197 CaiSong Artifact Conclusion

    /Breach Commander Nix: Captain Locas, assume command of the Ranged Fighters.

    Captain Locas read the message when it flashed across his hud.

    [Captain Locas has been appointed Sub-Commander of the Ranged Fighters]

    The Mohawked Captain nodded in satisfaction.  Like the rest of the Ain'Dhassi, he'd been hearing about the Inferno Guild for weeks. The 1st tiered Human Guild seemed to nimbly sidestep all obstructions put in place to slow human progress.

    /Ranged Fighters: Sub-Commander: Six volleys of suppression fire and then you may pick your targets at will.

    "Captain, are we following the Knights forward?" A pale woman with bright blue eyes spoke from her white horse.

    Locas considered the question carefully, the Ain'Dhassi Rangers were the only Ranged fighters in his command group that were mounted.

    /Ranged Fighters: Sub-Commander: The Rangers will move slowly forward and provide close support for the mounted cavalry.

    Locas aimed his bow into the air over the center of the opposing force.

    /Ranged Fighters: Sub-Commander: Take Aim!  FIRE!

    The Ranger Captain released his arrow, losing sight of it when it blended into the thousands of others ones shot at the same time. The soft twangs of thousands of bows were echoed by the loud booming gunfire from the Colonial Knights.

    Screams of agony filled the battlefield, hundreds of fighters from the opposing force dropped to the ground.

    /Ranged Fighters: Sub-Commander: Reload!

    Locas notched another arrow and drew his bowstring back in one smooth motion.

    /Ranged Fighter: Sub-Commander: Aim... FIRE


    /Breach Commander Nix: Seneschal Donri, assume command of the Mounted Cavalry.

    A dark-haired man dressed entirely in black, moved his horse forward a few steps. He was the only person in the Mounted Cavalry that wasn't wearing heavy armor.

    [Seneschal Donri has been appointed Sub-Commander of the Mounted Cavalry.]

    Donri raised one hand over his head, immediately it burst into black flames.  The silver emblem on his chest reflected the crest of the Central Kingdom's Royal family.  He watched carefully as the arrows blackened the sky, at the sixth volley he heeled his horse and shot forward.

    /Mounted Cavalry: Sub-Commander: CHARGE!!

    Donri's horse surged forward, he put the reins in his mouth and pulled a long black staff from behind his saddle and aimed at the crumbling front line.

    [Pillar of Death]

    A pillar of black flames appeared in front of his charging horse, it moved forward with him, the smell of burnt flesh and screams of misery filled the air.  A hole appeared in the line and the Seneschal slammed through it with a half dozen of his heavily armored Knights.

    Locas waited until the first clash of the two sides, his bow fired rapidly, bringing down Aquarions and their human mercenaries.

    /Ranged Fighters: Sub-Commander: Rangers on me!  Move forward and protect the Cavalry.  Everyone else, switch your focus to the right side of the enemy formation!

    /Alliance: Sub-Commander: Sulane: My company will hold the left side!

    /Alliance: Sub-Commander: Gideon: Understood, we have the right!

    The Mounted Cavalry formed a wedge and forced their way into the weakened lines, waves of black flame soared high into the sky as it continued to burn deep into the enemy forces.  Locas's  Rangers kept the sides from closing in, slowly advancing forward.

    /Alliance: Sub-Commander: Sulane: Move forward and hold the left side!

    /Alliance: Sub-Commander: Gideon: Right side, forward and hold the line!

    Gideon surged forward, twin blades flashing as he ruthlessly stepped into the melee.  His guildmates on either side backed him up, together they locked the forces in place and started cutting through them.

    /Ranged Fighters: Sub-Commander: Rangers, hold this position!  Everyone switch their focus to the left side of the formation!

    Nix kept his eye on the Battle holo.  The Mounted Cavalry were holding their position about 20 meters from the Artifact Stairs. The Alliance was holding open the seam that they created.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Time to move forward!  We can't let everyone else do our fighting!

    Across the battlefield, the Aquarion Archons finally moved.  The Water Archons had wings bathed in a blue liquid that constantly swirled around them.  Aquarion Archon Zyen dived at the horseman wielding the black flames, he was largely responsible for the forward progress of the Cavalry.

