265 Assassin Squad conclusion

    Khan Azul has been stunned.

    Semmi was the first one through the breach, closely followed by the rest of the team. The Nether Emperor had a gaping hole where his arm and shoulder should have been. Darkish blood was spurting freely. Alpha Team jumped directly into the edge of the basin where he'd been hit.

    [First Strike]

    Semmi has landed a critical hit on Khan Azul.

    [Critical Chain: Backstab]

    Wind has followed up Semmi's attack with a critical hit.

    Nix sent six strands of barbed Gemini flames into the Nether leader's abdomen.  Hauling backward he dragged him from the basin.

    [Lightning Blade]

    Nix has landed a significant blow on Khan Azul.

    Khan Azul has been stunned.

    [Dual Chains: Rock Slam]

    Fajii has followed up Nix's strike with a significant blow.

    Khan Azul has been stunned.

    [Dark Escape]

    Khan has broken free of the Gemini chains that have bound him.

    Black wings blinked into existence as Khan pulled hard against the strands that were burning his dark flesh.


    Khan Azul has cast Madness.

    Nix is immune to Nether damage.

    Semmi is immune to Nether damage.

    Wind is immune to Nether damage.

    Pon is immune to Nether damage.

    Fajii is immune to Nether damage.

    Fajii has activated her bloodline.

    [Second Form: Earth Archon]

    Fajii flashed toward the Dark Emperor,  her fists morphed into huge boulders just before she slammed them both into her target's body.

    [Boulder Bash]

    Fajii has landed a significant blow.

    [Balefire: Burst]

    Pon has landed a critical hit on Khan Azul.

    [Critical Chain: First Strike]

    Wind has followed up Pon's attack with a critical hit.

    [Dual Chains: Ice Flame Burst]

    The barbed ends of Nix's strands that were sunk into the Nether leader's abdomen exploded outward, blood spraying in all directions.

    Khan Azul has been stunned.


    Nix has summoned Khan Azul.

    [Nether Daggers]

    A rain of deadly Nether Daggers targets your group.

    Nix is immune to Nether damage.

    Semmi is immune to Nether damage.

    Wind is immune to Nether damage.

    Pon is immune to Nether damage.

    Fajii is immune to Nether damage.

    /Alpha Team: Pon: Sum-Bitch that's nice.


    Semmi has landed a potentially fatal blow.

    [Shadow Evac]

    Khan Azul has used his life-saving measure to flee from the battle at the price of half of his remaining health.

    A Blackhand Artifact has stopped Khan Azul's retreat.


    Nix has silenced Khan Azul.

    [Double Blade: Void Dagger]

    Wind has landed a critical hit.

    Wind has landed a critical hit.

    [Nether Scream]

    Khan Azul has canceled the silence effect on him.

    [Black Blade]

    Khan Azul vanished and appeared behind Pon, his blade striking downward.

    [Ghost Step]

    Nix appeared between Khan and his target, his lightning blade blocking the Black Blade with a thunderous impact.

    Khan Azul has been stunned.

    A dozen Gemini strands wrapped around the Dark Emperors body.

    [Archon's Armor]

    Nix summons the strength of Archons to shield himself.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Jump back!

    Khan Azul freed one hand and started twisting the strands loose.

    Nix's yellow eyes glowed white with the power of lightning.  "Too late bitch."  With a maniacal grin, he pushed lightning into his flame strands.  They traveled a few feet up the strands before exploding outward.

    Nix has been critically wounded.

    Khan Azul has been mortally wounded.

    Semmi has been stunned.

    Pon has been stunned.

    Wind has been stunned.

    Fajii has resisted stun.

    [Demonic Curse]

    Khan Azul has used the power of Nether to siphon life from his attackers.

    Nix is immune to Nether damage.

    Semmi is immune to Nether damage.

    Wind is immune to Nether damage.

    Pon is immune to Nether damage.

    Fajii is immune to Nether damage.

    [Earth Spear]

    Fajii has landed a critical hit with an Elemental Spear.

    Khan Azul has been slain.


    A soft green glow settles around Nix, healing his dangerously low health.


    Deidra sat quietly on the grass while her students looked over the hud map that she opened up.  "Two minutes to study all the landmasses on Colonial, you best not get any of them wr..."

