183 Eleventh Floor: Stage 1 part one

    /Guild Officer: Nix: Welcome everyone. We have a few items before we get to the big finale.  The first one is Three Legendary Quests that the Alpha Team was able to finish.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: To sum up, the three quests lead up to the discovery of a lost civilization and helping them return to power.

    /Guild Officer: Ronnie: If we utilize the proper order when turning these in.  We'll be able to register the Izzin Nation and cement ourselves as their allies before anyone has a chance to protest.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: Given what I know about the Ain'Dhassi, I don't expect them to make a big deal of such a small area.  It's literally frozen in Ice and nearly unusable for anything.

    /Guild Officer: Ronnie: We verified that Shipwright Vy is indeed the Minister of Naval Defense, Vyona Seabreeze.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: I've spoken at great length with Vy, she is completely on board with this. As we speak she is having her people build a Shipyard on Loki.

    /Guild Officer: Ronnie: We'll have to get Vy to Parliament.  I will turn in the first quest to Bael Strom. Then I will proceed to the Register's Office and help Vy Register the Izzin Nation as part of the Oasis World Government.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: After either the 1st or 2nd Quest, the giant glacier covering Izzin is going to disappear.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: The Shipyard will be finished in a few days, it will be our responsibility to build a replica of the Moon Goddess from the blueprint Vy gave me.

    /Guild Officer: Ronnie: Expect this part of the quest to take a few weeks, most likely our Izzin friends will return to Lake Tysta at this time to help their nation acclimate to the changes in Oasis.

    /Guild Officer: Sharl: How are we going to get Vy to Parliament?  The easiest way seems to bring her into Inferno.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: That's exactly what we'll do.  One of the rewards is a major Cultural Enhancement, once we learn what it is, we can decide where to put it.

    /Guild Officer: Jun Li: Now on to Mermaid City and 11.1.  Each stage of the 11th floor requires a 20 person raid.  So this is the team we are bringing.  We've had to make some adjustments because of Alpha Team unbanking their levels.

    [Raid Sheet: 11th Floor]

    Healers: Tess, Pinkie, Gypsie, Nez, Saji

    Tanks: Sharl, Banzi, Jun Li

    Crowd Control: Sila, Nix, Rhylia

    DPS: Chael, Ronnie, Milat, Mina, Darsi, Moki, Dalton, Wylie, Zhava

    /Guild Officer: Nix Questions?

    /Guild Officer: Sharl: Isn't Wylie a healer?  Why is she on the DPS list?

    /Guild Officer: Wylie: Recently I've procured a number of very strong offensive items that have greatly increased my ability to do damage.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: And she can still heal in a pinch.  Win, win.

    /Guild Officer: Jun Li: If we find the Ivory Key somewhere on the 11th floor, we'll be able to jump from 12.1 all the way to 12.5.

    /Guild Officer: Mina: On behalf of all the members of the Souza Accord, thank you for your efforts. I know many of you wish to move forward to Oasis, this means more to me than I could possibly say.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: We started this together and we'll end it the same way.

    /Guild Officer: Jun Li: At 0900 hrs tomorrow we'll meet a the dock. Our plan is to finish all three stages of the 11th floor.


    Nix opened one eye when a work-hardened hand touched his cheek.  Hyai smiled at him from a few inches away. Nix groaned at the early hour.  "Time already?"

    Hyai moved closer, her full breasts pushing against his chest.  "Going to get up?"

    Nix smiled sleepily. "You sleeping in today?"

    Hyai nodded, "I hired some extra help so I could take the occasional day off.  This is my day."

    Nix rolled out of bed and started getting dressed. "This seems backward somehow, you sleeping while I'm getting up."

    The Inn Keeper leaned back on her pillow and let out a contented sigh. "I could get used to it."

    Nix started getting his armor on while they chatted. "Plans for the day?"

    "Fajii and I are going to be cooking and organizing for the afterparty."

    He nodded without saying anything. Hyai was a very friendly person, recently he noticed that she had been spending a lot of time with her Aquarion friends, specifically Mina and Fajii.  "Seems a bit premature."

    "You have to realize how big a step you are taking today Nix.  The 12th floor is the culmination of Mina's entire life's work.

    "Winning all three raids today isn't a given.  We could wipe."

    Hyai grabbed his hand and pulled him down for a quick kiss.  "The Aquarions believe that as long as you are there, they will definitely succeed."

    Nix put his hands up in defeat.  "Fine, I hope you are buying a lot of beer."

    "Fajii and I are going to buy every barrel in the Courtyards." She watched him as he walked to the door. "Good luck hun."

    Nix nodded.  "You're right, we got this."


    [0905: 11th Floor Staging Area]

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Let's move in.

    The 20-person Raid group stealthed and moved into the 1st stage of the 11th floor. Instead of the normal hallway, the platform was centered in a large Colosseum.  Various groups of Aquarions were littered around the arena. Four Elder Matriarchs and a dozen Aquarion soldiers were the closest groups.

    /Inferno: Mina: There will be at least 80 pets if they deploy.

    Nix studied the layout.  In addition to the 4 Elders, there were also two small groups of Water Mages nearby.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: If we hit this front group, we'll definitely aggro the Aquarion soldiers.

    Inferno: Nix: Mina and I will take the four Elders, that leaves the soldiers to you guys.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Can you the two of you handle four Elders?

    /Inferno: Nix: I think so, even if they manage to deploy their pets. They'll die when their Matriarchs are killed.

    [Summons: Soup]

    [Summons: Ducky]

    [Whisper: Mina to Nix] There are four of them.  Will we be okay?

    [Whisper: Nix to Mina] Yes.  Pick a target after I hit them.

    Nix flashed toward the four Elder Matriarchs.  He stopped within five meters of them and raised both hands.   A dozen Gemini Flame strands shot outward impaling the chests of the Matriarchs.  The braided flame shards pushed completely through the torso of their targets, wrapped around them and then sunk deep into their backs. Four simultaneous screams echoed in the arena, The four Aquarions waved their arms and legs in agony, trying to pull away from the flames. Nix held them easily while Mina deployed her Eel-gators.


    Gemini flames pushed outward from the barbed tips of Nix's strands, two of the Elder Matriarchs died outright when the flames devasted their insides.


    Nix's form blurred, his Gemini Infused Archon blade cut the third Elder Matriarch nearly in half.

    A large grinding sound accompanied the death of the third Matriarch, Nix turned to see an entire section of the Colosseum slide open.  A single form walked out.

    Mina and her sea-beasts quickly killed the remaining  Elder.

    /Inferno: Mina: Nix, that's Grand Elder Manis'tae.  She's a Lord Class Water Mage, I have no idea what sort of pets she can deploy.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Need help with her?

    /Inferno: Nix: Clean up the rest of the arena, I don't believe she is part of this instance.  Let's make sure we win the stage first.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: We'll wrap things up quickly and then join you.

    /Inferno: Nix: Sure, don't be too long.

    Nix grabbed Soup's shell and advanced on Manis'tae.  She was dressed in red armor that glowed with enchantments, her long white hair floated around the silver crown she wore on her head.  A blue staff was the only weapon she carried.

    /Inferno: Nix: She's a Water Nemesis, everyone be careful, this just got interesting.
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