201 Juri Mtui

    [Direct Communication: Mtui]

    Nix pushed Gemini flame into his Archon blade just as the Dragonspawn stepped down from the altar, the full-sized holo of Commander Mtui appeared in front of him.

    Nix raised his blade, "there's a Dragonspawn here with a Foundation Stone embedded in his chest where his heart should be."

    "JURI?"  The Dragonspawn stopped when Mtui said his name.

    The recognition only lasted for an instant before he charged Nix with his blade raised.

    [Flame Snare: Ice Flames]

    Nix has slowed Juri Mtui by 40 percent.

    [Fire Root: Ice Flames]

    Yuri Mtui has been rooted in place.

    "Commander Nix, if possible bring this person to me with the Foundation Stone still in place."

    Nix nodded.  "We'll do our best."  He closed the holo and raised both hands.  A moment later a dozen strands of Ice Flames sealed Juri in place.

    [Balefire: Advanced]

    Pon has landed a critical strike on Juri Mtui!

    [Critical Chain]

    Wind has followed up Pon's strike with a critical hit!

    [Critical Chain]

    Semmi has followed up Wind's strike with a critical hit!

    [Critical Chain]

    Pon has followed up Semmi's strike with a critical hit.

    Nix hauled back on all 12 strands, yanking Juri into the air and then he slammed him onto the floor, the perfect marble floor cracked with the impact.

    Juri Mtui has been stunned.

    Nix repeated the move again and then a third time.

    Yuri Mtui has been mortally wounded and has entered a state of high vulnerability.

    "Commander Mtui!  Bring us in."  Nix saw the breach appear a moment later, he flung Juri into it and followed behind.  The rest of his team leap dived for breach, just making it before it faded away.

    Nix still held the strands on Juri, the flames lit several papers on fire when he slammed Juri on a desk that appeared before him.

    "Release the strands and help me hold him!"  Commander Mtui pinned the black-armored Dragonspawn on his desk.  Nix moved quickly and secured his feet.  A familiar Albino moved beside him, lending her strength while leaning across Juri's torso.  The three of them managed to hold him in place while Mtui poured something down his throat, immediately he stopped struggling and closed his eyes.

    Nix stepped back and noticed his team was on the floor, gasping for air.  Only Fajii managed to stagger to her feet.  "Sorry guys, I'll open a breach and send you back."

    Pon shook his head.  "We aren't leaving you here boy.  Hurry up and finish your business."

    Commander Mtui stepped away from the unconscious Dragonspawn and pulled a platinum covered box out of his desk, Nix caught a glimpse of the still-beating heart just before it was placed in Juri's chest in place of the Foundation Stone.

    Mtui lay a hand on the man's head, his dark eyes unreadable.  "Thank you Nix, I am in your debt."

    He handed the Foundation Stone to Nix who quickly stowed it away.

    Beta walked over to Alpha Team and helped Wind move slightly so he could lean against the wall.  "You're a handsome one.  What's your name?"

    Wind struggled to breathe properly, his respect for Nix climbing with each passing second.  How could he even function here?  "I am Wind, an Officer in the Inferno Guild."

    Beta smiled and put a hand on his shoulder.  "I'm Beta, Special Envoy to Breach Commander Mtui, well met."

    Nix glanced around the office, several small fires were still burning thanks to his flame strands.  "We are heading back, I'll stop by tomorrow afternoon if that works."

    Mtui nodded.  "See you then."

    Beta favored Nix with a smile, "this group is strong, all of them will easily pass the Planar Trial."

    [Create Breach: Inuit]

    Nix dragged Wind and Pon through the breach, while Fajii helped Semmi.

    "Hey, Nix!  Equip that blade I traded you.  Why are you using that basic crap for?"  Beta's voice followed them through before being abruptly cut off.

    Nix let his team rest in place, all of them looked exhausted.  "Take a minute, the effect fades fast."

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: You have fought under that pressure?  You're a complete Beast Nix.

    /Alpha Team: Pon: You're not normal.

    /Alpha Team: Wind: I heard you made a few bootie calls in that hell.  You are definitely the man.

    /Alpha Team: Fajii: What's a bootie call?

    Nix helped Fajii to her feet suddenly very curious about her strength.  Aquarions were much stronger than humans, somehow he hadn't connected that with the Alchemist.  He whispered the answer in her ear before stepping away.

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: Why are we back here Nix?

    /Alpha Team: Nix: The chest of course.

