119 Killing Sogon

    Banzi helped the Knight Captain to her feet, not trusting himself to speak he placed a hand on her shoulder and nodded.

    /Inferno: Wylie: They are in the air, don't let them land!

    The Knights and the Lamia Acolytes poured heavy fire at the incoming invaders. Wylie watched as the wall defense completely obliterated them.  Is this why Nix had ordered that the Knights be converted to firearms?  Had he seen this kind of attack coming?  Wylie stepped closer and embraced the cleric who rezzed her.  "Thank you both.  Return to your posts immediately!"

    She bent down and checked the corpse of an invader.  She spotted the ring she was searching for.  "Featherfall item. Where are their mounts?"


    Sharl slammed into the front door of the Vineyard, immediately raising her shield when a sword stabbed at her.

    [Battle Cry]

    Sharl has released her rage, all enemies must attack her.

    [Heavens Shield]

    Tess has placed a Holy Shield around Sharl.

    Four would-be Assassins were forced to unstealth and attack.  The Inferno tank didn't miss a beat, slamming her shield into the face of the nearest.

    /Inferno: Sharl: Don't waste time Semmi, find the boy!


    Semmi has critically wounded a Buelasi Assassin.

    Sharl bulled forward and stabbed the wounded assassin in the neck.

    Sharl has slain a Buelasi Assassin.

    Semmi stealthed and headed up the stairs. The hall leading to the only bedroom was empty, she pushed the door open and moved quickly to one side.  When no attack came she stepped into the room.  "If you're in here, please come out.  I'm with the Broyan Alliance, here to secure your safety."

    A moment later a scuffling could be heard under the bed.  "The Broyan Alliance?"

    Semmi smiled as the young man crawled from under the bed. "Yes.  We are the Inferno Guild, from Glory Island."

    /Inferno: Semmi: I have the kid.  Need any help down there?

    /Inferno: Sharl: No, all done.  Why would we need help? Looks like all his retainers were killed defending him.

    /Inferno: Chael: All clear outside, I'll stay here and keep watch.


    "A Salamander Fire Lord," Fajii saw him first.  The same one that Nix had chased in Cyphix.

    Nix patted Morti's head.  "You help Milat, Pon and Fajii take this guy.  I have to help Shae."

    Morti's big head nodded.  "Yep, gonna swat him."

    Shae grabbed Nix and pulled him closer to Rhy.  They blurred for a moment and appeared in front of the Fire Palace.

    Nix stepped away from the two Nemesis.  They were in the courtyard of the Temple, none of the others were visible through the thick ash that floated on the air.  The smell of sulfur and brimstone hung in the air, Sogon had to be close.

    "Let's say hello."  Shae smiled pleasantly at Rhy and held out her hand.  Nix took another step back when they joined hands.

    [Balefire Burst]

    The temple doors were struck a half dozen times, incinerating them while leaving gaping holes completely through the walls.

    A maddening roar could be heard from inside.  "WHO DARES??"

    Nix frowned at Sogon when he appeared in the entryway.  His Salamander form wasn't breathtaking like Shae's.  It was lumpy and black, like some ugly deformed toad.  The pure heat coming off it made Nix step back.  "Shit... He's wielding brown flames."

    Rhy moved first, a wave of her hand and an air-weave surrounded Sogon.


    Sogon has been silenced.

    The two Nemesis joined hands again, an instant later a glowing projectile hurtled toward Sogon.

    [Fire & Air Seeker]

    Nix pushed Emerald flames into his scythe.

    [Flight of the Gryphon]

    He landed next to Sogon just before the Seeker struck him, Nix stabbed deep through his back,  a moment later the Nemesis was blasted away.  Nix cursed as his weapon was yanked from his grasp.

    Sogon impacted the side of the Temple and then fell onto the ground.

    "No mercy." Shae and Rhy joined hands again, but before they could strike the wounded Salamander's flame blurred and he appeared in front of them.  A flaming longsword struck at Rhylia, Shae stepped in front of her and blocked it with her own blades.  The brown flames pushed them both back several feet.

    "Time for your death li.." Sogon's words were intercepted as a dozen emerald flame strands wrapped around his body and he was yanked backward several meters.

    Nix's emerald aura surrounded him, his voice calmly reassuring his friends.  "You should have stayed hidden."

    Nix has activated his bloodline.

    [Second Form: Salamander]

    All three Nemesis were blown away by the massive release of power.  Rhy managed to put a wind barrier around them but they were still blasted high into the air.

