141 Upgrading Armor

    "Now stand still and don't move Cora."  Del stood next to her grandfather and his personal guard.  Cora was standing in plain view, in front of a Shunberry bush. She was wearing the armor that Nix had modified. After a few seconds, she started to fade until she was completely invisible.

    "No skill or magic is being used." Sai Tali's old eyes stared at the spot where the young dhassi was standing. "My ability to see through stealth is completely useless.

    Cora scratched her cheek, causing her camo to break.  Her pale face blushed furiously.  "Sorry..."

    "Where did you get this Del?"  Morai Sai Tali was considering the field applications of the armor. If a party was willing to remain completely still, then no amount of detection would find them.

    Del dropped her eyes.  In the end, Nix had exercised the Guild Office Expelling options to remove her from the room.  He was uncommonly difficult.  "Inferno Guild Leader Nix is a Tailor.  He used some sort of cloth overlay to add the enhancement."

    "Guild Leader Nix?" The Grand Elder nodded in satisfaction.  The human had been the reason for the Ain'Dhassi captives returning.  "Perhaps you could arrange a meeting? He deserves my thanks."

    Del gave her grandfather a slight nod.  It definitely wasn't the best time to mention that her relationship with the Inferno leader was a bit rocky.  "I will try Grandfather.  He resides in the other world, and spends most of his time there."

    Sai Tali had been surprised to learn that the Guild to enter through the Ced'Far entrance was filled with Level 1 classes.  This had caused the dhassi to dismiss them as unimportant. In a turn that no one predicted, Inferno had been able to register all the guilds that entered Oasis and at the same time acquire their Governing votes. Now those registered guilds would begin to rise in power while Inferno could sit back and control things from their Guild Office.  "Just stay on his good side Del."


    Nix easily kept pace with the Mantas of Jun Li and Semmi.  Fey would occasionally mess with the water creature mounts by breathing flames into the air.  Nix would pretend to scold her but was secretly patting her shoulder.  He enjoyed a bit of fun.

    Semmi pointed at the herd of animals below.  Unlike Colonial World seeds, Oasis Seed's teemed with natural wildlife.  "Where are you taking us to Nix?

    After exploring with Junie and Sem for a few hours, he had found a nice spot on the map that he wanted to see. A few minutes later Fey landed on a large plateau.

    [Disclaimer: local area maps are available, the full Seed map requires exploration to reach 80 percent]

    Jun Li whistled, "kinda secluded Nix, but really pretty."

    Semmi nodded in agreement.  "Definitely a lot of grass."

    Nix pointed to the low mountain peaks that butted up to the plateau. "This would make great grazing for livestock, there are several acres of woods right before the high peaks.  I'd put a place back there, at the base of the mountains."

    The trio walked through the woods on foot, it was nearly half a mile until they ran into the base of the mountain.  A river could be heard running nearby, it took them a few minutes to find it because of the thick foliage.

    Nix knelt on the bank to cup some of the water in his hands.  "Not too cold, next time I'm going swimming."

    Semmi took a seat on the grassy bank.  "What's the plan Nix?  Keep pounding Mermaid City?" Her short blonde hair was sticking up from the ride in.

    "Yes, but there's also the Embassy." Nix picked up a blade of grass and twisted it while he spoke.  "It has to be important right?"

    Jun Li had taken her boots off and was soaking her feet in the water.  "Sulane told me that the Onion Quest was the highest-rated Guild quest that she's ever seen completed.  Even their Earth Stone quest wasn't rated as high."

    "I see the problem."  Semmi picked up a handful of pebbles and started tossing them in the water while she spoke.  "Guilds get so caught up in gear and raiding, they forget about quests.  The quests we've completed have been incredibly lucrative if you think about it."

    The group sat in silence for a while, each lost in their own thoughts.

    "I should take up fishing," Jun Li gave Nix a tentative smile.  "It's dumb right?"

    Nix shook his head.  "Not at all. I'll do it too, We'll be fishing buddies."

    Semmi stared at the two of them, not sure if they were serious.  "Okay, count me in! Where can you even train fishing?"

    Jun Li shrugged.  "Hey... What do you mean when you say the Embassy has to be important?"

    "On a pure content level, how important would you say the 69th floor was?"  Nix brought up his hud and accessed the quest interface.

