218 House on Fire conclusion

    Nix grabbed Ducky's hand and pulled her toward the altar room.  "What did you mean when you said she wasn't one of them?"

    Ducky pursed her lips, smiling at Nix's back while he pulled her down the hall.  "What's the word?  Spy?  She's a plant from another house."

    Nix let her hand go when they arrived at the altar room.  He used the throne to bring up the status of the lower level. "Too bad we didn't get her bow, Ronnie would love an Archon Bow."

    Ducky held up the bow in question.  "You mean this?"

    Gemini Instance Menu

    [Lower Level Locked: Occupied]

    Footsteps announced the arrival of Elune, her two-colored face smile at Nix.  "You seem hurried my Lord."

    Nix nodded.  "I did something, but I am not sure yet if it was a mistake."

    Elune peeked at the menu he opened up.  "Is this about the lower level?"

    "Yes.  I used a breach to toss a bunch of people into it.  All but one had Black hand Artifacts on them."

    "It wouldn't matter. The permissions for Gemini Temple were already set by you, only Inferno members may gate in or out.  My concern would have been them using the Breach you opened to come back."

    "I opened the breach about 10 meters off the ground, since I slapped Black hands on them, they wouldn't be able to activate their Archon form."

    Elune's lips curved in a smile.  "What about the last one?  The one without the Black hand."

    "He was missing his legs when I tossed him through, and he was unconscious."  Nix rubbed his hands together, "I closed the breach immediately after that."

    "It's effective as any dungeon, no one is leaving the lower level without your permission Lord Nix. Even if they die, they will respawn inside, just like Tessa did."

    Nix frowned at the mention of the former Gemini Lord.  "That reminds me, I need to talk with Esta... Nansu also."

    Ducky tapped Nix on the shoulder.  "Shouldn't you be somewhere?"

    "Yes.  I"m going."

    [Create Breach: Lapu Crater]


    Beta finally stopped running when they arrived at a footbridge.  "We should be in the clear for now, things like this happen all the time."

    Pon nodded as if he used to it.  "Is that house suppose to be burning like that?"

    Chiba leaned back against the rail and watched it burn. "What house is that Beta?"

    The Albino pursed her lips together. "It's the Aquarion House."

    Semmi whistled under her breathe.  "Setting things on fire, this seems an awful lot like someone we know."

    Wind nodded in agreement.  "It's definitely the boss."

    Beta pulled his arm slightly, her pale face shining.  "What in the world is that companion of yours?"

    The Gemini thief answered easily.  "That's the King."

    Semmi's pretty laugh filled the night air.  "I don't know who that mage was, but I do know one thing."

    Pon's old face was smiling while he watched the Aquarion House burn.  "Don't f*ck with the King."


    [You've joined the Pathfinder Channel]

    /Pathfinder: Nebula: Nix!  I was about to send out a search party.

    /Pathfinder: Nix: What do you guys know about the Sky Kingdom?

    /Pathfinder: Gideon: Nothing other than it's the next step up from Oasis.

    /Pathfinder: Nix: That sums it up pretty well.  Lot's of hidden powers there.

    /Pathfinder: Jiggs: Are we done Nix?

    /Pathfinder: Nix: You have a date or something?

    /Pathfinder: Jiggs: Yep, with your sister.

    /Pathfinder: Nix: Interesting, she hasn't mentioned that she's dating a sawed-off runt.

    /Pathfinder: Gideon: Dumbass.  His sister is the territorial Governor of Loki.

    /Pathfinder: Jiggs:  Huh?  Wait... you have a sister?

    /Pathfinder: Nix: Yes, I'll tell her you said hello.

    /Pathfinder: Jiggs: I was only f*cking around Nix!

    Nix led the group to the small cave where Shae was waiting.  Severance was sitting up and speaking, although she looked a bit tired.  "Holy crap... You advanced?"

    Severance sighed, she seemed unsure whether to laugh or cry.  "Shae put me back in the chrysalis, along with the bones of my mate."

    The redhead nodded kindly. "As it should be, he aided you one last time."

    "A few months ago I was near the end of my life cycle, now I'm a Nemesis with decades more ahead of me." This version of Severance was definitely prone to self-analysis.  "Aren't I too old to start over?"

    Nix caught Shae's eye, she was definitely expecting him to say something.  "You've been alone too long.  Time to stop hiding in this old crater."

    Shae slid an arm through Nix's.  "Come to Oasis and explore the new world."

    Severance didn't reply.  "I want to thank all of you for helping me again."


    Commander Mtui stood patiently in the courtyard, waiting to be summoned.  It was nearly two hours before the black wrought iron gate opened.  He followed the Majordomo through the garden path into a wide-open area.

    "Elen... I am pleased that you were able to make time for me."  The feminine voice filled courtyard, overflowing with unbridled power.

    Elen Mtui bowed low, the black dragon lay comfortably with all four claws beneath her.  Two hundred feet of unearthly power, not counting the tail. "I am honored Mother."

    "Hmmm... such good manners. I am thankful that Juri has returned. Who is responsible for this?"  Beautiful golden eyes watched him without blinking, there was no denying her questions.

    "A human named Nix found him while investigating an Archon Flash in Oasis."

    "This is the new Breach Commander?  A Salamander/human hybrid?"  The giant black head moved upward as the long serpentine neck flexed.

    "Yes, mother, a person of vast potential."

    "I shall have to thank him personally." The sleek black head moved forward until he could have reached out and touched her snout.  "What do you know about the House of Aquarion attack?"

    Elen didn't dare consider his words too carefully, "someone quite powerful broke into the Aquarion House and was able to make several members disappear."

    "I see.  Were you involved in this?"

    Elen shook his head.  "I was not involved."

    "Two Foundation members and four pillars disappear in a great fire and no one knows what happen?"  There was amusement in his mother's voice, "the tracking templates were taken also."

    "I was not aware of that," Elen stated truthfully.

    "Who do you think did this?"

    Elen gritted his teeth and felt his stomach plummeting. "My guess would be Breach Commander Nix."

    "Would you ask Breach Commander Nix to visit me?"

    [Direct Communication: Nix]

    Mtui waited patiently until a holo of Nix appeared in front of him.  He was shirtless and completely wrapped up in a blanket. "I apologize for the disturbance Commander Nix."

    Nix rolled out of bed and threw on a shirt before stretching his arms over his head. "Don't worry about it.  Something I can help you with?"

    "Yes.  My mother would like to meet you."

    "Would you give me an hour to get cleaned up and have some breakfast?"

    Mtui didn't answer right away, he turned away for nearly a minute before replying. "An hour would fine. I will open up a Breach for you to visit her in one hour."

    A moment later the breach closed, leaving mother and son alone once again.

    "Thank you, Elen.  You make take your leave now."  The Black Dragon put her head down and closed her eyes.

    "I will send him here in one hour."  Mtui opened up a Breach to his office and stepped through it.  Immediately he sighed a long breath of relief.  There was a pressure to her presence, even the most basic interaction could be very taxing.
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