118 Assault on Safarza

    "There are eight Ships on the horizon sir!" Cal landed nimbly on the mainsail, all the Arch-Winds had been flying high above the fleet for the past hour.

    Captain Delphie nodded.  "Thank you.  Did you get a look at their flag?"

    "A red leaf or tree."  Cal shifted slightly so that his two companions could land beside him.

    Mina was listening to the interaction from the front of the ship.  "Does that mean something?"

    Captain Delphie shrugged, "it sounds like the Emblem of the Buelasi Empire."

    Mina didn't know the human geography of Colonial very well.  "Where is Buelasi?"

    "It's a group of Kingdoms on the Jhabi continent that have united under one banner." Captain Delphie took out her scope and peered into the distance.  They weren't visible yet.

    /Inferno: Mina: Ships heading toward us, flying a flag that looks like a red leaf or tree.

    /Inferno: Semmi: That's Buelasi, they've been fighting small skirmishes with each other for the last few years.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Ronnie, take your Vette and find out what their intentions are.  Let them know that approaching Safarza at this time will be considered an act of aggression against Broyan.

    /Inferno: Shar: You up for this sis?

    /Inferno: Ronnie: Yes.  I've been getting diplomacy lessons from Nix.  Don't worry.

    Nix laughed from the back of Fey. The amusement became short-lived as they approached the Temple. "Put down here."

    A cloud of Ashes hung over a dark Temple that glowed with heat. It was much smaller than the Fire Palace at Glory.  "Fey, get back in the air and keep an eye on things.  Stay stealthed."

    "Okay, Nix" Fey leaped into the air and began climbing upward, her sleek form fading into nothing.

    [Summons: Mortimer]

    Morti appeared a moment later.  He sniffed the air with a large black nose.

    "The bad Salamander is here." A deep rumble sounded in his chest signifying his disapproval.

    [Deep-Sea Trident]

    Fajii summoned her weapon and then put buffs on her group.

    [Flaming Rock Wall]

    A weightless rock barrier instantly became part of the small group's armament.

    [Charred Rock Blade]

    The group's weapons throb with the power of Scorched Earth.

    Milat squinted in the haze caused by heat and ashes. "I'll scout us a path." He started out at a trot before he faded from sight.

    Rhy and Shae were standing side-by-side.  They had been communicating non-stop since the mission started. Nix understood, as Nemesis, they were vastly stronger than him.  They would work together to take Sogon down.  His job would be to react accordingly as the fight unfolded.

    Pon wiped the sweat from his brow. The old man's face was emotionless but inside he was scared. They were facing a Nemesis of fire, the Salamander wouldn't be affected in the least by his tempered flame.

    /Inferno: Milat: Flame Wolves, a half dozen on them.

    Milat has been slain.

    The beasts charged out of the haze as a pack.  They loped in easy strides that ate up the distance to the group.  Nearly as tall as a man, the Flaming Wolves with their razor-sharp teeth, closed on Pon.

    Fajii stepped in front of the fire mage and impaled the first Flame Wolf through the chest, she easily lifted it off the ground and tossed it to one side as if it were weightless.  Then she dodged off to one side and ran past the pack.


    White fire exploded from Pon's hands and incinerated the next closest wolf.

    [Sonic Burst]

    Rhy has cast an Air Spell.

    A flaming wolf has been stunned.

    A flaming wolf has been stunned.

    A flaming wolf has been stunned.

    A flaming wolf has been stunned.

    Nix pushed emerald flames into the hilt of his sword and took the heads of the two nearest creatures.

    A small wave of Shae's hand destroyed the remaining two.

    Fajii returned a few moments later with Milat in tow,  her battle rez had finally been used.

    /Inferno: Pon: A BR that returns you buffed and full XP, total cheat.

    /Inferno: Milat: There's a clear path to the temple, this group of Flame Wolves was roving. There aren't anymore.


    Ronnie stood next to her captain as he steered the Infinity towards the incoming ships. Wilo perched happily on her shoulder.  "Hope the reinforcements hold up Captain."

    The Captain of the Infinity was the youngest captain in the fleet. He had a dark brown face and wore his hair close-cropped.  Although young, Rolan had skills beyond his years. It was his idea to reinforce the masts and use thicker sails.  The Infinity had an Air Lord on board, the small ship needed to be both sturdy and fast. "They'll hold Commander."

    "Wilo you can wait by the Main.  Once the fighting starts, give her what you think she can handle." Ronnie laughed when she buzzed her cheek with a kiss.

    Rolan frowned from the helm.  "Why do you think they'll be a fight?"

    Ronnie winked at the young captain.  "This is Inferno, there's always a fight."

