168 A Short Reunion

    Nix sighed with relief as the weight of Solomon City was taken away.  The sweet scent of the Gemini orchard greeted them as they stepped off the platform. "This is the sanctuary within the Gemini Temple."

    Shae leaned against him and inhaled deeply.  "I've missed you Nix."

    Nix squeezed her hand and pulled her closer before kissing the top of her head while she hugged him tightly. "Hmm... Same here.  The Gemini Temple is in Haven, which we've anchored to the Guild Office in Parliament. Everyone in Inferno used their Homestead tokens."  He pulled his armor off and stowed it away before helping Shae with hers.

    She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him, letting it linger while she pressed her body against him. After a minute she sighed happily and pulled away.  "I haven't used mine.  Show me what you built!"

    The Gemini Temple exited into the plateau that Nix used as grazing lands.  The couple walked hand in hand through the tall grass, with Nix pointing out the herd of horses that were lingering about.

    "Those are your horses Nix?" Shae looked at the small herd, "the shiny black one in front is beautiful."

    Nix nodded, "That's Flash, he.."

    Shae interrupted him by pushing him down in the tall grass.  She straddled his hips, both of her hand pressed against his chest.  "You're a Nemesis now.  That's really amazing."

    Nix gripped her hips with his hands, "don't flame up Shae, I don't want to lose the entire plateau to a fire."

    "Okay... First a proper greeting, then we'll head to my Elemental world and pick all my peppers." She pulled her shirt over her head, her lips curved in a smile.

    "A bit in the open isn't it?" Nix estimated the grass length at two feet or so, once they laid down it would be difficult to see them.

    Shae nodded and cupped his cheeks with both hands. "Put up with it for a bit."  Her lips brushed against his before parting slightly and deepening the kiss.


    An hour later Nix and Shae walked hand in hand to his Ranch House.  He showed her the bunkhouse, stables and the Ranch House itself.  The redhaired Archon leaned against the kitchen island while Nix cooked them a meal.

    "Your family is here?" Shae hadn't seen either of them since she arrived.

    "Bev will be back in a few days, she is taking care of a few important things.  Dad is crafting at the Gemini Temple."

    After eating they gated directly to Shae's elemental world.  "Nix... You're the temple lord of the Gemini Temple?"

    Nix nodded and returned her smile.  Shae's world hadn't changed at all.  "It's the Gemini Palace actually, however it sounds a bit weird to say it, so we just call it a temple."

    Shae clapped excitedly when she saw the rows and rows of fresh ghost peppers.  "Let's pick them all Nix!"

    "That's why I brought the bags." He handed her one and stepped over to the next row. "We'll work slow, that way we can catch up."

    "You met my squad.  What did you think?"  Shae knelt in the first row and started picking pepper.

    "The one who wore the dark armor seems very strong." Nix's hands moved fast, carefully picking and putting them in the bag.

    Shae nodded and popped a handful of peppers in her mouth.  "That's Borda, he's a flame knight, not really sure what that means."

    "The other male, I can't identify at all.  Is he a fire creature?"  Nix couldn't keep the smile off his face, Shae was doing more eating than picking.

    "Fireworm, they live deep underground, he actually possesses a lot of Earth abilities." She stared at him for a moment before standing up and sitting the bag down.  "Break time Nix."

    Nix looked at the two rows they worked on.  "We barely started." He followed her anyway, speeding up when she began to run.

    The redhead tossed her clothes in the air as she ran, she skidded to a stop in front of her favorite hot-pool.  She turned to face him, silver flames erupting around her.  "Show me the flames you've learned Nix."

    [Aura Ignition]

    Nix couldn't help but stare in silence at her.  Her red hair hung over her shoulders, Shae's perfect skin was detailed by the illumination of her silver flames.  He changed his flames from emerald to silver and then to the Gemini flame.  "Do you like?"

    Shae nodded and reached out slowly.  "It vibrates Nix.  How did you do that?"

    "I'll show you in a bit."  His aura turned back to the silver flames as he pulled her close and picked her up.

    An hour later Nix's was sitting in the hot pool, a few feet away from him Shae was bathed in beautiful silver flames.  Her hair was slicked back and her brown eyes seemed to radiate happiness. "I missed you so badly Nix."

    'Focus Shae." He moved closer, his emerald flames immediately started to get overwhelmed by her silver ones. "Try to make your flames more pliable."  He moved closer and slowly his emerald flames were pushed back at him.