    Donri saw the diving Archon in his peripheral vision and threw up a fire shield.  The trident swinging Aquarion covered the distance faster than he would have thought possible, he pulled back slightly just before a Silver winged ally blocked the move.

    Aja followed up her block with a fury of attacks before she disappeared completely.


    Aja appeared behind her opponent and scored a critical hit with her dagger.


    Omak has landed a critical hit, Zyen has entered a state of high vulnerability.

    The wounded Aquarion Archon retreated into the air, her two allies moved forward to block pursuit.

    [Advanced Execution]

    Shae has slain Zyen.

    The Red-haired Archon banked away from the fight, her laughter carrying on the wind.  "Don't forget about me!"

    Two Aquarion Archon's started to chase her but were forced to retreat when they ran into the silver flames of a Drakon that suddenly appeared out of thin air. The water creatures screamed in agony while they banked desperately in an attempt to escape.

    /Fire: Aja: Nice shot Omak.  Who is that Salamander?

    /Fire: Nunzo: I'm heading left, after the one that the Drakon is chasing.

    /Fire: Vooni: That's Shae, one of Pheno's new recruits.  Let's neutralize the remaining two, push them away from the platform.


    Inferno followed the Giant Cave bear, every swing of his huge paws sent bodies flying into the air.  There was no stopping Morti, the Titan Cub.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Not so fast Morti! They will encircle you.

    A small gap appeared between, Morti, Nix, Mina and the rest of Inferno.  Dozens of wolf hybrids launched themselves at Morti, clamping onto his back legs with their sharp teeth, making him roar with anger.

    "HEY!  Don't pick on him!"  Ronnie appeared behind the wolves, her arrows laying down fire support for the rest of Inferno.  The Dark archer stood on the shoulders of her Rock Golem and fearlessly moved forward.

    A silver blade flashed and suddenly the wolves had been removed from Morti's flank.  A wolf-masked fighter with a long spear charged the lone swordmaster.

    "Oh... Want to dance with a beautiful woman?"  The old woman's face creased in a smile, she licked her lips and easily blocked the spear thrust at her.  "That mask is sexy.  Can I have it?"

    Chiba seemed to vanish under the next thrust, she appeared beside her opponent and removed his head with a wide smile.  "Follow me Nix, I will lead you to the stairs!"

    The old swordmaster sliced her way through the remaining Aquarions, her blade finding throats whenever she moved, nimbly she danced through the attacks coming at her.  Two Elder Matriarchs appeared on the steps to block her path.

    Morti roared behind her. "I'm Coming!"


    A Titan Cave bear has become upset... run for your life.

    Morti's size shot up to 30 feet, his giant paws came down on the two Elder Matriarchs blocking the steps.  Their remains squished out from his paws like paste as the enraged bear rumbled up the steps.  Nix stopped Mina from following, they were flanked by her Eel-Gators, who were protecting their backs.  There were at least a dozen Elder Matriarchs blocking the bear when he waddled onto the platform, they attacked him as a group but soon learned that no sane creature attacks an enraged Titan.  The nearest Elder was swatted into a blood mist, after the third death, they scattered like ants before him.  Morti the Cave Bear was running amok.

    "Now Min!"  Nix ran toward the Cai'Song Artifact, there were three Grand Elders guarding it.  The moment Nix started toward them, a wave of Beasts started charged toward him.

    [Ground Pounder]

    Morti's big paws slammed onto the platform, stunning every enemy in range.

    [Tides of Flame]

    Nix aimed for the center of the wave and charged forward when the flames started washing them away.

    Pon moved up the steps and targeted all three of the Grand Elders.


    The Three Grand Elders were caught up in a whirlwind of flames.  Nix raised his hands and a dozen flame strands shot out, two of the Elders were impaled by the barbed ends and were wrapped up tight.  Nix pulled the strands up and then slammed both Elders onto the platform.  It shook with the impact of their bodies.  He repeated the process twice more before tossing their broken bodies away.

    "Above you Nix!"  Chiba yelled a warning, the last surviving Aquarion Archon dived at Nix in an attempt to kill him.  The old swordmaster blocked the thrust easily.

    [Swapped Out]

    Jun Li replaced Nix and slashed at the Archon with her Gemini blade, the winged Aquarion managed to block the attack but was then was kicked in the stomach by the Gemini Champion.

    [First Strike]

    Semmi has scored a critical hit on Archon Tyn.

