240 The Fallen Cities

    Nix read the passage for the third time. "Who is the author?"

    "Someone named Zylanex." Ronnie scooted her chair towards his and slid a second book closer. "This one says the names of the fallen Sky Kingdom cities and their Dragon Masters."

    [Fallen Cities of Everspire]

    Elynmoor: Yandro

    Chyanama: Zylanexor

    Dyrekstad: Hierophant

    Goralpri: Bo'raz

    Aquarius: Neptiphago

    Icaraphet: Tharaka

    Verynzai: Unaqoir

    "That's very similar to the name of Chyanama's Dragon, Zylanexor." Nix glanced up at Ronnie. "Nice cross-referencing. What else?"

    "These cities are kept in the air with Dragon Marrow, not blood or mana like we were thinking." Ronnie turned a few pages and pointed to some handprinted writing in the column. "The worse possible fuel, unlike blood or mana, each dragon only has a finite supply of it."

    "That explains why Yandro was so weak. My guess is that he committed genocide to keep their secret." Nix brought up the report that Leva sent him, it hadn't taken her long to compile a detailed dossier on Zylanexor.

    "Hey!  Where'd you get this?" Ronnie leaned closer and started reading.

    After a few minutes, Nix closed the hud.   "Let's do some extrapolating."

    "Zylanexor couldn't deal with his imminent fall/death and escaped to the Nether." Ronnie pursed her lips while she studied the books in front of her.

    Nix nodded his head slightly. "He wants to reclaim a city in the Sky Kingdom.  He chose Solomon because all the Breach Commanders are located there, with one exception."


    [Guild Quest Updated: The Fallen Cities]

    Nix displayed the Quest.

    [The Fallen Cities]

    Long ago there existed 25 cities in the air of the Everspire continent. Seven of those cities have disappeared from sight. Continue to pursue all leads.

    1) Stop the Spectrum from falling into the hands of a dragon.

    2) (Hidden)

    3) Uncover the truth about Dragon Marrow.

    4) Discover the Identity of Zylanexor.

    5) (Hidden)

    [Point of Contact: The Cabal]

    "What's our next step?" Ronnie closed the book and slid it towards her.

    "I'm going to send a long term expedition to Elynmoor. Pack your bags."  Nix slid his chair back and stood up.

    "You are?  Who else is going?" The dark archer jumped up excitedly.

    "Chael, Darsi, Dalton, Moki, Nansu, and Zeta team." Nix brought up his hud while he walked toward the door, he sent Ronnie the expedition details.

    "You've been working on this for a while." Ronnie ran to keep up with him.

    "Three months ought to do it" They had missed something in Elynmoor, they would need to search every bit of the city.

    "That's a long time..."  Ronnie stared at the list.  "Nansu is going?"

    Nix nodded. "Yes, if I don't get her out of my house now..."

    Ronnie laughed at the look on his face.  "I get it.  This will give her and Chael some time to make up, if they can."

    [Direct Contact: Hyai]

    Nix smiled at the life-size holo that popped up in front of him. She was up to her elbows in suds, scrubbing pots in the sink.  "That looks like hard work."

    To her credit, Hyai only jumped a little.  "It's not bad.  What's up, hun?"

    [Create Breach: Loki]

    Nix stepped through the breach he opened behind the Emerald Salamander Inn.  A moment later he opened the door to a surprised Hyai.

    She let him nudge her to one side while he took over the pots.  "That's quite the service you provide."

    "Just one of many."  Nix started on the pots while Hyai continued prepping for dinner. "I'm sending Zeta team on a long term expedition.  Are you able to attend?"

    Hyai nodded. "I have help that I can bring in.  How long will it be and are you coming?

    "I'm guessing 90 days, I can't give you the specifics yet."  Nix continued his task while they talked quietly.

    A few minutes later he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind, a rather bountiful chest pushed against his back.  "You're very helpful Nix."

    Nix nodded in agreement. "You're breaking your own rules again."

    "I know, the kitchen is for working only."  Hyai grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the dining area.

