191 Rising Inferno

    /Inferno: Jun Li: We need to have an Officer meeting ASAP Nix.

    /Inferno: Nix: Did something come up? We are on our way to the Ain'Dhassi compound to speak with their Grand Elder.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Yes, our Cultural Enhancement is available to build.

    /Inferno: Nix: I'm busy, just tell me.

    /Inferno: Jun Lie: Okay, going to link the name and description.

    Vocational Technical Institute.

    Description: The Vocational Institute, or VoTech, is a four-month course that has the potential to teach any tier 4 or tier 5 Classes.  There are 30 slots available every 120 days.  Additionally, the VoTech is a place to learn skills.  The Skill courses are one week in length, with 12 slots being available for any given skill.  Only one skill may be taught at a time.

    Additional Notes: Any Class or Skill may be taught at the VoTech. This is entirely contingent upon the abilities of the Instructors hired to teach.

    /Inferno: Semmi: So we can hire experts to come in and teach?

    /Inferno: Nix: Let's call an officer meeting for 1600, we'll discuss it then. Ronnie, can you research two quests for me?  'Restore the Queen of the North' and 'Cure the Discord.'

    /Inferno: Ronnie: I'm on it!

    Ronnie smiled pleasantly at Jun Li. "I'm glad you stopped by Junie."

    Jun Li took the seat next to her. "Semmi said you can find anything with your Great Library search."

    Ronnie nodded and brought up the first quest.

    [Restore the Queen of the North]

    Description: Morana has ruled the Blood temple for decades. During that time her power and influence have grown substantially.  It wasn't always like this.  There was a time when Mora ruled with compassion.  Find the cause of her change and do your best to restore her.

    Requirement [Option One]:  Slay the Blood Queen and destroy her demon heart.

    Award: Crystalized Heart: Queen of the North.

    Requirement [Option Two]: Remove the Demon heart of Morana and replace it with her original. Keep the Demon Heart in your possession.

    Award: Your Guild receives the permanent Blessing of Ice.

    POC: Grand Elder Sai Tali.

    Jun Li stared at the two different awards. "Do you think Nix has the Demon heart?"

    Ronnie nodded while she searched for the second quest. "I'd bet he does.  Here's the second quest."

    [Cure the Discord]

    A rift has formed between the Ain'Dhassi of the North and their Southern brethren. The heart of this matter starts with Morana.  Find a way to ease the tension and reunite the Ain'Dhassi. There are several different routes you may take to finish this quest.

    Requirement [Option One:] Bring the head of Morana to Parliament and petition the Ain'Dhassi for a meeting.

    Award: Sword of Justice

    Requirement [Option Two: Evil Faction]  Restore Morana as your personal minion. Declare the  Independence of the Northern Ain'Dhassi and convince the Ain'Dhassi council to go along with your wishes.

    Award: Control of the Northern Ice Cap.

    Requirement [Option Three: Ain'Dhassi Ally: Faction] Bring the restored Queen to Parliament and let the Ain'Dhassi restore mutual goodwill.

    Award: 300 Loyal Ain'Dhassi Rangers.

    Ronnie whistled softly. "Option two is like being a King right?  Holy crap."

    Jun Li leaned back in her chair while she studied the screen.  "I would guess that if that option were chosen, there would be lots of obstacles put in the way of your continued success.  Invasions, natural disasters, rebellions and so forth."

    Ronnie leaned forward, her finger tracing a line on Jun Li's arm. "Still... a demon minion might be fun right?  Do you like to have fun?  Everyone says you're a bit of a prude."

    Jun Li felt her face turning red, but she didn't back away.  "I have my own way of doing things. Your sister says that you like to start trouble."

    "Hmm... I have my own way of doing things too."  Ronnie turned back toward the hud and sent Nix a message.  "We should let him know what his options are."


    "That's enough!" Nix raised his voice slightly, letting the Elder Council of the Ain'Dhassi know that he was tired of their shenanigans.  Sai Tali had called for a meeting of the council, immediately whisking Nix and Morana to the Council's Chambers.  Since then the Elders took turns deriding Morana.

    Nix stood and held out an object.  Demon Heart: Nether Artifact [Cyrstal Encased]

    The council stared at the black heart in his hand, Sai Tali moved toward him to examine it closer.

    "This was inside Morana?" Sai Tali was careful not to touch it, but he nodded in satisfaction.  "I often wondered what happened to change her.  It didn't occur to me that she was being controlled."

    [You've successfully completed Restoration of the Northern Queen.]

