248 Dragon Slayer part three

    Within a few minutes, two heavily cloaked travelers walked out of the prison.  The gate guards took notice of them when they exited the city, but Ducky merely smiled and waved.

    Hrazzi nodded in appreciation.  "You can do anything Ducky!"

    "That includes betrayal it seems."  An armored man sat on top of a flaming demon horse a few yards away.

    Hrazzi licked his lips when he saw the horse, it was beautiful beyond anything he'd ever seen. "Be careful Ducky, he looks dangerous."

    "Leave him to me."  Ducky drew her bow and opened fire on Nix as he charged them.  He was almost upon them when Hrazzi gated out.

    Nix dropped the flames and slid off Nightmare.  "Thanks for missing Ducky.  You okay?"

    Ducky had her lower lip stuck out, her face filled with disappointment.  "I didn't miss on purpose, I thought it would be more realistic if I hit you a few times."

    "Oh, I see.  A bit more practice then."  Nix patted her head softly, making her smile.  "Good work once again Ducky."

    An hour later Leva used Direct Contact to report in. She had assumed the dead Chancellor's position and had already been tasked for deployment.  Zylanex was coming with both Chancellors and his personal army.

    [Breach Commander Deployment Menu]

    Available Allies

    1) Alpha Team

    2) Pathfinder Team

    3) Colonial Knights of Glory

    4) Souza Accord

    5) Fire Palace Acolytes

    6) Earth Temple Acolytes

    7) Air Palace Acolytes

    8) Gemini Palace Acolytes

    9) Central Kingdom: 1st Regiment Archers

    10) Captain Locas: Inferno Ranger Company

    11) Broyan Alliance: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Regiments

    12) Captain Vooni's Fire Team

    13) 12 Pillar Alliance

    14) Clan Strom

    15) Clan Xai

    16) Qi Family

    16) Ain'Dhassi: Shadow Rangers

    17) Izzin Naval Fleet

    18) Dias Fortress Scouts

    19) Miscellaneous Friends

    Nix decided they would go heavy on the range damage.  The Earth Temple Acolytes, the Inferno Ranger Company, Central Kingdom's 1st Regiment Archers, and the Colonial Knights that Nix had converted to range damage.   He scrolled down the list and decided that Alpha Team, Vooni, Chiba, Beta, Shae, the Qi Family, and Sai Tali.

    [18: Miscellaneous Friends]

    1) Elan Mtui

    2) Beta

    3) Raine Xai

    4) Del Tali

    5) Cora Tali

    6) Sai Tali

    7) Severance

    8) Shipwright Vy

    9) Morana

    10) Deidra Mtui

    [Create Breach: Dias Fortress]

    Nix watched as the Dias Guardsmen pushed the last of the cannons through the breach. He had borrowed sixteen of them from the walls of the Fortress.  A heavily armored man approached him after they pushed the last one in position.

    "I'm Captain Ghar, we have positioned the cannons as you asked Commander."

    Nix nodded in satisfaction.  "Well done, have your crews ready to fire.

    Mina joined him a few minutes later, while Nix was setting up the battle layout, she had visited the local stables and had one of her Vilas fitted for a saddle.  She had none of the awkwardness Nix would have expected when she rode up.  The Vilas seemed to understand exactly what she wanted.

    "Is that Vilas your Spirit Companion?"

    The Aquarion nodded. "Unexpectedly, it happened a few hours ago.  He's fast, although his fighting skills are limited while I'm riding."

    "It gives you better ground speed."  Nix continued to study the Breach Commander menu while Mina looked over his shoulder.  He didn't bother to step away, Aquarion's didn't have personal space issues.

    "Why did you put Sai Tali on the list?"  Mina's face showed her confusion, Sai Tali was one of the Grand Elders of the Ain'Dhassi.

    "Hmm... He's on the list and I need archers."  Nix also understood that he was most likely an Archon.  If Delyn Xai hadn't been busy with teaching the Wrath course at Loki, he would have been on the list also.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Stand by for field deployment. Placement for the ground troops won't begin until the enemy takes the battlefield, so prepare to hit the ground fighting.

    Nix placed his ranged fighters behind the cannons.  The armament had been set up on a small ridge, putting the ranged fighters there also made sense.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Morai Sai Tali, please assume the position of Sub-Commander over the ranged fighters.

