253 Oliphia

    [Guild Quest, The Fallen Cities has been updated]

    Contact Neb Eruna at the Bright Sun Tavern in Oliphia.

    Nix stood on the walls of Inferno City. The haze of the shield made it difficult to see more than a few hundred meters. "We'd have to be very close to the other cities to even see them."

    Yandro had placed the former city of Elynmoor on the highest mountain range in Everspire. The Inferno Guild was able to see for miles in all directions from their viewpoint before the shields were raised. Halla had made it very clear, none of the cities dare lower their shields while in the air.  There were too many very dangerous flying creatures inhabiting the lands.

    Hyai had a hand tucked into his arm while they talked quietly.  "Are you going to try and reclaim the lost cities?"

    This city is back in the air, that's enough for now," Nix shrugged slightly.  "Lots of other things to do first.  Who knows where the other five cities are.  The odds are high that those have been discovered and are inhabited by the natives."

    The tall redhead turned at the noise coming from the streets. Halla had asked Nix to bring in nearly a hundred craftsmen to get to work on rebuilding the city.  "You're going to spend time here with us?"

    "Yes.  Someone needs to be opening gates back and forth to Core'dium." Nix noticed that she looked pleased by his announcement. "Of course I still have my duties as Breach Commander, so I'll be moving around quite a bit."

    "Don't ruin it, Hun."  She leaned closer and kissed the side of his face. "I've claimed a room at the Inn, now that the power is working I'll cook you something good."

    Nix smiled and watched as she walked down the steps to the street below. "Is that all?"

    "No, I'm going to spoil you a bit."  Hyai glanced back, "coming?"

    "I have to contact someone first,  then I will."  Nix waited until Hyai left before descending the steps and ducking into an alley.  Leva had tried to reach him earlier when he was briefing the guild.

    [Direct Contact: Leva]  The Fallen's chancellors holo showed that she was still alive and well.  She immediately updated him.  "I'm in Chyanama and have assumed the mantle of Overlord."

    "And the assassins?"

    "The city defenses have dealt with them."  Leva took a seat on a comfortable looking chair before she continued.  Her dark eyes showed surprised when she noticed a package had arrived. "You sent me something Nix?"

    Nix nodded. "Yes, 5 drops of dragon blood.  Everyone involved in the fight with Zylanexor received some. Drink it now."

    Leva nodded and drank it down without question.  "This will really improve my strength.  May I ask the reason for this?"

    "Sure. You were taken down by a Lord Class Water Witch.  You must become stronger so that you will be a proper minion."  Nix spent time researching possible effects of dragon blood, one was stronger mental fortitude.

    "The Water Witch, she is one of your companions?"

    Nix didn't answer.  "Rest and absorb the benefits of the dragon blood."

    Leva nodded.  "What do I do after?"

    "Stay in the Nether and we will discuss plans soon."  Nix kept the contact open without saying anything for a few moments while he considered their options. "There are too many Overlords in the Nether, find us one that is vulnerable."

    [Direct Contact: Donri]

    Nix smiled at the trio from Inferno, they were all sitting together on some sort of bench. Their faces said it all, they could not find the Cabal.  "Wild Goose chase guys?"

    Donri's face had a sour look, a whole day spent chasing their tails. "Every time we think we have a lead, it ends up being nothing."

    "At least your in the right city." Nix offered the three of them an apologetic smile.  "Check out the Guild Quest: The Fallen Cities."

    Jun Li opened up her hud and showed the rest of the team.  Her voice sounded annoyed.  "Neb Eruna at the Bright Sun?  Didn't we speak to him twice?"

    "Three times actually."  Donri glanced up from the hud. "We must not have fulfilled the requirement yet."

    Nix nodded. "That's my guess.  Finish the mission and find out everything you can regarding the Cabal."


    Jun Li sighed loudly.  The trio was grabbing lunch at the market square when Nix contacted them. Oliphia was a gorgeous, golden city with bustling market vendors and beautifully clean streets.  "I may have to punch that guy in the face."

    Sharl finished off the last of her lunch, her full lips curved in a smile.  "We talking about Nix or Neb Eruna?  I'll give you a hand either way, but if its Nix we should recruit a lot more people."

    Jun Li laughed aloud brought up her hud map.  "A lot more people," Jun Li agreed.  "The Bright Sun Tavern is near the front gate, we have time to visit it before dark."

    Donri didn't comment.  He had slowly grown to know the two infamous beauties from Inferno over the past few days.  If he had learned one thing it was that they were both deep inside Nix's inner circle and enjoyed a closed friendship with Inferno's Guild Leader. "At least we were on the right track."

    The Bright Sun Tavern was a sturdy two-story establishment where the entire second floor was open.  The beautiful weather of Oliphia made outdoor dining a year-round occurrence.  As the trio closed on the building, they could see the crowded top floor and hear the raucous crowds chanting.

    Donri glanced at his companions.  "Sounds like a fight?"

    Sharl nodded, "probably.  Too bad my sis isn't here.  She loves to punch it out."

    Jun Li didn't comment but instead held the door.  The younger sister was definitely wilder than the older.  The first floor showed wall booths that completely bordered the heavily windowed room, A large rectangular bar took up the spacious center area.

    Most of the usual occupants seemed to have migrated upstairs where they were holding the hand-to-hand fights.  A familiar-looking bald man with brown skin approached them when they took a seat at the empty bar.

    "Welcome to the Bright Sun Tavern, I'm Neb."

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Yep.  I want to punch him.

    Sharl smiled noncommittedly. "We are from the Inferno Guild, perhaps you've heard of us."

    Neb turned toward one of his bartenders and nodded.  A moment later the short, squat woman walked from behind the bar and sat a small mat on the floor in front of them.

    "Thank you, Caer.  Follow me if you would."  Neb took a step onto the mat and then disappeared from sight.

    Donri stared at the empty space where Neb had been standing.  "What is that?"

    /Inferno: Jun Li: No idea. Follow or stay?

    /Inferno: Sharl: I'm game, let's follow.

    [Summons: Floyd]

    The dark woman couldn't help but smile at her young companion.  Nix had been right about him, he was ideally suited for the Trickster class.  "Need some backup."

    Floyd nodded, his dark hair and skin made him look like Sharl, but his verticle irises marked him as alien.  "I'm ready."

    Jun Li noted that Nix must have upgraded Floyd's armor.  The black armor had elements of camouflage that were plainly evident.  He also had two handguns holstered on his legs.  "I thought you used daggers?"

    Floyd smiled pleasantly. "I have daggers too.  The Trickster class can dual wield daggers and handguns."

    "We good then?  Let's follow."  Donri stepped on the mat and winked from existence, an instant later all three of his companions did the same.

    The bartender waited until they were gone before she picked the mat back up and restored it to its previous hiding place.
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