181 Izzin Quests

    Nix waited with the rest of the Fire Team while Captain Vooni briefed them.

    "Listen up, this is a simple training mission." A slight smile lingered on her lips while she spoke. "Defend the Fire Nymph from three waves of attacks. Set up your defense however you like. Take a minute to figure things out and then jump in."

    /Fire: Nix: A Fire Nymph?  Is that the flame version of a Water Nymph?

    /Fire: Aja: Yes. The same playful elementals, not really worth much.

    The golden-haired drake handed him a small envelope. "The lord of my house seeks to make your acquaintance, please read this invitation."

    "Hmm?" Nix looked at the invitation he had been given, the outside read 'Pon the Magnificent.'"

    "I have one too Pon."  Omak handed him a similar letter. "This is from the lord of my house."

    Nix stowed both letters.  "Thank you both, I shall read them after we finish up."

    Vooni watched the interactions of her group with interest, the Great Houses were already closing in on Pon. "Get moving!"


    The click of heels on white marble floors echoed in the quiet halls of the Great Library. A brown tweed skirt with a white collared accompaniment completed the picture of Haven's Librarian. Ronnie could pass for a Su'Dhassi with her dark skin and pointed ears. She smiled to herself and opened the Great Librarian hud, something only the caretakers of Great Libraries could do.

    [Whisper: Dalton to Ronnie] How are the shoes, Ronnie? It was my first attempt at heels.

    [Whisper: Ronnie to Dalton] Very nice, now that I know what a cobbler does, let's be good friends.

    [Whisper: Dalton to Ronnie] Sounds good.

    Dalton and Nix had teamed up to make her proper work clothes.  She completed the look by putting her red-streaked hair up in a neat bun. "Now if I could only find some glasses."

    Ronnie entered a search for the Lift the Curse Quest. Immediately she started reading.

    [Lift the Curse: Legendary Quest]

    A long-forgotten race was cursed centuries ago by a powerful Ice Dragon. Somewhere in the Southern Icecaps, a lost civilization remains frozen in time.  Slay the Dragon and unbury their remnants that lay closest to the dragon's lair.


    1) Must find all the crew members of the Moon Goddess.

    2) Two of the three officers must survive. (Captain Yor, First Mate Tully, Shipwright Vy)

    3) Kill the Ice Dragon and obtain Proof of Death.

    Reward: Gain a powerful Alliance in the Kingdom of Izzin.

    POC [Bael Strom]

    /Inferno: Ronni: Semmi could you come to the Haven library, please?

    /Inferno: Semmi: I'm a bit busy at Loki.  Can it wait?

    /Inferno: Ronnie: Just take my portal here.

    /Inferno: Semmi: The Great Library has a portal?

    /Inferno: Ronnie: Yes, I've restricted the access temporarily but I'll add your name.

    /Inferno: Semmi: This is the sort of thing you should announce to the Guild.

    /Inferno: Ronnie: Guild Announcement: The Great Haven Library has a portal, it can access all the Capital cities in Oasis.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Loki is on the list?

    /Inferno: Ronnie: Yep.

    A few minutes later an annoyed-looking Semmi entered the Great Haven Library.  She came to an abrupt stop when she saw Ronnie.  "Okay... What's with the sexy Librarian look?"

    Ronnie smiled at the blond officer. "Like it?"

    Semmi nodded.  "Let me guess, Nix made that outfit for you."

    Ronnie nodded, "yep.  And Dalton made the shoes."

    Semmi couldn't stop the smile from jumping onto her face.  "I hope you have an actual reason for asking me to visit."

    Ronnie pointed to a nearby chair.  "Pull up a seat."

    Semmi pulled a chair closer to the desk and started reading the screen that Ronnie had pulled up. Immediately her face took on a look of confusion. "A powerful Alliance? What does that even mean? There's only a few dozen of them."

    Ronnie leaned forward her dark eyes staring intently. "I have a theory."

    Semmi looked like a deer caught in headlights, she could smell the light fragrance of flowers. Sharl had once told her that Ronnie was capable of anything. "S-Sure, let's hear it."

    The dark-haired beauty cocked her head to one side. "You okay?"

    Semmi cleared her throat and nodded.  "Yep, just tired."

    "My theory is that the rest of the Izzin population aren't dead either, they're frozen like the crew of the Moon Goddess."

    "And now we have to dig them all up?" Semmi reread the Quest and rewards again.

    Ronnie shook her head. "The Curse of Ice will be lifted once the quest is turned in to our Point-of-Contact, Bael Strom."

