112 Special Mission

    "For Pete's sake... Why are you dragging your feet?"  Nix pushed against Mortimer's side trying to get him to move faster.

    "It looks scary.  I don't wanna."  Morti sat in front of the entrance of the Embassy, refusing to budge.

    Three days had passed since the construction of the Palace of Fire and Air. Mortimer had finally woken up. When he was told about the Colonial Embassy, the curious bear demanded to be taken there.

    "Hey, Nix!"  A young woman with pink hair and a big smile called out to him.  She ran toward them waving before skidding to a halt.  "Who's your friend?"

    Nix resisted the urge to kick him.  "This is Morti, he's a chicken."

    "Bear," Morti corrected.

    "Fine, a Chicken Bear."

    Morti turned his head toward Pinky.  "Just a regular bear.  I like your hair."

    Pinky grinned up at the bear, she was shorter than him even though he was sitting.  "A brave bear I bet."

    "I'm very brave," he agreed.

    Pinky gestured toward the door. "I'm going into the Embassy, you coming Morti?"

    "Yep."  Morti stood and waddled to the door, it was a tight fight but he squeezed in.

    Nix frowned at the pair of them and followed along.  "Take a left and go into the office."

    The first man behind the counter was writing something on a notepad. "Stand on the line pl..."

    Morti stood his hind legs with his feet on the line, his head only a few inches from the ceiling.  "Here?"

    "Perhaps sit on the line sir," the man amended.

    Morti sat down while the man took his picture.  "This my good side Nix?"

    "It's your fat side."

    The second man grabbed the picture and nodded approvingly before sliding it into the pad.  "Place your right hand on the pad please."

    Morti placed his gigantic paw on the pad, the entire counter seemingly disappeared.

    After a few seconds, the man patted his paw.  "That should do it, sir."

    The third man reached over and slid a small card from the pad.  He lowered his spectacles and read the card.  "Mortimer the Cave Bear.  Is that you?"

    Morti nodded. "Yep."

    The man slid the card in front of him.  "Please verify that the information is correct."

    Mortimer [Titan Cave Bear: Spirit Companion]

    Rank: Lord [Redacted]

    Level: 1

    Strength 911

    Endurance 450

    Intelligence 38

    Agility 15

    Charm 85


    Ground Pounder: Stuns all creatures within 10 meters.  Duration: 3 seconds

    Absolute Defense: Blocks half of all incoming damage from one target.

    Absolute Challenge: All enemies are forced to change their targets to the challenger.

    Bear Intentions: First Strike.

    Rage: Unknown Effect. (Use of Rage results in companion sleeping for three days.)

    [Bad Memories] Past experiences have made this companion immune to fire.

    [Charmless] Immune to all charm effects.

    [Fearless] Immune to fear and control effects.

    Morti stared at the tiny card.  "I like honey... it doesn't say that."

    Nix leaned in and snatched the card.  "Thank you, this is perfect."

    Pink smiled at Morti.  "Do your best on the test!  You can join me on the 41st floor."  She glanced at the leaderboard that hung over the elevator, there were a dozen people on the 40th floor most of them were from Inferno.

    Nix handed the card to the elevator attendant. "He's gonna do the trial."

    The attendant took the card and nodded.  "From now on I will keep your card here with me Mr. Mortimer."

    Morti squeezed into the elevator.  "You gonna wait for me Nix?"

    "Don't be such a baby.  I have a few things to take care of."

    "I'll wait, Morti."  Pinky waved until the elevator closed.


    "She's waiting for us." Shae smiled from her throne, her eyes watching the glowing stone that signified the presence of the Air Temple.

    "I thought for sure you'd go in."  Nix held out his hand and pulled Shae to her feet.

    "Not without you." The Salamander's red hair brushed against his arm. She lowered her voice to a whisper," Rhy is very excited."

    Shae lay a hand on the stone, immediately Nix felt the air sucked out of him as a vacuum pulled them into the Air Palace. He shielded his eyes, the bright expanse of blue skies coupled with the glaring sun made him squint his eyes.

    "She has a sun." Nix glanced at Shae who seemed mildly surprised.

    The dark dreary court had been replaced with colorful gardens that filled the air with the scent of flowers. Many of the air elementals relaxed in shallow pools while dozens more raced through the clear skies. The white robes and head wraps seemed to have been replaced with barely anything.

