125 69th Floor Raid: Kill the Apes part 2

    Eight baboon-like creatures spawned in the middle of the valley.  They were as tall as a human and had vicious looking fangs. Their growls sounded like a choking dog, a hoarse cough that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

    Ronnie targeted four of them and used her hud to place icons over their heads.

    /Inferno: Ronnie: CC these four mobs!

    Chael targeted the remaining four and used his hud to place bullseyes over their heads.

    /Inferno: Chael: Attack my targets!

    Sila used her assist option to target Ronnie's mobs.

    [Scorched Dust Bowl]

    A viscous Babuka has been blinded.

    Rhy raised a slender hand and targeted the other three.


    Rhylia's Windstorm has trapped three Vicious Babukas.

    Mina sent her Vilas after the targets with bullseyes over them.  Forty of them tore into the four Babukas while the DPS'ers assisted them.

    Jun Li kept an eye on the respawn time.  The first four were killed well before the first minute and twenty seconds later the other four joined them.

    Nix kept his grip on the flame strands despite being repeatedly slammed into the ground. Tess healed him several times when the damage started to stack up.  Once the respawns were killed, the Ape stood up effortlessly sending Nix and the Aquarions flying in all directions.

    Sharl managed to roll out of the way and immediately resumed tanking detail.  The dark beauty grinned at the misfortune of the 'holding team.'

    [Battle Cry]

    Sharl has taunted Farah the White.

    Min couldn't hide the smile that lit up her face when he returned to the middle of the valley.  His hair was sticking straight up and his face was covered in dirt.  "Nice job Nix."

    Nix frowned at her without answering.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Okay, listen close.  At 80 percent one of the bosses will rage while the other goes dormant.  I want Morti on the raging boss, he's better equipped to handle that sort of pressure.

    There will be a short warning before they rage, the remaining boss will be dormant so he won't be an issue.

    Shae watched the percentages carefully, this time the bosses were relatively even.  Nix was using his higher-tiered spells this time around, he had a wild look in his eyes like he was angry.

    /Inferno: Shae: 84 percent for both North and South.

    The DPS teams continued to whittle away at the Ape Bosses, when they were at 81 percent the North boss stood up straight and beat his chest with both hands, while the south boss sat docilely on its butt looking confused.

    Sharl has been stunned.

    Tess has been stunned.

    Wylie has been stunned.

    Jun Li cursed loudly, "North now Morti!"

    The big bear had made the claim several times that he was faster than a horse.  The ground shook as two tons of muscle, fur and teeth barreled toward the Northside.

    Sharl has been slain.

    Tess has been slain.

    Wylie has been slain.

    An Instant later Morti slammed into the raging Ape pushing it back into the rock wall.

    [Absolute Defense]

    Half of all incoming damage is blocked by Mortimer's thick hide.

    An out of breath Pinkie appeared a moment later, her casting started while she was still skidding to a halt.

    [Blessing of the Goddess]

    Mortimer has been completely healed.

    Fajii had responded quickly also and targeted Sharl.

    [Scorched Earth Mother]

    Sharl has been resurrected and returns to the battle fully buffed.

    [Scorched Earth Mother]

    Tess has been resurrected and returns to the battle fully buffed.

    [Scorched Earth Mother]

    Wylie has been resurrected and returns to the battle fully buffed.

    Sharl picked up her shield and prepared to take over.  "Thanks, Fajii.  That BR is the **!"

    [Blessing of the Air]

    A Priestess of Air has healed Mortimer.

    Jun Li kept a close eye on the dormant boss.  "Give it space, the chest pound is an AE stun!"

    Slowly the beast stood up and glanced around.  Jun Li waited patiently.  The creature's eyes instantly filled with hate as it beat its chest with both hands.  She waited until it stopped then she sprang into action.

    Cedric the White has enraged.

    It leaped at Jun Li, both fists coming down on her.  Nearly all of her health disappeared in one hit.  A flash of black announced the Titan's arrival, this time he had reacted faster.

    [Absolute Defense]

    Half of all incoming damage is blocked by Mortimer's thick hide.

    Jun Li staggered back, waiting on a heal before she moved forward again.  Movement in the center of the valley caught her eye.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Respawns! No CC required, they'll despawn.

    Mina put five Vila on each of the 8 respawns, they were the same baboon creatures from earlier.

    Pinkie and Shadai returned to the center, being careful to keep the Vila healed.

    After a minute had elapsed, both Ape bosses returned to normal and the tanks resumed their missions.  The respawns in the middle of the valley disappeared.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: We're getting close to the unknown.  At 70 percent, they'll start advancing toward each other again.  Hold team be ready!

    Nix scowled and stopped casting.  He trotted toward the North boss, his face showing extreme reluctance.

    Shae and Rhy were forced to step in and even the percentages as both teams seemed to surge at different times.

    /Inferno: Shae: 72 percent.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Prepare to disengage and handle the respawns.

    Morti didn't bother to wait, he slammed both paws into the ape's chest and then muscled him back to the wall.

    On the Northside, Nix moved closer and waited, unlike Morti he wasn't equipped to take a full-strength hit from the Ape boss.  Sharl slammed her shield into the Ape and then stepped nimbly to one side.

    Nix raised a hand, the flame strands already on their way when the White Ape glanced at him and then dived forward, the ground shook as the ape tucked its head and rolled to his feet.  One foot swinging hard at Nix, blasting him toward the middle of the valley.

    Nix has been slain.

    Sharl froze for a second, shock on her face. She recovered and dived at the legs of the Ape. The Aquarion team followed suit as they all piled on.  Slowly the Ape started walking toward the center.

    /Inferno: Jun Li:  Send your Rock Golems to the Northside now!  They are going to lose this boss!  Respawns in the middle, take them down!

    Ronnie targeted the North boss and sent her golem.  Without missing a beat, she changed to four of the respawns and placed markers on them.  "

    /Inferno: Ronnie: CC my target now!

    Chael sent his golem north and put bullseyes on the remaining four targets.

    /Inferno: Chael:  Attack my targets!

    The Respawns this time were four-armed Apes nearly twice the size of an average man, when the stood upright, their lower set of arms dragged the ground.

    Sila used her assist option to target Ronnie's mobs.

    [Scorched Dust Bowl]

    A four-armed Primate has been blinded.

    Rhylia stepped to one side as Shae began spamming Balefire in an attempt to reduce the climbing health of the Northside boss.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Bring it down!  Two percent difference!

    Rhy quickly targeted the remaining CC targets


    Rhylia's Windstorm has trapped three four-armed Primates.

    The two Stone Golems slammed into the Ape, with their help the hold team finally managed to push it back. Fajii quickly rezzed Nix and this time he moved behind the Ape before he put the strands on his legs.  By the time the group dragged the boss back to the wall, the spawns had been dealt with.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Okay, tanks on boss only.  Slow things down for a moment, let everyone reset. This is one step further than Resolute has made it.

    A disgruntled Nix walked back toward the middle of the valley.

    /Inferno: Pon: Best imitation of a soccer ball I've ever seen Nix.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Cut the chatter and get ready.

    No one else spoke, but they could all hear the laughter in Jun Li's voice.

    Nix scowled at the chuckles around him.

    Min placed a hand on his shoulder. "You did go pretty far."
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