    "Bring up the other two Quests."  Semmi watched as she keyed them up on her hud.

    [The Forgotten Race]

    The oldest humanoid race in Oasis is not the dhassi, but rather the Izzin. Their culture predates the Dhassi civilization by hundreds of years.  Remind the Dhassi races of their existence.


    1) Find one surviving member of the Izzin government.

    2) Receive [Heartfelt Thanks]

    3) Bring the Izzin Government Official to Parliament and register them as an Independent Nation of


    Reward: Major Cultural Enhancement, Restoration of the Izzin Nation.

    POC: Parliament Registration Office.

    "Holy crap Ronnie."  Semmi reread the conditions, "Shipwright Vy gave Nix Heartfelt Thanks."

    Ronnie brought up a second hud on her desk, this one was a map of Oasis.  "Doesn't the Ain'Dhassi stand to lose a large chunk of their lands if a new nation is formed?"

    Semmi reached over and zoomed in on the map, she used her finger to outline the Tysta Lake. "This lake was the seat of their nation, all the cities were coastal settlements."

    "Let's see the last one then." Ronnie keyed in the search, she could feel the blond officers' eyes staring at her, "there we go, Sem."

    [The Moon Goddess]

    A great War Ship from the early days of Oasis disappeared while on a diplomatic mission. The knowledge of shipbuilding died with the great Izzin country. Rebuild her to the best of your abilities.


    1) Moon Goddess Blueprints.

    2) An Izzin Shipwright.

    3) Allied Status with the Izzin Nation.

    POC: Minister of Naval Defense, Vyona Seabreeze.

    Semmi pursed her lips as she read the last quest. "Vyona Seabreeze could be Shipwright Vy."

    Ronnie nodded, "I was thinking the same thing."

    Semmi stood and favored Haven's new librarian with a smile. "One way to find out.  Thanks, Ronnie."

    Ronnie waved from her desk. "Don't be a stranger."


    The four members of Fire Team huddled close to the Fire Nymph while they tried to recover. Nix leaned heavily on his knees, his breath coming in gasps. The first two waves were straight-up melee contests.  He hadn't managed to kill anything, but staying alive was his main goal. He thanked Beta under his breath for the new armor, he probably would have been cut in half without it.

    /Fire: Nunzo: Don't let the lack of kills bother you, surviving the assault waves at your level is completely amazing.

    /Fire: Omak: The planar suppression affects all your stats, seriously just stay alive and we win.

    /Fire: Aja: We got this, the last wave coming up!

    Nix felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see the smiling Fire Nymph. Her nude feminine figure could barely be made out under the inferno of flames that engulfed her.  During the battles, she had called out encouragement to the team protecting her.

    "I am Tadera and you have very pretty eyes."  The Fire Nymph circled him once, her light laughter surrounding him.

    Nix was glad the mask hid his goofy grin.  She reminded him of Ducky, although his Siren seemed much stronger. "Thanks."

    Nunzo moved in front of him and hefted his shield.

    /Fire: Nunzo: Incoming!

    Three Fiery Hellhounds charged into their defense.

    /Fire: Aja: Shit, fire creatures.

    [Knight's Challenge]

    Nunzo has called out a Challenge.  All opponents must answer the call.

    [Aura Ignition: Ice Flame]

    Nix raised a hand and three strands of Ice Flame shot toward the nearest Hellhound, the barbed ends impaled deep into its flesh.  Gritting his teeth, he dragged one of the beasts away from the Flame Knight.

    The snagged Hellhound howled in agony and charged at Nix.

    [Flame Snare: Ice Flames]

    A Fiery Hellhound has been slowed by 40 percent.

    [Fire Root: Ice Flames]

    A Fiery Hellhound has been rooted in place.

    Nix was barely managing to hold the hellhound, with his mana not recovering he opted for a straight CC role as other members of the Fire Team fought aggressively.

    /Fire: Nunzo: The kills are taking too long, we should have mobs had more already!

    Nix pulled his hellhound further away from Nunzo before recasting root and snare.

    /Fire: Aja: Pon use Dragon Eyes and scout!

    [Dragon Eyes]

    Nix's eyes changed from yellow to deep orange.  Immediately he spotted a stealthed creature sneaking in.

    /Fire: Nix: Aja, strike to your left.

    The Fire Drake blurred and slashed out with her dagger.

    [Critical Hit]

    A Demon Assassin has been exposed and is highly vulnerable.