    Inferno Members have all received the Permanent Blessings of Ice.

    Your Ice Blessing has advanced to Tier II.

    "If I cut open the chest of anyone here and placed this black heart inside; do you think you'd be the same person?  You'd be nothing but a puppet, you would dance at my will without any regard for anything else."  Nix helped Morana to her feet and gripped her hand tightly.  "You have a chance here to restore the unity of the Ain'Dhassi, but instead you are throwing blame where it doesn't belong. Inferno will offer Immunity to Morana for the actions taken since she was converted."

    Nix's words seem to freeze the council in place. Was he inciting rebellion?  Did he mean to stand against the Southern Ain'Dhassi?

    "My human friend makes a valid point."  Del Tali spoke from the rear of the chambers.  "Let our healers take care of Morana, she was once a good friend and valued ally to many of us."

    "Your friend..." The male Ain'Dhassi sitting next to Sai Tali finally spoke.  He seemed much younger than the Grand Elder, but his strength was obvious.  "He saved your apprentice, you have reason to take him at his word."

    "Not just her apprentice."  Nix smiled pleasantly at the speaker.  Tali had taken a few minutes at the start of the meeting to brief him on the identities of the council members.

    [Ice Sparrow]

    A beautiful white bird appeared in the air in front of Nix, it took a perch on his shoulder and turned to face the council.

    "Your son was one of the ranger apprentices on the river bank.  How do you think he would have fared against the assassins that waited for them?"

    Nix flew to the table in front of the members, the small white bird peered at each of them.

    Del Tali's mouth opened and shut a few times, she found herself unable to speak. Nix was the Winter Sparrow.  The Ain'Dhassi believed that great fortune follows the sacred bird, to have one looking over their children was a good omen.

    The winter sparrow flew back to Morana's shoulder.  The Ain'Dhassi female showed the first semblance of a smile when Nix pecked at her shoulder before facing the council. "Heal the rift or face the consequence of alienating the entire North."

    Sai Tali nodded slowly. "I understand... we've been shown the proper path. Thank you, Nix. Go in peace so that the members of the council may deliberate."

    Del Tali walked from the rear of the chamber and placed a hand on Nix's shoulder.  "Come with me."  She activated a stone that she held in her hand and disappeared with both Nix and Morana.


    [You've successfully completed Cure the Discord.]

    [Ranger Captain Locas and his company will report to the Inferno Guild Office tomorrow for permanent assignment to the Inferno Guild]

    Nix watched as the healers brought Morana away.  He felt like he should say something, but the reality was that they didn't know each other.

    "Nix... Thank you, I am in your debt." Del Tali bowed low and kept her head down for several seconds.

    "Is there such a thing as debts between friends?"  Nix waved off her words and pulled her upright.

    Unexpectedly she hugged him before turning and walking away.  His team had stayed in camp while he was summoned to the chambers with Morana.  They gathered around him when he returned.

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: We good to go, boss?

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Yep, we have a few hours still before the meeting.  Everyone is on their own until then.

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: Resolute is in Loki and have chosen a site for their Guild Hall.  I've already taken care of their Parliament registration.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Going to need you guys to help me escort Bev and a bunch of Lifestyle players across the Escalade bridge.  Shouldn't be a big deal since we have one more group token.

    /Alpha Team: Wind: Pays to be prepared.  Cya later boss.

    [Whisper: Nix to Beta] I have the heart you asked for.  Demon Heart: Nether Artifact [Cyrstal Encased]

    [Whisper: Beta to Nix] Meet in Phai City market?

    [Whisper: Nix to Beta] Sure.

    Nix didn't see the Envoy when he gated into Phai city, but he knew that she was probably already there.  He took a seat on an empty bench and waited.  She appeared a few moments later.

    "Here."  Beta handed him a long black case.  "Don't open it here, you have to bond with the blade, find someplace private to do so."

    Nix nodded and handed her the Nether Artifact.  "If your interested, there are three lesser demon corpses in the Blood temple."

    Beta's pink eyes studied him without emotion.  Had he guessed she wanted a demon minion?  "You do good work Nix, perhaps we could do business again sometime."

    Nix shrugged.  "Maybe."  He waited until she left before he activated Deep Blue.

    [Whisper: Shae to Nix] You finished yet?

    [Whisper: Nix to Shae] Sure, want to meet at Haven?

    [Whisper: Shae to Nix] Nope, come to my Elemental world.

    [Whisper: Nix to Shae] On my way.
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