98 Death Temple

    Nix frowned and stepped away from the group he was in. He could dimly see a cavern ceiling high overhead.  It reminded him of the Sea-World, although it looked a lot larger.  There were cliffs visible in the far distance, torchlight lined what seemed to be long dark stairs to the top.

    [Aura Ignition]

    Emerald flames pushed out in all directions, with dozens of tendrils waving in the air. The undead were skellies, however, they seemed a bit stronger than the ones on the surface.  The undead holding the torches moved away without attacking. A slight man in a dark robe watched them, there was no malice in his eyes, only interest.  He had shoulder-length light brown hair that was drawn back in a ponytail.  His features were as pale as ivory.

    /Inferno: Nix: Be ready, but for now don't attack.

    "Never leave?" Nix walked toward the pale man, both Tess and Morti followed along closely.

    "Yes.  You have wandered into a trap, you cannot gate out.  Even if you die you will respawn on the platform." He showed them no aggression, his deep voice bore no hint of cruelty.

    /Inferno: Nix: Test out Deep Blue Min.

    [Whisper: Nix to Shae] Could you attempt to summon me?  We may have wandered into some sort of trap that stops us from leaving.

    /Inferno: Mina: It cannot be used at this time.

    /Inferno: Nix: Shit.

    [Whisper: Shae to Nix] I'm not allowed to summon you.  Bring me in Nix, I will help you.

    [Whisper: Nix to Shae] Too risky, let's leave you out there for now.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Permanent traps like this don't exist in Colonial, let's figure it out.

    Nix stopped a few meters away from the man.  "I'm Nix, the guild leader of Inferno."

    The man smiled.  "I've never heard of Inferno, but then I've been here several years already.  "I am Tu-Khat.  The rightful King of Wisteria."

    /Inferno: Semmi: King Tu-Khat is the current reigning monarch of Wisteria, as far as I know, he is still there.

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    Nix waited until Morti sat down before answering.  "That's curious, King Tu-Khat is alive and well in Wisteria.  Or at least he was when we left."

    The self-proclaimed King shook his head.  "A Necromancer, with a doppelganger stone."

    Nix felt his medallion pulse with energy, he pulled it out to examine it.

    [You are within Range of a Temple with proclaimed Champion]

    /Inferno: Nix: That's curious, my Champions Medallion just notified me of a potential challenge.  It didn't do that at the Air temple.

    /Inferno: Semmi: That wasn't a real Temple, just a building they threw together.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: That could be the key to leaving this instance.

    /Inferno: Tess: Let Nix challenge, and while he's fighting we steal the temple.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Are all clerics so sneaky?

    /Inferno: Tess: Don't say bad things about me Junie.

    /Inferno: Nix: The Temple is likely to have some help.

    /Inferno: Tess: We'll take Morti with us, and deal with them. He's super strong

    /Inferno: Nix: And part of my strength.  Which is why I need him to deal with the Champion.

    /Inferno: Tess: Don't be so clingy Nix.

    /Inferno: Ronnie: Don't worry Nix, we'll take good care of him.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Let's talk with Tu-Khat first, we need more information.

    Nix approached the self-proclaimed King.  "Any idea how long you have been here?'

    Tu-Khat shrugged, "it's hard to say.  I was about to unite the three central continents under my banner."

    Semmi was listening in from behind Nix, "Wisteria, Hispana, and Phenlinomia?  One united Kingdom?"

    Nix shook his head, if that was true, then a major powerplay was blocked in Colonial.  Wisteria, Hispana, and Phelinomia were the three central continents. Not traditional continents like the others but large archipelagos that spanned a thousand miles and more than a hundred islands.  All three countries have very strong fleets, the unique geography of them made a standing army obsolete.

    "Who was involved, specifically."

    "I was to marry Princess Festa," Tu-Khat sighed heavily.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Now I remember, this was nearly ten years ago, the Wisteria King and Queen died when their ship was caught up in a storm.  After they disappeared there was a quest to uncover the truth.  No one was able to solve it.

    /Inferno: Nix: This is that guy?  Where's his wife?

    /Inferno: Semmi: This would be their son.  He was going to marry Festa and unite the two countries.  I never heard mention of Hispana being involved in the alliance.

    Nix remembered Festa, she had been very pleased with them.  "How does this involve Hispana?"

    Tu-Khat frowned, "essentially they were being forced out of leadership.  The old King there has no heir so he was given an ultimatum.  Join the Central Continent Kingdom or face our navy."

    /Inferno: Nix: I find myself less than sympathetic.  They were strongarming a rightful King.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Let's find out a bit more.

    Nix kept his face expressionless.  "Please continue."

    "I don't know much outside of that. A powerful Necromancer visited my court, he brought with him many wondrous gifts.  One of them was the Doppelganger Stone."

    /Inferno: Semmi: Probably the rarest stone in existence.  It can be used to assume the identity of someone else.  That person is then transported... f*ck.  We're boned.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: You think we're inside Sem?

    /Inferno: Semmi: Has to be, the doppelganger assumes the identity of the person, that person is transported inside the stone.

    /Inferno: Nix: A splintered world inside the stone? Then why would we be here?

    /Inferno: Semmi: Think of it as a mobile world seed.  He can banish people here by using the doppelganger ability.  We arrived because we took the portkey from one of his minions.

    /Inferno: Nix: So that Lich King was the Overseer of this place?

    /Inferno: Mina: What's our plan?

    /Inferno: Nix: The Lich King was outside when we fought him, so this portkey must be able to get us out also. There has to be another portal.

    /Inferno: Semmi: It's probably in the Temple, near the champion. Time to pick a fight.

    /Inferno: Mina: I'll come with you Nix.

    [Whisper: Nix to Shae] Looks like we've uncovered a plot involving Wisteria.  We are probably going to need your help.

    [Whisper: Shae to Nix] I'll gather Inferno and head there now.

    [Whisper: Nix to Shae] Great idea, leave the Knights to protect Glory Island.

    /Inferno: Semmi: I'll sum up.  A Necromancer used the Doppelganger Stone to assume the identity of Tu-Khat while banishing him to this prison.  In all likelihood, the Necromancer was hired or allied with the Hispana Kingdom.  Inside the stone is a small seed-world.  This is where the Necromancer has his Death Temple, we wandered in when we took the portkey from the Lich King.  We have to assume that the Lich was part of the Necromancer's forces. Nix is going to challenge the Temple champion and we are going to deal with the Temple forces.  It's our hope that the portal out is near the champion.

    /Inferno: Nix: Sounds easy when you say it all at once.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Really?

    /Inferno: Nix: No.

    Nix patted the big bear's head.  "Protect these guys Morti.  I'll be fighting the champion on my own."

    "Got it, boss.  I'll make sure no one gets hurt."  Morti pushed his big head into Nix's chest.

    Mina shook her head, "not on your own, I'm coming with you."  Mina summoned her Vilas and assigned most of them to protect the healers.  "We'll take five with us Nix."

    Nix held out his hand.  "Sounds like a plan."  He squeezed her hand and held onto it with one hand while activating his Champion medallion with the other.  "Challenge."
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