198 After Party

    /Inferno: Semmi: Where you at Nix?

    /Inferno: Nix: Running an errand, will be there in a bit.

    Nix exited the elevator on the 90th floor. He walked to the edge of the instance; the buildings inside were somewhat blurry.  He took a half-step forward and stopped.

    [Do you wish to initiate the House Planar Trial?]

    "No." Nix stepped back and activated Deep Blue; he chose the Gemini Temple and entered Sanctuary.  Instead of heading directly home, he walked to the Training Yard.  It was filled with Acolytes.  Esta was there, giving directions to the Arch Winds.  Everyone was wearing the House of Inferno Armor that they had recently earned. He watched them for a few minutes and then left without commenting.

    Nix exited the tunnel and headed toward his home.  He opened the letters he received from the Houses and skimmed them while he walked.  Aja was from the Drake House, and Omak was from the House of Earth.  The House Lords of both houses were interested in recruiting Nix.  The letter from Breach Commander Mtui was much more helpful.  He was from the House of Dragons.  His message wasn't a recruitment letter but instead introduced the Houses to him.  There were currently 11 Great Houses in the Sky Kingdom. Nix noted that the first house on the list was the House of Aquarion.

    [Whisper: Shae to Nix] Come to the fishing spot first.

    [Whisper: Nix to Shae] Sure.

    A black horse cantered easily toward him; Nix stopped for a moment to say hello to Flash.  The demon mare he had taken from Kedric was following the stallion closely.  She didn't come when Nix called, but she didn't run away either.  He tossed her an apple from his inventory and then continued on his way.

    Nix was smiling when the river came into view.  His fishing spot had temporarily turned into a swimming spot.  "Haven't seen my stats in weeks, let's take a look."

    Nix [Race: Human/Salamander Hybrid]

    Level 110

    Archon: [SubClass: Breach Commander]

    [Class Skill]

    Direct Communication

    Detect Disturbance

    Summon Allies

    Create Breach

    Dual Wield



    Last Stand

    Strength 265

    Endurance 277

    Intelligence 65

    Dexterity 87

    Perception 89

    Agility 55

    Mana 34,500/34,500

    Cold Resistance 250 [Ice Blessing Tier II]

    Fire Immunity

    Emerald Flame Strands 100 [Flame Snare] [Fire Root]

    Fire Seed [Emerald]

    Josori's Stealth [Champion's Ability]

    Weapon Skills:

    Primary: Path of the Fire Lord [Salamander]

    Secondary: Spellsword

    Support Skills:


    Primary Path Skills [Advanced]


    Meteor Storm [Fire]

    Combustion [Fire]

    Comet Strike [Fire]

    Lance [Elemental: Fire, Air, Ice]

    Gemini Bond [Gemini]

    Critical Chain [Gemini]

    Tides of Flame [Nemesis]

    Incinerate [Nemesis]

    Balefire Burst [Nemesis]

    Archon's Armor [Nemesis]

    Flashblade [Archon]

    Execution [Nemesis]

    Fire Burst [Fire, Air]

    Flame Throw [Fire, Air]

    Vacuum [Air]

    Gusting Flames [Fire, Air]

    Null [Air]

    Secondary Path Skills

    Flame Blade

    Flight of the Gryphon

    [Spirit Animal 4/4]

    1: Soup [Royal Sea Turtle]

    2: Ducky [Water Witch]

    3: Fey [Drakon]

    4: Mortimer [Titan Cave Bear]


    Hunter 100

    Leather Making 100

    Tailor  240/500

    Fishing 79/500

    Nix whistled softly.  "I don't know what any of those do. Let's try the first one.

    [Direct Communication]

    You must choose a target.

    [Direct Communication: Breach Commander Mtui]

    A life-size holo of Mtui appeared in front of him.  The horned Breach Commander smiled when he saw him.

    "Good battle today Nix.  Next time you are in Solomon City, please come and see me."

    Nix nodded. "I definitely will. I have a lot of questions."

    "I expected that.  The four of us are now, instead of three.  It's been a long time since a new Breach Commander was born."

    "Cya soon, Commander Mtui."

    [End Communication]

    "That's kinda cool, a life-sized holo for me to talk to." Nix smiled when he saw the preparations.  Large barrels of Toma (beer), a half dozen tables of food, and every Aquarion and human member of Inferno.  A huge black Cave Bear was sleeping soundly next to a Silver Drakon; the picture was completed nicely by Soup, who was lying near the riverbank, quietly sunning herself.

    Most of Inferno was sitting on the ground in small groups of four or five people. Nix grabbed a plate and started stacking it with meat.

    "Breach Commander Nix!" Semmi's face was split in a wide smile when she motioned him over. She was sitting with Milat, Mina and Shae.  "Saved ya a spot!"

    "On my own property, very nice Sem." He sat down next to Shae who immediately scooted closer.

    Shae's brown eyes were studying him closely as if she could see all the changes.  "Did you know you were a BC?"

    "No. My class has been hidden from me since that day you left.  It's been weeks since I could even see my stats."

    Shae leaned against him and swiped a piece of meat from his plate.  "I'm not surprised."

    "Thank you Nix," Mina spoke from across their small circle of friends.  "When I saw how many people were blocking our path, I lost all hope."

