114 Spirit Companions

    "How long have you been here?"  Shae offered him a small smile and sat next to him while he weeded a row of peppers.

    Nix shrugged, "not long.  I didn't want to bother you."

    Shae stared at him, her warm brown eyes watching his every movement.  "Want to talk about what's bothering you."

    He nodded but didn't stop working.  "I moved a bit too quickly and was caught unprepared in a dangerous situation."

    Shae moved behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist while leaning against his back. "Someone died?"

    "Yes. Brahmi decided to burn his palace with all of his worldly possession inside."

    She squeezed him tighter. "These possessions included people?"


    "Feel responsible?"

    "Initially I did." Nix squeezed her hands, "rational thought has since won over. Better preparation may have prevented it, but the death is Brahmi's fault."

    In Colonial, NPCs could only be rezzed by a cleric and that had a time limit of minutes.  Aquarions were a different story altogether, they could only be rezzed by Elder Matriarchs.


    Shae leaned forward and kissed his shoulder.  "So now what?"

    "I need an Elder Matriarch."  Nix smiled when her soft lips touched the side of his neck.

    "You want to protect our Aquarion friends."

    Nix nodded.  "One small error or mistake for Mina or Milat..."

    Shae pulled him back and moved around to straddle his waist.  "You have unexpected respect for death Nix. Remember when we met?"

    Nix grinned.  "You tried to impregnate me with your fire seed."

    "I was mortally wounded and you could have taken the easy way out by accepting my gift."

    "Good thing I was there to fix you up."

    Shae laughed loudly.  "Know what I like about you Nix?"


    "Everything," she agreed.  "I have an idea though."

    "Does this idea involve the higher tiered brown flame?"

    Shae bit her lip while she considered the question.  "Fine... I have two ideas."

    "Tell me."

    "Spirit Companions."  Shae watched him as he considered her words, there was momentary confusion before he sat up, nearly unseating her from her perch.

    "Is that even possible?" Nix stood up, carrying the surprised Shae with him.

    "No idea.  Aquarions had no personal interactions with humans until you discovered the purpose of the abductions."

    /Inferno: Nix: Nansu and Mina, please come to the Fire Palace.

    Shae wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed the side of his face.  "The Palace of Fire and Air," she corrected.

    Mina and Nasu talked quietly while they walked towards Shae's throne, they could see her and Nix talking, but neither was sure of the reason.

    Nansu smoothed back her short dark hair.  "This is the first time Nix has summoned me, I'm a bit excited."

    Mina glanced at the alchemist, she was what the humans called a lifestyle member. "You talk to Nix every day."

    Nansu rubbed her hands together nervously.  "Yeah, but this is official!"

    They stopped in front of the Shae and bowed slightly.

    Nix took a step forward.  "I wonder if the two of you would try something for us."

    Mina looked at Nansu, who was suddenly looking very scared.  "If we can Nix."

    "In an effort to protect our Aquarion friends, we are experimenting with Spirit Companions.  Have you any spirit companions Nansu?"

    The alchemist shook her head.  "No."

    He moved away from the throne and approached the pair.  He could tell Mina already understood what he wanted.  "Min?"

    The Aquarion leader shook her head.  "I 've never considered such a thing."

    Nix watched as they faced each other, a moment later a thin white strand of light connected them before completely fading away.

    Nansu's face lit up in a smile when she displayed the results.

    [Spirit Companion 1/4]

    1: Filamina [Aquarion Matriarch]

    /Inferno: Nix: I want all combat and noncombat members of Inferno to meet in the Sea-World at 1000 hours.

    /Inferno: Mina: All Aquarion assault teams please attend the meeting also.

    Nix smiled at the salamander.  "Thanks. What are you going to do now?"

    She moved closer and kissed him before stepping away.  "Since you are busy, I will tend to my peppers."

    Shae watched as he exited the Fire Palace.  Humming softly to herself, she willed herself into her world.  "It's a good memory Nix."  It had appeared back then when he had returned her fire seed.

    [Spirit Companion 1/1]

    1: Nix


    By the time Nix entered his houseboat an hour later he was beginning to feel the effects of not sleeping.  "I'll just put my head down for a moment."

    Ronnie found him face down on his bed at 0945, she sat down on the bed next to him and waited another ten minutes before shaking him.    "Wake up Nix."