    "Do air elementals typically wear...?"

    "Nearly nothing at all?" Shae finished his question. "As far as I know, although if they leave here they will put the robes on, probably."

    Nix tried not to stare, there was something mildly disconcerting being dressed among a bunch of scantily clad air creatures. "Probably should make sure Pon doesn't come here."

    "Welcome Shae, welcome Air champion."

    [You have designated as the Lord of this Palace]

    Nix bowed his head slightly, "Thank you, Nemesis Rhylia."

    Rhylia's dark eyes seemed to find his words amusing. "No need to be formal, please address me as Rhy."

    "Show us your new abilities Nix." Shae could sense the changes, but she had refrained from asking until now.

    "Yes, show us please," Rhy agreed, her dark eyes watching him closely.

    Fire Burst: [Fire/Air Ability]

    Description: Five spheres of superheated flames shoot instantly from your hand.

    Target: Single target up to 200 meters.

    Null: [Air Ability]

    Description: Remove all the air surrounding your opponent, immediately canceling any spells/abilities. Duration 5 seconds.

    Target: Single target, line of sight.

    Flame Throw [Fire/Air Ability]

    Description: Superheated flames shoot from your hands, bathing nearby targets in fire.

    Target: Single target up to 20 meters.

    Gusting Flames [Fire/Air Ability]

    Description: Summons a wall of flames that engulf your targets and follows them. Duration:30 seconds.

    Target: Area Effect, Up to 5 targets, line of sight.

    Vacuum [Air Ability]

    Description: Summons your target.

    Target: 20 meters, instant.

    Shae's eyes shone while she examined his new abilities.  "Fire and Air are natural allies."

    "With my support, Sogon wouldn't dare challenge you."  Rhy had been hiding from him for a long time, it felt good to be relieved of that burden.

    [Whisper: Chiba to Nix] I need your help apprentice.

    Nix suddenly cringed. Neither Nemesis noticed, they were considering how they could work best together.

    [Whisper: Nix to Chiba] If you can't handle it, who could I possibly bring?

    [Whisper: Chiba to Nix] If you don't come, I will most likely kill King Brahmi.

    Nix cursed silently.

    /Inferno: Nix: Pon, Wind, and Chael.  Meet me at the Guild Hall immediately.

    Rhy cocked her head to one side, Nix had brought her into Inferno, she still wasn't use to the chatter. He had shown her how to silence it, but she found the interactions interesting.

    Nix turned back toward the two women and bowed slightly.  "Something has come up."

    He ported directly to Guild Hall; Pon, Wind, and Chael were already waiting for him.  "Special mission. We're taking the portal to Espana.


    Twenty minutes later, the group was flying over Hova City, the location of King Brahmi's palace.

    [Whisper: Nix to Chiba] We are in Hova City.

    [Whisper: Chiba to Nix] Follow the smoke.  There's a large sky window, you'll have to break it.

    Nix pointed to the southern wing of the palace, it was completely engulfed in flames.

    Fey dived straight for the glass, talons extended she crashed through the window and skidding on the marble floor for a dozen meters before stopping.  The rest of the group floated down gently on their Manta.

    The sound of sword fighting drew their attention to a large set of double doors. Nix ran down the hallway and stepped into a large room, Chiba was guarding the door against a half dozen guards, more than twice that many already lay on the ground dead.

    [Gusting Flames]

    Five of the guards burst into flames, their screams echoed in the room as they desperately tried to put the fires out.

    Nix drew his hilt and pushed his flame into it.


    Nix targeted one of the men he had already torched, dumbstruck the man appeared in front of him, the look stayed on his face as his head bounced across the floor.

    The rest of his group had already put the stragglers down.

    /Inferno: Pon: The f*ck... What is Chiba doing here?

    "This way Nix."  Chiba led through a narrow hallway that was littered with bodies.  "Watch your step, I didn't have time to remove them."    She came to a large reinforced door.  "Open up, it's me."

    The door opened up and the group followed Chiba inside.  All four members of Inferno froze suddenly, their eyes showing surprise.

    /Inferno: Pon: I take back every bad thing I've ever thought about you Nix.

    /Inferno: Wind: Thanks, boss.

    /Inferno: Chael: Woah... Best mission ever."
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