    "Where we going?"

    Hyai shrugged and continued leading him upstairs.  "Someplace nice."


    /Inferno: Nix: You've all been given the expedition parameters. Do your best, I'll be checking up on you daily.

    [Guild Expedition]

    Location: You'll find out when you get there.

    Team Leader: Ronnie

    Zeta team







    Duration: Up to 90 Days.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: What are the rest of us doing?

    /Inferno: Nix: Alpha Team will be in Solomon City along with Chiba, Shae, and Vooni. I'll be taking Hunter team to Izzin. I want the Expedition team and Hunter Team ready to go in one hour.

    Hunter Team: Nix, Jun Li, Sharl, Milat, Mina.

    Nix stood on the Glory docks a few minutes later.  He could see Shana sweeping the area in front of the stores.  "Working hard?"

    Shana smiled when she saw him but she didn't stop her task.  "I am.  Grams inside doing some tailoring."

    Nix nodded and headed inside. Gram's hand issues completely disappeared and she was able to work as a tailor again.  Since he was too busy, Nix let her take over the tailoring for the Glory shop. Nova would continue to run the store and Lela would be the sales clerk.

    "Hey, Nix!" Maye noticed him right away, "I hear you're heading off again."

    "Yep, just stopped to see if you needed anything." Nix accepted a hug from her. The woman's hair was no longer white. It was brown with a few streaks of gray.  She appeared to be only ten years older than her daughter.

    "We have everything we need." Maye squeezed his hand and then stepped away. She knew he had given her something that saved her life.


    [Gemini Temple Entrance 1600 Hours]

    Nix stepped through the Breach near the entrance of the Gemini Temple. Immediately he noticed a crowd staring up at the Dragon Fir Tree.

    /Inferno: Ronnie: What is up with this tree Nix?

    The Dragon Fir was continuing its unstoppable growth. It slowed slightly during the night hours but shot up during the day.  Nix guessed its current height around 120 feet with a diameter of six feet.

    /Inferno: Nix: Don't ask me, Deidra is the one who gave it to me.  Perhaps that's how Dragon Fir's grow.  You saw the size of the ones in Dragonvale.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Those were a couple of thousand feet in height.

    /Inferno: Nix: Yep.  Everyone join the Expedition Channel, please.

    You've created the Expedition Channel.

    [Create Breach: Everspire: Elynmoor]

    Nix led the entire group through and waited until they all excited and then he disabled Guild Chat.

    /Expedition: Nix: I've disabled Guild Chat in the interest of secrecy.  This is the fallen City of Elynmoor. It was one of seven cities that disappeared from the Sky Kingdom.  It settled on the mountain peaks of the Everspire Continent.  The mission is simple, explore and catalog every inch of this city.

    /Expedition: Ronnie: I've got it from here boss.  We'll break off in teams and find a suitable place to set up our Commander Center.

    Nix waved to Hyai and opened another breach.

    [Create Breach: Embassy, 90th Floor]

    /Hunter: Sharl: This is the Embassy?  I thought we were going to Izzin.

    /Hunter: Nix: I'm taking Milat and Mina to Izzin, you and Junie are taking your planar trials.

    Nix entered the instance and walked to the foundation.  He could see the foundations stones and the pillars they had already added.  He walked Jun Li to the Pillar he wanted her to take.  After the four corner pillars, the next four should be placed in the middle of the lines formed by the first four.

    Jun Li stood next to Nix, her blade already in hand.  "Here?"

    Nix nodded. "Do your best."  He waited until Jun Li disappeared before escorting Sharl to hers.

    Sharl kissed his cheek and then stepped on without saying anything.

    Nix could feel the eyes of both Aquarions on him. "You two will be next, however, I require your help on a special mission.

    /Hunter: Mina: In Izzin? What kind of mission?

    /Hunter: Nix: It starts in Izzin, but we probably won't be there long. We'll be investigating my ferret friends and the objects they were carrying.

    [Create Breach: Izzin: Tysta Lake]
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