237 Nether Bishop conclusion

    A giant stone golem ran through the surf, on its shoulders stood a dark-haired archer that was steadily firing into the smaller mobs. The golem grabbed one of the arms of the Dire King and held it tight.

    [Locked Down]

    A stone golem has restrained the Dire King.

    Ronnie's bright smile flashed.  "Good boy!"

    /Inferno: Sharl: Careful Ronnie, that thing will sink.

    /Inferno: Ronnie: This is me being careful.

    Jun Li slashed at the legs of the Dire King, she kept one eye on the sky where Fey was steadily climbing with the Dire King.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Prepare to engage the third target, Banz! Mina, send two of your beasts to help him.

    The third Breach opened right next to Banzi, with a quick lunge he slammed a shield into its face.

    [Shield Slam]

    Banzi has stunned a Dire King.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Hold that last King for 30 seconds!  This one is almost down.

    Mina followed her two Vilas and attacked the third King with her scepter, slamming against its ebony armor again and again.

    "We've come to help you!"  A voice spoke from the water as dozens of Aquarians came up from the waves to attack. Long spears and Ice attacks drove the Dire King toward shore while it howled in pain.

    Mina spared a glance at the newcomers, an easily recognizable Mage peppered her target with Ice attacks.  "Ishna?"


    Sasi Qi stared at the Dark Bishop sitting on his obsidian throne. She felt comfortable with their chances of victory, however, the two bodyguards were another story. Their target was flanked by two gigantic creatures that closely resembled giant bulldogs.  Each of them bristled with muscle and fangs.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: Those are Nether Howlers, our group could probably kill one of them if it was by itself.

    /Qi Family: Uta: It gets better.  I've been reading the Battleplans that Leva gave to Ducky. Their plans to take Solomon City are very extensive.  I believe we have to prioritize getting this information back to our leadership.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: Are we abandoning the mission?

    /Qi Family: Nix: I can bring in more help.

    Uta considered their options carefully.  "What kind of help."

    [Summons: Mortimer]

    The Titan cub appeared in front of them a moment later, its gigantic nose sniffing carefully in the Nether. "Something smells bad."

    /Qi Family: Rabi: A bear! A great big bear.

    Sasi whistled softly. "That's a Titan cub.  You ever saw a fully grown Titan?"

    The small demon-woman approached the bear with a smile on her face.  She stroked the thick fur of his shoulder.

    Morti turned his big head toward Sasi. "You're a demon.  Are you on our side?"

    Sasi nodded. "My family and I are human-demon hybrids, one of our ancestors made the choice generations ago to strengthen our bloodline."

    Morti nodded his big head. "We can play later if you want. I'm a fast runner."

    [Summons: Tor, Cal, Shadai]

    The three Arch Wings appeared before Nix.  Tor stepped forward and bowed his head slightly. "At your service Nix."

    There were slight differences from the last time Nix had seen them. It wasn't easily discernable like it had been with Ducky since they weren't bonded by spirit. All three appeared slightly larger and more stout. Unlike other Arch Wings, these three radiated strength.

    /Qi Family: Uta:] Heals and range damage?  I'm feeling better about our chances but we still can't risk losing the information.

    /Inferno: Pon: Nix, you punk bastard!  You better be in this godforsaken place.

    Nix smiled at the familiar voice. "Looks like the back-up has arrived."

    Vooni has joined the Qi Channel.

    Shae has joined the Qi Channel.

    Chiba has joined the Qi Channel.

    Semmi has joined the Qi Channel.

    Wind has joined the Qi Channel.

    Fajii has joined the Qi Channel.

    Pon has joined the Qi Channel.

    /Qi Family: Uta: Welcome!  Now we're in business.

    /Qi Family: Shae: You okay Nix?

    /Qi Family: Nix: Did a bit of time behind bars, but besides that, the Qi Family is taking good care of me.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: Captain Vooni, I didn't realize you had joined Inferno.

