245 Drake Company

    Bali stood in the doorway leading to the room where Hyai was attacked. According to Ronnie, they sealed off the exits to the Inn within a few minutes of the event.  The ranger pulled out a small pouch from her inventory and dipped her hand inside to scoop out a generous amount of the fine golden powder.

    Holding out her hand, she opened it slowly and blew the contents into the air.  Immediately it formed an expanding cloud in the center of the room.  The powder cloud continued to move until it contacted the walls, and then it hung stubbornly in the air like a dense fog.  She clapped her hands together one time, hard enough to make them both sting. The powder moved downward and settled onto every surface of the room, creating a fine layer of gold-colored of dust.

    [Gametrail: Advanced]

    1) Time Range

    "Yesterday, 1300-1500."

    Two sets of footprints glowed brightly on the wood floor of the room.

    Two trails have been found, coded as 'A' and 'B.'

    Bali nodded to herself and walked toward the window. Hyai was a tall woman; her footprints were the larger of the two. "Designate 'A' as Hyai."

    She tracked the second pair of footprints back to the bookcase, where they had first entered the room.  She pursed her lips in thought for a moment.  "Designate 'B' as Target."  Bali moved to the bookcase and started tossing the contents onto the nearby bed. She found what she was looking for on the third shelf, a small lever that caused the bookcase to slide soundlessly open.

    A small room was hidden behind the case; the only object was a small circular pad that looked a bit like a foot-rug. Bali opened up her hud to update her progress.

    "Found a two-way hidden behind the bookcase in the room where the attack occurred."  She bent closer to study one of the clearer footprints.  "Small feet and short strides coupled with high arches and a footprint that is slightly toe-out; leads me to believe the attacker may be female."

    Bali smiled slightly at the two-way on the floor.  Two-ways were very rare and high priced. They were two small pads that were magically linked for instant travel back and forth. "I could hide one in the Captain's room and the other in the women's bath."

    She was tempted to pursue but decided to bring reinforcements.

    [Whisper: Bali to Ronnie] Could use some back-up if you are up to it.

    [Whisper: Ronnie to Bali] Are you still in the room?

    [Whisper: Bali to Ronnie] Yep.


    The Core was about fifty percent of what Nix imagined in his head when he had pictured it. He had envisioned rivers of lava and intense heat. However, he did not think that would be accompanied by dense forest lands and a blue sky.

    /Inferno: Nix: The Core is an instance.  You two okay?

    Sometimes Nix forgot that Mina and Milat were both water creatures.  Although he knew that they would have taken precautions against a fire world, most likely, they were very uncomfortable.

    /Inferno: Mina: We're fine, Nix.  As long as we don't have to run through the lava.

    /Inferno: Nix: I'd try riding the Vilas if that's the case.  They might be water creatures, but they ate quite a bit of Yandro.

    /Inferno: Mina: Good point.

    The green grass on the riverbank seemed unharmed by the random splashed of lava that landed on it. Nix picked up a handful of the grass in his hands, nodding to himself.  "Flame resistant.  I could burn it, but there would be some effort involved."

    "GET DOWN!" Milat pushed Mina one way while he dived in the opposite direction.  Nix didn't bother to move when the black drake pulled up short and scorched him in yellow flames.

    /Inferno: Nix: That was rude.


    Milat has used the power of the Gemini Trickster to bring the flying drake to the ground.

    Mina summoned all four of her Vilas and had them attack the drake while she maneuvered around it and equipped her scepter.

    Nix raised both hands, and a dozen Ice Flame Strands stabbed deep into its chest.

    [Air Burst: Advanced]

    Air exploded outward from the barbed tips of Nix's strands, blowing the drake's chest apart.

    A drake has been slain.

    Almost immediately, the sound of roars filled the air. Nix stared in disbelief at the cloud of black heading toward them.  "Get ready to retreat to the entrance!"

    [Summons: Fey]

    A silver-haired mage in baggy robes appeared in front of Nix. She carried a long staff and wore her hair in a long braid that stopped at the back of her knees.

