147 Avenger Returns part two

    "Impressive." Nix sat comfortably at a round table set up outside of the Grand Elders tent. Within a few minutes of their arrival, the Ain'Dhassi presented an impressive feast with platters of meats, vegetables, and fruits.

    Semmi could only nod her head. The blonde officer had immediately been swept away by a group of young Ain'Dhassi women. She returned a few minutes later with a wreath of flowers in her hair and a white dress. Semmi's pretty face was bright red with embarrassment.

    [Whisper: Nix to Semmi] It looks like they are planning to marry you off.

    [Whisper Semmi to Nix] Right. You aren't allowed to mention this ever again.

    [Whisper: Nix to Semmi] No promises... You look nice though.

    [Whisper: Semmi to Nix] Thanks.

    Semmi was seated next to Del, directly across from Nix. It was hard not to notice the scout, even among the attractive Ain'Dhassi.

    Morti was wadding through camp with a dozen or so Ain'Dhassi youths on his back.  The bear would stop every few minutes to take on more passengers.

    "Thank you for accepting my invitation Nix."  The Grand Elder watched the Inferno Guild Leader with a discerning eye. He had seen the human's impressive tailoring skills but there was something else that seemed out of place.

    Nix paused while considering the statement.  He definitely hadn't been invited.  "It's a welcome opportunity to meet one of the Grand Elders of the Ain'Dhassi."

    Unlike the other Ain'Dhassi, Sai Teli kept his hair cut short.  There was a ragged scar at his hairline that Nix hadn't noticed while in sparrow form.  His pale blue eyes seemed ancient however his face was ageless.  "Since we've gathered here as friends, please call me Sai."

    Nix spotted Cora bringing a plate of fruit to the next table, she was wearing the armor that he had modified.  "Is that your armor Cora?"

    The young dhassi froze in place when she heard their visitor speak her name.  Her white hair hung down her back in a single braid, Nix had only noticed her because of the camouflage armor.  "How do you know my name?"

    "I heard Del Tali mention it in the Courtyard when she was speaking with Raine Xai."

    "Oh I see. This armor was gifted to me by Serai Del because I passed the qualifications to begin training."  Cora's face was flushed while she spoke, but she kept eye contact.

    "Ranger training?" Nix remembered from the assassination attempt that there had been three bows stacked together at the youth camp.

    Cora nodded.  "I really like the way it looks."

    Nix smiled warmly, she seemed like a teenager.  "Could I see your bow?  Or is it improper for me to ask?"

    Cora shook her head, "I don't mind."  She glanced at Del who nodded in agreement  A moment later she presented her bow.

    Basic Bow [Ranger Only]

    +200 to Armor Class

    +50 to Range

    +50 to Accuracy

    Nix turned on the bench and held the bow in his hands.  It seemed to be made of a hardwood, something like Black Ash.  It was shorter than he would have thought, perhaps a hybrid of the longbow and short bow.  "Makes sense, a longbow would be cumbersome while hunting in deep foliage," he muttered to himself.  He brought up his crafting menu and chose the Overlay.

    [Camoflauge Overlay] [Basic Bow] [Camoflauge Clothe] [Fish Line Thread]

    The Grand Elder watched as he worked, he had never seen the human crafting methods displayed before.  They seemed vastly different than the Dhassi techniques.  "That clothe naturally blends into the surroundings?"

    Nix nodded.  "It's called Camouflage, it's my own invention. I only thought to apply it to objects recently."

    /Inferno: Semmi: Did you just claim to have invented Camouflage?

    /Inferno: Nix: Yes.

    Sai didn't bother to hide the interest in his eyes."Amazing Guild Leader Nix.  You can apply this to weapons also?"

    Nix waved his hand.  "Just call me Nix, as you said, we are gathered here as friends.  I haven't tried any weapons before, the only experimenting I've done is with different enhancements."

    The Grand Elder glanced at Del, who seemed content to chat idly with Semmi while Nix crafted.  "Del... perhaps as Cora's sponsor, you have a small enhancement that could be added.  I'm very curious about the possibility of Tailor enhanced weapons."

    Nix looked up at Del when she stood.  "Sponsor?"

    Del nodded and handed him a small stone.  "I sponsor Cora.  That means her initial Ranger training will be done by me until she is ready to study under one of our Master Trainers."

    "I see."  Nix held the small stone in his hand and checked its enhancements.


    Description: A mysterious

    stone that increases the chance of

    scoring a critical hit.

    The Camo-Overlay for the bow could have up to two enhancements.  Nix added stone and considered his options.  Just one legendary leather wouldn't drive up the cost too much, the Lamia should add a poison element.

    [Camoflauge Overlay] [Basic Bow] [Forest Camouflage Clothe] [Fish Line Thread] [Bonus Enhancement: Lamia Leather]

    "Since this is your training bow Cora, I shall gift you an enhancement on behalf of the Inferno Guild."  Nix checked the setup and then selected the Craft option.

    Forest Viper [Ranger Only]

    Bow: Tyrant I

    +800 to Armor Class

    +75 to Range

    +75 to Accuracy

    20 percent chance to score a Critical hit.

    [Additional Effects]

    Lamia's Poison: A poison counter

    is added to your target for each successful hit.

    Avoid Detection: Remain motionless

    and completely blend in with your surroundings.

    Blurry Target: Incoming Range damage is mitigated by 40

    percent due to your outline is heavily obscured.

    When he was done, he did a quick inspection and then handed the bow back to Cora.

    Cora's pale features flushed noticeably.  "A Tyrant bow?"  She looked at Del, "Is it okay for me to have something like this?"

    Del inspected the bow and nodded her head.   "In Oasis, sometimes events or special encounters can lead us to good fortune. Think of this as yours."

    There was an awkward silence that extended over the tables while the AIn'Dhassi stared at Nix. It lasted only a few seconds before the sounds of music playing distracted everyone.  A dozen youths dressed in bright colors started dancing in a small circle.

    [Whisper: Semmi to Nix]  I can't take you anywhere.

    [Whisper: Nix to Semmi] Word will spread.  Human crafters are skilled and our methods are creative and effective.  You're right Sem, we need to unite the Guilds under one Alliance. Soon as we finish Mermaid City.

    [Whisper: Semmi to Nix] Now you're talking.

    They enjoyed a pleasant meal with their Ain'Dhassi hosts.  There was no talk of politics but several Ain'Dhassi approached the Inferno members during the meal to thank them for the return of their family members.  The music and the dancing were a pleasant distraction. Wine and conversation had started to make Nix tired.  He covered a yawn and finished the rest of his drink.

    A tall Ain'Dhassi approached their table just as Nix was finishing.  "Morai Sai, Delyn Xai from the Fir'Dhassi has come."

    Nix took that as his cue.  "We should be going Grand Elder Sai.  Semmi and I both have important business in Colonial that requires our attention."

    Del stood bowed low.  "Thank you for gifting my sponsor such a nice weapon.  I shall gather an escort to bring you back."

    Semmi shook her head.  "We'll just gate out."

    Elder Sai's pale eyes stared as Nix and Semmi joined hands and then gated from their camp.  The old dhassi sighed heavily.  "It's true.  They have an artifact that binds to an area."
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