235 Nether Bishop part one

    Nix opened all the cells, Ducky grabbed his hand to prevent herself from fumbling in the dark. He gave the keys to Sasi since she was a rogue and the most adept at moving silently without the use of skills.

    She moved silently through the next room.  They had decided to not worry about freeing the other prisoners until the guards were dealt with.  She lay on her stomach near the barred door and held up three fingers.

    Uta pointed to her, Nix and himself.  Rabi and Ducky would hang back.  They all knew that the key would make noise when she unlocked it.

    Without waiting Sasi unlocked the door, Nix slammed against it an instant later sending it open with a loud bang. The guards at the table seemed to freeze for a moment.

    Nix charged the nearest guard, he kicked the table into the other two and grabbed his target by the neck.  The Nether guard had the face of an elephant seal, a grotesque looking trunk that stopped at his black chin. He wrenched hard with his hands twice, hearing an audible crack after the second movement, the guard tumbled lifelessly to the ground.

    You have slain a Nether guard.

    Uta grappled with the 2nd guard, the largest of the three.  Nix kicked him in the back of the knee and held his arms while Uta gripped his throat with both hands and tore it out.  Sasi had already dealt with her target and was already opening the chests when the last guard slumped to the floor.

    A few moments later, the group had all of their gear back and was formulating a strategy. As agreed Rabi went back and unlocked all the prisoners.  They still had a mission to carry out, those who had been set free were on their own.

    Sasi slipped out the jail to scout the area, immediately she popped back into view and motioned for them to follow.

    Nix brought up the rear of the group, the room just outside of the jail was obviously some kind of mess hall.

    [All Class and Archon skills have been enabled]

    [Group messaging is enabled.]

    [Instant Travel has been enabled]

    [You may now access your inventory]

    Nix immediately activated his red scimitar and stealth package.

    /Qi Family: Uta: Okay, part one of the mission has been completed.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Part one being 'escape from an obvious trap?'

    /Qi Family: Uta: Yes. Well done by the way.

    Uta opened up his hud and examined the map.

    /Qi Family: Uta: We are on the first floor, I'm guessing he is in the Depository on the third floor since that's where the Prism would be stored.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: Probably.

    /Qi Family: Ducky: Want me to find him?

    Uta looked at Nix for confirmation since he had no real clue as to what Ducky's capabilities were.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Find his location and bring us back someone to talk to. Keep in contact.

    /Qi Family: Uta: We'll move to the first-floor exit and wait.

    They waited until Ducky left and then exited the Mess Hall with Sasi leading the way.  Between them and the stairs was a large library and a dark chapel.  They were about to stealth through the library when Sasi spotted a high-value target.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: It's a Dark Chancellor. We need to kill him.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Dark Chancellor?

    /Qi Family: Uta: It's the Nether version of the Breach Commander, their rare so of course we need to take him.

    /Qi Family: Nix: I'll move in closer and start the fight.

    The Chancellor was in an empty section of the library, he was sitting at the table apparently reading.  Up close his neatly cropped black hair was actually thousands of sharp-looking quills, his greenish skin had a smooth snake-like shine.  His all-white eyes were staring at the words of the book in his hands.

    His slender hands turned the page and a moment later a dozen strands of Ice Flame burst through the back of his chair and exited his chest before wrapping around him.  Nix yanked back as hard as he could, pulling the Chancellor back toward the wall.

    [Viper Strike]

    Sasi Qi has scored a critical hit on Chancellor Demian.


    Rabi has crippled Chancellor Demian and exposed a weakness to Ice Attacks.

    Uta rushed in and slammed his shield into the face of the target.

    Chancellor Demian has been stunned.

    [Sudden Switch]

    Uta has equipped an Ice based weapon.

    [Up front]

    Uta has slowed Chancellor Demian with the power of Ice.

    [Double Finish]

    Sasi scored a critical hit on the stunned target.

    Sasi scored a critical hit on the stunned target.

    [Blind Side]

    Rabi has scored a critical hit to Chancellor Demian's eyes.

    Chancellor Demian has been blinded.

    Nix was content to hold the Chancellor in place.  The Qi family was strong and their dps were higher than anything he had seen before.

    Sasi has slain Chancellor Demian.

    Rabi looted the Chancellor while Nix took the book he had been reading and stowed it away.  He was about to take more off the shelves when Sasi grabbed his arm.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: Taking the ones on the table are fine, an alarm will go off if you pull something off the shelf without authorization.

    Nix nodded and took the other two books from the table Demian was reading at.

    /Qi Family: Uta: Let's move out!

    Nix activated his stealth package and followed the Qi Family through the library.  The hallway outside of the library led into a small chapel where a half dozen demons were kneeling reverently while chanting in cadence.  Their bodies slowly swayed back and forth.

    Unexpectedly Sasi and Rabi moved among them silently.