    In the aftermath, a frantic Sogon dug out of the rubble caused by the collapse of one of the Temple walls. His eyes were glazed over with fear, the Salamander coughed loudly, black blood leaking from his mouth.  "I'll be back..."


    Nix has silenced Sogon.


    Sogon tried to scream as an irresistible force pulled him to Nix.

    The emerald green Salamander raised his front leg and a several thick strands of green flame move toward Sogon.  These didn't wrap around but rather impaled him with spear-like tips.

    Sogon hung in the air, eyes filled with pain and fear.

    [Balefire Burst]

    Sogon was blasted several times by white fire as the two Nemesis rejoined the battle.  Its body was nearly torn in half, as it hung in mid-air from the emerald strands.

    Rhy placed a hand on the Emerald Salamanders Shoulder.

    [Air Expulsion]

    The barbed ends of the flame strands exploded, sending a mist of black blood in all directions.

    Sogon has been slain.

    Nix collapsed on the ground, his form blurring as he morphed back into a human. He groaned and climbed slowly to his feet.  The two Nemesis were both staring at him in shock.  "You two okay?"

    You have received an Escalades Token x 2.

    Your Champions Medallion has been upgraded.

    The sound of running feet announced the arrival of their four guildmates.

    /Inferno: Fajii: Sogon is dead?

    /Inferno: Nix: Yep.  The Fire Lord?

    /Inferno: Milat: Pon finished him.

    /Inferno: Pon: Take notes young bastard and bask in my awesomeness.

    Nix shook his head, laughing while he collected the Temple deed that was hovering over the top of the rubble.

    /Inferno: Nix: Report.

    /Inferno: Wylie: Small invasion force of less than a hundred.  Repelled easily, I believe they were a diversion.

    /Inferno: Jun Li:  A fleet of eight ships were destroyed when they refused to turn away. One of the dead is a Buelasi Prince.

    /Inferno: Semmi: The heir to the throne of Safarza is safe and sound in our custody.

    Colonial System Announcement: The Salamander Guild [Upper Tier], has become the first guild to defeat the Escalade Bridge Master and advance into the New World. They have departed Colonial forever.

    /Inferno: Nix: Anyone have a clue about that announcement?

    /Inferno: Semmi: I do. Let me locate this boy's family and we'll discuss it.


    The Kindled Inn was standing room only, both dining floors were filled with Inferno members who decided that a feast was compulsory. Hyai was being helped by her four Aquarion companions , Nix and Jun Li were serving behind the bar.

    "You old enough to drink this Pinkie?"  Nix stared at the cleric, he had heard about her performance on the wall.

    Pinkie smiled sweetly and took the ale from his hand. "I'm 25 Nix.  That's probably older than you."

    [You have invited Sajana to join Inferno]

    "Thanks for your hard work today Pinkie, and welcome to Inferno." Nix shook her hand and toasted her before downing his pint.

    "Hey!  Serve them don't drink em Nix."  Hyai caught him for the third time in an hour.

    "Right, sorry Innkeeper."

    "It's not bad really."  Rhylia sampled a pint.

    Shae was seated next to her, she also had one.  "It's better with peppers in it.  Want some?"  She held out a handful of ghost peppers.

    Rhy glanced at Nix who was shaking his head 'No'.  "I'll pass Shae, but thanks."

    The door opened and shut, announcing the arrival of the blonde scout that everyone had been waiting for.

    /Inferno: Nix: Welcome back Sem.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: About time girl!

    Nix placed a pint next in front of the empty stool he had been saving for her. "Take your time Sem."

    Semmi sat down and took a long drink.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Okay. A Buelasi Prince conspired with Sogon in a massive power grab.  In exchange for interfering with Inferno, he was going to receive something very valuable.  No one seems to know what that is.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: We botched their plans by moving quickly, they were out of position.

    /Inferno: Semmi: It seems like Sogon may have moved his timetable up, my guess is that he believed we would be coming for him.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Toward what end? Sogon created a Fire Palace, but I hadn't heard of any Acolytes being recruited.  Trust me, there would have been a lot.

    /Inferno: Shae: He was very close  to advancing to the next level.  Had that happened, it would have taken many guilds to put him down.

    /Inferno: Semmi: The unanswered question is why?  He was worried we were coming, but then his actions ensured that we would.

    /Inferno: Nix: He was leaving.  My guess was that the Prince was too.  He had two of these.

    Nix linked them in guild chat.

    Escalade Token

    Description: A pass across

    the bridge to the New World.

    Limit five per token.

    /Inferno: Pon: F*ck... Where did you get that Nix?
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