130 Guild Office

    Nix left Shae with Rhy and headed off to find the Guild office, the two Nemesis were more interested in exploring so they decided to stick together. After stopping random Dhassi twice to ask directions, Nix found their office.  He would have missed it had he not seen Semmi trying to open the door.

    /Inferno: Nix: Someone call security. A suspicious person is trying to break into our office.

    Semmi glanced up, greeting him with a grimace. "Got a key? Seems to be locked."

    Nix shook his head. "Nope."

    Nix approached the door and grabbed the knob.

    [Guild Leader Nix recognized. Please set entry permissions.]

    1) Guild Leader only.

    2) All Inferno Officers.

    3) All Inferno Members.

    "All Inferno Members." The door opened with a soft metallic click.

    The office was quite large, located on the corner of the building two full walls had floor to ceiling windows. The other walls were covered with light wood paneling and the floors looked like a Spanish-style ceramic tile. There were four separate wood desks and a long conference table. An entire wall was dedicated to creating a library-style bookshelf. Nix smiled at Semmi. "I guess the first guild gets the best stuff."

    "I've been reading about the office and our awards." Semmi brought up one of the desk huds. "As a registered guild, we are members of the Oasis governing body, based on our guild size, we have three votes that we can use for all open dockets."

    Nix sat down behind the desk Semmi had used. "Three isn't many."

    "The Dar clan that you met earlier, only has one. Our arrival here has changed the balance of things." Semmi grabbed a chair from another desk and slid it next to Nix.

    "Maybe that has something to do with why it is so difficult to register guilds." Nix had a good understanding of power struggles. Those who have it, want to keep it.

    Semmi handed him a small token. "I picked this up for you since you were too busy making friends."

    Basic Language Token

    Description: Grants the ability to read Dhassi.

    [Do you wish to activate the Basic Language Token?]

    "Yes." Nix frowned at Semmi. What's that going to cost me?"

    "Clothes of course!" Semmi's negotiations were cut short by the desk hud buzzing loudly.

    Nix covered his ears, it was ridiculously loud. He pushed a flashing icon and a moment later a woman's face showed on his hud. He recognized her immediately as the Dhassi referred to as Tura.

    "Greetings Guild Leader Nix. I am Tura Raine Xai."

    /Inferno: Semmi: Tura is her rank, not her name. She's the Clan leader of the Xai family.

    Nix nodded. "Greetings Tura Raine."

    "I know you just arrived in Parliament and aren't use to our ways. Would you consider selling your Parliamentary votes to Clan Xai?"

    Nix smiled pleasantly. "No."

    Semmi stared at him while the silence stretched uncomfortably long. She had expected him to be a bit more diplomatic.

    "Surely you want to understand the culture before taking part in governing? We will offer you a standard World Seed if you assign us your vote for the next 2 years."  The Xai Clan Leader seemed to have a face that never smiled.

    "No. My apologies Tura Raine, other problems demand my attention. See you soon." Nix deactivated the desk hud.

    Semmi was trying not to laugh. "See you soon?"

    Nix shrugged, "I don't speak the political language."

    "Wasn't bad actually. Seems like our votes are really needed." Semmi moved to the adjacent desk and opened up the hud.

    "Find out what's going on governing-wise. Must be something important to offer up a world seed." Nix leaned back in his chair and stared at the ring on his thumb.

    [Ice Sparrow]

    Nix activated the Ice Queen's favor. A moment later a small sparrow appeared on his desk. It was ice blue with thousands of tiny ice feathers that reflected light. It stared at him without moving.

    Semmi's sudden intake of air told Nix that she had noticed the bird. "Where did you get that? So pretty! Can I have it?"

    "No, it's bound to me."

    [Please choose user mode.]

    1) Command.

    2) Control.

    "Control."  Nix felt his world flip-flop and grow infinitely larger. He glanced around the Guild Office, the colors had grown more vibrant and sharp. He took a short hop on the desk and then stopped. He could see himself sitting in the chair with his eyes closed.

    "Nix?" Semmi leaned closer, she lay a hand on his shoulder. "You okay boss?"

    "Yes. This is a control item. Open the window so I can fly out." Nix stared at himself sitting in the chair. "Do I always talk out of the side of my mouth like that?"