    Semmi considered the question and shared a glance with Jun Li.  "If you think about it, you'd  have to say it's the most significant result in Colonial so far."

    Jun Li nodded in agreement.  "Certainly true, but what's your point?"

    "We can agree that having access to Parliament is something that every Upper-Tier guild would like." Nix paused for a moment, "that's just the 69th floor.  We need to find the next big payoff in the Embassy before someone else does."

    Semmi whistled.  "Resolute had been planning to stay in Colonial for at least another year, but that changed with our ability to register their guild."

    Jun Li pulled her feet out of the water and sat them on the small rocks at the water's edge. "When Resolute leaves, all the strong Upper-Tier guilds will be gone. That means we'll have the edge as we continue going up the tower."

    Nix stood up slowly,  "I'm going to make overlays for everyone's armor.  There are a few experiments I can try to change the improvements."

    The trio summoned their mounts and headed back toward the exit platform.  "I'll catch up with you guys later, Fey wants to explore a bit more."  Nix waved to his companions and then Fey banked hard and headed toward the mountains.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Don't forget about fishing.

    /Inferno: Semmi: The guild is making a lot of exploration progress, my hud says that Haven is at 35 percent.  We'll be able to access the map when it passes 80.

    Fey extended her wings fully and glided with little effort.  "I don't care about exploring Nix.  What do you have planned?

    "I'm going to Phai City.  First I need to have some proper armor. There's a canyon up ahead.  Land wherever a massive explosion would do the least amount of damage."

    Fey found the canyon and then turned north, it ended a few miles later in a large area that reminded Nix of a large granite bowl.  "Good enough Nix?"

    "Yes. Land here and put some space between you and me."

    [New Crafting methods are available in Oasis.  Would you like to convert your Colonial Tailoring to the Oasis methods?]

    Nix considered the options for a moment and then decided to do it.  "Yes."

    [Congratulations on becoming an Oasis Tailor]

    Hunting: 100/500

    Leather Making 100/500

    Tailor 100/500

    [Use the menu to select your option]

    Nix selected Tailoring and then scrolled through the lists.  There wasn't an option for what he wanted, but in the end, he found a choice labeled 'Create.'

    The face of an Ain'Dhassi male popped up on his Nix's hud. It was obviously completely automated.

    [State your creation clearly.]

    "I wish to make cloth overlays for armor." Nix had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.  What if that wasn't possible with the new system?

    [Select the Overlay Material]

    Nix chose the camouflage cloth that he had made earlier.

    [Overlay: Camoflauge]

    [Select the item being enhanced]

    Nix chose the evolving Fire Palace Armor that Shae had made for him.

    [Overlay: Camoflauge] [Champion's Fire Palace Armor]

    [You can add up to four Bonus Enhancements for this overlay.]

    Nix chose the three legendary types of leather he had in his inventory, after thinking about it he added the Ced'Far leather also.

    [Overlay: Camoflauge] [Champion's Fire Palace Armor] [Bonus Enhancement: Kraken Leather]

    [Bonus Enhancement: Leviathan Leather] [Bonus Enhancement: Lamia Leather] [Bonus Enhancement: Ced' Far Leather]

    [The technique you are creating is considered a New creation, all New creation fees are waived.]

    [Warning: Some of the Enhancement items carry bonuses that are unavailable in Oasis. In exchange they will be converted to the calculated equivalent.]

    "Damn... So what. I do like free **."  Nix selected the craft icon.

    From reflex Nix had closed his eyes and braced himself, however, there was no massive explosion or release of power from using so many high-quality items.  A smile played on his face when he picked up the armor.  "Now we are talking."

    [The Overlay method has been created and saved in your Crafting Menu.]

    Nix closed the hud and the Dhassi face faded away.

    Emerald Chameleon [Evolving]

    Medium Armor: Tyrant V

    Armor Class: 1200

    + 50 to all Statistics




    Critical Hits

    Description: Seamlessly blends into the surroundings.

    Camouflage only breaks when attacking.

    [Limiter: Because of your Inactive Class, no further enhancements are available until activation]

    "Okay... that might be a bit OP for Colonial, but I'm betting Del and Raine have better stuff."  Nix put the armor on.

    Nix activated Deep Blue and then selected Phai City.
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