet.  You'd only burn yourself into an empty husk."

    The sounds of fighting drew their attention to the walls.  The Lamia and Fire Palace acolytes were fighting off the last desperate charges of the Terrans.

    Colonial System Faction Event Message: Sea Farer Headquarters has succeeded in evacuating Shidai Oruk to an undisclosed location.  All Sea Farer participants receive a faction promotion of one level.  All Terran participants receive a faction demotion of one level.  Guild and individual awards will be compiled and given out at 1800 hours. All resources and assets will be restored at 1800 hours.  Individuals who were critically injured during the event will now be revived at their binding point.

    Sulane breathed a sigh of relief when she read the announcement.  She glanced at Glory City and the South wall.  A few minor injuries and a mountain of bodies, Inferno was a tough nut to crack.

    /Allied Command: Sulane: Great job everyone.  This event will change the power structure in the factions for years to come!


    Nix excused himself quickly and ported directly to the Sea-World. It was irrational, but fear gripped him.  What if Min wasn't revived?  He ran towards the front door of the cottage, his steps slowing when the door opened and an Aquarion dressed in black stepped out.

    "Nix!"  She hugged him tight for a long moment.  "I was so worried about you."

    Nix grinned at his Aquarion friend.  "Really?  You were stabbed in the neck."

    Mina shrugged, she had moved when he was in danger. It was an instinct because he was important to her.  She stroked his dark hair with one hand, a smile on her face.  "I care about you Nix."

    Nix nodded, his expression turning serious.  "Same here."

    Mina gave him a small smile and stepped away.  "Am I prettier now?"

    Nix laughed, she seemed less alien than she had ever been.  "I was only teasing you when I said your looks were average."

    Mina frowned at him.  "You weren't serious?  That really bothered me!"

    Nix shrugged and patted her shoulder as he turned back toward the portal platform.  "You are very beautiful Filamina."

    "Thank you, Nix."  She called after him as he walked away.  "I wasn't kidding though.  You are quite ugly!"

    He laughed in response and took the portal back to the Temple.  The courtyard was empty, but the signs of battle remained behind.  Nix walked into the open doors of the Fire Palace.  He opened his inventory and took out the medallion received.

    First Blood: Fire Palace Temple Champion [Nix]

    1 Victory, 0 Defeats

    All stats increase by 1.

    Description: A champion's medal that keeps

    track of wins and losses.  Each win earns a stat increase.

    Each loss results in a stats decrease.

    Upon death, the Champion returns to the temple altar.

    At that time he has the option to return immediately to the place of his death.

    Wind, Pon, Semmi and Jun Li were standing around Shae's throne, they were all wearing smiles.  Nix glanced around the room.  "Severance leave already?"

    Shae nodded from her seat.  "Well done today Palace Champion."

    Nix stopped next to his friends and bowed slightly.  "Thank you for your support."  He realized that she was hampered by the need to protect her allies.  She could have vaporized half of Glory and killed the Water Lords without much effort, however, that would have killed all the acolytes and her allies.  It was like fighting with one arm.

    Shae stood and approached him.  "Don't we always stand together Nix?"  She kissed his forehead, one hand picking up the First Blood medallion.  "To really get the most out of this, we should start challenging the champions from other temples."

    Nix shook his head, "maybe down the road sometime."  He took out the drops from the Leviathan.

    Thief Ring: Unique

    Grants the ability to open

    any nonmagical lock. 50/50

    "Time for presents." He handed the ring to Semmi.  "I'm betting Darsi can recharge that if you need it."

    Leviathan Armor: Primal

    All stats are increased by 10.

    The wearer receives a bonus of +5 agility

    and +5 speed for every three minutes

    while in combat.

    He held the armor in his hands for a moment before handing it to Wind.  "This should come in handy."

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    Wind stared at the armor and then promptly equipped it.  "Thanks, Nix!"

    Nix shrugged, "gotta keep you alive so you can keep me alive!"

    Assassin's Cloak

    Description: All range damage is increased

    by 20 percent.  All critical hit damage

    is doubled.

    Additional Description: Wearer may stealth for three

    seconds while in combat.

    He tossed the cloak to Pon, whose old face scrunched up with joy.  "Mine?"

    "Yep." He patted the old mage on the back.  "Figured you needed all the help you could get."

    /Inferno: Nix: Let's meet at the wharf at 1800.

    [Whisper: Nix to Hyai] Everything going good?

    [Whisper: Hyai to Nix] My staff and I are using your galley to cook up a celebration dinner.

    [Whisper: Nix to Hyai] Hey... I've got a ton of Leviathan meet.

    [Whisper: Hyai to Nix] Hmm... Better bring it over and we'll see what it's like.

    [Whisper: Nix to Hyai] I'll be there in a few minutes.

    Semmi's smiling face appeared in front of him.  "Thanks for the ring Nix.  It's a bit soon, but then I'm not getting any younger."

    Nix grimaced, "well the last part is true."

    /Inferno: Jun Li: See everyone at the wharf.  Great job Inferno!

    /Inferno: Ronnie:  Yay me!

    Shae pulled Nix toward the altar.  "A moment of your time Nix."

    Nix nodded and followed her.  A moment later they both disappeared.
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