    [Critical Chain]

    Wind has followed up Semmi's strike with a critical hit.

    A spear-wielding tank slammed her shield into the reeling Archon.

    Sharl has stunned Archon Tyn.

    [Unbalanced Chain]

    Nix has followed up Sharl's attack with a hard strike.

    Archon Tyn has been stunned.

    Across the platform, Mina raised the Scepter she carried and struck at the Cai'Song Artifact with all of her strength.  One last remaining Grand Elder appeared out of nowhere.


    Nix stepped in front of Mina and sliced through the Matriarchs' neck.

    Grand Elder Elevi has been slain.

    Archon Tyn screamed in anger when Mina struck the artifact a second time.  She slammed a mailed fist into Sharl, knocking the tank back a step before slashing at her throat.


    Ronnie has scored a critical hit on Archon Tyn.

    Archon Tyn has been slain.

    Ronnie stood on the shoulders of her Rock Golem scowling at the dead Archon.  "Don't touch my sister bitch!"

    Across the platform, Nix pushed Gemini flame into his Archon blade and struck at the Cai'Song.  A moment later, the rest of Inferno opened up on the Artifact.  The device exploded suddenly, a wave of power blasting outwards, Nix threw himself in front of Mina, shielding her.  Everyone on the platform was thrown into the air, with the exception of one very large cave bear, who was already fast asleep.

    Nix sat up dizzily, he waited for a moment and then climbed to his feet.

    /Colonial System Message: Congratulations to the Inferno Guild for destroying the Cai'Song Artifact on the 12th floor of Mermaid City. All members of Inferno will receive a 5 level bonus and the Defender Badge.

    Defender Badge

    +2000 AC

    Last Blood: When your health is below

    25 percent, no critical hits will land on you.


    An Aura of Emerald flames formed around Nix, healing his injuries.

    Nix found Mina on the ground a few feet away and helped her up.  She hugged him tightly, sobbing with emotion.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: We did it!

    /Inferno: Semmi: That's how you kick ass baby!

    Cheers reverberated throughout the 12th floor, the opposing forces vanished from the battlefield. Nix handed Mina off to Fajii who hugged them both.  He brought up the Battle Holo and noticed his allies were still in place.  There were two blinking Icons on the screen.   He selected the Victory Proclamation.

    /Breach Commander Nix: I thank everyone for your efforts in helping us destroy the Cai'Song Artifact.

    Nix selected the Reward icon and chose levels.

    /Breach Commander Nix: We have been Victorious in our battle.  All participants will receive a minimum of five levels.  Based on contribution, you may earn up to ten levels.

    [All participants are awarded the House of Inferno Armor.]

    House of Inferno: Tyrant V [Set Armor]

    +2000 to AC

    +100 to All Stats.

    40 percent reduction to Incoming Damage.

    /Sub-Commander: Gideon: Good Job, thanks, Commander.

    /Sub-Commander: Seneschal Donri: Thanks Nix.

    /Sub-Commander: Sulane: Great job Nix!

    /Inferno: Jun Li: House of Inferno?  What's that?

    /Inferno: Nix: No idea, but it has a nice sound.

    [Whisper: Vooni to Nix] No need to help us in the next exercise, this mission completes our training.

    [Whisper: Nix to Vooni] Thank you, Captain.

    [Whisper: Vooni to Nix] Are you starting your own House?

    [Whisper: Nix to Vooni] I really don't have enough information to answer that question.

    [Whisper: Vooni to Nix] Okay.  Keep in mind that I am not currently affiliated with any house.

    [Whisper: Nix to Vooni]  Thanks. I'll stop by in a few weeks.

    Nix closed the Breach Commander Holo and dismissed the Alliance.  Within a few seconds, only Inferno members were left on the 12th floor.

    He spotted Shae who was holding up a very ragged looking Hyai.  "You guys okay?"

    Shae nodded.  "Fey and I teamed up to kill two Archons!"

    Nix smiled at the two of them.  "Head back to my place in Haven and get some rest.  I'll join you in a bit."  He glanced at the time on his hud, 1600 hours, the battle had lasted  90 minutes.

    /Inferno: Nix: Nice job guys. I know everyone is tired.  Let's meet up at 1800 hours for the After Party!

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Your place Nix?

    /Inferno: Nix: Sure.  Cya then!
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