203 Burning Down the House part two

    The entire group stepped into the Inuit subcontinent, a few dozen meters from the tree instance they had visited earlier in the day.  There was no one around, Nix couldn't help but wonder what Raine or Del would say if they knew he could bring an army to their doorsteps.

    /Inferno: Nix: These are going to be strong fighters, I want our arches to stay at range and pick your targets.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Stay in groups of two or three, we've all seen what Archons can do, fight smart.

    /Inferno: Locas: I've assigned 25 rangers to each of you.  Whatever target you choose, you'll have fire support immediately.

    [Summons: Ducky]

    [Summons: Tor, Cal, Shadai]

    Ducky appeared next to Nix, she smiled pleasantly her eyes instantly taking in everything.  She was wearing the leather House Armor from the Cai'Song Raid.

    His three Arch Winds hovered near him, ready to fight. Nix motioned for Cal to come closer. "I'm bringing in the Gemini Acolytes, you can take up a position with them and Esta.

    Cal saluted crisply. "Of course sir."

    /Inferno: Nix: Let's move in.

    Nix led them down the winding path to the clearing.  There were a half dozen horses tied up nearby, but no one was in sight.

    [Breach Commander Deployment Menu]

    Available Allies

    1) Alpha Team

    2) Colonial Knights of Glory

    3) Souza Accord

    4) Fire Palace Acolytes

    5) Earth Temple Acolytes

    6) Air Palace Acolytes

    7) Gemini Palace Acolytes

    8) Central Kingdom: 1st Regiment Archers

    9) Ain'Dhassi: Inferno Ranger Company

    10) Broyan Alliance: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Regiments

    11) Captain Vooni's Fire Team

    12) 12 Pillar Alliance

    13) Miscellaneous Friends

    A Large holo of the area popped up in front of Nix.  Seventeen Archons could feasibly be a larger threat than the force they challenged in Mermaid City.  He smiled pleasantly and activated the 12 Pillar Alliance and the Gemini Temple Acolytes; what's the use in having allies if they were just going to sit on the bench? After noticing that Vooni and Beta were added to his Friends option, he activated both of them along with Chiba.

    He placed his Acolytes to the rear of the formation, even though they were armored up, they were still one-hit kills for an Archon.  He placed the Alliance right in front of them.

    /Breach Commander Nix: We are deep in the Inuit subcontinent.  There is probably a large Archon force inside the buildings.  No Sub-Commanders today, each Guild takes one Archon, treat them like a badass boss.

    "Chiba?" Beta's voice showed her surprise, the albino Envoy rushed the old woman and hugged her tight.  "CHIBA!"

    Chiba's old face cracked into a smile.  "Master Beta!"  The old woman returned the hug.

    Beta's face turned pink to match her eyes.  "Still using that old joke?"

    Chiba didn't answer but instead turned toward Nix.  "How did you meet Beta?"

    "Because he's strong enough to fight on the upper planes without passing through the trial." Beta answered without giving Nix a chance.  "How do you know Nix?

    Chiba licked her lips suggestivelly.  "He's my lover of course, and my apprentice."

    Nix scowled at the old woman and immediately considered sending her someplace unpleasant.  "Master Chiba has a vivid imagination. Get ready please."

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Pair up and take two Archons between the four of you.  I'm going to take Zar.

    /Inferno: Nix: Shae you can pick whatever target you like.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Rangers, there are 8 Ley ribbons connecting the buildings to the ground.  Please eliminate them, pick your targets after that.

    /Sub-Commander Locas: Target all Ley ribbons and fire on my command... Aim!

    The highly organzied rangers divided their aim without having to be assigned, thirty-five to thirty-seven aimed at each target.

    /Sub-Commander Locas: If the ribbons aren't destroyed with the first volley, reload and prepare to fire again.  Once they are severed, assist your Inferno Member.

    /Sub-Commander Locas: FIRE!

    [Breach Command: Inspire]

    All Damage from your forces is doubled for 90 seconds.

    All eight ribbons were destroyed at the same time, the explosions rocked the buildings and they plummeted to the ground with an earth jarring crash.

    Conveniently, Zar was the first person out.  He exploded through the wall of the fallen building with one glowing sword in hand.