    "Mother!"  Elen Mtui didn't like interrupting his mother while she was teaching or any other time for that matter.

    Deidra could hear his heart racing.  Her dark eyes sent him a questioning look. Did he run here?  Or had something happened? "Yes?"

    "Four Nether Overseerers have just been slain!"

    Deidra stood slowly while summoning her armor.  "Some sort of revolt?  I didn't think Azul had any rivals."

    Mtui shook his head.  "It's Inferno, or rather the 12 Pillar Alliance."

    "Damn it!  Doesn't Nix know that Azul isn't someone to be trifled with?"

    /Inter-Planar Message Alert: The Inferno Guild has slain the Nether Emperor Khan Azul. All Nether based skill-sets have been reduced by half.

    /Inter-Planar Message Alert: Rumors are circulating that a hidden continent called Everspire has been discovered.

    /Inter-Planar Message Alert: Inter-Planar Guild Quest: Discover Everspire has been issued.

    /Inter-Planar Message Alert: Inferno has discovered the lost continent of Everspire.

    Deidra frowned at all the messages scrolling across her hud.  "No more teaching today, meditate on what you've learned."

    [Create Breach: Loki Docks]

    Deidra motioned for her son to follow and she stepped through.

    The dragon stepped onto the docks, the first person she saw was Vice Leader Jun Li. "Vice-Leader! I need to speak with you!"

    Jun Li and Sharl dragged the body of Zedmundi back further away from the open breach before letting him drop onto the Loki dock.  As requested they blackhanded him as soon as the fight started.

    Jun Li turned at the voice and held up a hand.  "One moment please."

    /Alliance Command: Vice Leader Jun Li: All Groups report in.

    /Alliance Command: Sub-Commander Gideon: Orphil is down, we have his corpse at the gate.

    /Alliance Command: Sub-Commander Sulane: Val is dead, her corpse is at the market place.

    /Alliance Command: Sub-Commander Banja: Dhahat is dead, his body is at the platform.

    Sharl watched Deidra walk up. "Nix isn't here.  Is there something I can help you with?"


    /Alpha Team: Semmi: Nice wings Fajii!

    Nix was examining the beautifully earth-colored Archon wings attached to Fajii.  "You didn't tell me that you earned your wings."

    Fajii smiled.  "I wanted to surprise you."

    "Well done Fajii."  Nix hugged her close for a moment before releasing her.

    /Alpha Team: Pon: You trying to kill us punk bastard?  Didn't Esta tell you not to push lightning up your flame strands?

    /Alpha Team: Nix: I took it under advisement.

    Nix closed all the breaches he currently had opened.

    [Create Breach: Loki Docks]

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Bring his corpse back to Loki, I have a few loose ends that I need to wrap up.

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: Okay Boss. Smart thinking, putting the Blackhand on Khan.

    /Alpha Team: Fajii: Actually I did that.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Good job!

    /Alpha Team: Wind: Kicked ass and now it's time to go.

    /Alpha Team: Pon: Damn, it's tiring to be so awesome all the time.  Party time right?

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Oh hell yeah. Let's have it at the Emerald Salamander on Loki.

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: Call us if you need to Nix.

    Nix waited until they exited the chamber and then he closed the gate behind them.

    [Direct Contact: Leva]

    Leva's face was paler than normal, sweat dripped from her brow. "Nix... You guys killed the Khan Azul."

    Nix nodded, "the plan was perfect.  How did your part go?"

    Leva must have still been in the field, the sounds of occasional fighting could be heard on Nix's side.  "My forces have expanded into the territories of the slain Overlords, we are meeting light resistance."

    "Good job Leva, now patch me through."

    "Right away Nix."

    /Nether Command Directive: Overseer Leva: I have a request from the Guild Leader of Inferno.  He wishes to address the Nether Council. I'm patching him in.

    /Nether Command Directive: Overseer Leva:

    [Guild Leader Nix:]

    I call for the unconditional surrender of all Nether Overlords.  The Nether Region will be divided among the five strongest Overseers and thereafter you will continue to rule yourselves.  You can decide by might or vote who the Overseers are going to be.  It's my intention to leave the Nether in your hands. Any future excursions into the other planes will be tolerated only if they are non-combatant in nature.

    You have one hour to comply, or we will remove the rest of you.
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