180 Archon Armor

    Breach Commander Mtui stared at the Mission Report from the Fraya'Selene region.  The name caught his eye because of its nature, Pon the Magnificent. The dark-haired commander leaned back in his chair.

    Beta stood respectfully in front of her C.O.  Her job was to report facts, not give her opinion.  "It's that name again. Captain Vooni recruited a 50 level Salamander to replace her dropped Trainee.  Then this same name shows up in their investigation team."

    The dark-haired man had two small horns jutting out of the sides of his forehead. "Without passing the trial, this Pon person should barely be able to move."  Mtui had viewed the records; although he hadn't outperformed his teammates, he did manage to make a difference.

    Beta's pink eyes stared at the Breech Commander. "Word has trickled down through Solomon City, recruit Pon the Magnificent at all costs."

    Mtui pursed his lips as he considered her words.  "The source?"

    "Nunzo, the Flame Knight, he sent the message to the Commander of his Order." Beta opened up her hud and showed him her record of the Ice Fire Cube.

    Mtui instantly recognized it for what it was, an infinity curse. "He cracked it open like a Dragonspawn would.  Did they see you?"

    The Albino female shook her head.  "No."

    "He's just a  50 level," Mtui closed his hud, " but I don't want to lose him one to the Great Houses.  Let's help him out, get him some better gear."

    Beta nodded, "I'll see to it, Sir."


    "Why up so early, Nix?"  Fey was sunning herself on the banks of their fishing spot. The Drake lay flat on her stomach with her long wings stretched out on the grass.

    "I'm looking for you." He took a seat on the grass near her head, one hand patting her gently.

    Fey closed her eyes, "I'm getting a lot of special attention Nix.  Are you up to something?"

    "Yes, I've brought you a present." He showed her a small red stone.  "Know what this is?"

    Fey's snout raised slightly.  "I sense Shae on that, but I'm not sure what it is."

    "This will give you access to her Elemental world while she is gone." Nix had asked Shae for it, and she complied willingly.

    The raised her head and stared into his eyes. "What's driving this, Nix?"

    Nix held up a second object. "This is."

    Sea Rune: Artifact

    Elemental Storage 1/1

    Contents: Ice Dragon Spirit

    Fey's eyes showed confusion. "Are you going to fuse with an Ice Dragon Spirit?"

    "No, you are." Nix stood up and activated Deep Blue.  "I'll be summoning you in a few minutes, so prepare yourself."

    "Fuse with an Ice Dragon?" Fey watched as Nix disappeared in front of him. "Don't you know how valuable that is?"


    Nix walked past Derva on his way to the Fire Palace altar, Shae's Head Acolyte bowed politely when he greeted her.  A moment later, he entered Shae's world and disappeared from the Fire Palace.

    He felt odd walking to Shae's garden without her present.  The beautiful Salamander had made a deal with him.  Pick her some ghost peppers, and Fey could make use of the Elemental world while she attempted to fuse with the Ice Dragon Spirit.  Nix pulled out his bag and started picking.

    After two hours of harvesting, Nix took a few minutes to soak in Shae's favorite hot-pool.  Nix held the artifact in one hand and then summoned Fey. According to Shae, the drake would have to swallow the artifact whole and then attempt a merger.  Nix summoned her and spent a few minutes giving her encouragement.

    Fey pushed her snout against Nix's chest. "To give me such a treasure, Nix, I am speechless."

    Nix stroked her head lightly. "Do you best, and I will craft you a harness that will give you the skies of Oasis."

    Fey nodded and opened her mouth. Nix placed it inside gently.  "Prepare yourself and take your time.  I will come to check on you in a day."


    An hour later, Nix walked into the Parliament Guild Office. All the officers were gathered, Nix took his seat and spun the chair around to face his guildmates.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: First item, we have three Guild Quests on our Queue.  I believe that I already possess the items necessary to complete them. However, we need to build a Guild Hall in Oasis first.

    /Guild Officer: Pon: Why do we need to build the hall first?

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: These quests are Legendary Class Guild Quests, we need a proper Guild Hall to reap the benefits.

    /Guild Officer: Jun Li: Where do we build the Guild Hall? The Haven maybe?

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: That's one option.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: I was thinking Loki.  We don't have to use the building in order for us to receive the bonuses.

    /Guild Officer: Jun Li: What's your reasoning?

    /Guild Officer: Nix: The Izzin can use it as their HQ while they plan their next move.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: I like it.

    /Guild Officer: Jun Li: Me too.

    /Guild Officer: Pon: The Izzin could use a hand, it's great that we've been able to help them.

    /Guild Officer: Fajii: I have no objection.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: I'm going to head to Loki and start with building the Guild Hall. We'll get the first choice on location.

    /Guild Officer: Fajii: I'm going to send 100 of my Scorched Earth Acolytes to maintain security for Loki City.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: It's a good idea; although we are allies, there are bound to be moments of aggression.

    /Guild Officer: Ronnie: I'll research the Quests.  With the addition of the Gemini books to my library, I need some credits to upgrade to a Great Library.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: How many credits?

    /Guild Officer: Ronnie: 600 million credits.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: I'll make sure you get it.  Upgrade right away and give us the background on these Quests.

    /Guild Officer: Ronnie: Thanks, Nix.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: Tomorrow, we'll be wrapping up the 11th floor. We'll hit all three of them in a row and hope for the Ivory Key.

    /Guild Officer: Mina: Thank you, everyone. To be so close to my lifetime goal, I can't tell you what it means to the members of the Souza Accord.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: We'll see it through Min.


    The Emerald Salamander stepped off the platform in Solomon City, right away he spotted her, an Albino female in black scaled armor.

    "Greetings.  You are Pon the Magnificent?" The pale woman approached him and waited for his answer.

    Nix looked up at her; she was slender and athletic. He guessed her to be a stealth-type class. "Yes."

    "I'm Beta, a special envoy of the Breach Commander." She returned his bow politely.

    "Well met Envoy Beta.  Please excuse me; I'm on my way to the training yard."

    Beta produced a large box from her inventory and sat it on the stone tile in front of him. "Since you are working hard to aid Captain Vooni's team, you are being awarded a full set of Basic Archon Armor."

    "For me?" Nix stared at the box she set down and then promptly changed to human form.  He examined the armor for a moment before putting it on.

    Archon Armor: Tyrant X [Recruits Only]

    Armor Class: 3000

    +100 to all Stats.

    All incoming damage is decreased by 50 percent.

    Fire Based Abilities are increased by 40 percent.

    Nix slipped on his mask so he would have a usable camouflage. "Thank you.  Rest assured, I will put it to good use."

    Beta nodded in satisfaction.  "Why the mask?  Are you an outlaw?"

    Nix nodded. "Undoubtedly."

    The Albino stayed near the platform until he walked out of sight.  He didn't seem to be struggling at all.  Could the bonus stats from the set armor make that big of a difference?"


    Nix smiled behind his mask as he entered the training yard.  The boost in stats had to put his strength close to 300, for the first time in Solomon City, he felt strong. He spotted Vooni and her Fire Team near the entrance to the training Instance.

    [You have joined the Fire Group Chat.]

    He nodded cordially to his group.  "Am I late?  I was wiped out yesterday after that damn prison cube."

    Vooni's face showed her surprise. "Going to fight with your human form today?"

    Nix nodded, "I received some armor from Envoy Beta. The stat increase is enough for me to fight comfortably."
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