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    [A new Guild Quest is Available: The Fallen Cities]

    "Welcome."  A deep voice brimming with power spoke from directly in front of them. Nix took a step back from what he had assumed was a pile of black rubble.

    The black dragon stood slowly, scales popped off his body and landed onto the cracked stone of the street. His skin was visible in dozens of areas, it looked diseased like some sort of rot was ravishing it. The wings were ragged and torn, definitely not capable of flight.

    "Thanks, I apprecia.." Nix interrupted himself by attacking immediately


    Nix targeted the area on the beast's neck where rotting flesh signified the absence of scales, his red scimitar bit deep into the dragon.  He retreated by leaping onto the creature's back. An instant later the dragon's neck coiled around and he was bathed in dragon flames.

    Sharl charged in and slammed her shield into the beast's chest causing scales and flesh to fly off in huge chunks.

    [Swapped out]

    Jun Li replaced Sharl and sliced deeper into the wound that Nix had already made.

    Milat moved behind the dragon while all of Mina's Vila attacked its front leg.  Nix waited until the flames finally stopped and then tossed an Ice grenade into its gaping maw.

    [Ice Puck]

    The dragon's body shook when it shrieked in agony. A dozen strands of Ice Flames punched through the exposed snout and down through its lower jaw.

    Nix has activated his bloodline.

    [Third Form: Archon]

    He took to the air, both hands grasping the strands as he pulled the huge head off the ground.

    Jun Li flowed in like water, targetting the same weakened area she put together a fearsome combo that ended with her blade striking at the bone.

    [First strike] [Double Strike]

    Jun Li has scored a critical hit on Yandro.

    [Mericless Strike]

    Milat has scored a critical hit on Yandro

    [Defender's Blockade]

    Sharl has formed a perfect defense, all enemies must attack her for the next 30 seconds.

    [Lance: Ice Flame]

    [Lance: Ice Flame]

    [Lance: Ice Flame]

    Nix spammed Ice Lance, when the dragon slammed its head against Sharl, his flames strands snapped and he was thrown into the air along with the tank.

    Nix banked and then dived, just managing to catch Sharl while coming back in.  He released her a few feet off the ground and then flashed toward the dragon.

    A wide-open mouth snapped toward Nix, he managed to avoid the teeth but was knocked upwards by the gigantic head again.  This time a dozen Ice Flame strands flew out from his hands and sunk deep into the dragon's face. The sudden stop caused the beast's head to tilt upward, Nix immediately jerked backward and flames that were meant for Jun Li shot harmlessly into the air instead.

    [Sudden Strike]

    Jun Li has scored a critical hit on Yandro.

    Yandro has been mortally wounded.

    [Critical Chain: Execution: Advanced]

    A long thick strand of razor-sharp Ice Flames struck at the neck of the dragon, the bone broke with a sudden crunching sound and Yandro's head flopped on the ground, only attached by the smallest piece of skin.

    Yandro the Indomitable has been slain.

    A bright light exploded outward, completely enveloping Hunter Team.


    An instant later Nix found himself standing in a courtyard, speaking with two other individuals.

    "There has to be a better alternative Yandro."

    The speaker was looking directly at him, it was here that Nix realized he was not in control.  He felt his own head shake.  "There is nothing else Taiyu,  I can no longer support this city."

    The voice that came out of his mouth wasn't his, it sounded ancient and worn.

    "There are still three of us that aren't bound to a city, perhaps if we rotated in we could assume the caretaking of Elynmoor."  An easily recognizable voice caused Nix to pay closer attention.

    She was younger, but there was no mistaking the face, Deidra Mtui.

    Again Nix felt his head shake.  "You will have to take over Solomon City in a few years, my time has come.  I will accept that."

    The scene changed again, Nix was receiving a report from a dragonspawn. "Father, the entire city has been locked down. No one is able to use Archon skills within the city."

    Nix felt his eyes scanning the landscape, the Greater houses were set up exactly like Solomon City. Suddenly Nix felt his point of view change as he grew to a tremendous size. "Summon all the Greater Houses into the street.  I will address my people."

    The Greater Houses didn't take long to assemble into a formation, all of them bowed deeply before the Indomitable Yandro.  Instead of speaking he took to the air, his magnificent form flying over them caused them to gasp in awe.  The gasps turned to screams of agony when he scorched them with dragon fire.

    Morning came after the night of flames, once again he was receiving a report. "Father, no one from the Greater Houses remains alive."

    "And the lesser houses?"

    "We cleansed them while you addressed your people."


    Nix's view of the world darkened for a long time, slowly he felt his body respond.  He turned over onto his stomach and opened his eyes slowly.  "My f*cking head..."

    He sat up slowly and found himself sitting in front of the dead dragon.  All four of Mina's Vila were feeding on it, he didn't bother to stop them.  He spotted Sharl and Jun Li a few meters away.

    [Summons: Ea'Shadai]

    The Arch Wind Priestess appeared an instant later.


    Emerald flames surrounded Nix while slowly healing him.

    "Check out the others in the group please."

    Mina was the furthest away, she seemed to have taken little damage and sat up when Nix placed a hand on her arm.  "You okay Mina?"

    Mina's pale eyes had tears in them.  "I... Killed them all Nix.  The entire city, like they were vermin."

    Nix shook his head and helped her up.  "No, you were a bystander inside of Yandro's body, I had the same vision."

    "You should stop your Vilas now.  Too much dragon flesh wouldn't benefit them."  Nix turned back toward the dragon corpse, just as the other three were getting to their feet.

    /Hunter: Nix: We all had the same vision, Yandro must have given us that experience as a parting gift.

    /Hunter: Jun Li: I'm glad we killed him now.  What a monster...

    /Hunter: Nix: Somehow the cities of Sky Kingdom are directly related to the Dragons.  We will have to consider this carefully before we fully ascend.

    /Hunter: Sharl: What now?

    /Hunter: Nix: I want to explore the city.  Find out a bit more.  We'll take all the scales Yandro has left.

    /Hunter: Jun Li: Explore in pairs?

    /Hunter: Nix: Yes, you and Sharl will pair up and head north.  I'll take Milat and head south.

    /Hunter: Mina: What about me?

    /Hunter: Nix: You'll stay and watch over the salvage team.

    /Hunter: Mina: You're going to bring in more of us?

    /Hunter: Nix: We are standing in front of a dragon corpse.  It's an Alchemist treasure trove.

    Nix stared back at the dragon, whatever was ravaging its body had weakened it to the point where Hunter Team could take him down.  Regardless of how weak it was, killing a dragon is always impressive.

    [Create Breach Haven: Elynmoor: Hyai, Nansu, Moki]

    The three travelers appeared in front of Hunter team a moment later.

    Hyai has joined Hunter channel.

    Nansu has joined Hunter channel.

    Moki has joined Hunter channel.

    /Hunter: We don't have a lot of time, in front of you is a dragon corpse.  I want anything that we can salvage.  Meat, blood, bones, teeth, claws or whatever.  Two hours and we are out of here.  Mina will watch over you while the rest of us explore.

    Milat was already waiting for him when he finished briefing the newcomers.  Like Mina, the Aquarion was also in a somber mood.  It wasn't every day that you witness wholesale slaughter of your own allies.
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