205 Planar Trial: Breach Commander Nix

    10 Mages  [8 Water, 2 Air]  1000 cr.

    1 Snow Leopard Mount      1000 cr.

    4 Assassin's                          400K cr.

    500 Archers                          50K   cr.

    1000 Horses                          10k   cr.

    500 Infantry [Melee Only]     12.5K cr.

    "Hmm..."  Nix studied the options he had chosen, he expected his planar fight to involve more fighting and less planning, but since he already had a sub-class there was no way around it.  "Sure... I don't really have a use for the Snow Leopard, but it's awesome so I want one."

    All personnel came with basic gear, upgrading could be done in the Armor/Weapons menu, but it would add up quickly.  He decided to upgrade the armor on his Infantry and Archers.

    Improved Leather Armor 25cr.  [X 1000] 25K cr.

    Nix hit the total button and came up with 499,500. He eyed the send button.  Once he selected it, his opponent would be notified of his choices.


    Do you wish to lock in your choices?


    Your opponent is now aware of your choices.  The Fog of War will now be implemented so that you may set up your forces.  Be advised, since opponents are often familiar with each other abilities, your character sheet has been sent to the enemy.

    "The f*ck you say?"  Nix muttered every cussword he could remember while he studied the sheet of his opponent.

    Fassa Rogan

    Archon: Breach Commander

    [Class Skill]

    Direct Communication

    Detect Disturbance

    Summon Allies

    Create Breach

    Strength 75

    Endurance 110

    Intelligence 50

    Perception 39

    Agility 49

    Mana 19,500/19,500

    Cold Resistance 100

    Fire  Resistance 110

    Weapon Skills:

    Primary: Sword

    Secondary: Sword

    Support Skills:

    Dual Wield

    Absolute Shield

    Spirit Companions:

    Spirit Wraith: Healer Class

    Right away Nix noticed that Fassa only had half the amount of Sub-Class Skills that he had. Dual Wield, Tactician. Inspire, and Last Stand was missing.  Although Dual Wield was listed as a support skill.

    "Normal skills, one healer class pet. Damn... they'll know about Fey now."  Nix considered different possibilities. "They'll have to prepare for Morti and Fey, my class sheet won't say that Morti is unavailable."

    Nix looked at his layout and then started equipping his forces.  He mounted his archers and infantry right away and issued them armor.  He opted for a quick-hitting mounted force that could retreat and attack repeatedly.     He divided them up into 10 groups of 100, each group containing 50 Archers and 50 Infantry.  After assigning a leader from each group, he gave them very specific orders and numbered them QRF1 through QRF10.  (QRF=Quick Reactionary Force)

    [You have scouted the Enemy Forces and have 15 minutes to finalize your strategy.]

    Nix studied his Opponent's forces, it was what Nix would have chosen in his place.

    Arch Mages                          10

    Gladiators                             6

    Anti-Dragon Batteries          2

    Royal Mounted Knights        2000

    Nix scowled at the sheet.  "Arch Mages, Batteries, and Gladiators?  He has different options."

    [Summons: Ducky]

    [Summons: Soup]

    [Summons: Fey]

    [Summons: Cal, Tor, Shadai]

    "All hands on deck today guys, this is an important mission."  Nix moved closer to Fey and stroked her smooth head.  "They have stuff that can hurt you, however, they can't deal with your complete stealth.  I just need you to scout them and keep me apprised of movements."

    Fey butted her head against his chest. "I will do as you ask."

    Nix took a seat on Soup's shell close to her smooth green head.  He could feel the changes in her since he became an Archon, her shell had changed to a light bluish-green color and she was now nearly 15 feet in diameter. He spoke quietly to each of his companions, giving them advice and last-minute directions.

    He walked gingerly up to the Snow Leopard he had purchased as a mount. When he placed a hand on its shoulder, it responded by pushing a cold nose into his neck and purring.  He glanced down at the animal's feet, they were quite wide, made for running over snow.  The big cat had long retracted claws for icy conditions.  "I might have to keep you..."

    [Your Battle starts in five minutes]

    A few minutes later Nix was seated comfortably on the Snow Leopard.  He was flanked by four masked men in dark armor.  "When the battle starts, stealth and carry out your mission."