    Shae gave him a sly smile.  "Perhaps more contact is necessary."  She waded slowly toward him until her breasts pushed against his chest.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and then leaned against him.

    "Damn... You're so distracting." Nix released his emerald flames and summoned his silver flames again.

    "Yep..." Shae wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him deeply.  She reached between them and gripped him in her hand, moaning softly as she guided him in.


    "I want to see Fajii.  I really miss her."  Shae leaned against him, her wet hair scattered across his chest.

    "Have her come here then." Nix closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of Shae.

    Shae popped one elbow up and looked at his face.  "You don't mind?"

    Nix shook his head. "She asks about you often."

    Shae smiled as if she was pleased. "Fajii could become an Archon eventually, all elementals have the ability.  There are plenty of Earth Archons, they are very strong."

    "She unbanked her levels to help my transition to Nemesis."  Nix had been thankful at the time, although he hadn't successfully separated his flames, her help had enabled him to last long enough to come up with an alternative.

    "Of course she did, Fajii loves you." Shae watched his eyes for reaction, she traced his cheek with one finger. "Why does that make you look nervous?"

    "It doesn't, somehow you saying it is unsettling."

    "Aquarions speak their feelings, it's a beautiful trait."  She paused for a moment, then eased off him long enough to pull him deeper into the pool.  "She said the same thing to me."

    Nix felt her smooth legs entwining with his.  "Fajii?  What did she say?"

    "Hmm... That she loves me."  Shae studied his reaction without comment.

    "No, she didn't."

    "Sure did." Shae's hand caressed his arm.  "Is it so unbelievable?"

    Nix nodded, "yes."

    Shae laughed at the look on his face. "Ask her yourself, she's on her way."

    "Should I give you some time alone with her?"

    Shae shook her head. "Can't I enjoy the company of my sister and my mate?"

    Nix didn't reply, the conversation seemed bent on taking wild tangents.  "You make it sound reasonable."

    Shae nodded. "I'm very reasonable."

    Fajii arrived a few minutes later, her face lighting up with happiness when she saw Shae.  "Where have you been?"  Fajii quickly removed her clothes and joined them in the hot pool.

    Aquarions have no sense of space, she moved next to Shae, stroking her red hair while they talked.  Nix started to nod off while Shae told Fajii her story.  He slept soundly for a while and woke up while Fajii was telling Shae about Ishna.

    Nix waded out of the pool and got dressed while they continued to talk. He sat on the banks listening to them. "Don't forget to see Rhy before you leave, she has been asking about you."

    Shae nodded. "Why did you get dressed again?"

    "Being undressed in front of the two of you at the same time is unsettling."

    Fajii's dark eyes stared at him.  "What about Sharl and Ronnie?"

    "....."  NIx.

    "Good point." Shae didn't hide the amusement in her voice. "They are sisters, right?  Fajii and I are sisters also."

    Fajii nodded in agreement."He always takes Ronnie's side in guildchat. No matter what she says."

    Nix frowned at the dark-skinned Aquarion.  "Hey, leave Ronnie alone."

    Fajii smiled sweetly.  "See?"

    Another hour passed and Nix found himself back in the pepper rows talking amiably with Shae and Fajii.

    "You should declare a champion for your Temple and gather Acolytes."  Shae had pulled ahead in the next row since she was eating everything.

    Nix nodded, "I will consider my choices."  For some reason, he felt there was only one possibility for that title.


    Too soon the time for Shae to depart arrived.  She managed to spend some time with Rhylia and her close friends from Inferno before she reluctantly made her way back to the Gemini Temple.

    "Having a portal that can access three worlds is truly amazing, you could sneak in to see me." Shae squeezed his hand and leaned against him as they entered the Gemini Sanctuary.

    She tilted her head and kissed him.  "I love you Nix."

    "Did Fajii tell you to say that?"

    "Yep," she admitted.

    "I love you too Shae."

    She stepped up on the platform, her face glowing with happiness.  "They saw what you did on the training grounds Nix.  Pheno and the rest of the Archon trainers, rumors of your strength will spread quickly."

    Nix shrugged, "I've a lot of things left to do in Colonial and I haven't even skimmed the surface in Oasis."

    Shae gave him a sly look as she activated the gate to Solomon City and tossed him a neatly folded piece of paper.  "Sneak in and see me sometime, I even drew you a map."
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