249 Dragon Slayer conclusion

    Zylanex's dark eyes stared at Nix. "You're outnumbered.  You wish to fight?"

    "Yep." Nix smiled and opened a Breach between the dragon and his troops.  A moment later, three members of the Qi family jumped through; Sasi, Rabi, and Uta.  "Get him Morti!"

    "Fool!"  An enraged Zylanex swung his ax at the gigantic bear that was charging toward him.  The dangerous-looking shaft met Morti's paw in a thundering crash that sent waves of power in all directions.  The ax was torn from the Overlord's grip and sent spinning skyward.

    Nix charged in; both hands held up as a dozen strands of Ice Flames wrapped around the legs of Zylanex just when a huge of jaws clamped down on the Overlords's shoulder, dragging him forward.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Alpha Team!  Kill him quickly!

    The angry Overlord roared when his legs were pulled from under him, he dropped to his knees and gripped the titan cub with both hands.


    Nix has silenced Zylanex.

    While Zylanex was trying to deal with Nix and Morti, Leva's Dark Spear army attacked the dragon's army when they charged forward to engage Inferno.  Nearly half of the army died in the initial ambush, forcing them to abandon the front and defend against the Dark Spears.

    /Alliance Command: Captain Ghar: FIRE CANNONS!  THEN RELOAD AND HOLD YOUR FIRE!

    The roar of cannons carried over the battlefield, the middle of the eastern army ate the rounds of 16 explosive rounds.

    /Alliance Command: Sub-Commander Del: Archers prepare for three rounds of suppression fire! Ready!  FIRE!

    The sky over the eastern army turned black when three waves of arrows sliced into their ranks.

    /Alliance Command: Sub-Commander Del: Pick your targets and fire at will!

    /Alliance Command: Sub-Commander Sulane: Tanks upfront!  On me, right into their line!

    /Alliance Command: Sub-Commander Gideon:  Do not engage here; the outer edge has collapsed. We'll hit them there and trap them between us.

    Salamander showcased their mounted fighters, charging past the crumbling line they turned into the middle and flanked the eastern army.

    /Alliance Command: Sub-Commander Gideon: Break off into small groups!  Take everyone down.

    Gideon had his horse cut from under him a moment later; he rolled gracefully to his feet with both daggers drawn.

    In the middle of the battlefield, Zylanex tried in vain to throw off the bear that had him locked down. He pulled a short sword from his belt and slashed through the Ice Flame strands that were burning into his legs.

    [Thunder Punch]

    Zylanex has landed a hard punch on Mortimer, knocking him back a step.

    Mortimer is immune to stunning blows.

    [Viper Strike]

    Sasi has landed a significant strike on Zylanex.

    [Dual Chain: Rock Slam]

    Fajii has followed up Sasi's attack with a significant strike.

    [First Strike]

    Semmi has landed a critical hit.

    [Critical Chain]

    Wind has followed up Semmi's attack with a critical hit.

    [Dual Chain: Nix]

    Nix has followed up Fajii's attack with a significant strike.


    Rabi has Crippled Zylanex and exposed a weakness to Ice Attacks.

    [Break Free]

    Zylanex has sacrificed half of his remaining health to break free of the Gemini chains.

    The Overlord kicked free of Morti and charged Nix.  The Inferno Guild Leader pushed Ice Flames into his scimitar and feinted with a strike.  Two flaming swords sliced at the back of the Zylanex's legs, he twisted insanely fast, but the redhaired archon was airborne once again.

    The moment seemed to draw on; both leaders stared for a heartbeat.

    Zylanex has activated his bloodline.

    [Origin Form: Dragon]


    A Titan has become enraged, run for your life.

    Thirty feet of Raging Titan slammed into Zylanexor the Black.  Morti slapped the dragon back a step before locking his jaws on his shoulder.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Hit him now!  Rage lasts 30 seconds!

    Nix has activated his bloodline.

    [Third form: Archon]

    Mina's Vilas attacked one of the dragon's back legs while she hammered away with her scepter.


    Nix has silenced Zylanexor the Black.

    [Viper Strike]

    Sasi has landed a significant strike on Zylanexor.

    [Double Strike]

    Chiba moved swiftly into the mix, the old woman pranced up one of the dragon's forelegs and stabbed deeply into the back of its neck.

    [Dragon Defense]

    All enemies touching Zylanexor have been stunned.

    A wave of pure energy pulsed outward in all directions. Everyone touching the dragon was gripped by the power and tossed away like leaves in a storm.

    Mortimer is immune to stuns.

    Nix is immune to stuns.

    [Time Bandit]

    Zylanexor has accelerated time on Mortimer

    Mortimer's Rage has expired.

    Morti stumbled backward a few steps before flopping on the ground with his eyes closed.

    Mortimer has been unsummoned.

    Zylanexor flapped his mighty wings and took to the air.  The entire battlefield was taken over by the sudden gale winds.  The dragon headed upward, his great jaws opened wide as a familiar Aquarion plummeted downward.

    A flash of emerald wings and the black dragon's teeth slammed shut on empty air.  Nix banked toward the ground and dropped Mina close to the Sasi family.

    The black dragon roared in anger and with a flap of his great wings was able to close the gap on Nix.


