145 Settling Haven

    Fey sat near the three fishermen, waiting impatiently.  It was getting to the point where she started giving fishing advice.  "Junie... you should have set the hook.  Now your worm is definitely gone."

    In three hours of fishing, they'd only managed to catch five fish between them.  Jun Li caught three while Nix and Semmi each caught one.  The fish they had caught were quite pathetic, so Nix had summoned Fey and offered them to her. Now she was laying a few meters away grumbling about how slow they were.

    "Fey... Gonna send you away and ban you from the fishing club."  Nix checked his skill level, it had risen to 17.

    /Go Fish: Semmi: You read that letter from the Cabal yet?

    /Go Fish: Nix: No. I will take a look today.  A lot going on with dockets and daily raids.

    /Go Fish: Jun Li: You said you suffered a death penalty from your death in 6.2?

    /Go Fish: Nix: Yep.  Loss of banked xp, equipment damage, and rezz sickness.

    /Go Fish: Semmi: Morti and the Embassy team are on level 79.  We should find out what the special floor on 80 is pretty soon.

    The sudden pounding of hooves caused all three of them to turn.  Flash and the Mares that Nix had acquired in Phai City had arrived.

    Jun Li glanced at Semmi before looking back at him.  "Nix.." Jun Li was trying to keep a straight face. "What are those?"

    Nix turned his attention back to his fishing and cast the line out again.  "Looks like horses."

    Semmi was staring at the black stallion.  "Three mares and a stallion.  Just like the four that were taken from the auction house in Phai City."

    Nix nodded in agreement.  "Freakish coincidence. Haven has its own wildlife you know."

    Jun Li slowly reeled in some line.  "So... you're saying those are wild horses?"

    "Definitely wild."  A huff on the back of Nix's hair caused him to turn around, the smooth black muzzle of one of the mares pushed against him.  He reached up and patted her head.

    "Nix..." Semmi smiled and held out her hand, the mare walked toward her and investigated.  "Where's the sword?"

    Nix accessed his inventory and held out a rather long-bladed sword. It's bound of course so I can't equip it.  Might use it to chop wood, or maybe dig for worms."

    Avenger [Class Specific: Nature's Wrath]

    Tyrant: V

    [Bound: Statistics Unavailable]

    "Holy ** Nix."  Jun Li held out her hand and waited while he passed it to her.  "Stats can't be seen if the blade isn't yours?  Tyrant V?  What kind of rating is that?"

    She sat her pole down and took a few practice swipes in the air.  Jun Li was the best swordsman in the Guild.  Nix had seen her in action more than a few times, she was fast, tricky and ruthless. "If this wasn't bound, I'd be begging you to give it to me."

    "No need for that, I would have given it to you already in that case."

    Semmi watched as the sword flashed from side to side.  "You better not use that to chop wood Nix."

    Nix smiled.  "Too late," he admitted and pointed to a pile of wood he had cut up and stacked against a large tree.

    "...." Jun Li.

    '...." Semmi.

    The thundering sound of hooves made all of them look up again.  The horses galloped away, several Mantas were heading toward them.

    /Go Fish: Jun Li: Damn it.  We've been found.

    Jun Li handed the sword back to Nix and he quickly stowed it away.

    Nix had been expecting Pon and Wind, they were also accompanied by Nansu and Chael.

    The Alchemist pointed out the small herd in the distance.  "Whose horses are those?"

    "They're wild," Nix said quietly.

    "Nix's," Jun Li admitted.

    "Nix's," Semmi Agreed.

    "It's pretty up here Nix."  Nansu brought up the area map. "Grasslands, a river, some forest, and a view of the mountains; this place has it all."

    Nix nodded, "That's why I chose it.  Morti will like it also."

    "He's been working hard on the Embassy levels." Nansu pointed to Nix's bobber that had just been pulled down.  "Set that Nix."

    "Huh?"  Nix set the hook, he felt the momentary weight on the line before he lost the bite.  "Damn... too slow."  He slowly reeled the line in, the hook was bare.  "Bastard took my worm again."

    He sighed heavily and stowed his fishing gear away.  "My fishing skill is stuck at 17."

    Semmi put her gear away also.  "With better poles and bait, who knows what you'll catch here when your skill gets higher."

    /Inferno: Semmi: I promised to send everyone a small brief on some of the classes  So please read it at your leisure. I'll continue to release new information and upgrade the old stuff.

    Tier 3 Classes: Upgradeable to 4.

    [Ranger] This class is a hybrid of the druid/warrior classes.  They are capable of burst dps and are masters of combat once they are outdoors.  They can specialize in Desert, Ice or Forest environments.  Traditionally these categories align with their race.  Ain'Dhassi: Ice, Fir'Dhassi" Forest, Su'Dhassi: Desert.  Within the ranger class are two combat specialties, Dual Swords and Bow.

    [Nature's Wrath] At first glance the Wraths may be hard to distinguish from Rangers.  Wraths can use the bow but specialize in the long blade.  They lack the druid spells that the rangers have but make up for it with advanced stealth capabilities and useful crowd control techniques. Their dps is easier to sustain than the rangers. Like rangers, they are masters of the outdoors.

    [Druid] The class can do a little of everything.  They have healing abilities and crowd control spells like group snare and root.  The druid can shapeshift into any of nature's creatures that they've managed to tame.  The pet is then labeled  [Bonded] and placed in the druid's inventory. The bonded pet must be turned loose before the druid tames another pet.