    /Qi Family: Vooni: House Speaker Sasi, it's an honor.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: No need to be formal with me.

    /Qi Family: Chiba: Going to tell us where you are?  Or should we start knocking on doors?

    /Qi Family: Nix: I"ve already sent Ducky to retrieve you.

    A few minutes later the members of Inferno joined the Qi family on the 2nd floor.

    /Qi Family: Uta: We'll make this easy.  The Titan cub will tank the Dark Bishop, Vooni and I will hold the two howlers.  We'll kill the Bishop quickly before proceeding to my target and then Vooni's.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Shadai will keep the off-tanks healed while Eron focuses on Morti.

    /Qi Family: Ducky: I can try to charm one of the Howlers and use him to attack the other.

    /Qi Family: Uta: After we establish Aggro, attempt to charm my target.  Just give me a warning so I stop attacking.

    /Qi Family: Ducky: Understood.

    Wind stared at the Water Witch, she had changed again.  He was about to ask when she noticed she was wearing the Inferno Guild tag.

    /Inferno: Wind: Welcome to Inferno Ducky.

    /Inferno: Ducky: Thank you.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Hey!  Welcome Ducky!

    All three tanks attacked at once. Uta and Vooni arrived at their targets first because of their wings.

    The Dark Bishop sat comfortably on his throne, a long black staff held in one hand while he contemplated the possible outcomes of their plans to take Solomon City. A Nether City in the Sky Kingdom, Zylanex will be pleased if they manage to do it. He jumped to his feet when both of his howlers were attacked.  "INTRUDERS!  YOU DARE TO COME H..."

    A gigantic paw slapped the Bishop back into his seat before he could finish his sentence. Morti's jaws opened wide and snapped shut over the arm and shoulder that was holding the staff. The Titan cub leaned backward and dragged the struggling Bishop from his throne toward the middle of the room.


    Nix has silenced the Dark Bishop.


    Rabi has crippled the Dark Bishop and exposed a weakness to Fire.

    /Qi Family: Ducky: Charming the Howler now!


    A Nether Howler has been charmed.

    Ducky directed her charmed companion to attack the other Howler.  She pulled out her silver bow and started firing at the Dark Bishop.

    Uta kept his shield up and followed his charmed target, he was temporarily out of the fight, but the moment the Howler broke charm he would be ready to engage.

    Shae and Chiba moved to either side of Morti's shoulder and started slashing at the Dark Bishop.

    [Viper Strike]

    Sasi Qi has scored a critical hit on the Dark Bishop.

    [Flash Blade] Nix appeared behind the Dark Bishop and slashed at his back.

    Nix has scored a critical hit on the Dark Bishop.

    [Critical Chain]

    Semmi has followed up on Nix's strike with a critical hit.

    [Critical Chain]

    Wind has followed up on Semmi's Strike with a critical hit.

    [Critical Chain: Balefire]

    Pon has followed up on Wind's Strike with a critical hit.

    [Critical Chain: Rock Slam]

    Fajii has followed up on Pon's Strike with a critical hit.

    The Dark Bishop has been stunned.

    [Double Finish]

    Sasi scored a critical hit on the stunned target.

    Sasi scored a critical hit on the stunned target.

    [Blind Side]

    Rabi scored a critical hit on the Dark Bishop.

    The Dark Bishop has been blinded.

    [Unbalanced Chain]

    Nix has followed up on Fajii's attack.

    The Dark Bishop has been stunned.

    [First Strike]

    Semmi has scored a critical hit on the Dark Bishop.

    [Critical Chain]

    Wind has followed up Semmi's strike with a critical hit.

    The Dark Bishop has been mortally wounded.

    [Last Call]

    Sasi has struck at the heart of the Dark Bishop.

    A Dark Bishop has been slain.

    /Qi Family: Uta: Attack Vooni's target!