    "Holy crap... You're controlling the bird? Vision and hearing?"

    "Yes, open the window.  Good thing I practiced flying at Air'Voilla." Nix hopped onto Semmi's extended hand.

    She brought the bird closer and nuzzled it with her face.  "Damn it... so cute Nix."

    "Your lips are fricken big." Nix pecked her cheek as a warning.

    "I'm counting that as a kiss."  Semmi opened the window and sat Nix on the sill."

    "Whatever... Don't do weird things to me while I'm gone."

    "No promises."  Semmi's laugh followed him as he flew off.

    Rhy had given him advice on flying, always have a lot of space. Nix flapped his wings hard, steadily climbing until the Parliament building was only the size of a man's hand.

    Nix learned very quickly that flying in a sparrow's body was much easier than putting wings on a human.  Everything about the small bird was made for flying.  He practiced the maneuvers he had attempted in Air'Voilla, this time he was able to complete them seamlessly as he spent the next half hour flying.

    "Can you hear me Nix?" Semmi's voice sounded far away.

    "Yes.  Difficult to hear since I have two sets of ears."

    "Okay just checking.  Let me know when you are heading back, I'll put your clothes back on."


    Rhy had told him that there was a magic barrier that kept her from straying too far away.  It wouldn't let her leave the airspace above the Courtyards.

    Nix decided to test that by flying straight west.  He kept an eye on the ground, expecting to hit resistance.  After a few minutes, he realized that he was already over the forest.  "A workaround... I like it."

    "KInda got a creepy look on your face right now boss." Semmi's voice sounded curious.  "What's going on?"

    "I'll tell you when I g..."  A flash of black and Nix found himself back in the guild office, he jumped up out of his chair.  "Holy crap."

    "Where's the cute birdy Nix?"

    Nix examined his thumb ring. The Ice Sparrow couldn't be summoned again for 72 hours.  He had definitely been eaten.  "Let's talk about this in Glory."


    Inferno exited the Parliament building a few hours later.  Bael was no longer standing in front of the portcullis, apparently, it was a first-time deal only.

    /Inferno: Nix: Okay, everyone please listen up.  You may now come and go through this exit at your leisure. Common sense says to travel in pairs, but if you want to go solo, no one is going to stop you.

    /Inferno: Semmi: There are a few things that I will put out later today.  Primarily this has to do with the Guild Office, the homestead token and the Pioneer award.

    /Inferno: Nix: I want everyone to be aware that our arrival has the potential to tip the current balance of power.  Be careful what you say and who you trust.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: We'll talk tomorrow about the next stage of Mermaid City. No need to drag our heels.

    [Semmi has invited you to a hidden channel. Guild Officers.]

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Thanks Semmi, some of the topics I don't want the rest of the guild to be aware of.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: You were able to fly through the barrier with the Ice Sparrow?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Yes. Granted I was still stuck in the guild office, but I'd like to scout around some. No one mentions this.

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: Are we going to sell our votes?  A world seed is very tempting.

    /Guild Officers: Nix: How many Colonial guilds are currently in Oasis?

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: 25 now, there probably would have been a dozen more, but the forums are filled with disgruntled guild posts.

    /Guild Officers: Nix: How many of those guilds have mid-tier guilds that remained in Colonial.

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: All of them I believe.  Resolute is the only Upper Tier that I know of that doesn't have a mid-tier.

    /Guild Officers: Ronnie: Got something sneaky planned?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Contact the mid-tier leaders of those 25 guilds.  I want to see them all tomorrow morning.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: Seriously? How will I get them to come?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Tell them we can register all of their Upper Tier guilds in Oasis.

    /Guild Officers: Pon: The f*ck would we do that for?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: I'll give them an offer.  In exchange for handing over their votes and paying the registration fee, I'll register their guilds.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: Damn Nix.  Can you do that?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Yes.  I've seen the Parliamentary guild registration contract.  All I need is the guild leader's name, the name of the guild and the fee.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: You got this idea from Tura Raine?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: I'll write it into the Guild Registration contract.  Permanently giving us their votes.

    /Guild Officers: Sharl: Will they do that?

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: I think they might.  Right now they are struggling to survive in a world where everything and everyone is stronger than them.

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Contact Sulane too, since Resolute is our ally they can keep their votes.
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