    Nix targeted his sword hand with a half dozen strands of Ice Flames and jerked him forward with all his strength.

    [Flight of the Gryphon]

    Nix slashed his blade toward Zar's neck.  The Archon was grimacing in pain and started to slash the strands when he was forced to counter the strike with his own blade.  Surprisingly the blade was pulled back before he could block, a moment later the spiked handguard slammed into his forehead driving him back toward the wall he had burst through.

    Zar has been stunned.

    [Group Shot: Critical Hit]

    The arrows from 25 bows struck the stunned target at the same time.

    Zar has been slain.

    Nix froze for a moment... Zar's body had immediately disappeared, a sure sign that he was anchored safely somewhere else. Several other Archons were already down, the disadvanage of facing melee pairs backed up by scores of archers was decimating their ranks.

    Glancing around for someone to assist, he noticed that Alpha Team had already brought down two Archons and were moving to their next target, with the fight in hand Nix moved toward the building.

    "Ducky!  Find Umi Strom!" Nix followed the Water Witch into the building. The first two rooms were empty, in the last room was the corpse of Umi Strom.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Faji!  Come into the building now!

    Nix turned to face Ducky, "Bring Fajii here!"

    He knelt on the ground next to Umi, her blood matted hair showed a horrifc wound to her skull. She had been beaten badly before finally being killed.

    "UMI!"  A shout filled with grief and anger filled the room, Bael Strom had arrived.

    Before Nix could say anything, the Archon appeared next to him, Nix managed to raised his blade up to block the strike but the power of blasted him through the ceiling and into the air above.

    You have been stunned.

    Nix muttered a curse as he watched Bael close on him.  A pair of arms caught him gently and a flash of red announced the arrival of his allies.  Twin blades burning with fire slashed at the Fir'Dhassi, forcing him to retreat.  Shae attacked without mercy, pushing her advantage to land several strikes.

    [Group Shot; Critical Hit]

    25 arrows struck the unprepared Archon.

    Bael Strom has been mortally wounded.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Do not attack Bael Strom!

    A smiling Vooni looked down at him.  "Where should I drop you Pon?"

    Nix grinned at the name.  "Back in the building!"

    She set him down carefully inside, her sword pointing at the Fir'Dhass Archon.  "Attack Pon the Magnificent again, and you will certainly die.

    /Alpha Team: Wind: Say again?

    /Alpha Team: Pon: Woah... Pon the Magnificent? I love it!

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: She know you Pon?

    Nix waved at his team who had accompanied Fajii inside, the Aquarion was able to ressurect the fallen Umi, and the rest of her group that were killed in nearby rooms.

    Within minutes all the Archons were down, counting Zar, five of them recovered elsewhere.

    A crestfallen Bael stared at Nix. "I'm sorry Nix, I lost my head when I saw you standing over her."

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Theres an armory back here.

    /Inferno: Nix: It's ours now.

    "Nix, the equipment in this building should stay with the Fir'Dhassi." Bael spoke quietly, he was being watched by both Shae and Vooni.

    Fajii  frowned at the Fir'Dhassi. "Who are you to speak here? You repaid his actions by attacking him, count yourself lucky that you are still alive."

    Nix shrugged apologetically, "spoils of battle Bael."

    [Breach Commander:Reward: 1 level for participation]

    /Breach Commander: Nix: If your guild managed to down an Archon, then the loot is yours to distribute however you wish. Everyone gets a level, thanks for the assistance.

    Nix temporarily invited Chiba, Vooni, Rhylia and Shae to Alpha Team.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: I'd like to invite the four of you to become The Foundation for the House of Inferno.

    /Alpha Team: Shae: Will you be the 5th?

    /Alpha Team: Yes.

    /Alpha Team: Shae: I'm in.

    /Alpha Team: Chiba: I already failed the planar trial Nix, they won't allow me to try again.

    /Alpha Team:Nix: There are many routes to the Sky Kingdom, I believe I can get you in.

    /Rhylia: I will follow you and Shae.

    Vooni studied the other four candidates. Air, Fire, Sword and a Breach Commander, the group had staggering potential. As Dragon-descended she could pick from any of the Great Houses, but she never had.

    /Alpha Team:Vooni: I accept.
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