236 Nether Bishop part two

    [A few miles East of Isla'Fairbal]

    Banzi looked at his team roster, the freshly minted Zeta team already had already conducted a few successful missions.  They were slowly started to bond.  Two of the members were hybrids that performed dual roles.

    Banzi: Tank

    Wylie: Heals/DPS

    Zhava: DPS

    Kylie: DPS

    Hyai: DPS

    /Zeta: Banzi: Let's wrap this up and get back to Loki, they're expecting trouble.

    They stepped through the breach into a surprisingly warm evening.  Debris covered the area, like some sort of massive energy release had taken place.  There were a half dozen visible ponds that were obviously man-made.

    /Zeta: Kylie: It's a fish farm, or at least it was. My parents run one just like this in Cyphix.

    /Zeta: Banzi: Scout the area Zhava.

    /Zeta: Zhava: Understood.

    The Aquarion scout stealthed and moved away from them.  In the waning light of day, he quickly disappeared.

    Hyai pushed an errant strand of red hair out of her face.  She was accompanied by two companions, one was a Djinn that she named Tavo and the other a Nether Fiend that was summoned by a spell.

    /Zeta: Wylie: How long is the Fiend active?

    /Zeta: Hyai: One hour, then I can't summon him again for a day.

    /Zeta: Zhava: Contact... four Nether creatures, 100 meters east of your position.

    /Zeta: Banzi: I'll grab aggro, assist Zhava and put companions on any strays.

    Banzi led the rest of the group toward their scout, there were three smaller demons that were digging with picks in an area where the ground was smooth and hard like glass.  A larger horned demon was watching them.  When the Zeta team stopped ten meters from them, they could hear the Overseer's rough voice.

    "The demon heart is somewhere close by, I inserted it myself into a vampire named Kedric last year. He's been our spy ever since, until he stopped reporting last month."

    [Warrior's Challenge]

    Banzi has taunted Overseer Belchi.

    Banzi charged in and slammed his shield into the Overseer.

    [Shield Slam]

    Overseer Belchi has been stunned.

    All three demons charged dropped their picks and charged the group with swords drawn.

    [Binding Chains]

    Hyai has shackled a lesser Nether creature.

    Hyai has shackled a lesser Nether creature.

    Hyai has shackled a lesser Nether creature.

    [Dark Summons]

    A lesser Nether creature has been summoned and must answer.

    The shackled creature appeared in front of the group. Zhava immediately placed a star icon over the top of its head.

    /Zeta: Zhava: This is my target, please assist.


    Zhava has scored a critical hit on a less Nether creature.

    [Ice Storm]

    Wylie has applied an Ice dot (damage over time) on a lesser Nether creature.

    [Three Round Burst]

    Kylie has scored a critical hit on a lesser Nether creature.

    Hyai moved away from the shackled creature and sent her Djinn and Fiend after the remaining two creatures before she turned back toward their target.

    [Raging Blast]

    A single ball of fire slammed into the chest of their prey.

    [Slash n Stab]

    Zhava has slain a lesser Nether creature.

    Tavo the Fire Djinn has slain a lesser Nether creature.

    [Healing hands]

    Wylie has cast healing hands on Banzi.

    [Life Siphon]

    Hyai is slowly draining the life force of a lesser Nether creature.

    /Zeta: Zhava: I have a new target, please assist.

    A star appeared over the head of the lesser Nether creature.  His health was already nearly depleted from the Fiend that was attacking it.


    Zhava has slain a lesser Nether creature.

    [Nether Escape]

    Overseer Belchi has fled the field of battle and escaped back into the Nether.

    /Zeta: Banzi: Crap...

    /Zeta: Wylie: Nice job everyone.

    Zhava nudged the tall redhead with an elbow and pointed to her Fire Djinn who was currently eating the Nether creature.  "That Djinn is very powerful."

    Hyai nodded in agreement.  "Alpha Team found it while they were claiming the Gemini Temple.  His actual designator is Gemini Fire Djinn.

    Tavo: Gemini Fire Djinn [Spirit Companion to Hyai]

    Abilities: [Restricted]

    The Aquarion shook his head slightly.  "Why would its skills not be viewable to the companion?"