    All four men nodded.

    Nix rode to the front of the squirmish line.

    [Dragon Eyes]

    Nix's eyes turned dark orange and the heat signatures of his enemies become plainly visible.

    /Commander Nix: QRF1, execute your first order.

    Nix's blade appeared in his hand, immediately glowing blue with Ice Flame.  He let the Snow Leopard run, it pulled away from the horses and kept straight when they turned back after firing a volley.

    [Tides of Flame]

    Nix targeted the center portion of the Knights and then veered off when the green flames washed over them.

    He retreated amid the screams of agony, the Snow Leopard immediately putting distance between him and the Knights.

    /Breach Commander Nix: QRF2, execute your first order.


    Fassa sat on his horse, waiting for the Assassin's to move.  He countered them with Gladiators, but they had yet to move.  "What is he waiting for?  These endless hit and run skirmishes are tedious!"

    In just over an hour, two mages and nearly 300 of his Knights had fallen.  The drakon wasn't visible, most likely Nix had unsummoned it to make him worry.

    Fassa watched patiently while two of the mounted groups struck at the same time on opposite sides of the battlefield.  His opponent had lost men too, but only a few dozen at the most.

    /Breach Commander: Fassa: Shields Up Knights!  Quit attacking the melee riders, you open yourself up to their archers.  Defend only!

    Fassa's hud blinked at him, he had delegated his Gladiators as important targets.

    Gladiator Ben Tero has been slain.

    Gladiator Wenifre Utila has been slain.

    "WHAT?"  Fassa slammed his gloved hand down on the pommel of his saddle.  Did the skirmishers manage to take them down?

    He drew both his swords and backed his horse further away from the line, all of his gladiator's had been given true sight potion, even enhanced invisibility should be plainly seen.

    Two more squirmish teams charged at the middle.  Fassa cussed at them.

    /Breach Commander: Fassa: Eri and Yara, retreat back to my location.

    Gladiator Eri Boon has been slain.

    Gladiator Yara Nigel has been slain.


    /Breach Commander Nix: Assassin's may now retreat. All squirmish teams, execute the last command order.

    Nix closed his hud and glanced at the four infantrymen standing on the backline. He had used his Tailor skills to dress them up like Ninjas.  Before the mission, he gave them each a stealth potion and ordered them to stay back as decoys. He also made camo-overlays for the real Assassins and ordered them to accompany the skirmish teams.  "You guys did good, very threatening.  We'll take it from here."

    The Snow Leopard quickly outdistanced the skirmishers and leaped over the front line of Knights when they moved to intercept.

    [Lance: Ice Flame]

    Nix targeted the closest Mage.

    [Critical Hit]

    Nix has scored a critical hit on an Arch Mage.

    Ducky has charmed an Arch Mage.

    [Balefire Burst: Gemini Flame]

    Nix targeted the Anti-Dragon Battery, causing it to immediately burst into flames.  The Arch-Mage that Ducky was controlling attacked the other battery.


    All Damage from your troops is doubled for 90 seconds.

    [Last Stand]

    Your troops take no damage for 60 seconds as long as they continue to attack.

    Nix spotted Fassa and charged directly at him, a squad of Knights held in reserve quickly intercepted him.

    Fassa smiled from behind his Knights.  "Foolish move betting everything on a last charge, you may have actually won a war of attrition."

    "Attrition?  Is that anything like waiting?"

    Fassa nodded.  "Why are you laughing?"

    [Battering Ram]

    The frozen lake exploded upward under Fassa, the foot thick Ice tearing apart like crackers.  A head extended from the blueish-green shell and a beak snapped around Fassa's waist.  The Breach Commander disappeared back into the water a moment later, never to be seen again.

    [Planar Trial Passed: Breach Commander Nix]

    An exhausted Nix appeared on the Foundation stone, a Large Golden Crown was etched clearly in the center under his feet.  He glanced at the two blank stones that were still glowing.  Being lit means they were still in the trial.

    [Foundation Stone accepted: 3/5]

    /Inferno: Nix: I'm back.
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