    When they were fighting Juri earlier, Nix had noticed a small chest under the altar.  "Damn... it's really light."  He slid it from under the altar and sat it on top while the rest of Alpha Team gathered close.

    /Alpha Team: Pon: Let's bet on what it is.  I'm saying jewelry.

    /Alpha Team: Wind: Hmm... daggers.  One for me and one for Sem.

    /Alpha Team: Fajii: Shoes.

    Nix laughed at Fajii's guess and opened the lid.  The five of them stared into the chest for a few seconds.  "So... Did anyone guess acorns?"

    Semmi picked one up and examined it, her eyes lighting up.  "That's not a normal acorn Nix."

    One-Tree Acorn: Unique [Treehouse]

    Description: Three-level treehouse, please

    ensure that tree dimensions exceed 15 meters

    in diameter and 50 meters in height.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: This I gotta see.

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: Yep... Loki?

    /Alpha Team: Wind: What about Umi Strom? That Archon F*ck-nut is bound to hurt her when she returns empty-handed.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: They are probably still searching, let's grab some back-up.

    [Create Breach: Loki]

    Alpha Team stepped into the Breach and disappeared a moment later.


    "Looks like Commander Nix is back." Bali Zend was skinning a small animal that closely resembled a rabbit, the rangers had set up camp and had the cookfires going

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: How many of those acorns are in that chest?

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Didn't count, lots though.

    Nix waved to Locas when he saw the Ranger Captain walking toward him.  "We're going to pick a fight in about an hour, so enjoy your lunch until then."

    The rangers watched as Alpha Team stopped at a very large tree that marked the edge of their campsite.

    Semmi put her hand out, it was obvious that she wanted to do the honors.  "Come on boss, share the wealth a bit."

    Nix nodded and handed her an acorn.  Watching carefully as she walked up to the tree with it held in her hand.

    Semmi touched it against the rough, brown bark of the tree.  A moment later a large door formed where she had touched.  "Okay... we have a door."

    "Look up," Fajii pointed to where two round windows had formed.  One about fifteen feet off the ground and the other around twenty-five.

    Bali was the nearest ranger, the small woman seemed the most curious.  "Can I go in?"

    Semmi grabbed the doorknob and pulled, it swung open easily without a sound.  She led the way inside with Bali and Alpha Team following. The blond officer clapped excitedly when she walked inside.  "This is a kitchen!"  A small galley kitchen with a large island for prepping meals took up most of the first level.

    Bali didn't wait for the others, instead, she trotted up the stairs that were neatly hidden in one corner.  The second floor had a dining and sitting area.

    Nix nodded in satisfaction when he arrived at the third level, it had three comfortable-looking bedrooms and a small common area. He handed the ranger Captain a dozen acorns from his inventory.  "Have your people try these out for a few days, if you find them adequate then you can set up anywhere you like.  Loki is going to remain your base of operation."

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: Those are probably worth a lot to the Fir'Dhassi, we could try selling a few or using them as gifts.

    /Alpha Team: Fajii: Can they be traced to the Vale?

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Good question, we don't want to broadcast our exploration of their Sacred lands.  Let's just keep them within Inferno for now.

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: I'll take a look around the vendor area in Parliament, they sell just about everything there.

    /Inferno: Nix: Shae, Ronnie, Tess, Sharl, and Jun Li, gather together at the Gemini Temple, I'm going to bring all of you into Oasis.

    /Inferno: Mina: Can I come too?

    /Inferno: Rhylia: Me too Nix.

    /Inferno: Nix: Perfect, prepare for a fight and meet at the Temple.

    Nix pulled out the long black box that Beta had given him for the demon heart.  "I'm going to activate this blade down on the beach, might want to stay here since there's a likelihood of things blowing up."

    He felt a hand grip his when he turned toward the beach, a smiling Fajii fell in step beside him.  "I don't mind if you come, but be sure to take cover."

    "Of course." Fajii squeezed his hand, her verticle irises staring at him while they walked.  "The pink-eyes woman gave you that blade?"

    Nix nodded.  "I traded for it.

    When they arrived at the beach, Nix placed the black box on the sand and knelt down beside it.  "You should take cover behind the rocks."

    Fajii didn't seem to hear his words, she was staring into the sea. "I sense something familiar.  Go ahead with your blade and I'll catch up in a bit."

    Nix glanced toward the water, "Want me to come with you?"

    Fajii shook her head.  "I'll be fine."  She bent down and kissed him suddenly, a smile playing on her lips when she stepped back.

    "Okay, stay in contact and let me know if you run into trouble."
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