    Sasi has pickpocketed Desciple Duvin

    Rabi has pickpocketed Ender Fear

    Sasi has pickpocketed Desciple Hoyin

    Rabi has pickpocketed Shola Mas

    Sasi has pickpocketed Desciple Gerion

    Rabi has pickpocketed Bu Fonti

    /Qi Family: Rabi: You went for all the disciples Sasi!

    /Qi Family: Sasi: Sorry I got a bit excited, I will share.

    /Qi Family: Rabi: I have a key!

    The small demon-man held up a black key, his fanged mouth twisting in a smile.

    /Qi Family: Uta: Great!  We'll let Sasi summon it after we kill the Bishop.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Summon?

    /Qi Family: Uta: Sasi has a special thief skill, whenever she finds a key she has a chance to summon the container it goes to.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: It fails if the container is too big.

    /Qi Family: Rabi: Or if it's trapped.

    Nix followed them silently to the door leading to the stairway exit. They would now wait for Ducky to return.

    /Qi Family: Uta: Great job with the Chancellor Nix. It's much easier to kill one when they are being restrained.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: I've heard of your strands, they are just as impressive as I was told.

    Voices from the stairs caused the group to pull back from the door.  Ducky walked through a moment later, her hand was tucked into the arm of a Dark Chancellor. This Chancellor was female and had black raven-like wings that made Nix instantly think of Rhylia.  Her pale features and fanged teeth were plainly visible when she stepped into the light.

    /Qi Family: Uta: Holy... It's the Fallen Chancellor.

    "You said the Bishop is actually on the 2nd floor and not the 3rd?" Ducky's pleasant voice purred sexily.

    "Yes, the person on the 3rd floor is just a decoy." The Chancellor leaned closer to Ducky, inhaling deeply.

    "Do you have anything for me, Leva?  Perhaps information or special documents?" Ducky caressed the woman's arm with the tips of her fingers.

    "Yes, I have deployment orders and the map of Solomon City."  Leva handed Ducky a bit of parchment and a rolled-up scroll.  "I'll have to upload the battleplan directly to you."

    Ducky nodded.  "Thank you, Leva."  The Water Witch waited until she received the information. "You mentioned the deterrent you carry in the event you are captured?"

    Leva leaned close and licked the side of Ducky's face with a blackened fork tongue. "I have a Tzai seed that I can take to end my life quickly."

    "Hmm..."  Ducky patted the woman's arm gently.  "I want you to sit down right here and take the seed, you are in danger of giving away vital information."

    The Sasi Family watched with open mouths as the second Dark Chancellor died by her own hand.

    [Whisper: Uta to Sasi] She was scared of the dark.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: They are planning to hit Solomon City?  Would they dare something like that?

    /Qi Family: Uta: I'm not sure, let's continue.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Great job Ducky.

    Ducky smiled widely when Nix patted her head.  "Thank you."


    Jun Li dodged to one side and immediately extended her blade to open up the throat of the small demon she was facing.  It wailed pitifully and splattered black blood on her armor before collapsing to the ground.

    [Hands of the Goddess]

    Tess has fully healed Jun Li.

    The cleric was staying close to Jun Li, the two of them along with Captain Locas were holding the street in front of the Emerald Salamander.  The Nether creatures were appearing throughout the city in small groups.  Jun Li had been sending groups all over town in an attempt to stem the tide.

    /Inferno: Chael: Market Square incursion has been dealt with.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Thanks Chael, it's good to have you back.

    Chael had shown up at Phai City right when the fight started.  Jun Li immediately reinstated him and assigned him a squad of rangers to look after.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Anyone near the town housing?

    /Inferno: Pinky: I am.  Dalton and Darsi were both killed.  We'd have lost the housing area if the Mage hadn't shown up.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Are our snipers back up?

    /Inferno: Pinky: Yes, back in the fight.

    Jun Li frowned slightly, several times during the ongoing battle an unknown Mage had appeared and aided the members of Inferno.  Gypsy had seen her in action and claimed she was close to Pon's level.

    [Direct Contact: Jun Li]

    Deidra's holo image popped up in front of Jun Li.  The dragon had stayed out of everyone's way, only using her Breach abilities to move troops wherever Jun Li asked.

    "Vice Leader Jun Li, something big is coming through the Breach near the City Gate.  You may have to abandon the town."

    "Thank you for the info Breach Commander. Please send all available rangers to the City Gates.  We'll fight to the last before we lose our town."

    "I could send you reinforcements from the 12 Pillars, but indications are that they are about to face a similar battle at their locations."  Deidra was shocked by the number of Incursions coming into Loki, without a doubt it was the biggest she'd ever seen in the lower planes. After witnessing the ongoing battles, she was beginning to understand,  Inferno was a well-hidden powerhouse.

    /Inferno: Jun Li:  If you aren't actively fighting at this time, head to the front gates!
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