    Morti lumbered toward the Nether Howler, it's health was already half depleted from fighting with the charmed beast.  He reared up on his back legs and roared in the face of Vooni's target.

    [Intimidation: Titan]

    A Nether Howler has been frightened and cannot attack for the next five seconds.

    [Crushing Blow]

    Vooni has landed a significant strike on a Nether Howler.

    Vooni has scored a critical hit on a Nether Howler.

    A Nether Howler has been stunned.

    [Gemini Ability Unlocked: Significant Strike: Critical strike + Stunning strike]

    [Gemini Ability Unlocked: Dual Chains: Critical Chain + Unbalanced Chain]

    [Dual Chains: Critical Chain + Unbalanced Chain]

    Nix has followed up Vooni's attack with a Significant strike.

    [Dual Chains: Rock Slam]

    Fajii has followed up on Nix's attack with a Significant strike.

    A Nether Howler has been mortally wounded.

    [Balefire: Advanced]

    Shae has slain a Nether Howler.


    Chiba has slain a Nether Howler.

    The old woman kicked at the howler corpse. The last one had only a sliver of life left when she attacked it.

    /Qi Family: Chiba: Significant attack is an attack that stuns and crits? I expect you to find me a proper Gemini Class young apprentice!

    /Qi Family: Wind: I have to find a significant attack so I can join that party.

    /Qi Family: Semmi: No doubt.

    /Qi Family: Pon: Lame...

    /Qi Family: Rabi: Hey!  Nice job!

    Uta looted the corpses.

    A Dark Prism has been placed in Uta's inventory.

    A Void Dagger has been placed in Uta's inventory.

    A Void Dagger has been placed in Uta's inventory.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: Nice.  Two Void daggers.  I'm out, already got one.

    /Qi Family: Rabi: Me too, so I'll pass.

    /Qi Family: Semmi: Can you link it, please?

    /Qi Family: Sasi: Sure.

    Void Dagger [Nether Blade]

    Description: Carry this weapon in

    your off-hand and it will match the

    damage of your main weapon.

    Additional Description: Temporarily grants

    dual-wielding while equipped.

    /Qi Family: Semmi: That's twice the fun! Me, me!

    /Qi Family: Wind: Me too!

    Uta has traded a Void Dagger to Wind.

    Uta has traded a Void Dagger to Semmi.

    /Qi Family: Uta: Nix I've been instructed to have you open us a Breach to Loki and to accompany you.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Really?  Why is that?

    /Qi Family: Semmi: Loki is under attack Nix and there are incursions all over Oasis.

    [Create Breach: Loki]

    "Let's go then."  Nix hurried his companions through the Breach, he wouldn't have left had he known an attack was imminent.

    A moment later the group stepped onto the rocky shore of Loki.

    Semmi scrunched up her face in disgust.  She had stepped right into the entrails of a corpse that was spread outward in all directions.  "The hell is this?"

    "That would be what a Dire King looks like when it's dropped from a few thousand feet." Jun Li's familiar voice spoke from behind them.

    Nix looked toward the beach, two more large corpses were washed up on the beach. "You guys managed the heavy lifting nicely."

    "Nix!"  Mina walked through the group and hugged him quickly.  "Welcome back!"

    He returned her smile, his eyes straying to Ishna and her family members. "When did she show up?"

    Mina's pretty face grimaced, it was obvious that she hadn't forgiven her old friend. "They showed up while we were fighting the third Dire King."

    [Whisper Nix to Mina] Did you say thank you?

    [Whisper Mina to Nix] No need, it was a self-serving action.  They discovered that Panyu is having a daughter.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Great job everyone! Continue to clean up here, I want the officers at the Guild Hall for a meeting.

    Nix fell in beside Jun Li while the group walked toward their Guild Hall. "Nice job holding down the fort Junie."

    Jun Li glanced at his companions. There were three demon-looking creatures riding on Morti's back.  "Friends of yours?"

    Nix nodded. "Yes."
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