    [Whisper Sai Tali to Nix] I don't mean to overstep, would it be possible to place me as a regular archer and bring in Del as the Sub-Commander?  Del is very competent, but she could use big battle experience as a leader.

    [Whisper: Nix to Sai Tali] No worries, make sure she doesn't shoot herself in the foot.

    Nix opened up a breach for Del and placed her next to her grandfather.  He also decided to bring in the members of Inferno that would be taking part in the fight, this included Alpha Team.

    Shae decided to greet Nix properly, unconcerned with the stares she received when the beautiful redhead kissed the Breach Commander "I'll be taking good care of you today Nix."

    Nix summoned Nightmare and mounted up.  "Sounds good."

    Fajii watched him without comment, offering him a slight smile.  "Going to make the rounds and buff the fighters who are already here."

    /Inferno: Semmi: Most of Inferno isn't even here Nix.  Will we be able to handle this?

    /Inferno: Nix: Without a doubt.

    Nix walked Nightmare through the group until he encountered Morti who looked like he might fall asleep at any moment.  "Need you to take care of the boss Morti.  He's gonna be tough."

    "Why's it so hot here?  I feel like sleeping."  Morti yawned and stood up.  "I'm gonna swat him."

    "Hold him and keep him busy.  This fight hinges on us taking him down fast."  Nix spotted the Dias scouts and moved toward them.

    The scouts were primarily rogue type fighters, although all of them carried bows also.  Nix pulled up and waited.

    [Create Breach: Solomon City: Core'dium]

    Beta stepped through the breach a moment later, her pink eyes quickly taking the surroundings.  She froze when they fell upon the scout team from Dias.

    Yuli wrinkled her nose slightly, a smile on her face. "I can see why Nix thought I was you. I'm Yuli."

    Nix watched with interest for a moment until he felt the disturbance.

    /Breach Commander Nix: A breach is opening!  Our enemy is here!

    Three breaches opened at the same time and armies poured out of them like water overflowing a dam.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Um...

    /Inferno: Wind: That's like a lot of bad guys.

    They quickly separated into three distinct armies.  Nix could see a masked Leva standing at the back of the army that took up position on the west.  Another chancellor could be seen on the far eastern side. In the center was a giant man who had a large ax slung over one shoulder.  He gave off a dark and menacing feeling, Zylanex.

    Nix quickly placed The 12 Pillars in front, going head to head with the army of Zylanex.  The Nether Overseer started walking forward, so Nix did the same with Morti tagging along behind.  Shae reached out with a finger and lit up Nightmare's fire aura before the moved away.

    The Titan cub and the flaming horse walked toward the Dragon who was pretending he was a Nether Overlord.

    /Inferno: Wind: Your horse is on fire Nix.

    /Inferno: Pon: Damn you punk!  Where'd you get that horse?

    They stopped when the distance between them was about twenty meters. Zylanex wore black armor and must have stood close to eight feet in height.

    "I'm Overlord Zylanex." The giant man pulled his ax from his shoulder and held it outward in a pointing motion. "Who might you be?"

    "I'm Nix, the Guild Leader of Inferno."  Nix summoned his red scimitar and scanned the battlefield.  They were outnumbered three to one on paper.  "You are far from the Nether, Zylanex."

    /Breach Commander Nix: Gideon and Sulane, assume Sub-Commander duties for the 12 pillars.  Ignore the army to the west, concentrate on the eastern army.

    /Allied Command: Sub-Commander Sulane: Aye sir.

    /Allied Command: Sub-Commander Gideon: Yes sir.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Del Tali, assume the Sub-Commander position for the ranged fighters. Do not target the western army.

    /Allied Command: Sub-Commander Del: Understood Commander.


    The Fallen Chancellor watched as Nix and Zylanex faced off.  Although forced to do his bidding, she could see the simple genius of Nix's movements.  He was not outnumbered and he held several hidden cards. Leva understood not only the battle plan but also her future role as his side.  Her Dark Spear army would terrorize the Nether.

    /Dark Spear: Chancellor Leva: Listen carefully, Dark Spears! We are going to attack Zylanex's army.  Too long have we gone unnoticed in the Nether.  I will use this Inferno Guild to step into my rightful place as Overseer! This Guild wants Zylanex's head, they are welcome to it but we shall have his Nether Kingdom!
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