193 Gemini Temples Chief Acolyte

    /Guild Officer : Nix: Makes sense I suppose.  For those that don't know, the Planar trials are usually required to gain access to the Sky Kingdom, think of it as a step up from Oasis.

    /Guild Officer: Shae: I've recently begun my training in Solomon City.  Nix is also there, although he hasn't taken the trials and is still a 50 level.

    /Guild Officer: Mina: Are you holding back because of Mermaid City?

    /Guild Officer: Nix: Yes.  I would have already unbanked if not for our mission, I'm focused on destroying the Cai'Song Artifact.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: Shae are you obligated to join anyone's forces in Solomon City?

    /Guild Officer: Shae: No, when I complete my training I will return and help build Inferno in Oasis.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: Let's worry about finishing Mermaid City, I want all our raid forces to be able to unbank and enter Oasis.

    /Guild Officer: Ronnie: Meeting over?  I have some things to do.

    /Guild Officer: Nix: Yes.  Alpha Team is escorting some lifestyle players across the Escalade bridge right after this.  It shouldn't take long.  I want to hit Mermaid City tomorrow.

    /Guild Officer: Semmi: That's all then, thanks, everyone.

    /Inferno: Nix: Those who are crossing the Escalades bridge, meet at the docks in an hour.

    Nix waited until the rest of the officers left, only Fajii and Shae remained.  "I'm going down to the 50th floor to speak with the Floor Steward."

    Shae smiled and nodded.  "We're going also."

    The trio exited the elevator a few moments later. Esta Helisstuiride watched as Nix approached, the normally playful and flamboyant Stormsinger seemed reserved for once.

    "Greeting Guild Leader Nix."  Esta bowed low, her transparent face was somber.

    "You were once asked to be the Chief Acolyte in the Gemini Temple, but you said no."  Nix had spoken with Elune regarding the prior Lord of the Temple, Tessa Beryngare.  According to her, Tessa had asked a Stormsinger friend of hers to assume the position but that person refused.

    Esta nodded, "how did you know?"

    Nix didn't reply, it had been a shot in the dark.  "There are a unexplored levels under the Temple, my Arch Wind Acolytes are hoping to explore them  while they are training."

    "Arch Wind Acolytes?"  Esta nodded, "it's a good choice for the Gemini Temple."

    Nix waited, the Floor Steward seemed to want to say more.

    "Had I taken the position, the Temple would never have fallen and Tessa Beryngare would still be alive."  The Stormsinger spoke quietly, her voice was thick with emotion.  "She was my friend... my very best friend."

    "Join the Gemini Temple as my Chief Acolyte and assume the mantle that Tessa offered you."  Nix's words were accompanied by silence, the Stormsinger's face showed the surprise she felt.

    [Esta Helisstuiride has joined the Inferno Guild]

    [You have appointed Esta Helisstuiride as the Chief Acolyte of the Gemini Temple]

    /Inferno: Semmi: Welcome Esta...

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Welcome Esta...

    [Whisper: Semmi to Nix] Who is Esta?

    [Whisper: Nix to Semmi] She's my new Chief Acolyte and also the Floor Steward from the 50th floor.

    In truth, Nix hadn't expected her to join so readily, perhaps the regret from her past pushed her into the decision. "Welcome Esta."

    "Thank you, Lord Nix."  Esta bowed low, "I need a few days to wrap things up with the Embassy."

    Nix nodded, "take your time.  I'll bring you to the Temple tomorrow if you want to see it beforehand.

    "Yes, I'd like that."


    All of Alpha Team was on the docks when Nix arrived an hour later. He was expecting five lifestyle players, but he seemed to be one short.

    The 12 Pillar Guilds were already at Loki, they were busy with establishing their Guildhalls and finishing Quests.  Nix had locked down all the other buildings in town.  A few of Inferno's lifestyle players approached Nix about taking over shops there. "Who are we missing?"

    "Pin was offered a position as Head Chef for Queen Festa in the Central Kingdom, he sends his apologies."  Dalton, the Guild Cobbler, and former Gladis Hub leader, offered an explanation.