    "These tiny drakes think they own the skies?"  She watched unconcerned at the dozens of drakes heading toward them.

    Fey took a step forward, stumbled slightly, and spread out her long arms.  They extended outward as she slowly morphed into her natural form.  The Drakon raised her head and roared, a pillar of silver flames erupting from her while Fey scorched the air around her.  She snapped her impressive jaws together a few times, the noise carrying like the slamming of a metal door.  Immediately the drakes landed and moved toward her on foot.

    Nix moved beside the silver drakon. "You got this, Fey?"

    "Yes."  Fey huffed loudly, the fire-resistant grass around her burst into flames.  She took a few steps forward and then roared loudly.

    All of the approaching drakes lay on the ground. The Drakon walked among them; the difference in size was amazing.  Fey had been a large drake to start with, not counting her tail; she would have been larger than any of these.  Her promotion to Drakon and the induction of dragon blood had created 80 feet of armored teeth and flames.  "I am Fey the Silver.  Does anyone here speak for you?"

    Fey stared down at the drakes.  They were almost all black, a relatively rare thing in her experience. The absence of dragons in the core meant that the drakes owned the air.  They had grown arrogant.  She spread her mighty wings and flapped them a few times before returning to her human form.  "I asked a question.  Do not make me wait."

    A black drake dared to stand and approach her. "I am Deja. Our leader was slain by the group behind you."

    The thin girl shrugged her shoulders slightly.  "The price of ignorance can be high.  We are new to this land and wish to learn more.  Who resides here besides the drakes?  Are all the dragons gone?"

    Nix moved beside Fey, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Are there any towns? Where are the Chelestias and the Drahk'Dhassi?"

    You have invited Fey to join the Inferno Guild.

    Fey has joined Inferno.

    /Inferno: Nix: Welcome Fey, sorry for the late invitation, I was distracted.

    "Those are old names, the races you refer to are called the Che and the Drahk.  There is one settlement here, you will find them there."  The black drake stared at Nix; it moved closer and extended its snout.

    Fey slapped it on the nose with her hand.  "You are getting too close to my companion. What is your name?"

    The black drake bowed its head slightly.  "I'm Bellvue, at your service Fey the Silver."

    /Inferno: Fey: He's strong, very close to ranking up to Lord Class.  Most likely, he will be the new leader here.

    Nix bowed slightly.  "I am Nix, the Guild Leader of Inferno. We are here as explorers. Which direction is the settlement?"

    "To the north, however, the dark ones are battling the Drahk in the next valley.  You will have to go around."  Bellvue extended his wings slightly before folding them up and morphing into a  slim man with raven black hair and dark eyes.

    /Inferno: Fey: He has a human form as a drake before he has even become Lord class.

    Nix already knew of some drakes with a human form. Vooni's squad had a very powerful one, although she was an Archon class already.  "How many of you have attained human form?"

    Bellvue cocked his head slightly. "All of us. You asked about dragons.  They migrated from this world ages ago."

    "What are the dark ones?" Nix already had a feeling, but he wanted to make sure.

    Bellvue's face showed his distaste.  "Nether creatures, vile things with evil intentions."

    "Let's move out then!"  Nix ignored the rest of the drakes and headed North on foot, with all three of them running, it was only a few minutes before the sound of fighting could be heard.

    A small band of Drahk were making their last stand up against a rather steep hill. Three of the Drahk had shields and were providing the defense for the four archers behind them.  The Nether creatures were all hellhounds, with the exception of one.

    /Inferno: Nix: Careful with the Hellhounds, let's kill the leader first.

    [Summons: Mortimer]

    [Summons: Ducky]

    [Summons: Tor, Cal, Shadai]

    One of the Drahk went down under the combined weight of two hounds.  Nix leaped and used his impressive strength to drag then off.


    Ducky has convinced a hellhound to fight on your side.

    [Turn Coat]

    Milat has confused the enemy; a hellhound will attack his allies for the next minute.

    Nix pulled the Drahk back to her feet.  "Try and stay behind the shields unti...  Beta?"

    He stared at the Albino, completely ignoring the fighting going on.  "What are you doing here?"
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