148 Avenger Returns Conclusion

    Semmi and Nix appeared in Haven an instant later.  The blonde officer gave Nix a questioning look.  "Why the rush to leave?"

    "I want to return something."  Nix exited Haven and entered the Guild Office.

    An hour later, a stealthed Nix was trotting back toward the Fir'Dhassi camp.  Nightfall had come, but it didn't affect Nix who had slipped his Snake eyes mask on.  The bright colors of the Fir'Dhassi forest seemed to jump out at him as he increased his pace.

    During his conversation with Del, she had told him the location of both the Su'Dhassi and Fir'Dhassi camps.  There were two guards at the entrance to the Fir'Dhassi camp, neither moved nor noticed anything when Nix walked directly between them.

    The Fir'Dhassi camp was smaller than he would have thought.  Maybe they didn't bother with a large presence since Parliament was in their territory.  It took Nix nearly another hour to check all the tents.

    Finally, he spotted her.  The tall Fir'Dhassi was heading toward the largest tent in the compound.  Nix frowned, he hadn't bothered to check that one, it was obviously the Dhassi version of the mess tent. A moment after Raine entered, a handful of Fir'Dhassi exited.  Was Raine the cause?  The Fir'Dhassi leader did seem a bit too serious for her own good.

    A wave of heat struck Nix in the face the moment he entered the large tent. He moved quickly to one side to avoid two dhassi males that were exiting.  It was then that he stopped dead in his tracks.  'A f*cking bath tent?  What kind of Elf bathes in a barrel when there's a river outside?  What about nature and spring water?'

    A form moved gracefully through the steam-filled air.  Her dark blonde hair hung down just passed her waist.  Nix didn't bother to turn away when she stepped into the water.  He circled the inside of the tent to keep an eye on the only entrance.  Raine was just easing into the hot water.  The water stopped just below the curve of her breast, she cupped water in her hands splashed her face.

    A pile of clothes on a nearby benchmarked Nix's target.  He'd place her sword on her things, and no one would be the wiser.  They entered a moment later when she submerged her head and slicked her hair back.  Two figures in dark clothes approached Raine slowly.

    Nix cursed his **ty luck.  The two intruders had a slight glow around them.  Did that mean they were stealthed?  He had never used the true sight option of the Snake Eye mask.

    /Inferno: Mina: Nix? Where are you?

    /Inferno: Nix: Can't talk now.

    They moved suddenly and faster than Nix expected.  One-shot an object from some sort of wrist weapon while the other started to open a gate.  Raine's unconscious body was dragged out of the hot water and through the gate.  Nix dived at them before they could escape, slamming into the person holding Raine an instant before all four of them disappeared.

    A moment later Nix crashed into the ground.   He rolled to one side and immediately stealthed.  The two assailants were both on the ground, Raine was nearby where they dropped her.

    [Whisper: Nix to Delyn] Your apprentice has been taken.

    The two figures drew their weapons, the eyes of one glowing softly.

    Neyma Xai has cast True Sight.

    Nix froze in place as the two dhassi studied their surroundings.

    "It's fine, whoever it was is still at the camp." Neyma sighed and then glanced at the unconscious body of Raine.  "Let's just kill her now and be done with it."

    "We've gone through the trouble of setting up a the site, it's no good unless the Ain'Dhassi are blamed."  The second voice was a woman, but a mask hid her features.

    [Whisper: Delyn to Nix] Taken?  Where?

    [Whisper: Nix to Delyn] Not exactly sure yet. Do you have a way to track her?

    Nix considered his options.  He could feel that the two dhassi were much stronger than him.  Attacking them would be useless, he might hold one for a few moments.

    Neyma wrapped Raine in a cloth and tossed her over one shoulder.  The two dhassi started moving east at a trot.  The weight of the dhassi didn't seem to bother him at all.

    [Whisper: Delyn to Nix] If she had her old sword equipped, I could find her.

    "....."  Nix.

    [Whisper: Nix to Delyn] They dropped a rather nice looking long-blade when they gated in.

    Nix sat the sword in the long grass and continued after the dhassi.

    [Whisper: Delyn to Nix]  What?

    [Whisper: Nix to Delyn] They dropped something when I escaped them, it was a long-bladed sword.

    [Whisper: Delyn to Nix] I'm on my way.  Don't engage them Nix, they are both my level.

