182 Master Crafter

    "Well done today, Pon the Magnificent." Beta appeared out of thin air,  directly in front of him.

    Nix greeted her with a smile.  "Nice trick... Do you have some Ice talent?  Or is that an artifact that keeps your body temperature low."

    "A small bit of ice ability," she admitted.  "How did you know?"

    NIx shrugged, "I still have Dragon Eyes active so I should be able to see your body heat."

    "Captain Vooni has a very high impression of you." Beta handed him a small gold-colored envelope.

    "I hope this isn't a marriage proposal."  Nix stowed the letter in his inventory and moved to go around her.

    Beta shrugged, "not really sure since I didn't read it.  This comes from Breach Commander Mtui's office, not Captain Vooni."

    "What's a Breach Commander? Do you work for him?"

    Beta nodded in reply. "I do.  Breach Commander's are attuned with Colonial, Oasis and the Sky Kingdom.  When power is wielded in a place where it doesn't belong they are able to sense it and send someone to investigate."

    "Sounds important.  Are there many Breach Commanders?"

    Beta shook her head and held up three fingers. "They are very important and quite rare. All three of the current Commanders are Dragonspawn."

    Nix frowned at the word.  "What's the difference between dragon descended and dragonspawn?"

    "Dragon descended means they have a dragon somewhere in their line. Dragonspawn means that one of their parents was a dragon."

    "Interesting.  Thanks for answering my questions."  Nix waved at her and stepped onto the platform.

    "Welcome."  Beta watched him port out and then she also disappeared.


    Nix stepped off the platform in the Gemini sanctuary and headed for the area he had changed from a library to a crafting Bazaar. Nix was surprised that his dad wasn't hard at work for once.  He took a seat at one of the crafting stations and removed the archon armor.

    Archon Armor: Tyrant X [Recruits Only]

    Armor Class: 3000

    +100 to all Stats.

    All incoming damage is decreased by 50 percent.

    Fire Based Abilities are increased by 40 percent.

    "First things first I guess."  He took out the Large Ice Dragon Skin that dropped off Nefi.

    [Do you wish to process the Large Ice Dragon Skin?]


    311 Ice Dragon Leathers have been added to your inventory.

    Ice Dragon Leather: Mythic

    + 1000 AC

    + 200 to Ice Abilities

    + 100 to Flight

    + 100 to Charm

    Nix stared at the stats for the leather.  "Serious... I could make a pair of socks and they would be awesome."  He pushed the leather to one side and opened up the crafting menu.

    [Select the Overlay Material]

    Nix inspected the camouflage that his dad crafted with the Merestone.

    Enhanced Camouflage Overlay

    Effect: Fabric Infused with Enhanced

    Merestone greatly increases the potential

    of items made from it.

    Description: A mix of colors specifically

    suited to blending in.

    [Overlay: Enhanced Camoflauge]

    [Select the item being enhanced]

    Nix chose the Archon Armor that Beta had given him.

    [Overlay: Enhanced Camoflauge] [Archon Armor]

    [You can add up to four Bonus Enhancements for this overlay.]

    Nix looked at the possible add-ons. Kraken, Leviathan, and Lamia were all legendary creatures.  Ced'Far Leather was a primal material, just a small step up. He had no idea what effect Dragon leather would have with its Mythic rating.

    Nix talked to himself while he worked. "The Lamia needs to stay, that should give a poison element. Ced'Far is just a stronger version of Kraken so I'll throw that in."

    [Overlay: Enhanced Camoflauge] [Archon Armor] [Bonus Enhancement: Lamia Leather]

    [Bonus Enhancement: Ced'Far Leather] [Bonus Enhancement: Leviathan Leather]

    Nix frowned at the 400 million credit price tag. "Damn... I'm almost scared to add the dragon leather. I'll just take a peek."

    [Overlay: Enhanced Camoflauge] [Archon Armor] [Bonus Enhancement: Lamia Leather]

    [Bonus Enhancement: Ced'Far Leather] [Bonus Enhancement: Leviathan Leather] [Ice Dragon Leather]

    Instead of going up, the cost decreased all the way to 185 million credits.

    The Dhassi crafting avatar popped onto his hud and started talking to him. "Using Mythic material during crafting decreases overall price, depending on the quality."

    "Hmm, it seems like Oasis is encouraging the use of Mythic material.  I wonder why."  Nix selected the craft Item icon and leaned back to inspect his work.

    Stealthed Avenger Armor: Tyrant XX [Absolute Stealth]

    Armor Class: 5500

    +150 to all Stats.

    All incoming damage is decreased by 60 percent.

    Fire Based Abilities are increased by 60 percent.