    Nix sat up slowly, his eyes focusing on the smiling face of Ronnie.  "Where's Sharl?"

    Ronnie's dark face moved closer.  "Why?  Feeling like another ride on the Sinful Sister's Express?"

    Nix nodded and rolled out of bed.  He could hear her talking while he splashed water on his face in the bathroom.  "I didn't hear any of that Ronnie."

    Ronnie shrugged, "I was only pointing out that you seem to be very busy."

    Nix grabbed a towel from the bathroom and dried off his face.  "If Sharl were more like you, the two of you would rule Colonial."

    Ronnie nodded in agreement.  "Sis is great.  It's too bad about the enormous stick shoved up her backside.

    Nix tried not to laugh, Sharl was one of his good friends. "I'll work on it."

    A few minutes later Nix was standing next to Mina in front of the Beach Cottage.

    /Inferno: Pon: Nix!  Where did you put Brahmi's Harem?

    /Inferno: Nansu: Harem? What is he talking about Chael?

    /Inferno: Chael: No idea.

    /Inferno: Nix: Let's make this quick.  I want every human here who isn't maxed out on spirit companions to raise your hands.  That includes non-combatants.

    Nix could see Sila, Hyai, and Kyla all standing together.  After a few seconds, all three raised their hands, along with just about everyone else.

    /Inferno: Nix: If you are on one of the Aquarion Assault teams, I want you to raise your hands also.

    /Inferno: Mina: This morning Nansu and I were able to successfully complete a spiritual bond.  As you know this protects the companion's life.

    Everyone started talking at once, the result was a loud, chaotic, mess.  Nix relaxed and eventually, he started seeing the strands of white light that indicated spiritual bonding.

    /Inferno: Rhylia: Nix, would you attend me in the Air Palace at your convenience?

    /Inferno: Nix: Of course.


    Nix entered the Air Palace a short while later.  The skies were filled with Air Elementals and Arch-Winds racing back and forth. Rhylia was easy to spot, she was the only one with black wings.

    Rhy was standing in knee-deep water, flapping her enormous wings to dry them.  "Thank you for coming." She walked toward him, her feet splashing slightly.  She held out her hand and held up a small bracelet.

    Nix received it from her with a confused smile. It was a plain white bracelet made from ceramic. "What's the occasion?"

    "As part of the Air Palace, you are given a number of Arch-Winds."

    "Those are the archer elementals that accompanied all of your fighters?" Nix had been fascinated by them at the time but had lost interest when he realized how fragile they were.

    "Some are archers, rare ones are healers." She smiled when he slipped in on. "The bracelet is inactive now, activating it will grant you a one time passage to Air'Voilla."

    Nix felt her dark eyes watching him. His feeling was that Arch-Winds were too weak to bother with. However, he didn't want to offend Rhylia. "What do I do?"

    Rhy's black lips were the same color as her wings and eyes.  Nix wasn't sure whether he liked it when she smiled at him.  "Activate it and you will be transported to Air'Voilla."

    "Is this a dangerous place?" Nix didn't feel like fighting anything, the memories of the Espana Palace were still too fresh.

    Rhy shook her head, "not at all. It's an Air Zone, you will be granted temporary wings for the duration of your stay."

    Nix stared at the Air Nemesis, not sure if she was serious. "Wings?"

    Rhy nodded, "or else you'd spend the entire time endlessly falling through the skies."

    "Can I bring others?"

    Rhy nodded.  "As many as you like, however only you will be able to come back with Arch-Winds."

    "I can never go back again?"

    Rhy shook her head.  "Unless you become an Air Elemental, this will be your only visit."

    A smile crept onto Nix's face, "how do I do get them?"

    "Fly around, your presence will attract some.  They are very friendly.  Arch-Winds will eventually agree amongst themselves who will be anchored to your bracelet."

    Nix frowned when he remembered how easily they die.  "What happens if they are killed?"

    "They return to Air'Voilla and will most likely remove their bracelet anchor."

    "That means that your people who fought against us all lost their Arch-Winds?"

    "Yes, but since they are elementals they can return to Air'Voilla for more."

    Nix bowed his head slightly. "Thank you for the gift.  I shall return the favor when I can.

    [Rhylia Thundercloud has accepted your friend request]

    /Inferno: Nix: Sorry to ask this again.  All Inferno members, both combat and noncombat, report at once to the Sea-World.
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