251 Raising Inferno part two

    [Create Breach: Everspire: Elynmoor]

    Nix stepped through the Breach with Mina, her Vilas, Milat, Halla, and Ducky.  The sound of gunfire and weapons crashing into armor was the first sound he heard.  "Halla stay behind us and take cover when we get closer."

    [Summons: Cal, Tor, Shadai]

    Nix pointed to the sky. "Stay airborne, provide us healing and ranged support

    /Expedition: Nix: Ronnie!  Report!

    /Expedition:  Ronnie: A small company of natives has managed to come over the walls near the Inn.  We are holding them at Market Square. Chael and Bali have set-up on a nearby roof and are keeping more reinforcements from joining in.

    /Expedition: Nix: Where are the rest of our snipers and Zeta team?

    /Expedition: Ronnie: Zeta is holding our camp from being overrun.  Darsi, Moki, and Dalton were headed to the east wall to provide fire support, they've been cut off and are in a squirmish.

    /Expedition: Nix: We'll go after the sniper team, we need them on the east wall to finish this fight. Continue to hold the camp.

    /Expedition: Ronnie: They are super-resistant to fire and water damage. They carry guns and blades; heavy caliber handguns and shotguns.  I even saw a few hammer wielders among them.

    /Expedition: Nix: Understood. Sending Halla to your location.  Make sure he stays safe.

    Nix opened a breach to the market square and waited until Halla stepped through.

    /Expedition: Ronnie: Is Halla a ferret-man?

    /Expedition: Nix: Yes, they are called Che.

    /Expedition: Ronnie: The Che guy is here.  No worries.

    Nix sprinted down the side street that headed toward the eastern wall. The sounds of gunfire became louder as they closed on the scene.  "Our snipers don't have a healer and aren't equipped for melee, let's get in the fight!"

    The Arch Winds immediately circled the area, a flash of light and Cal was sent crashing into a nearby rooftop.  The remaining two banked away and came up behind the snipers from Inferno.

    /Inferno: Nix: Careful, they shot some sort of netting at Cal and brought him down.

    The sniper team were being pinned down by a half dozen fighters that were trying to flank them.  Three melee fighters who weren't actively fighting moved to intercept Nix and his companions.

    A large man with wide shoulders and bulging muscles walked casually toward Nix.  In his hand, he hefted a great sword that was nearly five feet in length.  The man's brown face looked like it was coated with dark mud, cracks littered the surface like a shattered mirror.  On top of his head, he wore a skull cap equipped with the antlers of some great beast.

    Nix summoned his scimitar and stepped in to test the man's strength.  An instant later their blades collided in a deafening clash of steel.  The great sword was cut in half and Nix's sword cut deep into the man's chest, driving him backward.

    Yago the strong has been stunned.


    Ducky has convinced Ulthor to fight for her.

    Ducky immediately sent Ulthor after their own range fighters that were trying to pin down the Inferno snipers.

    Milat targeted the hammer wielder that charged toward him.

    [Oil Slick]

    Borsh the crazed has fallen into an oil slick.

    Mina sent two Vilas at the fallen man and continued toward the range fighters.


    A Gemini Trickster has assumed the form of Borsh.

    Milat gripped the great hammer in his hands and charged forward.  A loud battle cry that he had never heard before was shouted from his lips.

    A half dozen strands of emerald flames wrapped around the legs of the stunned Yago and Nix stepped forward, striking him in the forehead with the spiked handguard of his scimitar.

    Nix has landed a significant strike on Yago.

    Yago was knocked to the ground, Nix jumped high into the air and brought his scimitar down in a brutal attack that carried all of his strength.

    Yago has been slain.

    Nix glanced at the 2nd Krayven, the Vilas were close to finishing him off so he ignored him and moved forward while activating his stealth package.

    He closed quickly on the nearest shooter.  The Krayven was smaller than the others, Nix took that as a sign of his youth.  He carried a drum-fed shotgun that boomed louder than any weapon on the battled field.  Nix sent a dozen strands of emerald flame to wrap around it and jerked it out of the shocked hands of the fighter.

    The fighter recovered quickly and produced two heavy caliber handguns from his leg holsters.  Nix flashed toward him and struck him hard on the chest. The blow knocked the fighter back into the wall he was using for cover.  An instant later a half-dozen strands of emerald flame wrapped around his body and jerked him forward. Nix's charge met him halfway, his blade slicing completely through his target's neck.

    Nix has slain Quickshot Filo.

    The rest of the Krayven was already dead by the time Nix finished off Filo.  He bent and picked up the shotgun before stowing it in his inventory.

    Milat didn't seem to suffer any effects from copyright this time, perhaps the massive power or size difference in Zylanexor had caused the issue.

    A grinning Darsi waved at him.  "Thanks, Trip-7."

    "Welcome, Dars.  Get on the wall and provide fire support for the main camp."

    The blond nodded and left quickly with her former Gladis teammates.

    /Expedition: Ronnie: They are retreating from the camp and heading back toward the wall. Shall I have Chael and Bali stop them?

    /Expedition: Nix: No, let them leave.  Bring all the bodies back to camp.

    Nix grabbed Yago and Borsh by the ankles and started dragging them. A few minutes later he arrived at the market square where Shadai was tending to the wounded.  "Is Cal okay?'

    The Arch Wind healer nodded.  "Just bruised a bit.  They shot a net at him."

    Nix let go of the bodies and moved to the stack of weapons that were being collected.  He added the shotgun he had stowed away in his inventory.  "They have a wide variety of very effective weapons."

    "Nix!"  A tall redhead called out his name. She wore dinged up Inferno armor and several strands of her hair had come loose. Without speaking she embraced him for a moment, cupping his face with her hands before kissing his forehead.  "Nice of you to show up."

    "You okay Hyai?"  Nix pushed a strand of her hair behind an ear.

    "Yes... These bastards are immune to fire."  Hyai raised a bloodied club in one hand.  "Not immune to wood though."

    Nix laughed at the gesture. "I don't think they are immune to fire."

    /Expedition: Nix: Nansu, come here, please.

    Nix knelt down next to one of the corpses and equipped a dagger, he sliced a bit of the dried clay that was attached to the Krayven's skin.  By the time he stood up, the alchemist had arrived.

    She looked the same as always, Nansu was a lifestyle player and didn't take part in the fighting.  Her short dark hair was slicked back neatly, her robes were clean and wrinkle-free.  "Maybe I need to start using a weapon."

    "I want you to take a look at this."  He handed her a bit of clay that was still adhered to the skin of the Krayven. "This looks like some sort of mud or clay that these fighters have spread on their bodies."

    Nansu took out her pouch.  "I can check to see what sort of properties it has, won't take too long."

    "Thanks.  Hey Nan..." Nix glanced around the camp, spotting her former lover walking toward them. "You talk to Chael yet?"

    Nansu shook her head slightly. "I really want to Nix. Every time I try my stomach knots up in fear."

    Nix put a hand on her shoulder. "That's fine, just keep trying.  Maybe start with something small like hello."

    Nansu didn't answer, instead, she walked toward her tent.  She did, however, pause briefly when she walked past the sniper.  "Hi, Chael."

    "H-Hi Nansu."  Chael's eyes showed his surprise as they followed her retreating form.
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