    Ice Based Abilities are increased by 40 percent.

    Immunity [Poison]

    + 100 to Charm

    + 100 to Flight Skills

    Nix reequipped the armor, it instantly changed color to match his surroundings.

    [Summons: Mortimer]

    The big bear pushed his enormous head into Nix's back. "This the Gemini Palace?"

    Nix wrapped an arm around Morti's thick neck and hugged him. "I want to make you something nice, a Battle Harness that will give you a bigger edge."

    "Really?" Morti flopped down on the marble floor with a loud thud. "Can it have a mask?"

    "No mask." Nix scruffed his ears roughly and then opened up the New creation crafting menu.

    [State your creation clearly]

    "I wish to make a Battle harness, that a Spirit Companion: Bear Type, can use to fight in."

    [Select The Battle Harness material.]

    "Base material needs to be cloth since I'm a Tailor. Let's go with something super light."

    [Battle Harness: Enhanced Camouflage]

    [Specify the name of the recipient for Tailored Battle Harness.]


    [Mortimer][Battle Harness][Enhanced Camouflage]

    [There are two enhancement slots available for this creation. Please choose your enhancement items.]

    "Let's go with the Big Guns, Ced'Far and the Ice Dragon."

    [Mortimer][Battle Harness][Enhanced Camouflage][Bonus Enhancement: Ced'Far Leather][Ice Dragon Leather]

    [The technique you are creating is considered a New Creation, all New Creation fees are waived.]

    "Love it, free **."

    Nix selected the Craft Item Icon and then held the item up for Morti to look at. It had the feel of strong leather, it slipped easily through Morti's front legs and buckled over his shoulder. It had a fair amount of protection on the chest and back. "What do you think?"

    Stealthed Battle Harness: Tyrant X [Absolute Stealth]

    + 2000 AC

    Ice Shield Defense

    +100 to All Stats.

    +100 to Flight Skills

    All Incoming Damage is decreased by half.

    Morti stood on his hind legs. "This is really comfortable Nix. It has flight skills. Will I be able to fly?"

    Nix shook his head. "You're too fat to fly Morti."

    "No, I'm not. And it says Flight Skills, I'm going to try it."

    "Right, looks good Morti."

    "Thanks, cya later Nix." Morti waddled toward the sanctuary gate.

    "I need to shore up my Arch Winds, they are too fragile for Oasis." Nix summoned all three of his Arch Wind companions. "Let's see if the crafting menu will let me cheat a bit."

    Tor, Cal, and Shadai looked around the Crafting Area, their sharp vision taking in every detail. Cal stepped forward and bowed. "Greetings Nix. How may we be of service?"

    "Going to make you a Flight Harness." Nix cursed under his breath, he'd already made one for Fey so it wouldn't be a new creation.

    [Cal][Tor][Ea'Shadai] [Flight Harness][Enhanced Camouflage][Bonus Enhancement: Ice Dragon Leather][Bonus Enhancement: Ced'Far Leather]

    Nix nodded in satisfaction at the price, only 20 million credits for all three. He selected the Craft Icon and the motioned his Arch Winds forward.

    Stealthed Flight Harness: [Absolute Stealth]

    +2000 AC

    +100 to all Stats

    +100 to all Flight skills

    Incoming Damage decreased by 40 percent

    High Chance for Critical Hit or Critical Heals.

    He helped each of them with the harness. "Test it out, I'm interested to see the result."

    Cal flexed his wings and tried out a few movements.  "We'll try it out against our brethren in Air'Voilla. Thank you, Nix."

    Nix waved when they summoned a small air tunnel.  "Let me know how it goes."

    /Go Fish: Semmi: Oi... You coming Nix? We planned some fishing before the Officer meeting.

    /Go Fish: Nix: Yep, just wrapping up some crafting.  On my way.

    Nix stowed away the enhancements but left the rest of his things at the crafting station. "I'll gear up Ducky and Soup before the raid."


    Jun Li and Semmi were both sitting comfortably at their fishing spot when Nix arrived a few minutes later.

    /Go Fish: Nix: Sorry, I'm late.  Catch anything yet?"

    /Go Fish: Jun Li: Just a few bites.  Were you crafting?

    /Go Fish: Nix: Yes, gearing up my Spirit Companions.

    Nix baited his hook and managed to put a line in the water while the fishing trio made small talk.

    /Go Fish: Semmi: I want to brief you on the Quests before the Officer meeting starts.  Surprisingly Ronnie has dug up a lot of information.

    /Go Fish: Nix: What do you think of her outfit?

    /Go Fish: Semmi: I may request the sexy librarian look for my collection.

    /Go Fish: Nix: Noted.
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