    Nix caught a movement in the air and ducked as a silver blade slashed where his head had been. Quickly he raised his hand and sent an Ice Flame strand at the winged assassin that was closing on Tadera.

    His target dodged easily and dived at the Fire Nymph.

    Nix cursed loudly and raised his hand again but this time he targeted Tadera, two emerald strands wrapped around her waist just before the assassin arrived.  He pulled with all his strength yanking the Fire Nymph from under the assassin's blade.  The ringing of a sword stuck deep into the stone caused Omak to turn and attack.

    [Stun Shot]

    Omak has stunned a Fiery Winged Assassin.

    "Get behind me Tadera!"

    Nix raised his hand again and a half dozen barbed strands of Ice Flame impaled the chest of the creature.

    [Flame Snare: Ice Flames]

    A Fiery Winged Assassin has been slowed by 40 percent.

    [Fire Root: Ice Flames]

    A Fiery Winged Assassin has been rooted in place.

    Nix strained while holding a creature with each hand.  The Fire Nymph took shelter behind him, loudly applauding his efforts.

    Aja scored several critical hits in a row and the Demon Assassin dropped to the ground.

    A Demon Assassin has been slain.

    Immediately she switched back to Nunzo's target and together they killed the 1st Hellhound.

    A Fiery Hellhound has been slain.

    Omak's bow landed several hard hits on the weakened Winged Assassin that Nix had his strands on, it died without landing a strike on anything other than the rocks.

    A Winged Assassin has been slain.

    Omak then turned his bow on the Hellhound that Nix was holding, its howls of agony nearly drowned out the rest of the battle. Most of its life was already drained by the Ice Flame and it died after one shot.

    A Fiery Hellhound has been slain.

    Nix retreated with Tadera back to the center of their defense while the rest of the Fire Team finished off the last Hellhound.

    You have learned Dual Wielding Flames.

    Dual Wielding Flames

    Description: Your expertise as a flame wielder

    as advanced to the point where you can use

    two separate flames at the same time.

    You have learned Pulsar.


    Description: Your Flame strands have

    advanced to the point where you can send

    pulses of flame through the barbed tips.

    The Instance faded around them and Tadera disappeared with a happy wave.  The exhausted Fire Group made their way back to the entrance where Captain Vooni could be seen waiting.

    /Fire: Nunzo: It was ugly, but I'll take it.

    /Fire: Aja: Hard to kill Fire Creatures when most of our damage is fire-based.

    /Fire: Omak: Nice job Pon!

    Omak slapped his back hard, once again the 50 level Salamander had survived their trial.

    Captain Vooni has joined Fire Team Chat.

    /Fire: Vooni: I can see from your faces that you aren't satisfied. This is always one of the most difficult trials even though there aren't many mobs.

    /Fire: Aja: How did Wagner and Pheno's groups do?

    /Fire: Vooni: You outscored them, Pheno's group passed, but their Nymph was wounded badly. Wagner's team lost one person but managed to keep their Nymph safe.

    /Fire: Nunzo: Our Scores?

    Nunzo: Flame Knight: 94

    Aja: Fire Wyvern: 92

    Omak: Fire Drake: 92

    Pon the Magnificent: Salamander: 88

    /Fire: Vooni: Not all battles are quick and effortless, this one was drawn out and required several elements.

    /Fire: Aja: We'd been in trouble without CC on this one.

    /Fire: Vooni: I agree.  Could I ask you a few personal questions, Pon?

    /Fire: Nix: Sure.

    /Fire: Vooni: Is there something stopping you from leveling up and taking on the planar trial challenge?

    /Fire: Nix: I am near the end of an incredibly important mission on my homeworld of Colonial.  It requires my level to be at fifty.  I have enough banked experience to instantly shoot up to level 100.

    /Fire: Vooni: I would like you to take the planar trial and join this Fire Team unless they have objections?

    /Fire: Nunzo: None here, I would look forward to it.

    /Fire: Aja: Pon the Magnificent is welcome here!

    /Fire: Omak: I agree, he works well with us.

    /Fire: Nix: I have many pressing tasks, at this point, I can only commit to helping you finish this phase of training.

    /Fire: Vooni: I have the authority to be flexible with schedules, perhaps you could complete your tasks and join this team.

    /Fire: Nix: When is the last trial?

    /Fire: Vooni: In two weeks.  I'd like your answer sometime before then.

    /Fire: Nix: I will consider the options carefully.  Thank you everyone.
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