    [Berzerker] The Berzerker is the master of burst dps.  The lower the health of the Berzerker the higher the damage output. Additionally, their dps output increases as the opponent's health decreases.  With these two modifiers, the 'Zerks' damage can reach crazy high damage.

    Rogue: The rogue class is a dual-wielding dagger class.  They are masters of stealth and dps.  There are two subclasses of rogues.  The Rogue class is a prerequisite for two special classes: Burglar and Assassin.

    Burglar: A master of stealth and thievery.  Lockpicking, pickpocketing and persuade are their main skills. This class can summon one shadow companion from the netherworld to permanently join them on their journey. The selection is random and irreversible.

    Assassin: The assassin's are masters of disguise and stealth.  They are experts in the use of poisons and enjoy complete immunity to this craft.

    Iron Fist: A melee class that relies solely on their hands and feet for damage.  They can master a multitude of martial art techniques. Supposedly they have an effective CC technique, but there is no information on this in the Parliament library.

    Shadow Fiend: The Shadow Fiend spends the first part of their existence grinding levels in the Netherworld. Once they leave, they can assume the form of any Nether creature they were able to defeat in single combat. This trip to Nether is called 'the Culling', and they can repeat it every 10 levels.

    Doppelganger: This class is one of the crazier ones.  They can assume the identity and abilities of any creature or person that is willing to switch.  The change lasts until the doppelganger breaks it.  The target of the switch becomes a normal person/creature without any special abilities.

    Warrior: Exactly as it sounds.  This is the tank.  Their dps is generally crap, but they can hold aggro and absorb massive amounts of damage. Their skill line is dedicated to both single and multiple targets.

    Gladiator: The Gladiator is considered an Off-Tank.  They can take a lot of damage and their dps is slightly better.  This class can use most of the melee weapons and ranged weapons in the game.

    Night Walker: Become a vampire, creature of the night and all of that.  I'm not sure what it entails, but there are some very powerful Vampire Lords among the dhassi.

    Sun Devil: As far as I can tell, these have the same abilities as the Nightwalker class. They have the opposite weaknesses and strengths pertaining to sunlight and night time. They have to find cover before nightfall, moonlight is deadly to them.  They thrive in the sunlight, and yes they do feed on blood.

    [Magical Paths]

    Chaos: Deadly path of magic that uses souls for power.  This is primarily a damage class but they also have some very scary illusion abilities.

    Nature: Natures path is pretty self-explanatory.

    Ice: Utilizes Ice to damage and control their enemy.

    Fire: Like Nix and Pon, they burn ** up.

    Death: Straight up Necromancer path.

    Ordained: Holy Magic, the best heals and rezzes in Oasis.

    Hidden Classes;  Supposedly there are many hidden classes.  They can be found as drops or even purchased if you have enough credits.  Some are pretty mundane, like Innkeeper or Caravan Master.

    The group read the information that Semmi put out and waited while the rest of the Officer's joined them at the river.  Fajii and Mina were the last two officers to arrive.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: When we destroy the artifact on the 12th floor of Mermaid City, I intend to unbank my experience points.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: I agree.  That seems like the best way to transition our members.  I think a group between 5 and 10 should unbank and start on Oasis content.

    /Guild Officer: Pon: There are already five of us who have crossed the Escalade Bridge.  We don't have any healers though.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: For those unaware, Pon, Wind, Fajii, Semmi and myself have crossed.  We need a healer and a tank to join us.

    /Guild Officer: Wylie: I will come and so will Banzi.

    /Guild Officer: Mina: I will come too.

    /Guild Officer: Milat: You are needed more in Colonial Mina.

    /Guild Officer: Mina: I wouldn't volunteer if there wasn't a way for us to go back.  Thank you guys for testing that.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: We'll take 10 total then.  That will open up some 10 person raids in Oasis.  We are still far away from beating Mermaid City.

    /Guild Officer: Fajii: We can fill out the last two with Acolytes from the Scorched Earth Temple or perhaps the Mariner Knights.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: We could use the range damage, either will work fine.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: There is one more thing we should be clear about.  Coming to Oasis through the Escalade bridge and choosing a higher tier path can change you.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: Even your crafting skills will be altered if you convert it to the Oasis system.  Many of the enhances that are normal in Colonial don't exist in Oasis.

    /Guild Officer: Mina: Is that why my armor is so different?  Because you made it under the Oasis skill set?

    /Guild Officer: Nix: Kinda, I made the camouflage overlay under the new skill set.  This enabled me to add four enhancements to the overlay.  The effect was substantial.

    /Guild Officer: Jun Li: Can you show us?

    /Guild Officer: Mina: Yes.

    Ocean Queen [Filamina Only]

    Medium Armor: Tyrant IV

    Armor Class: 1000

    + 30 to all Statistics

    Damage Reduction 40 percent.

    All Sea Abilities have increased by 50 percent.

    [Special Ability: Minion]

    Summon a Sea Devil to fight by your side.


    Range Damage

    Critical Hits

    Description: Seamlessly blends into the surroundings.

    Camouflage only breaks when attacking.

    /Guild Officer: Jun Li: Damn...

    /Guild Officer: Sharl: That AC is the highest I've ever seen in armor.  It's not even heavy armor.

    /Guild Officer: Pon: Yeah, that's pretty nice.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: How difficult to make?

    /Guild Officer: Nix: I can't make any more for the foreseeable future.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: We should go over the dockets today Nix.  There are a few items.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: Sure, I'll meet you there in a bit.

    /Guild Officer: Mina: Give him an hour Semmi, I have something I want to discuss.
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