    [Whisper: Nix to Delyn]  I'll just follow them unless they try to hurt her.

    After 15 minutes of running, the duo stopped. Nix sighed heavily when he saw the horses that were tied behind some trees.

    [Whisper: Nix to Delyn] They have horses... We're boned.

    [Whisper: Delyn to Nix] I'm at the sword!  East?

    [Whisper: Nix to Delyn]  Yes... Just follow the sound of a Fire Mage getting his ass kicked.

    [Fire Root]

    Emerald flames have rooted Neyma in place.

    [Fire Root]

    Emerald flames have rooted Tyai in place.

    Nix managed to root both fighters before they discovered him.  Both dhassi pulled out bows causing him to dive for cover.

    [Summons: Mortimer]

    [Summons: Ducky]

    [Summons: Tor, Cal, Shadai]

    "Sick em Morti we only need a few moments!"

    [Absolute Challenge]

    All Enemies are forced to attack Mortimer.

    "Shadai, focus your heals on Morti only! Our first kill is Neyma!"

    Ducky has charmed Tyai.

    Tyai turned away from the Titan and slashed at the back of Neyma causing him to spin to one side.  A huge paw bypassed his defense and sent the wounded Dhassi to the ground.

    Tyai has resisted charm.  An angry dhassi looked around in confusion for a moment before noticing the Siren. Instantly she flashed toward her.

    [Aura Ignition]

    12 strands of Emerald flames wrapped around the arms of Neyma.  She screamed in agony as she pulled backward in an attempt to free herself.

    Nix was jerked forward, He held on desperately while getting slammed repeated from side to side.

    [Ground Pounder]

    Neyma has been stunned.

    Tyai has been stunned.

    Nix dropped the flame strands and targetted Neyma.

    [Fire Burst]

    Five balls of superheated flame struck Neyma.

    Neyma is critically wounded and has entered a state of high vulnerability.

    Ducky has charmed Neyma.

    The wounded Neyma charged at Tyai slashing with his blade.

    Tyai cursed loudly and defended herself.

    Tyai has slain Neyma.

    "Bastards!"  Tyai screamed in anger, her blade moving before Nix could react.

    Ducky has been slain.

    [Absolute Defense]

    Half of all incoming damage is blocked by Mortimer's thick hide.

    The surprisingly fast Titan intercepted the dhassi fighter that was suddenly charging Nix.

    Meri Xai has cast entangled.

    Roots have sprung from the earth and wrapped around Tyai's legs.

    "STOP!"  A voice shouted from behind them.  Delyn and three Fir'Dhassi had arrived.  The Master swordsman placed himself between Tyai and Nix.  "It's over Tyai"

    Tyai's eyes showed her anguish, she glanced back at the comrade she was forced to slay.  "In the next life then."  Without another word, she collapsed face-first on the ground.

    The Fir'Dhassi cleric moved to Tyai's side and knelt down for a moment before looking up, her eyes were grim.  "She took Cheizel Root, she's dead."

    Nix turned toward his Arch Wings that were still flying above him.  "Great job, you guys can head back."

    Cal nodded and a moment later all three vanished.

    The dhassi cleric started working on the unconscious Raine.  Delyn approached Nix who was covered in dirt and grass, but otherwise unharmed.

    "It seems I owe you a great debt of gratitude Nix."  The dhassi placed a hand on Nix's shoulder, his eyes showing sincerity.  "How did you get caught up in this?"

    "I was exploring near the platform the two assassins arrived at.  What's a platform doing out here in the middle of nowhere?" Nix unsummoned Mort while he talked.

    "There's an abandoned Temple nearby, the platform was made for their acolytes." Delyn bowed his head deeply.  "Thank you for your efforts.  What happened after that?"

    "I stealthed and followed them.  When they arrived at their horses I was forced to intervene."  Nix breathed a sigh of relief when Raine finally stood up.  She seemed a bit disoriented, but at least she was alive.

    "How did you track her through a sword?"  Nix could see that the dressed Raine had already equipped the sword in question.

    "I forged the sword myself, as long as it isn't stowed away or in a hidden world, I can find it."  Delyn turned back toward his people.  "Gather everything together, we have to leave."

    "Hey..." Nix stared at the horses that the assassin's were planning to ride.  "I don't have a horse myself, could I have those two?"

    Delyn nodded, "their gear and horses all belong to you."

    Nix noted that they were both mares.  "Thank you."
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