    When the Buelasi fleet was within 100 meters, Ronnie moved to the rail. "You are entering the Sovereign waters of Safarza, please turn around at once."

    An older man, dressed like a soldier moved to the rail of the lead ship. "We are merchants, this is a designated trade route."

    Ronnie pursed her dark lips.  "Safarza is currently under siege, the Broyan Alliance is defending her territory.  Turn around at once."

    /Inferno: Ronnie: They claim they are merchants, it's obvious they aren't.

    /Inferno: Nix: Your call then.

    "Prey waits Captain, let's hit'em hard." She sprinted for the Main Mast and drew her bow.  Immediately targeting crew members on the deck.

    "Fire!  Full Sails! Prepare to come about!"  Rolan held onto the helm as the Infinity surged forward on the Winds of Wilo. He quickly steered through the middle of the fleet.   "Hard to Starboard!  Fire!"

    The sounds of cannon fire were all the signal needed, Mina and her team entered the water.  She took a moment to give Soup orders to hit one of the center ships. The Sea Turtle turned abruptly, leaving the Aquarions in her wake.

    "Why is that turtle so fast?" Zhava swam alongside Mina, their assault force trailing behind.  They were nearly there when a loud boom announced that Soup had taken one of them down.

    Mina could see that three ships were already riding low in the water, Ronnie must have hit them hard.  "Follow me!"  She dived and then came up at a steep angle, her momentum freeing her of the water while she landed Nimblly on the deck of the enemy ship.

    "Stay back!"  Zhava moved in front of Mina while she summoned her Vila, the rest of the assault force were already engaging.

    A quick analysis told Mina that her Vila wasn't needed on this ship, she sent them to the next target.

    Ducky has charmed Serai Quickblade.

    The Siren seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and charmed a stealthed fighter that was closing on the Aquarion leader.

    Mina frowned at the charmed assassin.  "Careful!  Stealthed fighters!"


    "Your intel said the Vineyard east of the Vrye's Peak."  Sharl spotted the Vineyard first, there were bodies everywhere.  She put her Manta in a steep dive and jumped to the ground when it leveled off.

    "Wait for us."  Semmi cursed aggressive tanks everywhere.  "There could be more!"

    "I'll get to high ground!" Chael banked his Manta toward a small bluff overlooking the vineyard.

    "Prey waits!"  Sharl slammed her shield onto the ground, sending shockwaves in all directions.

    A Buelasi Assassin has been stunned

    A Buelasi Assassin has been stunned.

    Sharl impaled the first one through the neck, driving him into the ground.  "Found them."

    [Sniper's Nest]

    Chael has set up kill point.

    Semmi slashed across the second assassin's hamstrings and dived out of the way.

    [Critical hit]

    Chael has slain a Buelasi Assassin.

    Tess moved behind Sharl.  "Lead the way!"

    Sharl charged the door, both Wind and Semmi stealthed and followed.


    Wylie stood directly beside Banzi, the large tank nearly blocking out the daylight. "Will they really come at us?  Didn't the faction event show them that Glory is a difficult city to take?"

    Banzi shrugged, "or... maybe someone was paying attention and now they know what not to do.

    Wylie smiled and continued to patrol the walls.  She had asked him to accompany her for one circuit. "Make sure you keep an eye on that cleric, but not too close, she's awfully cute."

    Banzi grinned in response, he liked it when the woman behind the Knight Captain facade peeked through.  "As you say, Captain."

    Wylie has been critically hit

    Wylie has been critically hit.

    Wylie has been slain.

    Banzi watched in stunned silence as Wylie fell face-down on the wall. He moved next to her, drawing his sword but there was no enemy. "Wylie!"

    Sounds of gunfire made him look upward, dozens of men were falling from the sky.  He cursed loudly.  "In the Air!"

    /Inferno: Banzi: Pinkie!  Wylie is do...

    "F*ck... She's not in the guild!"  He bent close and checked her rezz time.  "Oh god... 90 seconds?"  Banzi picked her up and started running toward Pinkie's checkpoint. "PINKIE!"

    [Blessed Heavens]

    All nearby allies are healed for half of their existing hitpoints.

    The cleric ducked down behind the wall, healing the knights as they targeted the soldiers floating down on them. Something caused her to turn her head, on the far wall a heavily armored Knight was running toward her.  "Banz?"  She stood up to get a better look and realized he was carrying someone.  Without a second thought, she sprinted toward them.

    Banz slid to a halt and knelt when the cleric entered his range.  Pinkie's hands glowed while she cast.


    Wylie has been resurrected.

    [Blessing of the Goddess]

    Wylie has been completely healed.
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