    Milat, the Gemini Trickster, has grounded Zylanexor.

    The Overseer's black wings stopped moving, and the great beast plummeted downward, slamming into the ground with enough force to shake the earth.  Nix banked hard and advanced to face him.


    Milat has assumed the form of a black dragon.

    The Trickster dragon clamped his teeth into the base of Zylanexor's wing and pulled him off balance.


    Chiba flashed in and struck at the belly of the beast.

    A dozen strands of Ice Flames pierced into the snout of the Overlord.  The dragon jerked backward, causing the overmatched Nix to fly towards its open jaws.

    [Lance: Ice Flames]

    Nix extended the spear and used it to stop his forward progress.  It stabbed deeply straight into the upper jaw of the dragon.  The teeth closed around the Ice Lance, taking half of his arm with it.

    "ENOUGH!"  Zylanexor roared at the wounded Nix, who managed to bank away.  The black dragon shrugged off the Trickster dragon.  "I shall remember this day, Inferno!"

    A moment of silence and a shocked looking dragon, told everyone that something was amiss.  Whatever Zylanexor thought was going to happen, didn't happen.  A flash of Silver from the sky pounced on the back of the dragon, knocking him into the dirt.  Razor-sharp teeth clamped down on the base of his neck.

    [First Strike]

    Semmi has landed a critical hit.

    Zylanexor has been mortally wounded.

    [Execution: Advanced]

    A thick strand of Ice Flames formed a long blade, Nix appeared next to the pinned dragon and sliced through the under portion of his neck.

    Nix has slain Zylanexor the Black.

    Nix staggered away from the dead dragon, Wind and Milat immediately moved to his side to shield him from further battle.

    Within a few minutes of Zylanexor being slain, the rest of the battle was completed. Leva and her troops had dealt with the Overlord's army.  As ordered by Nix, she immediately fled the battle with her remaining people.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Thank you for your assistance today.  All participants will receive one vial containing 5 drops of dragon blood.

    The Sasi family had already taken it upon themselves to catch the precious blood leaking from Zylanexor. They produced dozens of containers and were starting to process the dragon.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Is that okay if they do that?

    /Inferno: Nix: Yes, the Sasi family is reliable.

    /Inferno: Semmi: You slapped a black hand artifact on Zylanex to keep him from fleeing?

    /Inferno: Pon: Did you see his ugly snout? He thought he was leaving!  I'll be back Inferno! Oh, wait... I guess not.

    /Breach Commander Nix: All members of the 12 pillars will receive their vials back at Loki in a few hours.

    [Whisper Sasi to Nix] We can process everything, it will take us a few hours.

    [Whisper Nix to Sasi] I'll have Halla bring more vials and containers for the rest.

    Nix stared at the dragon corpse, it was rapidly deteriorating.  Perhaps it was because of the broken vow?  "You okay Fey?"

    Fey nodded.  When she bit into the black dragon's neck, she had swallowed a large portion of its blood.  "I may have to take a long break Nix."

    A flash of red and Shae appeared next to them.  She placed a hand on the silver drakon's head before shaking her head slightly.  "Go to my domain now Fey. Put yourself in a deep sleep."

    Nix stroked her silver head with his good hand.  "Well done today, don't worry about things here."

    /Inferno: Semmi: Send me to Loki and I'll distribute the vials accordingly.

    /Inferno: Pon: Yeah, send all of Alpha Team to Loki.

    He spent the next hour opening breaches to send his people back.  Finally, all that remained were the original trio, Beta, the Sasi family and the two rangers from the Sai Clan.

    Sai Tali put a friendly hand on his shoulder.  "Thank you, Nix.  This battle was very eye-opening and a good experience for Del."

    Nix handed them two vials of dragon blood.  They were much smaller than the vials Deidra had given him.  "Nice job today Del, let's work together again sometime."

    With the cannon's returned to the walls, an exhausted Nix was sitting with the Drahk scouts who were talking with Beta.

    "Your mother was Travi Belisimo?"  Yuli talked quickly when she learned more about Beta.  "That's the same last name as my mother, of course, there are dozens of Belisimo in Dias."

    Beta's voice was quiet when she talked about her parents.  "They were merchants from Oasis, they died during an Archon Infraction. I was only nine or ten when they died."

    "If you've nothing pressing, stay here for a while.  I'll send you back to Solomon City whenever you like."  Nix stood up slowly, he felt weak from blood loss.  He hadn't bothered to patch it up, it continued to leak onto the ground, slowly draining his health.

    Beta offered him a smile.  "Thank you, Nix.  I want to talk to Yuli's family and see if they knew my parents."

    Halla arrived from town a few minutes later.  He was escorted by a few guardsmen and look very pleased.  "Nix the Dragon Slayer!"

    "I had a lot of help."  Nix found himself liking Halla, the Che reminded him of Tofo.

    "Now that the immediate danger is gone.  You can plan for the other part that we discussed."

    Nix shook his head.  "Already ahead of you. An elite team from Inferno has infiltrated Elynmoor and killed Yandro. My people are there now, searching the city for anything useful."

    "You've already liberated Elynmoor?"

    "We have."
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