    "I see." Nix looked at the others, Lena the Carpenter, Blitz the Blade Maker, Moki the Armorer and Dalton the Cobbler. "Do we have a replacement?"

    "Right here!"  A familiar voice spoke from behind Nix.

    Nix turned to see his favorite Innkeeper. "You want to cross the bridge?"

    Hyai nodded, "I've heard there was an Inn there also, it's about time I expand my business a bit."

    Nix stole a glance at Fajii and Shae, it was obvious from their expressions that they had already known. "Fine by me.  You five can choose the buildings you want.  There's no charge, but the standard 10 percent will be donated to the Guild."

    They took the dock portal to Jhabi and then summoned their mounts.  Nix enjoyed the shocked looks when Fey appeared in front of him.

    /Alpha Team: Pon: Did that dragon eat Fey?

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: This hardly seems fair.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: This is Fey, thanks to Nefi the Ice Dragon, my Drake has evolved into a Drakon.

    /Alpha Team: Fajii: So pretty.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Mount up, it's an hour to the bridge.

    An hour later, they arrived at the bridge.  The Escalade Bridge Guardian was standing guard. Nix handed the Escalade token to Hyai. "Give him the token and say that you are prepared. The bridge exits just outside of Phai City, Wind is already there to receive you."

    Hyai didn't look nervous, her slightly freckled face seemed excited.  "Where will you be?"

    "We're gating to Gemini and then Phai City. We will rendezvous at the platform in Phai City." Nix waited as the group approached the Guardian and then handed him the token.  A moment later they disappeared from view.


    Within a few minutes, the group reunited and gated to Loki.  The took a moment to view the city from their hilltop vantage point. Thanks to the City Planner from Salamander, Loki looked organized and sleek. The Inn was located close to the docks, much like the Kindled Spirit in Glory.  There were more people walking around than Nix would have guessed.  They were a mix from the 12 Pillars with a few Lamia Acolytes thrown in.

    Two Lamia Guards were standing in front of the main gate when the group arrived.  They noticed Fajii and Nix right away.

    "Please enter Mistress," the Lamia who spoke was in her human form.  Fajii had told them to use it exclusively while in Loki.

    Fajii stopped next to the guards. "I am going to speak with my Acolytes if you don't need anything."

    "Me too, Nix." Shae joined Fajii, her lips showing amusement.

    "Right..."  Nix headed inside with the rest of the group.  Hyai slipped a hand through his arm while they walked.

    The group walked directly down Mainstreet, as they progressed, each crafter would point out the shop they were interested in and Nix would unlock it with his hud.  By the time they arrived at the Inn, only Hyai and Alpha Team were left.

    The Inn was much larger than the one in Glory, from the outside it looked nearly double the size. It was made from wood and had been stained a deep brown.  The roof was topped with red ceramic shingles.  The entrance was two glass-paned white doors and the first step inside showcased the Inn's best feature; a sleek wood bar that ran the entire length of the building.

    "That's what I call a bar!"  Pon took a seat in a comfortable looking swivel seat.  "I want an exclusive contract Hyai, Semmi beer only!"

    The tall redhead nodded.  "Semmi and I already made arrangements."


    [0900 12th Floor Staging Area: Mermaid City]

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Looks like 12.1 is only a 10 person raid, give me a moment to adjust the Raid sheet.

    There had been no information available about 12.1 so Inferno had brought a 20 person raid force.  When they stepped onto the platform they were notified that only 10 people could enter.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Good Luck guys!

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Okay here's the Raid Sheet.  Please stay here until we complete it, in the event of a wipe the 2nd group will attempt it also.

    [Raid Sheet]

    Group 1

    Jun Li: Tank

    Tess: Heals

    Nix: CC

    Chael: DPS

    Mina: DPs

    Group 2

    Sharl: Tank

    Gypsy: Heals

    Rhylia: CC

    Ronnie: DPS

    Milat: DPS

    Nix stepped onto the platform and waited until the other nine joined him.

    /Inferno: Nix: Let's go.
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