    Semmi's pretty face still wore a smile. "Do you see Pon slap Fire-Nado on those three Grand Elders?  He's so proud of himself."

    Milat nudged Nix with his foot and pointed to the food table.  Ducky had a plate in her hand and was filling it with fruit.  "Ducky seems very different."

    Nix nodded in agreement. "My Class Advancement caused size changes in Soup, Fey, and Morti.  Ducky evolved completely."

    Milat continued to watch Ducky until she joined them.  "May I sit here?"

    Milat moved over and made some room for her. "Sure, have a seat."

    Nix had already seen her class change on his Stats, but he was curious about the details. "Could I see your new stats Ducky?"

    Ducky nodded and displayed them.

    Ducky: Water Witch [Lord Class]

    Strength 35

    Endurance 40

    Intelligence 44

    Agility 55

    Charm 351

    Primary Skills: None

    Secondary Skills: None

    Support Skills: None

    Mana 44,000/44,000

    [Class Skills]



    Deep Water




    Hiding in Plain Sight

    Spirit Companions 0/4

    Semmi leaned close to read the skills.  "You're a very strong CC class.  Did you always have Primary and Secondary skills listed?"

    Ducky shook her head. "No. Many things have changed.  I feel much stronger and more connected."

    Nix studied her skills carefully.  "Let's try and get you trained for a primary skill.  We'll look around and see what you like best."

    /Inferno: Pon: Where is everyone? I've three barrels of [Semmi's Golden]!!

    /Inferno: NIx: How is that possible? Semmi's fields are just now sprouting.

    /Inferno: Semmi: We've been working on different recipes using grains that we purchased.

    /Inferno: Nix: We are by the river.

    [Whisper: Locas to Nix] It was a great battle, today Commander.

    [Whisper: Nix to Locas] Thanks for the support Captain. Your bows were a big part of our success. I'll bring you into Inferno tomorrow and give you your next mission.

    [Whisper: Locas to Nix] I look forward to it.

    Nix spied Fajii and Hyai carrying more food for the tables. The small group expanded slightly to make room for them when they returned.

    Hyai sat on the other side of Nix, she looked well-rested considering her obvious fatigue after the battle.

    Nix had been worried about her during the fight, but apparently she held her own."You did great today Hyai.  You gained six levels?"

    Hyai nodded, her full lips curved in a smile.  "Been a while since I lit things up."

    Shae leaned over Nix and grabbed her hand. "I saw your flames today, they are very refined.  I've never seen such red flames."

    The Innkeeper squeezed her hand. "I really like the House armor we were given. It's way better than my old gear."

    Nix was tempted to say something but decided not to.  He wanted to discuss the houses in private with Shae since she already knew about them.  He also decided to see Commander Mtui, there were lots of blanks that Nix needed filling in.

    Shae was watching him with her warm brown eyes. "Are you going to join one of the Great Houses?"

    Nix shook his head. "We'll start our own 'House of Inferno' and become an ascended Guild."

    The red-haired Salamander looked very pleased. "I'll finish the third phase of my training and then join you."

    "I noticed the House of Aquarion was on the list of Great Houses. Were those Archon Aquarions from there?"

    Shae nodded.  "I would think so."

    Mina didn't comment.  Everything about her seemed different. The weight that she had been carrying for months was finally gone. "A Breach Commander seems like a very powerful occupation."

    Shae nodded. "Today you've seen one in action. Being able to summon or send groups anywhere is only a small part of their abilities.

    Mina laughed unexpectedly. "they must have thought their force on the Cai'Song stage was unstoppable."

    Nix finished off his plate and leaned back on his elbows.  "What will the Aquarions do now?"

    Milat held up his pioneer token, he had yet to build in Haven. "I"m going to stay with Inferno and build here with them, somewhere close to the water."

    Mina seemed to consider it a while longer. "I"ve spoken to my people and they agree, we would like to explore Haven a bit and find someplace nice to settle."

    Nix let his surprise show for once.  "What about the Sea-World?  I told you it would be yours after the Cai'Song Artifact was destroyed."

    "The Souza Accord wants it to stay with you." Mina's pale eyes showed her amusement. "I know Soup likes it best."

    Semmi put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.  "We are one big family, I'm glad you will remain close to us."

    Haven was many times larger than the Sea-World.  There were several freshwater lakes that Aquarions could settle by or in.

    [Whisper: Shae to Nix] She can't bring herself to leave you.

    Nix didn't comment but changed the topic instead.  "Want to see something cool?"

    [Direct Communication: Delyn Xai]

    A full-sized holo of the Fir'Dhassi Wrath popped up in front of Nix a moment later.

    Nix smiled at the surprised look on the Dhassi's face.  "Greetings Tura Xai.  I want to ask a favor of you."

    Delyn's tanned face quickly recovered.  "What do you need?"

    "I would like you to teach a 4-month Nature's Wrath course at our VoTech in Loki." Nix had saved his apprentice and the Fir'Dhassi definitely owed him.  He had also removed Sogon from the picture, a move that had stabilized Raine's authority.

    Delyn sighed heavily.  "I owe you a great debt.  I will teach the course."

    Raine stepped into the picture.  "What sort of communication is this Master?"

    "No idea, when do I report?"

    Nix considered it for a moment.  "Five days, that will give us time to get classes ready.  Thank you."

    [End Communication]
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