110 Air Champion

    "So... tell me more."  Hyai used a hand to prop her head off his chest.

    Nix laughed at the interest in her eyes. "Pinkie thought it was a place to eat... Yep, not the best place to go for dinner."

    Hyai laughed, a warm sound that was pleasant to hear.  "This Pinkie seems pretty young."

    Nix nodded, "I had to cover her eyes a few times, to preserve her innocence."

    "What about your innocence?"  She ran a fingernail down his chest and bent closer until their lips touched.

    "Hmmm... Long gone."

    "Maybe you could bring me there?" Hyai frowned at the sun shining through the window, already time to get up.

    Nix shrugged and watched as she slid out of bed.  "I could ask Kai if guests are allowed."

    "And Kai is?"

    "Floor Steward on the 40th floor."

    She cupped her large breast and eased it into her bra, well aware that she had a captive audience. "Is Kai a man or a woman?"


    Hyai sat on the edge of the bed and continued dressing. "What kind of answer is that?"

    Nix stretched his arms over his head and turned on his side so he could continue to watch her.  "From the waist up, Kai seems like a very attractive woman."

    Hyai stopped what she was doing and turned her head toward him.  "And the rest of her?"

    Nix shook his head, "no idea and I'm not checking."

    Hyai laughed at his expression.  "Be adventurous Nix, grab the bull by the horns."

    "Pass...  I'll bring Chiba there, she'll definitely solve the riddle."

    She finished dressing, occasionally laughing while they chatted.  "You getting up or staying in bed?"

    "Staying in bed.  Have to meet Mina at the docks in a couple of hours."

    "Okay hun, cya later."


    When Nix came down the stairs a few hours later, Hyai was too busy to talk.  She did, however, hand him a box lunch and offer him a smile.

    /Inferno: Semmi: For those interested, the Inn on the 30th floor is quite amazing.  The rooms have every amenity you can think of.  There are also apartments available for rent or purchase.

    /Inferno: Pon: The casino is pretty nice, Wind and I checked it out last night.

    Nix found Mina waiting for him by his shop door.  He took a few minutes to deliver some products to Nova.

    The Aquarion was wearing her black leather outfit with the hood pulled over her head.  "You sure we don't need healing help?"

    Nix frowned at her, "the moment you make me say we don't need it, we will definitely need it."

    Mina offered him a smile, "better not say it then."

    A few minutes later, when Nix finished up, they joined hands and she activated her Deep Blue. Once on the platform in Mermaid city, they swam leisurely, neither of them in a hurry.

    Mina smiled at him, "it's nice talking, I feel like we aren't spending enough time together.  In Aquarion society, you spend a lot of time with your friends."

    "It's like that with humans also."

    Mina nodded as if his answer pleased her.  "I want to talk about something, but am not sure how to approach it."

    "I find it's best to speak your mind."

    "I want you to stop seeing Fajii."

    "No.  Anything else?"

    "Milat wishes to pursue her, he can't do that if Fajii remains close with you."

    "Why should I give a f*ck about what Milat wants?" Nix spoke calmly, no hint of anger in his voice.

    "They are both Aquarions, this is how it should be."

    "I see... You don't like the idea of Fajii having a human companion? You would prefer that she bonds with Milat or Zhava?"

    Mina nodded.

    Nix stopped, not really in a hurry to arrive at Pinnacle.  "I do understand what you are saying, Mina."

    Mina offered him a smile.  "Good Nix, you are easy to talk to."

    "What if I told you one of my human friends feels the same way?"

    Mina stopped beside him, "I would say you should listen to your friend."

    "I see... Suppose my friend takes it a step further and says that I shouldn't be friends with Aquarions?  It's unnatural and I should avoid them."

    Mina shook her head, "isn't that unreasonable?"

    "What if I take Deep Blue away from you, banish the Aquarions from the Sea-World?"

    "Nix... Why are you saying this?"

    "Didn't you say that we shouldn't intermix?  Do you think your race will accept you back if you admit that it was a mistake to be allied with humans?"

    "These aren't my words Nix. I don't believe anything like that."

    "No?"  Nix continued toward the Pinnacle air pocket.  "Tell Milat if he wants Fajii, then he should do his best to win her heart.  Your belief about racial barriers is nothing more than an unreasonable prejudice hidden deep inside."

    They entered the Pinnacle territory a few minutes later, neither speaking as they approached the white-robed guards.

    Nix bowed his head slightly. "I seek an audience with Nemesis Rhylia."

    One of the guards ran toward the temple, while the other returned Nix's bow.  "Please wait here Champion."

    The guard returned a moment later and escorted them into the Air Temple.  Rhylia was sitting on her throne, her dark eyes watching them as they walked toward her.  "Champion Nix, it's only been a short time since we last spoke but I welcome you anyway."

    Nix bowed low, "I find your conversation interesting and am here to speak more with you."

    Rhylia laughed at the words, "aren't you here to repeat the last conversation we had?"

    Nix shook his head, 'I'm here to take you to your temple.  This time I won't take no for an answer."

    Rhylia's smile faded, her dark eyes glittered. "What if I say no anyway?"

    "As I said, that's not an option anymore."  Nix stared at her, in truth it was a harder stance then he had planned but some of the aggression he felt toward Mina had affected him.

    She stood slowly, black feathers dragging the ground, her hands caressing the longsword at her waist. "You're not in a position to dictate conditions to me Nix."

    "Sogon thought the same thing."

    [Burning Aura]

    A green flame erupted around Nix, his yellow eyes staring at the Air Nemesis.

    /Inferno: Mina: Nix?  What are you doing?

    "You've met Sogon?"

    "Met him and would have killed him if he hadn't used life-saving measures."

    She stared at him, everything about him was different then it had been a few days earlier. Slowly she dropped her hand from her sword.  "What are you offering?"

    Nix flamed out his aura and held out his hand, "I'm offering my hand, my companion will stay here until we get back."

    Rhylia nodded and took his hand.  "Treat her well, I will return shortly."

    Nix activated Deep Blue and chose the slot he had saved in the Death Temple.  A moment later the two of them appeared on the platform near the huge doors of the abandoned temple.

    Nix led her further inside, the place looked the same but the smell of death was gone.  The high cathedral ceilings and vast amount of space would be a huge step up for the Pinnacle inhabitants. Together they walked through the temple and then outside to the large courtyards. The world was still dimly lit and lacking a sun.

    "Where is this place Nix?"

    "It's a seed world encased in a doppelganger stone.  We'll mount the stone on the altar of the Fire Palace.  You will be able to come and go through the portal whenever you like."

    "The receiving portal is in the Fire Palace?"

    Nix nodded.  "We've defeated Sogon once, the next time he shows his face I'm going to remove his head."  He took a step toward her, when she didn't back away he took another.

    She didn't move when he placed his hand on her shoulder, they stared at each other for a long moment. "You're the Fire Palace champion and the Scorched Earth  champion?"

    Nix nodded.

    "Would you be my Air champion also?"

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