    Wylie looted the creatures that weren't being eaten, after overhearing the conversation she offered her opinion.  "It's a 5th tier companion, I bet we'll find out more when Hyai advances to 100."

    Hyai sighed regretfully, although she was working hard she was still the lowest member of the team at 66.

    /Zeta: Banzi: Let's scout out the surrounding areas and look for clues.  Nix was in this area last month, we can ask him about it when he gets back from the Nether.


    Breach Commander Mtui handed him the last black stone they had procured. "My teams understand that these incursions are almost always traps, they are equipped to handle such things."

    Pon took the jewel without comment and stowed it away. "How close will you be able to get us?"

    "We cleared the battlefield, so the way to the Octagon gate is open." Mtui studied their group layout.

    Vooni: Archon Avenger: Tank

    Shae: Fire Archon: DPS

    Chiba: Sword Master: DPS

    Semmi: Gemini Thief: DPS

    Wind: Gemini Thief: DPS

    Fajii: Gemini Scorched Earth Mage: Utility

    Pon: Gemini Fire Mage: DPS

    Elan Mtui knew a bit about the Gemini Temple even though it was located on a lower plane world. They possess unique skills that enabled them to substantially reinforce each other's strength.  "Shall I send a healer with you?"

    Fajii shook her head.  "We have one, thank you, Commander."

    /Alpha Team: Pon: On me, let's grab our Guild Leader and get the f*ck out of this **ty place.

    /Alpha Team: Wind: Agreed.

    [Create Breach: Octagon Gate]


    /Inferno: Jun Li: Locas, team up with the Earth Temple Acolytes and concentrate your fire on the smaller creatures, leave the Dire King to us.

    The Dire King appeared on the beach a few hundred meters from Loki's front gate. The King stood double the height of a normal man and an ebony plate armor that seemed immune to both ranged and magic attacks.

    /Inferno: Tess: Most of our melee fighters are on incursion missions.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Grab me a shield, I'll tank the f*cking thing.

    /Inferno: Sharl: Someone call for a tank?  Hunter team reporting back!

    /Inferno: Banzi: Zeta team is on the ground, sorry we're late Junie.

    Jun Li swallowed a lump in her throat, she almost felt like crying.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Welcome back.  Mina! Sick those Vilas onto that Dire King.  I want my healers to form a rotation on Sharl and Banz.

    Sharl charged through the knee-deep surf and slammed her shield into the stomach of the Dire King.

    [Defender's Challenge]

    Sharl has challenged the Dire King to battle, he must attack her for the next three minutes.

    Jun Li sprinted toward the King and quickly flanked him.

    [Quick Strike]

    Jun Li has landed a critical hit on the Dire King.

    Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted another breach opening up, three Nether Fiends jumped out and immediately charged at her.  She dodged backward and slashed horizontally to keep the three of them at bay.  An instant later all three were turned into pillars of fire, screeching in agony, they threw themselves into the water in an effort to put out the unquenchable flames.  Jun Li turned to say thank you only to come face to face with a thin girl in baggy white robes.  The pale mage nodded and quickly turned away, flames firing from her long staff.

    [Direct Contact: Jun Li]

    Deidra's full-sized holo appeared in front of Jun Li, her expression grim.  "You have two more breaches incoming; retreat at once!  I've called for back-up, we can wait for them to arrive before re-engaging."

    Jun Li wiped the sea-water out of her eyes with the back of her hand.  "This is Inferno, we don't retreat.  Prey waits."

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Expect company, archers stay on the smaller targets. Let's bring this King down now!

    One hundred meters down the shore a large breach opened up, an instant later a second Dire King stepped into the surf.  He pulled the Great Sword between his shoulders and charged towards Sharl.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Banzi! Intercept that 2nd King!

    /Inferno: Banzi: I'm out of position, on my way!

    When the second King was 10 meters away, the mysterious Mage appeared in front of him, her staff raised high.  The Dire King skidded to a stop, spraying water everywhere when the girl started to change.  Her body expanded exponentially, her long thin arms extended outward to become wings. Her white robes and beautiful face changed into silver scales and fangs.  A Drakon had joined the battle.

    Fey sprang at the Dire King, all four claws digging into its body while the great wings flapped and slowly raised out of the water.  Sea-mist sprayed in all directions, blinding enemy and friend alike as the Silver Drakon quickly gained altitude.
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